Ships' Boats: Their Qualities, Construction, Equipment, and Launching Appliances

Longmans, Green and Company, 1920 - 500 sivua

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Sivu 82 - ... if it is evident that this formula does not give a greater capacity than that obtained by the above method. The dimensions shall then be measured in the following manner: Length. — From the intersection of the outside of the planking with the stem to the corresponding point at the stern post or, in the case of a square-sterned boat, to the after side of the transom.
Sivu 81 - ... of the depth and at the three points obtained by dividing h into four equal parts (a and e being the breadths at the extreme points, and c at the middle point of h).
Sivu 81 - ... inside the planking or plating from the keel to the level of the gunwale, or, in certain cases, to a lower level, as determined hereafter. a, b, c, d, e denote the horizontal breadths of the...
Sivu 82 - C is obtained by increasing this last figure by an amount equal to 1 per cent, of the length of the boat, provided that in no case shall the depths employed in the calculation exceed the actual depths at these points. 5. If the depth of the boat is greater than 122 centimetres (equivalent to 4 feet) the number of persons given...
Sivu 83 - ... square-sterned boat, to the after side of the transom. Breadth. — From the outside of the planking at the point where the breadth of the boat is greatest. Depth. — Amidships inside the planking from the keel to the level of the gunwale, but the depth used in calculating the cubic capacity may not in any case exceed 45 per cent. of the breadth. In all cases the shipowner has the right to require that the cubic capacity of the boat shall be determined by exact measurement.
Sivu 473 - APPARATUS. —Approved buoyant apparatus shall be deemed sufficient, so far as buoyancy is concerned, for a number of persons, to be ascertained by dividing the number of pounds of iron which it is capable of supporting in fresh water by 32.
Sivu 262 - ... brasses, the valve gear, the inlet and exhaust valves must be easily accessible. 3. The reversing gear and clutch must be strongly constructed and easily accessible for examination and adjustment. 4. In engines of above 60 BHP which are not reversible and which are manoeuvred by clutch, a governor or other arrangement must be fitted to prevent racing of the engine when declutched. 5. Efficient positive means of lubrication (preferably sight feed) must be fitted to each part requiring continuous...
Sivu 263 - The pumping arrangements are to be the same as would be required for steam vessels of similar size and power, with the exception that no bilge suction need be fitted to the main engine circulating pump.
Sivu 217 - The minimum freeboard of boats of this type is fixed in relation to their length ; it is measured vertically to the top of the solid hull at the side amidships, from the water level when the boat is loaded. The freeboard in fresh water shall not be less than the following amounts : The freeboard of boats of intermediate lengths is to be found by interpolation.
Sivu 6 - ... provision, is at least as effective as that required by these rules. (2) If it appears to the Board of Trade, on the application of the owner of any ship, that it is not practicable or reasonable to fit in that ship the number of sets of davits required by these rules, the Board...

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