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Towage.-40 reg. tons and upwards into or out of the harb., from or to half a mile beyond the present pierhead of the harb. Id reg. ton; from one berth in the harb. to another ad reg, ton.

Officials.-Sec. to Trust., William Pollock; Harb. Master, P. Barr; Coll. of Harb. Dues, J. McHutchison; Coll. of H.M. Cust., F. Franklin.

Hotels.The Station," "King's Arms," "Queen's," and "Ayr Arms.' BADACRO

HARBOUR, Loch Gairloch, Rosshire. Lat. 57° 40' N; long. 5 42' W. A fish-curing station, having a sheltered little basin, much frequented by small craft.

BAGILLT, Flintshire (see Chester). Lat. 53° 17′ N; long. 3° 12' W. Ry. Chester & Holyhead. Auth. Owners, Walkers, Parker & Co., Ld. THW. f. and c. 11h 58m W. prev. SW. and NE. There is about 2ft at LW., and 13ft 3in at HWST. Used principally by Messrs. Walker's vessels, steam cranes, and goods wharves.

Charges. Various, from 4d per ton.

BALBRIGGAN, Co. Dublin (see Dublin). Lat. 53° 36′ 45′′ N ; long. 6° 10' 40" W. Ry. G.N. (I.) Auth. Dublin Port and Docks Board, under Act 30, Vict., c. 23, and the Piers and Harbours Confirmation Act, 1867. THW. f. and c. 10h 40m. Harbour dries at LW. D. at HWST. 10ft. Used principally by vessels drawing up to 8ft. Quayage 684yds. Tr.Muslin, embroidery, and hosiery, fisheries, &c.

Charges.-6d per ton on vessels. Ballast 1/ per ton, gas light Id per ton.

Officials.-See Dublin.

Harb. Master, R. McCowan. BALCARRY (Kirkcudbright). A sheltered anchorage and lifeboat station on the Solway Firth.

BALLANTRAE, Ayrshire, at the mouth of the Stinchar. Lat. 55 7 N; long. 5° 2' W. Pop. 600. PostA smali harb., dry at LW., with stone pier, having D. of 8ft HWST. THW. f. and c. 11h 28m.

town, Girvan.

BALLINA, Co. Mayo, Ireland. Situated at the mouth of the Moy, Killala Bay. Lat. 54° 10' N ; long. 9° 15' W; Pop., with its suburb Ardnaree, 5 800. Auth. River Moy Commissioners, by Statute, 1860. THW. f. and c. 5h 15m. D. 5ft LWST., and 16ft HWST. LV. 350 tons.

Charges.-Harb. dues. On vessels to or from home ports, a sum not exceeding 6d per ton; on vessels to or from foreign ports, a sum not exceeding 8d per ton.

Pilotage.-2/ per foot in dft. for vessels from or for home ports; 3/ per foot in dft. for vessels from or for foreign ports. Officials.-Sec., R. W. Joynt; Harb. Master, J. Hately. BALLINACOURTY-See Dungarvon. BALLINACURRA.-See Cork.

Rathlin Island.

BALLINTOY, Co. Antrim, Ireland. Between Coleraine and Lat. 55° 7' N ; long. 6° 30'. W Nearest Railway Station, Ballycastle. Auth. F. Herdman, Esq., of Lisburn. THW. f. and c. 6h 28m. Accn. Area about 2,380 sq yds. Quayage 30cft frontage. LV. Steam lighters of 100 tons. Don Bar 6ft LWST. and 10ft HWST. Crane power to 2 tons.

Charges.-6d per ton on vessels.

Officials.-Gen. Man. and Sec., W. A. Donald; Harb. Master, John MacHendry.

Hotels." Boyd Arms," Ballycastle; "Commercial," Bush


BALLYCASTLE, Co. Antrim, Ireland, near the Fair Head. Lat. 55° 16' N; long. 6° 32' W. Pop. 1,600. Auth. Owner, Lady Boyd. THW. f. and c. 6h 42m. Dock choked up with sand. A new jetty has been constructed at which vessels drawing 20ft discharge in moderate weather. W. Sheltered from NE. and NW. There are dangerous currents between Rathlin Island and the mainland. Tr.-Coasting vessels bringing coals, slate, timber, &c. No harb. dues.

Official.-Agent to Owner, J. B. Johnstone.

BALLYCOTTON, Co. Cork, Ireland. Lat. 51° 49′ N; long. 7° 59' W. Pop. 350. THW. f. and c. 5h 38m. A small pier. Harb. dry at LW., affording protection to fishing vessels and coasters.

BALLYCROVANE, Harb. in Kenmare Bay, Co. Kerry, Ireland. An anchorage in about 4 fms.

BALLYSHANNON, Co. Donegal, Ireland. Lat. 54° 31' N ; long. 8° 2' W. At the mouth of the Erne. THW. 5h 18m. D. on bar 3ft LWST., and 6ft LWNT.; 13ft HWS T., and 1oft HWNT. Channel is about 110 to 150 yds wide, with depth of about 12ft, except near the Bar; and 18 to 20ft at wharves, LW. Auth. Harb. Trust., under Act, 1886. En. occasionally difficult, but undergoing improvements.

Charges. On vessels, 2d per ton reg. ; on cargo, 3d to 4d per


Pilotage.-Coasters 2/6 in, 2/0 out, per foot dft.; foreign 3/6 in, 3/ out, per foot dft.


Official.-Sec. to Harb. Trust., Edward Lynch. Hotels." The Imperial," Commercial," and "Railway." BALLYSODARE, Co. Sligo. Ireland. Lat. 54° 18' N ; long. 8° 25' W. A small port on the coast of Connaught, with secure anchorage for two or three smali vessels in Porthcurry Pool in 13ft LW. THW. f. and c. 6h 35m. No

harb. authority.

BALMERINO, Fifeshire. River Tay. Lat. 56° 25' N ; long 3° 2' W. Pop. 800. Auth. Owner, E. A. Stuart, Kinfauns Castle. Rys. N.B. THW. f. and c. 2h 44m. There is a sto e pier, 120ft long, connected with a timber jetty, with about 1oft at HWST. alongside. D. Dry at LW,

BALTIMORE, Co. Cork, Ireland. Lat. 51° 27′ N; long. 9° 16' W; about 5m NE. from Cape Clear. Pop. 150. THW. f. and c. 4h 23m. An anchorage for vessels drawing up to 18ft. In the reign of Charles I., 1631, this town was plundered by Algerine pirates, who carried above 200 of the inhabitants into slavery. No harb. dues.

Official.-John Brown, Harb. Constable.

BAMBOROUGH, Northumberland, 15m SE. from Berwick-on-Tweed. Pop. 4,000. The keep of the castle--said to have been built by Ina, King of Northumbria, in 548—is used as a refuge for shipwrecked sailors.

BANDON QUAY (see Kinsale), Co. Cork, Ireland. 51° 44′ N; long 8° 43′ W.


Situated 7

miles from the mouth of the Bandon River. Ry. Cork, Bandon & South Coast Ry. Auth. Kinsale Harb. Commissioners, by Kinsale Harb. Orders, 1870 and 1874. THW. f. and c. 5h 18m. D. alongside quay 8ft HWST., on bar 13ft LWST.; Sp. rise 12ft, and N. 1oft. Vessels have often to wait many days to discharge and load, at the above named quay, but can discharge at the New Pier at Kinsale at all times. Tr.-I. Coal, corn, timber, and salt; E. Corn, timber, and pitwood. W. prev. SW. LV. 200 tons.

Charges. On vessels id per ton reg.

Officials. Sec., M. Hegarty; Harb. Master, E. Barrett.
Hotel." Barrett's Restaurant."

BANFF, Banffshire. Lat. 57 40′ N: long. 2° 31' W. Pop. 4,200. Auth. Harb. Trust., under Act of Parliament, 3 and 4 Vict., c. 114. P. NC. THW. f. and c. oh 28m; Sp. rise Ioft; N. 8ft; R. of N. 5ft. W. prev. W., most dangerous from NW. to NE. Ry. G.N. (S.) Tr.-I. Coal, lime, timber, iron, stones, and general goods; E. Timber, corn, herrings, &c. The outer entrance has a width of 45ft. LV. It is supposed the LV. that ever entered at any time of tide was a light steamer of about 500 tons gross reg. No vessels can enter at LW. of ST. except at times a few boats. The harb. consists of an inner and outer basin; the area within the walls is about 4 acres. There is entire safety in the inner basin, 300ft × 230 ft, with 1,600ft of quayage; but in LT. loaded vessels can only enter outer basin, 290ft x 190ft, where they discharge part cargo. At NT. vessels drawing not more than 10ft can enter outer basin, and at ST. 13ft, or about, according to direction of W. and state of sand; and vessels can enter inner basin at NT., drawing 8ft, and at ST. 10ft, varying as before mentioned. Morton's Patent Slipway is Soft long x 27ft wide. H. of T. ST. 12ft to 16ft; N. 10ft to 13ft. Crane, and other accommodation.

Charges. Harb. dues inwards and outwards Id reg. ton. Water and pier lights about Id reg. ton, Berthing dues 1/ to 2/6. Plankage 6d for each plank.

Pilotage. District not defined. Rates. Inwards or outwards

2d ton.

Towage.-Boat with kedge and warp 5/ per vessel.

Officials. Clerk to Harb. Trust., J. Smith; Harb. and Shore Master, R. Sheriff; Berthing Master, G. Macdonald.

BANGOR, Carnarvonshire. Lat. 53 13' N; long. 4° 8' W. Pop. about 7,000. Ry. Chester & Holyhead THW. f. and c. 9h 38m. D. 17ft HWST., and 11ft HWNT. Accn. Tidal basin 320ft long 50ft, with 69oft of quayage. There is about 500ft quayage outside tidal basin. Tr.---Exporting slates.

Charges. Under 50 tons burden or dead weight to voo tons and upwards, 2/ per vessel.

Official.-E. A. Young, Harb. Master.

Hotels." Albion," R. G. Pritchard; "Castle," John Denman.

BANGOR, Co. Down, Ireland. Lat. 54° 39' N ; long. 5° 40′ W. Pop. 2,500. Ry. B.H.B. Auth. Owner, R. E. Ward, Bangor Castle, Co. Down. THW. f. and c. 11h 8m. There is no bar. Accn. consists of 7 berths for vessels up to 140 tons besides berths for smaller vessels. Harb. dries at LW. D. 17ft HWST. There is a pier and landing stage for steamers plying to Belfast. A new harb. is about to be constructed.

Charges.-2d per ton on vessels, I per standard on deals. Timber of all kinds, except deals, 2d per load. Meal Id, 3d per ton on potatoes, 1d on coals M on slates; 1d per ton on iron; 3d on lead id on rock salt; Id on slates.

Flour 3d per ton. and bricks; 4d per and all other ores;

Official.-Hon. Somerset Ward, Bangor Estate Office, Downpatrick; J. Tregaskis, Harb. Master.

BANNOW, Co. Wexford, near the submerged town of Bannow. There is a little shipping business here in connection with the Land Reclamation works, but no harbour. D. 15ft HWST., 10ft HWNT.

BANTRY, Co. Cork, Ireland. Lat. 50 40' N ; long. 9° 45′ W. E. coast of Bantry Bay. Ry. West Cork Ry. THW. f. and c. 3h 47m. There is no harb. authority. Bantry Bay, 25m long × 6 to 8 broad, includes Whiddy and Glengariff harbs., and affords security and anchorage to the largest vessels. Other harbs. in this bay-Adrigle, Castletown, Berehaven, and Kitchen Cove-offer suitable accommodation for smaller vessels. Official.-E. Harrington, Harb. Constable.

BARKING, Essex. On a creek of the Rothing, River Thames.
Ry. L.T. & S. Small trade in timber and fish.
BARLOCHAN. --See Dumfries and Palnackie.

BARMOUTH, Merionethshire. Lat. 52 40' N; long. 4° 5' W ; Ry. Cam. Pop. 2,000. Auth. Harb. Board, under Statute Geo. III., 1796. A small tidal harb., with about 410ft of quayage. D. 13ft HWST. Dry at LW. THW. f. and

c. 7h 41m.

Official.-John Lewis, Harb. Master.
BARNPOOL, Plymouth. Berthage for ships of the Royal


BARNSTAPLE, Devonshire. On the river Taw, 34m NW. of Exeter. Lat. 51 7 N; long 4 4' W. Pop. 12,400. Auth. Town Council of Barnstaple, and Rollesquay, Hon. Mark Rolle. P. NC. THW. 6h 28m; Sp. rise 10ft; N. rise 5ft. D. on bar generally 4ft LWST. in harb., ST. 10ft to 14ft; NT. 5ft. W. prev. SW. to NW., chiefly the latter. Rys. G. W. (Devon and Som.) and L. & S.W. Tr.-I. Coal, manure, oil-cake, grain, timber, &c. ; E. Clay, timber, pitwood, flour, &c. LV. 130 tons burthen (coaster). Accn. Barnstaple Quay, depth 1oft Av. ST. ; area of great quay, for vessels, below bridge 1,800ft, and above bridge, for barges and boats 2,000ft; dry docks at Appledore, the New Quay Dock, and Richmond Dock. A good patent slipway, and shipbuilding yard.

Charges. Harb. dues 4d per vessel. Light dues d reg. on.

Pilotage. District not defined. Rates. By agreement.
Towage.-4d reg. ton.

Officials.-Town Clerk, J. Bosson; Agent to Rolle Estate, R. H. Lipscombe, Tonington, N. Devon; Harb. Master, Capt. Richard Bament; Coll. of H.M. Cust., J. Barry.

Hotels. "Royal" and "Fortescue," N. Saxon; "Golden Lion," Mrs. A. Marsh; "Trevelyan" (Temperance), Mrs. J. S. Keirle; " King's Arms," W. Tarr.

BARROW-IN-FURNESS, Lancashire. On the Walney Channel, 34m above Piel Harb. Lat. 54° 3' 30" N ; long. 3° 10' W. Pop. 47,100. Auth. Furness Ry. Co., under Furness Co.'s Acts of Parliament. P. C. THW. Duddon Bar, f. and c. 10h 54m; Sp. rise 28 ft; R. of N. 14 ft. D. on bar OST. 30ft; NT. 23ft. W. prev. W. and SW. Ry. F. Tr-I. General merchandise, grain, timber, pig-iron, &c.; E. Iron and general merchandise. LV. at any time of tide City of Rome, 8,450 tons, and LWST. Manx Queen, 567 tons. Docks :

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Ramsden Dock lock has an area of 2 acres, the half-tide basin 8 acres, with entrances 100ft wide in each case. Excellent warehouse and every Accn. for a large trade. Foreign animals wharf, chill rooms, and quayage space about 5m in length. Cranes from 1 to 100 tons. Parts of graving docks, &c. :

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The Depositing Dock is capable of lifting ships of 3,500 tons weight in about 30 minutes, and is provided with two gridirons for the depositing of vessels. By means of this dock a ship can be raised, cleaned, painted, and lowered again into the water in 24 hours.

Charges.-Dock dues from 3d to 1/ reg. ton. Harb. dues (payable by vessels entering within the limits of the harb. but not going into dock) from 1d to 1/ reg. ton. For every vessel entering or leaving the harb. or docks without delivering or loading a cargo, half of the above rates are charged. Tolls on passengers Id each. Dock rates on goods and cattle 1d to 1/. Rates for loading cargoes 2d to 1/6. Rates for discharging cargoes 6d to 1/6. Wharfage on quays.

Pilotage. District. From sea (that is, Morecambe Bay Lightship) into and out of the harb. and along the coast from Formby

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