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BANGOR, Co. Down, Ireland. Lat. 54° 39' N ; long. 5° 40' W. Pop. 2,500. Ry. B.H.B.

Auth. Owner, R. E. Ward, Bangor Castle, Co. Down. THW. f. and c. rih 8m, There is no bar. Accn. consists of 7 berths for vessels up to 140 tons besides berths for smaller vessels. Harb. dries at LW. D. 17ft HWST. There is a pier and landing stage for steamers plying to Belfast. A new harb. is about to be constructed.

Charges.—2d per ton on vessels, i per standard on deals. Timber of all kinds, except deals, 2d per load. Flour 3d per ton. Meal 14d, 3d per ton on potatoes, ifd on coals and bricks; 4d per Mon slates ; id per ton on iron ; 3}d on lead and all other or s; id on rock salt; id on slates.

Official.--Hon. Somerset Ward, Bangor Estate Office, Down. patrick ; J. Tregaskis, Harb. Master. BANNOW, Co. Wexford, near the submerged town of Bannow.

There is a little shipping business here in connection with the Land Reclamation works, but no harbour. D. 15ft HWST., 1oft HWNT. BANTRY, Co. Cork, Ireland. Lat. 50 40' N ; long. 9° 45' W.

E. coast of Bantry Bay. Ry. West Cork Ry. THW. f. and c. 3h 47m. There is no harb. authority. Bantry Bay, 25m long x 6 to 8 broad, includes Whiddy and Glengariff harbs., and affords security and anchorage to the largest vessels. Other harbs. in this bay--Adrigle, Castletown, Berehaven, and Kitchen Cove-offer suitable accommodation for smaller vessels.

Official.-E. Harrington, Harb. Constable.
BARKING, Essex. On a creek of the Rothing, River Thames.

Ry. L.T. & S. Small trade in timber and fish.
BARLOCHAN.-See Dumfries and Palnackie.
BARMOUTH, Merionethshire. Lat. 52' 40' N ; long. 4° 5' W;
Ry. Cam. Pop. 2,000.

Auth. Harb. Board, uuder Statute Cieo. III., 1796. A small tidal harb,, with about 410ft of quayage. D. i3st HWST. Dry at LW. THW. f. and c. 7h 41m.

Official.-- John Lewis, Harb. Master. BARNPOOL, Plymouth. Berthage for ships of the Royal Navy. BARNSTAPLE, Devonshire. On the river Taw, 34m VW.

of Exeter. Lat. 51° 7' N ; long 4° 4' W. Pop. 12,400. Auth. Town Council of Barnstaple, and Rollesquay, Hon. Mark Rolle. P. NC. THW. 6h 28m; Sp. rise 10 st; N. rise 5ft. D. on bar generally 4ft LWST. in harb., ST. 1oft to 14ft ; NT. 5ft. W. prev. SW. to NW., chiefly the latter. Rys. G.W. (Devon and Som.) and L. & S.W. Tr.-I. Coal, manure, oil-cake, grain, timber, &c. ; E. Clay, timber, pitwood, four, &c. LV. 130 tons burthen (coaster). Accn. Barnstaple Quay, depth Tost Av. ST. ; area of great quay, for vessels, below bridge 1,8ooft, and above bridge, for barges and boats 2,00oft ; dry clocks at Appledore, the New Quay Dock, and Richmond Dock. Á good patent slipway, and shipbuilding yard.

Charges.--Harb. dues 4d per vessel. Light dues d reg. on.

Pilotage.-- District not defined. Rates. By agreement.
Towage.--4d reg. ion.

Officials.-Town Clerk, J. Bosson ; Agent to Rolle Estate, R. H. Lipscombe, Tonington, N. Devon; Harb. Master, Capt. Richard Bament; Coll. of H.M. Cust., J. Barry.

Hotels.-"Royal ” and “Fortescue," N. Saxon ; “Golden Lion,” Mrs. A. Marsh ; “Trevelyan” (Temperance), Mrs. J. S. Keirle ; “King's Arms," W. Tarr. BARROW-IN-FURNESS, Lancashire. On the Walney Chan

nel, 3 m above Piel Harb. Lat. 54° 3' 30" N ; long. 3° 10' W. Pop. 47,100. Auth. Furness Ry. Co., under Furness Co.'s Acts of Parliament. P. C. THW. Duddon Bar, f. and c. Ioh 54m ; Sp. rise 28 ft ; R. of N. 14 ft. D. on bar OST. 3oft ; NT. 23ft. W. prev. W. and SW'. Ry. F. Tr-I. General merchandise, grain, timber, pig-iron, &c. ; E. Iron and general merchandise. LV. at any time of tide City of Rome, 8,450 tons, and LWST. Janx Queen, 567 tons. Docks :

Depth on Sill.

Length. W. of E.
HWOST. Neaps.

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Ramsden Dock lock has an area of 2 acres, the half-tide basin 8 acres, with entrances roost wide in each case. Excellent warehouse and every Accn. for a large trade. Foreign animals wharf, chill rooms, and quayage space about 5m in length. Cranes from i}

Parts of graving docks, &c. :-

to 100 tons.

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The Depositing Dock is capable of lifting ships of 3,500 tons weight in about 30 minutes, and is provided with two gridirons for the depositing of vessels. By means of this dock a ship can be raised, cleaned, painted, and lowered again into the water in 24 hours.

Charges.-Dock dues from 3d to 1/ reg. ton. Harb, dues (payable by vessels entering within the limits of the harb. but not going into dock) from 1d to 1/ reg. ton. For every vessel entering or leaving the harb, or docks without delivering or loading a cargo, half of the above rates are charged. Tolls on passengers id each. Dock rates on goods and cattle 1id to 1/. Raies for loading cargoes 2d to 1/6. Rates for discharging cargoes 6d to 1/6. Wharfage on quays.

Pilotage.- District. From sea (that is, Morecambe Bay Light. ship) into and out of the harb. and along the coast from Formby

Point to Haverigg Point of Duddon. Rates on vessels employed in the oversea trade :

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From within lines from Morecambe foot. foot. foot. foot.

Bay Lightship to Formby Point
and Haverigg Point respectively
to the Docks at Barrow, and vice


90 From within lines from Morecambe

Bay Lightship to Formby Point, and Haverigg Point respectively.' to the Anchorage at Piel or the Wyre Lighthouse, and zrice 7'ersá.

4 6

8 o From within a line with Black Comh,

bearing NNE., and outside Hilps. ford Buoy to the Docks at Barrow, and vice versa

7 0 From within a line with Black Comb,

bearing NNE., and outside Hilps. ford Buoy to the Anchorage at Piel or the Wyre Lighthouse, and zice versa


5 From Hilpsford Buoy, or within the

same, to the Docks at Barrow, and
vice terså

3 o

50 From Hilpsford Buoy, or within the

same, to the Anchorage at Piel, and vice rersit

16 From within Piel Anchorage to the Docks at Barrow, and vice versie .. 6

6 From Wyre Lighthouse to the Ducks

at Barrow, and rice perså .. From Wyre Lighthouse to the An.

chorage at Piel, and trice versa 2 6 From north of a line from Morecambe Bay Lightship and Walney Light, and inside the NNE. line, to Wyre Lighthouse, and rice versi 2 6

3 0 From south of a line from More.

cambe Bay Lightship and Walney Light, and inside the NNE. line, to Wyre Lighthouse, and vice versa

2 6

3 0 On vessels employed in the coasting trade one-half of these rates. Additional rate, for intermediate portions of a foot dft, as follows, viz.:- For 3 inches and under, no addition ; for more thar. 3 inches and under 9 inches, the medium between the two rates ; for 9 inches and upwards, the rate for the next foot. For transporting Ships from one berth to another within barb. 10/6. If a master employ a pilot whilst at anchor, the lay days to be 7/6 per day. Coasting steam vessels making more than one voyage per week pay half these rates.

Reg. Ton. Minimum. Towage.---Between

Barrow Docks and Pile Light

Hawse Point

Hilpsford Buoy...

3 3 Lightship


Piel and Hawse Point

Hilpsford Buoy


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For use of tug for vessels going into or coming out of graving dock id ton, minimum £ 1 (including towage both ways, and the extra dock towage required). To moor or unmoor vessel, &c., £2 for the first hour, and £i for each additional hour or part of hour; minimum £2. For towing from tidal basin to channel or viie verså d ton. For towing coasters not exceeding 150 tons from channel to berth, or vice versâ, jd ton. Between basin or lock and Ramsden Dock }d ton each tow; between basin or lock and Buccleuch or Devonshire Dock kd ton each tow. From one berth to another in docks įd ton each tow. For use of dock tug for swinging £i for the first hour and 10/ for each additional hour or part of an hour ; minimum £1. For use of outside tug for swinging 62 for the first hour, and £i for each additional hour or part of hour; minimum £2. Steamers without steam charged on the gross tonnage ; steamers under steam charged half the above tonnage rates on net tonnage. The use of the tug is optional. The above charges do not apply to salvage services. For use of tow-ropes : dock tug 5/ each tow; other tugs 10/ each tow in dock ; docks to Piel 10/; docks to Hilps. ford £i; docks to lightship £2. Vessels under 300 tons reg. half the above charges. Any towing services not comprised in the above must be specially arranged for with the harb. master. Masters of vessels in dock requiring tugs should make application at the harb. office, and, if outward-bound, should prepay. Vessels take their turn for tugs in the order in which they book, except in special cases.

Officials.-Sec. and Man., H. Cook; Harb. Master, Captain Barnett, R.N. ; Coll. of H.M. Cust., J. T. Hynes.

Hotels.--"Duke of Edinburgh,” Josiah Twiss ; "Imperial, Edwin Hinks. BARRY ISLAND, Port of Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales. Lat. 51°22'

N;long: 3° 16' W. Rys. Barry Dock Ry., 274 miles, connecting the Dock with the colliery districts and with the G.W., T.V., and other systems. THW. r & c 6 50. Auth. Barry Dock and Railways Company, under Barry Docks Railways Act, 1884. Accn. Tidal dock, 73 acres ; tidal basin, 7 acres. Length of quayage in dock, 10, 500ft ; ditto in basin, 2,040ft. D. at HWST. 37ft 7in, LWST. ist 6in, HWNT. 29ft zin, LWNT. gft 7in. The available depth of water is some 3ft more than given above, but the sills being curved, the above will be taken as the working depths for Nat. Aoored vessels. Accommodation for largest vessels afloat. Dimen. sions of docks:-Length 3,4oost, width 1,100ft ; basin, length boost width 50oft ; timber pond, 24 acres. Dry docks of the most modern construction, one being 724ft in length, divided into two sections. Hydraulic cranes of most modern construction ; 11 high level coal staiths, also low level staiths, and movable staiths and cranes.

Dock Charges. Same as Cardiff and Penarth, but no corpora. tion, town, or harbour dues.

Pilotage. Optional.
Towage. Reasonable.

Officials. Secretary, G. C. Downing ; Manager, R. Evans ; Dock Master, R. Davies ; Coll. of Customs, Cardiff Collector.

Hotels. Island Hotel, Barry Island ; Wemoe Arms Hotel, Cadoxton ; Royal Hotel, Cadoxton ; Ship Hotel, Barry,

BARTON-ON-HUMBER, Lincolnshire. Lat. 53° 41' N;

long. 0° 26' W. Rys. M.S. & L. A small port on the S. side of the Humber, below Hull. BEADNELL, Northumberland. Lat. 55° 34' N ; long. 1° 37

W. A creek under port of Berwick. D. HWST. 61t. Official.-E. Forrester, Harb. Master. BEAULY. A creek under port of Inverness. Pop. goo.

D. HWST. 13ft; HWNT. 8ft. Official.-J. Mackenzie, Harb. Master. BEAUMARIS, Anglesea, Wales. On the Menai Straits. Lat.

53° 18' N ; long. 4° 2' W. Pop. 2,240. Auth. The Corporation, under Charter of Edward I. P. NC. THW. f. and c. toh 28m ; Sp. rise 22}ft ; N. rise 15.5ft. D. at the quay, ST. 16ft ; V. gft. Ry. 1. & N.W. Tr.-I. Timber and grain ; E. Slates and slabs. "Accn. natural harb. ; no warehouse accommodation.

Charges.-Harb. dues, for every smack under 20 reg. ton. I, ; above 20 and under 40, 1/6 ; 40 tons and upwards 2/6.

For every vessel or schooner with two masts under 40 tons, 2/ ; 40 tons and upwards, 3. Every vessel not under British flag 6/8.

Pilotage.-District. From Port Dinorwic or Moel-y-Don through the Swellies to a line drawn from Great Orme Head to Point Linas and vice versa. N.B.-No master of a vessel is compelled to take a pilot within this district, except on coming in or going out of port. Rates :

For Vessels drawing

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From Cadnant to Port Dinorwic, and vice versâ : Vessels drawing 7ft water and under 4/; more than 7ft water 9d foot. From Cadnant to Caernarvon (no Caernarvon pilot offering): Vessels drawing 7ft water and under 6/; more than 7ft water 11 ft. Pilots taking vessels into Conway are entitled, in addition to their pilotage, to 7/6 for returning to Beaumaris. Should the pilot be landed at Great Orme Head, extra 42? ; if taken out of the limits of his licence) to Chester or Liverpool 63/ ; in case the pilot should happen to have charge of the vessel to either of the said places 105); 7/6 per day allowed pilot for every day detained on board.

Towage. -As per agreement.

Officials.- Town Clerk, J. R. Roberts; Harb. Master, F. Hugh Jones ; Lessee of Harb. Dues, J. Percy. Hotels.-" Williams Bulkeley Arms," " Liverpool Arms." BECCLES, Suffolk. Lat. 52° 27' N ; long. 1° 35' E : situated

on the river Waveney, 15m from Lowestoft. Ry. G.E. Auth. Owners, the Town Council of Beccles. The harb., area 3,200 sq yds, is a small cut in the river, into which

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