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in Penarth Roads is from Eastward and Southerly ; but the dock entrances are sheltered from all winds. LV. The Bute Docks are capable of accommodating the largest vessels afloat. Vessels of 6,500 tons burden and upwards trade to these docks. Tides. HW. f. and c. at 6h 56m local, or 7h 8m Greenwich ; equin. Sp. rise 42ft ; ordinary Sp. 373ft ; N. 29ft. R. of N. 204ft. The Bute Docks are approached principally by a channel Northward of the one fathom bank. All the approaches are well marked by lights and buoys. Dock Accn. (about 111 acres). Entrance Channel. Two graving docks about 40oft long, W. of E. 45ft ; DHW. OST. 25ft ; NT. 15ft. Another floating graving dock is now in course of construction. Gridiron 350ft long ; DHW. OST. 23 ft ; NT. 13ft. Hydraulic cranes are used for discharging ballast. Sheer legs to list 60 tons. Hydraulic cranes (50 in number) to lift from 2 to 20 tons. Two hand cranes to lift 2 and 4 tons. Graving dock 400ft long, 48ft W. of E., 17ft deep; graving dock 420ft long, 50ft W. of E., 2oft deep; graving dock 408st long, 48ft W. of E., 17st deep.

Roath Basin-farea 12 acres) entrance Soft wide, 1,oooft long, 550ft wide in centre, quayage 2,70oft long. DW, on sill OST. 35ft gin; NT. 25ft gin. Ten staiths for the shipment of coal, with the latest improvements in hydraulic machinery. Two hydraulic cranes to lift 2 tons. Two graving docks 6ooft long, each entrance host wide. Vessels can be docked at any time irrespective of tides. Roath Dock.-Inner lock, 6oolt long, Soft wide ; dock (area 33 acres) 2,40ost long, boost wide ; quayage 5,000 st; DW. on sill of sea lock OST. 35ft gin ; NT. 25ft gin. This dock is now filted with the latest improvements for the rapid and careful handling of coals. Steamers can be loaded into two or more hatchways simultaneously at the rate of 600 tons per hour with the minimum of breakage. Hydraulic appliances for the rapid handling, discharging, and distributing of grain, general merchandise, and iron ore. Warehouses are provided to meet all requirements, both as regards import and export goods. The Public Graving Dock.--This is a public graving dock, in which shipowners may employ their own labour and find materials. All necessaries for securing ships are supplied by the dockowner at moderate charges. Dock dues (which are very reasonable) and all other information can be obtained on application at the Bute Docks Office. Dimensions : - Length from caisson to head of dock boost ; length on blocks 58oft ; W. of E. 6oft. Vessels can be docked at any time irrespective of tides. Steam Packet Harb. with bridge and floating pontoon, DHW. ST. 33ft zin ; NT. 23ft zin. Steam crane to lift 6 tons. Pier head crane to lift 4 tons. Channel coal staith, for tug-boats and coasters, worked by hydraulic power, DHW. ST. 28ft ; NT. 18ft. LW. Pier, with 'floating pontoon and hydraulic list; hydraulic. crane to lift 10 tons, DÅ W. ST. 43ft 8in; DLW. ST. 5ft 8in ; DHW. NT. 33ft Sin ; DLW. NT. 15ft. West Bute Dock.- Entrance to basin, 45ft wide; basin (area i, acres) 300ft long, 200ft wide ; lock 152ft long, 30ft wide; dock (area 18 acres) 4,000ft long, 200ft wide ; quayage 8, 8ooft long; DW. in dock 19st and 13ft, viz., 1,550ft of igft deep, 2,450ft of 13ft deep ; DW. on sill OST. 28ft gin ; NT. 18ft gin. There are 13 staiths for the shipment of coal. The ballast cranes (four in number) are capable of discharging 100 tons per hour. Cranes (four in number) to lift 10 tons. Graving dock 235ft long, 4oft W. of E., 12ft deep. East Bute Dock. -Sea lock 22jst long, 55ft wide ; basin (area 2. acres) 38oft long, 25ost wide ; inner lock 200ft long, 49ft wide ; dock (area 44 acres) 4,300st long, 300 and 5oost wide, viz., 1,000ft long by 300ft wide, 3, 300ft long by gooft wide ; quayage 9,360ft long; bw. in dock 25ft ; DW. on sill of sea lock OST. 3ift gin; NT. 21ft gin. There are 19 staiths in the dock and one in the basin for the shipment of coal, with the latest improvements in hydraulic machinery. The Bute Docks are supplied with the most modern machinery, the greater portion of which is worked by hydraulic pressure. Amongst the appliances are coal staiths, fixed and movable, some capable of shipping 300 tons per hour, about 60 cranes, a large number of which are movable and worked by hydraulic power, lifting up to 20 tons ; powerful shear legs, capable of lifting up to 60 tons ; hydraulic cap. stans, for discharging timber and assisting in the moving of vessels, &c. Large warehouses and transit sheds. Warrants are issued on all goods in the dockowners' custody. Rys. G.W., R., T.V., L. & N.W., M., Rhymney and B. and M. The Windsor Slipway, between Cardiff and' Penarth, is capable of taking the largest vessels.

Charges.-Dock rates from id to gd per ton. Loading charges (trimming coal) 2 d 10 6d per ton cargo. Wharfage and labour charges very reasonable. Ballast 6d to 1/1 per ton. Sundry dues.

Pilotage.--District. The port of Cardiff and that portion of the Bristol Channel eastward of Lundy Island up to and including Kingroad and the river Rhymney to Rhymney Bridge. Rates per vessel : ---Between any dock or harb. in the port of Cardiff, and any point in Cardiff Roads, or vice verså, for vessels laden and unladen :-

£ s. d. If under 60 tons

& S. d.

500 and under 600 tons .. 60 and under 100 tons TOO

150 150

200 200

250 250

300 300 400

1,700 tons and upwards 400

500 From the port of Cardiff to any part of the Bristol Channel, between Lundy Island and Kingroad, for a duly licensed pilot :

Between Cardiff
Roads and Nash Between Cardiff Between Cardiff
or Kingroad, or

Roads & 'Combe, Roads & Lundy any Point East orany Point Wesi Island, or any of Nash and West of Nash and East Point 'West of of Kingroad.

of Combe.

& s. d. € s. d. £ s. d. If under 150 tons ......

O 15 150 and under 200 tons

6 200

300 300

400 400

500 500 600 800

1,000 1,000

1,250 1,250 tons and upward's Any pilot required to remain on board any ship or vessel shall be paiá 10! per day for every day he may be employed. For moving



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800 1,000 1,300 1,500 1,700

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any ship or vessel from one dock or tidal harb. to another dock or tidal harb., occupying only one tide, not ex. 100 tons reg. 5/; 100 and not ex. 300, 101 ; 300 and not ex. 500, 126; 500 and not ex. 800, 17/6; 800 and upwards £1 54. Towage.-In Bute Docks :Reg. tons. Reg. tons.

Reg. tons. Reg. tons. Under 50

39 Over 900 and under 1,000... 30/0 Over 50 and under 100... 5/3

1,100... 33/9 7/6 1, 100

1,200... 37/6 300... 11/3 » 1,200

1.300... 41/3 300 500... 150 ", 1,300

1,400... 45/0 500 700... 18/9 » 1,500

48/9 900... 22,6 and 3/ for every additional 100 tons or portion thereof. Coasting Towage. Inwards in ballast 1}d ; inwards with cargo ad ; out. wards with cargo ad reg. ton.

Officials.-Offices, Bute Docks; Gen. Man., Sir W. T. Lewis ; Sec., T. F. Pitman; Engineer, Charles L. Hunter; Dock Master, Ralph Pomeroy ; Accountant, E. A. Hart; Joint Colls. of Dues, H. Lander and D. Edmunds; Warehouse-Keeper, &c., J. J. P. Burt ; Traffic Man., D. Morgan. CARDIGAN, Cardiganshire. Lat. 50° 32' N; long. 4° 20' W.

Pop. 3,669. Auth. The Mayor and Town Council. P. NC. THW. f. and c. 7h im ; Sp. rise 12ft ; N. rise gft. D. on bar at ST. about 14ft HW. and about oft NT. There may be a foot or two greater depth within the bar, but at LW. there is not a boat passage.

Ry. G.W. Tr. -I. Coal, culm, limestone, patent manures, timber ; E. Bricks, slates, flags, earthenware. LV. V'essels of 12 to 13ft dft. can enter the port; they must wait at that dft. for HT. Accn. Warehouse accn., one small crane. Patent slipway at Newquay, 389st long, 2oft wide. H. of T. ST. 1oft ; NT. 5ft. Cradle 105ft long. Charges.

No port charges. Pilotage.-District not defined. No pilotage charges. Towage.-As per agreement. Officials.-Supt., F. Layzell ; Second Officer of Cust., D. Cronio. CARLINGFORD, Co. Louth. Lat. 54' 13'N ; long. 6° 11' W.

Auth. Grand Jury, Co. Louth. Secretary, T. F. Filgate. Accn. A tidal harb. D. 10 to 15ft HWST. LV 650 tons. W. prev. W. New pier shelters srom all winds. THW. r. and c. ih om. Dry at I.WST. Depth at entrance HWST 15ft, and depth along quay 15ft to noft. Tides 15 minutes later than Dublin.

Officials. --Co. Surveyor, Dundalk, P. Lyman ; Harb. Masters James Salmon. CARLINGFORD LOUGH.-Auth. Commrs. under a Pro

visional Order, the Piers and Harbours Confirmation Acts 27 and 28 Vict. c. 93 ; also Amended Orders 1868, 1874, 1875, and 1884. D. on bar 16ft LWST. LV. 2,000 tons, drawing 24ft.

Charges.-A free port of resuge. Tonnage Rates. ---For every sailing vessel of and under 300 tons reg. entering Carlingford Lough and discharging cargo there, 2d per reg. ton : for every sailing vessel exceeding 300 tons reg. entering Carlingford Lough

and discharging cargo there, 3d per registered ton ; for every steam vessel entering Carlingford Lough and discharging or loading cargo there, which for loading or unloading is dependent on tidal waters, within the harbour, id per reg. ton ; for all other steam vessels entering Carlingford Lough an'i discharging or loading cargo there, 60 per reg. ton ; for every vessel entering Carlingford Lough for refuge without delivering or loading cargo there : being sailing vessels exceeding 100 tons register, and steam vessels exceeding 150 tons reg., but not in case of any kind of vessel exceeding 500 tons reg., 2d per reg. ton; being sailing vessels or steam vessels exceeding 500 tons reg., 3d per reg. ton. Exemptions. All sailing vessels of and under 75 tons reg., and all steam vessels of and under 100 tons reg. ; all sailing vessels of and under 150 tons reg., and all steam vessels of and under 200 tons delivering or loading cargo at the town or in the river of Newry, north of Old Narrow Water Castle. Anchorage Dues.-Ship or barque, foreign or coasting trade, £ 1 1/; brig or brigantine, foreign trade, 10/6; schooner or galliot, foreign trade, 3/ ; brig or brigantine, coasting trade, 5); schooner, coasting trade, 4/; sloop, coasting trade, 37 ; smack or wherry, coasting trade, 2/; steam packet, each voyage, 5/.

Official. -Sec., Capt. Thomas Smith, Greenore.

Hotels.-Greenore, L. & N.W. Ry. ; Rostrevor, “Mournes" ; Warrenpoint, several ; Meath, “ Strand." CARMARTHEN, Carmarthenshire. Lat. 51° 22' N. ; long

4° 20' W. On the Towy. Rys. Manchester, Milford, Pembroke, and Tenby. Auth, Town Council (Clerk, R. M. Thomas). Accn. For small vessels. D. at LW, 2ft, and 26ft at HWST. W. prev. SW D._at Carmarthen Quay 12st HWST., and at Blackpoole 17ft. THW. 6h 2m. No dues. A lifeboat station at Ferryside, mouth of river.

Charges.--Quay dues from 1/ to 5/ ; Cranage 4d per ton.

Pilotage.--22 io to £3 from Tenby to Blackpoole, up and down; £i from Ferryside to Carmarthen.

Towage by Bristol Steamer 4d per ton reg.
Official.-Harb Master, John Rees.
CARNARVON, Carnarvonshire. On the Menai Straits. Lat.

53° 6' N; long. 4° 30' W. Pop. 10,258. Auth. Harbour Trustees, under Acts 33 Geo. III. 123, 49 Geo. III., C. 24, and the Carnarvon Harb. Order, 1874. P.C. THW, f. and c. gh 27m. Sp. rise 15}ft ; N. rise 12ft. D. on bar, least, 7ft. W. prev. from SW. ; most dangerous from WNW. Ry. L. & N. W. Tr.-1. Timber, grain, coals ; E. Principally slate. LV. which have entered at tide time have been from 175 to 309 reg. ton. Accn. Area of basin or dock 4a 3r 6p. Depth of water at entrance izst at HWOT., 153st ST.' Quayage space 582yds long. The basin or dock is available for vessels to enter from half to high tide. Area of harb. and basin 24a ir 6p. Slipways :-

H. of T.


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Charges.--Harb. dues : outward 14d reg. ton; inward id with coal only ; other cargoes 2d.

Pilotage. -District. From the outwardmost buoy on the bar of Carnarvon, into and out of Carnarvon harb., and in the Menai Strait, to Port Dinorwic, or Moel-y-Don, and z'ice versa. Rates :

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8 ft 9 ft 10 ft u ft 12 ft 13 ft 14 ft 15 ft 16 st 17 ft 18 ft zyft

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For half a foot exceeding the above draughts of water, the medium between the rates stated in the above table. For intermediate distances, a proportionate rate. Pilots boarding vessels outside or to seaward of the outwardmost buoy on the bar, are entitled to a further sum of 1/6 per mile for the extra distance from sea to said buoy.

Towage. -As per agreement.
Officials.-Clerk to Trust., J. Jackson ; Harb. Mast., W. Griffiths.
CARNLOUGH, Co. Antriin. Lat. 54° 59' N ; long. 6° 0' W.

Auth. Owner, Marquis of Londonderry, under Prov. Order, 1882. Used by steamers and by vessels in the limestone and iron ore trade up to 350 tons. D. at LW. 6ft. W. prev. SW., most dangerous SE., round by E. to NE.

Official.-James Foster.

CARNOUSTIE, Forfarshire, Scotland. Lat. 56° 30' N ; long. 2° 40' W. A small harbour, dry at LW. CARRADALE, Argyllshire. Lat. 56° 36' N ; long. 5° 33' W.

Auth. Owner, D. Č. Ř. Carrick Buchanan, of Carradale. There is a pier with water at all times of tide. A good anchorage in offshore winds in from 5 to 7fms. A place

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