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much frequented in the fishing season. In daily communication with Glasgow ; about 20,000 boxes of fish, it cwts. are shipped yearly, and about 2,000 tons of farm produce.

Official.-Harb. Master, Duncan Ritchie. CARRICKFERGUS, Co. Antrim. Situated in Belfast Lough.

Lat. 54° 39' N; long. 5° 53' W. Ry. Harb. Junction. Auth. Harb. Commrs., under Prov. Order, 1862, confirmed by Act of Parliament. Accn. Tidal harb. 1,200st by 500ft. En. Soft wide. D. 14ft HWST. D. in old harb. 8ft HW. Dry docks and slipway. THW. f. and c. 1oh 40m.

Charges.-On vessels 3d per ton, vessels in ballast itd, and id per ton for harb. boat. Crane id per ton.

Officials.-Town Clerk, James Boyd ; Harb. Master, David Robb. CARSETHORN, -- A creek of Dumfries 13 miles below

Dumfries. An open beach. D. HWST. 1811, HWNT. rost.

Official.-Collector, James Harris.
CART RIVER.-See Paisley.
CARTY.-A creek of Dumfries.
CASTLEHAVEN, island near Barlogue, Ireland. Lat 51° 30'

N; long. 9° 10 Accn. for vessels drawing up to 12ft. CASTLEHILL, Caithness, near Thurso. Auth. Messrs. J. C.

Brodie & Sons. Accn. Three loading berths. D. cost to 14ft HWST; 2 ballast berths, D. 7ft to roft HWST; a basin affording room for 3 vessels from 100 to 150 tons. W. only dangerous, WNW. Tr.-- Paving stone. 1. Coals, lime, manures, &c. CASTLEMAINE, co. Kerry. Lat. 52° 10' N; long. 9° 43' W.

A tidal quay. Auth. Grand Jury of co. Kerry. Safe anchorage for small vessels. D. on bar roft LW. THW. f. and c. 3h 30m. CASTLETOWN, Co. Cork.- See Berehaven. Anchorage and

pier in Bantry Bay. Vessels of 400 tons lie here. D. alongside pier 1st HWST., 8ft HWNT.

Official.- Harb. Constable, J. Harrington.
CASTLETOWN.--See Isle of Man.
CASTLE TOWNSEND, Co. Cork. Lat. 51°35' N.; long. 9° 15'

W. A small place under the port of Skibbereen. D. HWST. 24ft, HWNT, 21ft.

CATTEWATER.-See Plymouth.
CELLARDYKE, Fifeshire. A fishing village under the port

of Kirkcaldy. D. HWST. 14ft, . HWNT. gst CEMMAES, or Kemmaes, Anglesea. Lat. 53° 25' N ; long.

4° 28' W. A small harb. with zit at LW., and with 15ft range of tide. Used by vessels drawing 12ft 10 14ft.' No vessel can enter at LW, A lifeboat station. Auth, I committee, self-elected.

Official.- W. Jones, Buarthyfoel, Amlwch.

CHANNEL ISLANDS.-Alderney, Guernsey, Jersey.

Lat. 49° 46' N, 49° 26' N, 49° 15'N; long. 2° 12' W, 2° 37' W, 2° 5' W. Alderney.- Pop. 3, 100. THW, f. and c. 6h 46m ; Sp. rise 174ft ; N. rise 12 ft. Auth. Admiralty and Woods and Forests and War Depts. LV. HMS. Mistletoe at LWST. D, at entrance LWST. 127t. Harbours are at Braye and Crabby, and dry at LW. Vessels drawing 14ft enter at HW. W. prev. are Easterly, but the most dangerous are those from ENE. leading into the harb. The harbours on the north side of the island, are formed by a pier or breakwater 1,6o9yds in length. Area 196 acres. No docks. Depth at breakwater is from 2ift inner end to 134st outer end.

Charges.-Harb. dues, inwards 6d reg. ton, outwards 3d reg. ton. Steamers carrying mails 5/ inwards and 2/6 outwards, per vessel. Additional on coal-laden vessels had ton on cargo. Anchorage and chainage 6d to 10/ each per vessel. All vessels pay 2/ pier pass.

Pilotage.-7d. per ton.
Official.-Harb. Master, F. Brice.

Guernsey Auth. States of the Island of Guernsey, under Treasury Warrant, Oct. 9, 1875. St. Peter's Port. Pop. 32,500. THW. F. and c. 6h 37m ; Sp. rise 32ft ; N. 2ost. Three piers with landing stages. D. at LW. equi. ST. 5, 10, and 13t respectively. W. prev. SE. to SW. Two patent slips with cradles 145ft long, with 15st of water on the heads of cradles at HW. equi. ST. Hauling by steam. St. Sampsons. An average D. of W. at OST. 12 to 2oft. En. dry at LWST. W. prev. SE. to SW.

Charges at both these Ports. Harb. and tonnage dues 3d to od per ton. Charges on cattle, &c. 5d to 4/5 each. Charges on goods, timber, &c. 2/6 per ton, &c.

Official.-Harb. Master, Captain W. C. Jones.

Jersey. Pop. 53,000. Auth. States of the Island of Jersey. Tr.-I. Woollen fabrics, hardware and cutlery, glass, soap, &c. ; E. Granite, cattle, butter, fruit, potatoes, oysters, &c. Railway accommodation. St. Heliers. THW. s. and c. 6h 29m ; Sp. rise 31}ft.; N. rise 23st. Dry at LW. Area of Victoria and Albert Harbs. 32 acres ; old harbs. 13 acres. Piers carried into 14ft LWST. ; about 8,00oft space. W. prev. SW., but WSW. most dangerous. LV. vessels of 300 tons reg. can lie at Old North Pier. Accn, at Albert Pier or Victoria Harb. for those of 800 tons, as there is no water between the pier heads at LWST. vessels can only get to berth from half food to two hours ebb. Charges---Harb. dues gd to 1/ ton; Harb. Master's fee id ton. Good cranage accommodation Gorey, a pier gooft long by 30ft wide. D. at pier heads HWST 29ft, HWNT 1410. ; LWST. dry; LWNT. 3ft. W. prev. Westerly; most dangerous Southerly. LV. 300 tons. Charges. 60, 8d, and is per ton.

Rozel, THW. f. and c. 6h 15m ; Sp. rise 3oft ; N. rise 21 ft. D. at pier head HWST. 29ft ; HWNT. 14ft. ; LWST. dry; LWNT. 3ft. W. prev. Westerly : most dangerous, Easterly. St. Aubins Harb.

3 and 1! acres.

En, dry at HW. W. prev. WSW. Charges-Sd to I per ten.

Officials.--Alderney:-Clerk to Woods and Forests Dept., G. Russel Sowray; Harb. Master, J. Brice. Guernsey.-Harb. Master, Capt. A. Martin. Jersey.--Harb. Masters : St. Heliers, Capt. W. Bichard ; Dep. Harb. Master, Capt. T. Le Dain; St. Aubins, Capt. P. de St. Croix; Goree, Capt. C. Pallot. CHARLESTOWN, Cornwall. Lat. 50° 20' N; long. 4° 41' W.

Auth. Owners, A. G. Crowder, F. Crowder and Trustees of the late E. J. Sartoris. Accn. for about 18 coasting vessels; crane to lift 15 tons. Dry at LW. Vessels drawing 13st_and up to 400 tons enter at HWST. THW. f. and c. 5h ilm. Tr.-I. Coal and Limestone. E. China-clay, ores, &c.

Charges.-Harb. dues 2d per ton reg., opening and closing gates 7/.

Ballast.-Discharging, 3d ; and cartage, 6d.
Officials.-Manager, H. J. Bulteel ; Harb. Master, J. C. Moore.
CHARLESTOWN, Fifeshire. Lat. 56° 2' N; long. 3° 32' W.

N. side of Firth of Forth. Auth. N. B. Ry., under Acts 1859, 1861 and 1862. Accn. Area 45 acres. Dry at LW. D. at HW. 12ft N., and 15ft ST. Five coal staiths and a 3-ton crane.

THW. f. and c. 2h 43m. Charges.-Steamers, 2d per ton ; sailing vessels, id; harb. lights, 17 per vessel.

Officials.-J. Walker, Gen. Man., N.B. Ry. Co., Edinburgh ; Harb. Master, J. Addison.

Hotel.-—"Elgin Arms.”
CHATHAM, Kent, Kiver Medway. Adjoining Rochester.

Principally noted for the Government Dockyard. Rys. L.C. & D. and S.E. Hoys between London and Chatham every Wednesday and Saturday. "THW. f. and c. ih im. CHEPSTOW, Monmouthshire. At the confluence of the Wye

and the Severn. Auth. Owner, Duke of Beaufort. There is no harb.; vessels lie in the river Wye. The tide rises 48ft at springs. Messrs. Watkins, Baker, Baylis and Baker, 11, Sack. ville-street, London, are Solicitors for his Grace. CHESTER, Cheshire. See also Saltney, Sandicroft, Queen's

Ferry, Connah's Quay, Flint Bagilt, Greenfield, and Mostyn. Lat. 53° 12' N; long. 2° 53' w. Pop. 37,000. Auth. The river Dee is under the jurisdiction of the Dee Conservancy Board. There is not practically any harb. at Chester, but important works are now in progress for deepening the river Dee. Chester is served by the following Rys.: G. W., C.L.C., L.N.W., (G. W. and L.N.W.). The shipping entering this river is accommodated at the following quays, &c. :-Connah's Quay, about half way between Chester and the mouth of the Dee river, is the northern terminus of the W. M. & C. joint Railway. There are two tidal docks here ; steam and hand cranes ; every convenience for shipping. D. Sp. 17st ; N. 10 to 12ft alongside wharf at LW. Gen. Man., Thos. Cartwright, Wrexham. Connah's Quay is in direct communication with the M., G.N., and M.S.L. Řys. Tr.-Timber, bricks, ore, pig-iron, grain, &c. Flint, a small dock used principally by the owners (Muspratt Bros. & Huntley). LV. draws 12ft when loaded ; at LWST. vessels cannot enter. Greenfield, 3 miles above Mostyn. Vessels of ilft dft. can reach this at

ST., and those of 5st at N. Mostyn imports a large quantity of iron ore and timber, and exports coal, &c. Wild Roads at entrance of the river Dee is a safe and commodious place where large vessels may lie at anchor and discharge into lighters. Sp. rise 18st, N. Toft. THW. f. and c. oh 16m.

Charges.--Anchorage toll, throughout the river 1/- per vessel. Pilotage :---Foreign Pilotage Rates (INWARD) per foot




East of

Mostyn East of

to Roads.

Connah's Quay.

Wn. Sm. Wn. Sm. Wn. Sm. Wn. Sm.

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s. d. s. d.'s, d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. The Great Orıneshead

06 08

07 08 67 69 08 Inside of N.W. Patch Buoy, or Bar Buoy,

North Deep or Fairway Buoy in Hilbre

6 05 07

o6 07 66 68 07 Inside Earwig or South Hoyle Buoy, or Hilbre Island

5 04

06 05 06 65 07 06 0 Wild Roads

3 02 0's 65 06 6'5 6

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Foreign Pilotage Rates (OUTWARD) per foot




Wn. Sm. Wn. Sm. Wn. Sm. Wn. Sm.

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s. d. s. ds. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. Last of Connah's Quay....

5 04

06 Connah's Quay to East of Mostyn

4 64 05 64 6


05 0 Mostyn

3 02

05 0 Wild Roads


5 64 6 7 6 per tide shifting : 7,6 per day is detained on board within the district ; 106 pe

day if taken outside district, and travelling expenses,

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Outside the N.W, Patch Buvy, or Bar s. d. s. d. 5. d.

Buoy, North Deep or Fairway Buoy in Hilbre Swash-vessels 60 tons register and under ...

3 Ditto, vessels from 60 tons to 80 tons net register ......


6 Wild Roads Vessels 60 tons net register and under


9 Vessels from 60 to 80 tons net register

6 And as to vessels over 80 tons net reg ster, 2d per foot extra for every additional

20 tons net register on each rate respectively.

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s. d. s. d. s. d. Chester, or any place East of Mostyn, for

vessels 60 tons net register, and under ..
Ditto, from 60 to 80 tons net register
Vessels 60 tons net register, and under

Vessels froin 60 to 80 tons net register .. Wild Roads Vessels 60 tons net register, and under Vessels from 60 to 80 tons net register ... And as to vessels over 80 tons net register, 2d per foot extra for every additional 20 tons net register on each rate respectively. 5/ per ride shifting; 5/ per day if detained on board within the district ; 7/6 per day if taken outside district, and travelling expenses.

Note.--Winter Season commences October 1, and ends March 31. Coasters pay one-half the above rates. No vessel to pay for less than 8ft oft., nor to pay for odd inches under or over half a foot. Also 5 day for each day the pilot is kept on board.

Towage.--Vessels discharging at the G. W. Ry. Co.'s wharves free. Custom House is situated at Connah's Quay, Supt., E. Hughes.

Officials.--Clerk to Dee Conservancy Board, s. Smith ; Acting Conservator, H. E. Taylor, C.E.; Pilot Master, J. Coppack; Harb. Master, Connah's Quay, Mr. Miller ; Tug Owners, Coppack, Carter & Co.

Hotel.--" Hare and Hounds."
CHICHESTER, Sussex. Lat. 50° 46' N; long. 0° 55' W.

Ry. L.B. & S.C. Harb. is 2m from the city, and is an inlet of the English Channel, containing Thorney Island. D. 2st LW. THW. f. and c. 11h 45m. CHRISTCHURCH, Hampshire. Lat. 50° 44' N; long.

1° 45'. Situated between the Avon and the Stour. Harb. dries at LW. There is a double tide in the bay. THW. f. and c. gh om.

CHURCH BAY, Holyhead. -See Sutan.
CINQUE PORTS. Originally five in number, but afterwards

increased to eight, viz., Dover, Sandwich, Hythe, and Romney, in Kent, and Rye, Winchelsea, Hastings, and Seaford, in Sussex. These ports formerly had important privileges, and were bound to furnish a certain number of ships of war to the sovereign in return. The first Charter was granted by William I. in 1078. The Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports is also Constable of Dover Castle. CLACKMANNAN, Clackmannanshire.-See Kennetpans. On

N. Bank of Firth of Forth, 27 miles above Queensferry: Lat. 55° 5' N; long. 3° 51' W. 7m E. of Stirling, at the junction of the rivers Devon and Forth. D. HWST. 181t and HWNT. 14ft. THW. at f. and c., 10.0.

Rys. N.B. The port is a private one used for shipping coals by the Clackmannan Coal Co. Steam cranes. Steamers up to 1,000 tons load. Bed, soft mud 6ft deep.

Charges.-Id per ton reg.
Official.-J. A. Lange.

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