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COURTOWN, Wexford, Ireland. Lat. 52° 39' N ; long. 6°

14' W. Auth. Commissioners, under Act 5 Geo. IV., 1824. Accn. Works undergoing repairs. D. 2ft on bar at LWST. W. prev. SW., most dang. SE. A lifeboat station.

Charges.-Harbour dues, id per ton, 1/ per ton charged for cargoes landed from colliers lying outside ; fishing boats pay £i a year when laid up on slip during the winter, and ti 5s it left in harbour basin,

Official.-Harb. Master, G. Mordaunt.
COVE, Berwickshire, Scot. Lat. 55° 58' N ; long. 2° 18' W.

Auth. Owner, B. F. Hall, of Cockburnspath. Accn. Stone piers. D. at HW. 2oft. W. prev. E and NE. LV. 300 tons. COWES, Isle of Wight, Ilampshire. On the Solent and river

Medina. Lai. 50° 46' N. ; long. 1° 18' W. Pop. 7,000. Auth. Corporation of Newport, I. of W.; P. XC. THW. r. and c. 10h 45m, and uh 45m.; Sp. rise 12}ft; N. rise 9 ft. D. on bar at LW. hoft; ST. 22 ft to 23ft ; N. 18ft to 19ft. W.prev. SW by W.; most dangerous are N. and NE. Rys. Ryde, Newport, and Cowes. Tr.-). Timber, grain, coals, &c.; E. Cement, stone, bark, &c. LV. The roadstead of Cowes affords a safe and sheltered anchorage for vessels of any tonnage. Vessels discharge at railway jetty about 300st. in length. There are several patent heaving up slipways for vessels up to 1,500 tons. Dry Docks, &c.:-


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Patent Slip
Length of cradle, roost.

Length of cradle, 7ost. Charges.-Ilarbour dues : Under 50 tons 1/4 vessel, exceeding 50 and under 100 2/6 vessel, over 100 5/ vessel. Ballast : in harbour 16, in roads, 2) ton.

Pilotage. -See Portsmouth.

Officials.--Town Clerk (Newport), R. Roach Pittis ; Harb. Master, W. II. Lawrence ; Coll, of H.M. Cust., W. Dear. CRAIL, Fiseshire. Lat. 56° 16' N ; long. 2° 37' W. At N;

entrance to Frith of Forth. THW. f. and c. 2h 20m. A lise boat station. CRAMOND, 2 creek of Leith, at the mouth of the Almond,

D. HWST. 12ft, HWYT, 5ft.

CREETOWN, a sub-port of Dumfries.
CRINAN, at N. end' or Crinao Canal, which extends from

Ardrishaig to Crinan, 9 miles (see Ardrishaig). D. on sill of lock oft, length of lock 94st by 24 wide. The distance from Ardrishaig to Crinan round the Mall of Cantire is upwards of 132 miles. Vessels to Glasgow using the canal save about 85 miles of exposed sea passage.

Official. -Superintendent, John Groves (see Ardrishaig). CROICK Harbour. North Uist, Hebrides. Lat. 57° 37' N;

long. 7° 35' W. A well-sheltered harbour. CROMARTY, Cromarty, Moray Frith, a small harbour having

a depth of 14ft at HWST., and oft at HWNT. inside, and anchorage in 22st ST., and 18ft NT. outside. Arca, 7oyds by 4oyds ; 2 wharves ; crane 3 tons.

Harb. Auth.-Trustees.
Charges.-2d ton reg., ballast 1/3.
Official.-Harb. Master, W. Mackay.
CROMBIE POINT, N. side of Forth 2 miles from Charlestown.

D. HWST. 12st, HIWNT. Sft.
Charges.-Harb. dues, ad per ton.
Official.-Ilarb. Master, T. Ford.
CROMER, Norfolk. Lat. 52' 46' N ; long. 1° 19' E. A

fishing town and lifeboat station. CROOKHAVEN, C). Cork. Lat. 51° 30' N; long. 9° 40' W.

D. from 3 to 5 sms at LWST. Official.-Chief Coast Officer, W. Wright. CULLEN, Banffshire, Scotland. Moray Frith. Lat. 57° 41'

30" N ; long. 2' 49' 30" W. Auth. Harbour Board. A small tidal harb. En. dry at LW. Used by vessels of 8 to jost draught. W. prev. N and ÞE. THW. f. and c. 12h 26m.

Charges. - Shipping per ton reg. 4d ; light dues, d ; pilotage, 3d; ballast, 2d. Cartage by agreement. Laying out kedge, 5/. Official.-Harb. Master, K. McDonald. CULMORE, Lough Foyle, Ireland. Charges.--Same as Londonderry. CUMBWICH, a creek under Bridgwater. D. HWST. 19 to

2fft, HWNT. 14 to 17st. DALBEATTIE, Kirkcudbright, Scotland. Lat. 54° 53' N ;

long. 3° 48" W. No Auth., but an agreement amongst shippers to tax themselves to support quay and its roads, in conjunction with the Dalbeattie Road Trustees. THW. f. and C. Ih 30m. W. prev. SW. Accn. Harb. dries at low water ; gst at HWST, with 103ft at the Low Quay, which is about sooyds below the harb. Large quantities of granite shipped by Messrs. D. H. & I. Newall.

Charges. - Haib. dues, merely nominal. Truckage, 5/ per horse. Tide work, 3/6 per tide.

Officials.-Clerk, Alex. Wilson ; Harb. Master, Wm. (ope. land.

Hotels.-"Dunaldson's,” “Tibbald's.”
DARTMOUTH, Devon. Seaport. Lat. 50° 20' 20" N ; long.

3° 33' 10" W. Pop. 5,725. Auth. Harbour Commissioners. P. NC. THW. f. and c. 6h 16m; Sp. rise 15ft ; N. rise Ry. G.W. Tr.-I. Coal, salt, timber, fruit ; E. Timber, coaling vessels, cider, &c. Accn. En. to harb. 220yds wide, opening into a safe and commodious harbour of considerable capacity for vessels of any dft. A pier with a depth of 2oft at LW.

Charges.--Harb. dues 3d reg. ton. for vessels discharging and Id reg. ton. for windbound vessels, and fd per reg. ton on vessels coaling.

Pilotage.-District. From Bob's Nose to the Start and vice versa. Rates. For ships boarded without the Run of the Mew. stone East, or the Blackstone West, to Dartmouth (inwards), roft dft. and under, 2/6, roft to 12ft 3/, 12ft to 14ft 3/6, 14ft to 16ft 4/, 16ft and upwards 5/ per foot, (outwards) two-thirds of these rates ; steamships putting into Dartmouth harb. for coal only pay for pilotage in and out, the rate above provided for inwards only. If boarded within the above-named line they pay one-half these rates ; if boarded within the Castle they pay one-quarter these rates, subject to the circumstances of weather, &c. Ships boarded without the Run of Bob's Nose, or Berry Head, to Brixham or Torquay (inwards), roft dft. and under 1/6, Toft to 12ft 2), 12ft to 14ft 2/6, 14ft to 16ft 3/, 16ft and upwards 3/6 foot, (outwards) two-thirds of these rates ; if boarded within the above-named line one-quarter part less ; if boarded half a mile only from the outer piers, vessels of all sizes pay 1/foot dft. The pilotage to Tor Bay is not compulsory, but should the master of any vessel choose to employ a pilot, the charge is two-thirds less than for Brixham and Torquay ; vessels bound to Teignmouth with a Teignmouth pilot on board, and piloted from Tor Bay to Bob's Nose by a Dartmouth pilot, pay id foot. Castle Line of steamers call fortnightly for mails and passengers. There are also two lines of steamers to W. Indies and $. America, and a German line to the Falkland Islands. Vessels of any tonnage coaled from hulks in centre of harb.

Towage.--In or out 2d reg. ton.

Officials.-Ry. Man. J. Davies; Harb. Master, W. C. S. Lewis ; Coll. of H.M. Cust., W. L. Massy.

Hotels.--"Castle," "Royal Yacht," "Queen's,” and “King's Arms,” “Raleigh," &c. DEAL, Kent. Lat. 51° 13' 30" N ; long. 1° 24' 40" E. A

maritime town of 9,050 inhabitants, and an increasingly popular seaside resort for summer visitors, situated between the N. and S. Forelands, opposite to and sheltered by the Goodwin Sands. An open beach with an iron pleasure pier. It is in contemplation to construct a harb. at this place, in front of land belong. ing to H. S. Chapman, Esq., for shelter to fishing vessels and for local trade. Sheltered from all but NE. and SE. winds. A lifeboat station. THW. f. and c. 11h 35m.

DERBYHAVEN.-See Isle of Man.
DEVONPORT.-See Plymouth.
DINGLE, Co. Kerry, Ireland. Lat. 52° 8' N ; long. 10° 16' W.

About 207 SW. of Tralee. A tidal pier with 3 to 4ft at LW. Auth. Dingle Harbour Commissioners. Tr. Corn, coal, iron and earthenware. Vessels drawing 13ft can come along. side Pier at HW. ordinary tides. D. in anchorage, 34 fathoms.

Anchorage. D. HWST. 7 fathoms, HWNT. 6 fathoms.
Official.-Ilarb. Master, W. Collier.

DINGWALL, Ross-shire, Scotland. Frith of Cromarty. Ry.

Highland and Sutherland. A fishing harb. DONAGHADEE, Co. Down, Ireland. Lat. 54° 38' 45' N;

long. 5° 32' W. 16 miles NE. of Belfast. Ry. Belfast and Down. THW. f. and c. th 13m. Auth. Commissioners of Public Works in Ireland, under Act i Geo. IV., c. 113. Accn. Area about 16 acres at HW, and 6} at LW. D. at entrance LW. 12 to 12ft gin, and inside from 2 to uft, with 11jft additional at HWST. Used by vessels up to 200 tons. Cranes to 3 tons power. W. prev. SSW., most dangerous SSE.

Charges.- None.
Officials.-Sec., W. B. Soady, Esq., Dublin ; Harb. Master,
William Cruse.

Hotel. -" Arthur's."
DONEGAL, Co. Donegal, Ireland. Lat. 54° 40'; long. 8° 7' W.

At the mouth of the Eask. THW. f. and c. 5h 18m. Auth. Quays belong to the Earl of Arran. Accn. Two quays with D. alongside of 75 to lift at HWST; Sp. rise uist and N. 8ft.

No Charges for quays.

Pilotage.- Doon Rock to Green Island 1/6, Green Island to Quay 11, out to sea 1/3 per foot.

Officials.--Harb. Master, Alex. Kyle; Chief Coast Officer, R. Bell.

Hotels." Blain's” and “McGinty's."
DOUGLAS.-See Isle of Man.
DOVER, Kent. A seaport. Lat. 51° 7' N; long. 1° 18' E.

Pop. 30,270. Auth. Government Pier, Board of Trade; Harb. Dover Harb. Board, consisting of members appointed by the Admiralty, the Board of Trade. The S.E. and L.C. & D. Rys., and the Town. P.C. THW. f. and c. 11h 12m; Sp. rise 18fft ; N. rise 15ft. D. on bar at LT. is, ST. 18ft ; N. 14ft. W. prev. SE. to SW.; most dangerous from SW. the L.C. & D. and SE. Tr.-1. Coal, timber, seed, &c. ; E. Chalk, oil, oilcake, &c. LV. H.M.S. Himalaya. Accn. Tidal harb.,

14 acres in extent, communicates with the Granville Floating Dock and the Wellington Dock. En. to tidal harb. is between two piers. W. of E. 140ft. Docks, &c. :

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ft. Granville Dock

6 acres Wellington

113 Patent Slip

600 ft. x 60 ft. Quayage space about 2,400ft. Extensive pier accn. Cranes to lift from 4 to 30 tons.

Charges. – Tonnage dues 3d ton, in ballast 14d ton. Vessels using harb. tow-ropes pay 10/ per mast.

Pilotage.--See London District.

Towage.-Out of the harbour to the edge of the flood-tide, for vessels of 100 and under 200 tons £1; rising 5/ per 100 tons. If the steam is got up for a single vessel, a suin of Li is charged over these rates. Vessels using the harbour tow-ropes 10/ mast.

Officials.-Registrar to Dover Ilarb. Board, J. Stilwell ; Harb. Master, J. Durden ; Man. L.C. & D. Ry., M. Harris; Coll. of H.M. Cust., R. Henderson ; Lloyd's Agents, Hammond & Co.

Hotel. _“The Lord Warden.”
DOWNS, THE. A roadstead on the SE. coast, between

Ramsgate and Deal, the Goodwin Sands
forming a breakwater, and affording a valuable resuge from all but
NE. and SE. winds. It is proposed to construct a harb. of refuge at
Deal, so as to give perfect security from all winds.
DROGHEDA, Louth. On the river Boyne, four miles from

the sea.

Lat. 53° 43' N ; long. 6° 18' W. Pop. 14,400.

Auth, Port and Harbour Commissioners, under Act 5 Vict., c. 56. P. NC. THW. f. and c. uh 45m; Sp. rise unt; N. rise 9ft. D. on bar 6st LWST. W. prev. SE. to W. They increase the height of the tides, but they do not form heavy seas; the most dangerous are from SE. to NE. Ry. G.N.(I.) Tr.-I. Timber, grain, coals, slate, salt, iron, and general goods; E. Cattle, horses, pigs, and agricultural goods: LV. Vessels of 17ft dft. have entered the river and arrived in their berths in the harb, on the same tide. Accn. The area of the harb. is 15 statute acres, with a quayage of 1,000yds in length on N. side, and 1,100!! on S. side (Sooft lin. of which is not available to the public). Depth of water at quay Sp. 21st ; N. 14ft ; medium 16ft. Good warehouse


Charges.-Harb. Jues, including deck cargo, 6d per reg. ton. Plankage 1 / each for discharge, 1/ each for ballasting or loading.

Pilotage.-District. From between Clogher Head and the Skerries to quays of Drogheda, and from quays to bay. Rates :

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30 and under 40 40

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130 130

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160 169

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250 250

275 275

300 300

325 325

350 350

375 375

400 400 and upwards

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2 50
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3 12

£ s. d.

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O 15 9
o 18 0
1 0

I 2 6
I 4 9

7 o
1 9 3
1 II O
T 13
110 o
1 18

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2 5 0
2 7 3


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010 6
0 12 0

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016 6
O 18
019 6
1 6
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