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Vessels arriving with a cargo from a foreiga voyage and leaving in ballast pay two-thirds of inward pilotage.

Towage.-Coasters 4d ton; Foreign 6d ton.

Officials.-Sec. to Harb. Commrs., J. F. Farrell ; Harb. Master, A. Hughes ; Coll. of H.M. Cust., T. Ploughman.

Hotels.--" Queen's Arms ” and “ Imperial.”
DUNDEE, Forfar. On the Firth of Tay, 10 miles from the

North Sea. Lat. 56° 28' N. ; long. 2° 58' W. Pop. 155,000. Auth. Harbour Trust, under Act 1875. P. C. THW. f. and c. 2h 32m ; Sp. rise 14¢ft ; N. rise rijft ; R. of N. 8!ft. D. on bar is 17st below LWOST. V'essels drawing less water usually take the bar in ordinary weather at any state of tide ; larger vessels have to wait for sufficient water. W. prev. W. and sû. There are no dangerous winds at the harb. On the bar of the river the most dangerous wind is E. Rys. Cal. and N.B. Tr. -1. Timber, iron, flax, hemp, jute, lime, guano, esparto grass, grain, flour, coals, blubber, &c. ; E. Linen, sailcloth, sacking, grain, timber, paper, yarns, coals, &c. LV. which have arrived during the past 10 years (previous to that time vessels coming to this harb. were of a smaller class), sailing vessels :--Cuba, 2,500 tons; Lancing, 2,599 tons; Liverpool, 3,330 tons; Alice A. Leigh, 2,928 tons; and of steamers, Knight Companion, 2,542 tons ; Arara, 2,601 tons ; Indramays, 2,661 tons ; Knight Templar, 2,704 tons, drawing from 21 to 24ft of water. Several large steamers have been built at, and sailed from the port, amongst them being the steamship Merton Hall, 2,646 net reg. tons., which was built at Dundee, and sailed with coals, drawing 24st 1oin. She loaded up in the Roads. The present harb. Accn. (outside the docks) is 41 acres in the West Tidal Harb., that is at the entrance to the W. or older docks, and about three-quarters of an acre in the East Tidal Harb., that is, at the entrance to the E. or newer docks. A deep water loading wharf has been recently erected, where vessels partially discharge ; this wharf and its commodious sheds is in process of being extended. A landing place for foreign animals, not subject to slaughter or quarantine, consisting of wharf, with lairage sheds capable of accommodating from 600 to 800 head of cattle, and ample space for further extension ; also sale ring and loading bank for convenience by railway has been crected. The first cargo was loaded in the last week of August, 1890. The depth

alongside is 19ft at LW. The docks, with areas and depths over the sills, are as follows :



Width of


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There is one large warehouse ; also steam hydraulic and hand cranes up to 70 tons, and hyd. jiggers for unloading jute. present area of accommodation within the docks for ships and boats is 31 acres.

Charges.—Tonnage rates, foreign 4d to 1/4 reg. ton. ; coasting, 2d to 3d ton; river id and itd reg. ton., and 17 and 2/ voyage. Miscellaneous rates. Rates on goods. Lighting and buoying rates id on all vessels entering or leaving the harb.

Pilotage. -District. The limits within which vessels can be piloted by the pilots licensed by the Trustees, are from six miles outside of the Fairway buoy at the entrance to the river Tay, up the river as far as Invergowrie on the north, and Balmerinoch oi the south side of the Tay. Rates.-Foreign.-1. Inwards : for vessels from foreign boarded not more than 3 miles outward of the Fairway buoy, or at any point between that distance and the said buoy, and from thence to and including any point or place within the docks of Dundee or Broughty Ferry and Tayport harbs., 3/1036 per foot, according to the draught of water. Outwards : for vessels to foreign, boarded at any point or place within the docks of Dundee or Broughty Ferry and Tayport harbs., and discharged at the buoy of Tay 3/1076 per foot. II. Inwards : for vessels from foreign, boarded as above, and discharged in the roads 2/51% per foot. Outwards : for vessels to foreign, boarded in the roads and discharged at the buoy of Tay per 2/51% foot. II. Inwards : for vessels from foreign, boarded above Broughty Castle, to and including the docks of Dundee or Broughty Ferry and Tayport harbs. 1/4. per foot. Outwards : for vessels to foreign, boarded in the docks or Broughty Ferry and Tay. port harbs, and discharged in the roads 1/4$ per foot. Coasting: -IV. Inwards and outwards : for vessels coasting, boarded and discharged as in No. 1. 2/9 per foot. V. Inwards and outwards : for vessels coasting, boarded and discharged as in No. II. 2/214 per foot. VI. Inwards and outwards : for vessels coasting, boarded and discharged as in No. III. 11 per foot. Vessels boarded at Tayport and discharged in the docks at Dundee, or boarded in the docks at Dundee, and discharged at Tayport, are charged 1/51% per foot. During the months of Oct., Nov., Dec., Jan., Feb., and Marchin each


year, the rates are as follows:-1. 4/519; II. 3/11103 ; III. 1,44; IV. 3/31% ; V. 29;VI. 1/115. In addition to the above rates Id per ton is chargeable on the excesstonnage of all vessels above 500 tons reg. In the event of vessels having to stop in Carolina roads for want of water in the docks at Dundee, or otherwise, the pilot shall be entitled to leave the vessel ; but if the master of the vessel desire to retain him on board till she can enter the harb., he shall intimate such desire to the pilotmaster, who will decide whether that can be done. In the former case, full pilotage rates shall be exigible, but another pilot will, when required, be appointed to bri the vessel into the harb. without any charge beyond the ordinary pilotage rates ; in the latter, besides these rates, ten shillings shall be pay. able for each day or part of a day any pilot shall be so detained, in name of river fees; and in the case of outward bound vessels requiring similar service, the charge for river fees shall be the same. vessels inward bound, boarded beyond the distance of three miles from the buoy of Tay, and not exceeding six miles, to pay ten shillings and 'sixpence additional for distance money; and vessels boarded six miles beyond the said buoy of Tay to pay fifteen shillings of distance money. In case of dispute the distance shall be ascer. tained by the bearings of the different headlands when the vessel was boarded.

Towage.--Minimum charge for sea towage 42 10), and for harb. towage 20).

Rates Inwards including docking (with second tug if necessary): Outside No. 3 Black Buoy, and under 6 miles outside Fairway Buoy 4d reg. ton. From No. 3 Black Buoy and below Newcome Buoy ad reg. ton. From Newcome Buoy or inwards, under weigh or at anchor 1d reg. ton. When two tugs are required for docking a vessel, the second tug shall receive out of the above rates one third the total charge for towage from Newcome Buoy. When more than two tugs are necessary, the charge shall be as above for the first two tugs, and the rest shall be paid by the vessel, each one-third towage rates from Newcome Buoy. Rate Inwards (by two or more tugs, including docking with same) first tug 3d; each additional tug 2d reg. ton. All tugs to be paid by vessel. Outward Rates. For loaded vessels, half of inward rates. For vessels in ballast, one-third of inward rates. Towage to Tayport not ex. 150 tons & I jos ; ex. 150 and not ex. 200 tons £1 5s; ex. 200 and not ex. 300 £ i ros. ; ex. 300 tons £2. Shifting docks, not ex. 200 tons £1; ex. 200 and not ex. 300 tons £i; ex. 300 and not ex. 400 tons £2; ex. 400 and not ex. 600 tons £2 ios; es. 600 and not ex. Soo tons £3; ex. 800 and not ex. 1,000 tons £3 nos. ; ex. 1,000 £4. Attending launches, same rates as shifting docks. Rate for hawsers, not ex. 500 tons, river £1, sea fi fos. ; ex. 500 and not ex. 1,000 tons, river £ 1 ios, sea 22; ex. 1,000, river £2, sea £ 2 10.

Officials.-Sec. to Harb. Trust., A. E. Gray; Harb. Master, Capt. C. Yule ; Treas., J. Watson; Engineer, D. Cunningham; Coll. and Surv. H.M. Cust., F. S. Tolputt; Lloyd's Surv., J. Rae. DUNFANAGHY, Co. Donegal. Lat. 55° 10' N; long.

8W. Quay dries at LW. Used by vessels drawing 8ft. DUNGARVAN, Co. Waterford. Lat. 52° 4' 27" N ; long.

7° 35' W. THW. f. and c. 5h 12m. D. HWST. 16ft, HWNT. 1oft.

Charges. — Pilotage, 10 to 20/ as agreed. Plankage, 21. Harb. dues, 2d per ton; wind-bound, id. Ballast, 1/ per ton f.o.b.

Official.--Harb, Master, P. Curran.
DUNMANUS HARBOUR, Co. Cork. Lat. 51° 30' N ; long,

9° 50' W. D. i zft in centre of harb., but a dangerous place, and only suited for hookers. DUNMORE (East Harbour). Lat. 52° 9' N ; 6° 59' W. W.

side of entrance to river Suir. THW. f. and c. 5h 29m. D. inside pier head 8 to 14ft. The pier affords a secure anchorage with westerly gales, as well as from the prodigious sea which rolls along the southern coast, but is not adapted for an asylun harb. from its spaces being confined and its want of depth, there being only one spot within the pier-head with more than 12tt, 8 to 1oft being the ordinary depth at low water. A goo l anchorage in the roadstead in 14 to 16ft i W., secure from all but southerly winds. HW. f. and c. 5h 29m. Sp. rise 12 ft ; Np. soft ; Np. ranges 7jft. Limits of harb. from Shannoon Point io Ardnamult Point about 2,000 ft; from pier-head to Ardnamult about 1,275ft. Quayage 820ft of deep water quays and 300ft of quays. Dry at LW Waterford Harb. Commissioners pilot cutter stationed here ; rate of pilotage to Dunmore 14d per ton on reg. Lifeboat and rocket apparatus stations. Auth. Commissioners of Public Works in Ireland, under Act 58 Geo. III. chap. 72.

Charges.--Dues on vessels mooring inside pier-head 2d per ton on reg. and 3d per ton on coal, salt, lime, stone, &c., with special charges on cattle and other goods landed or shipped.

Officials. --Sec. to Commissioners of Public Works, Dublin, W. B. Soady, Esq.; Harb. Mast., T. Dunn; Pilot Mast., Capt. Kennedy, of Passage East.

Hotels.-“Walsh's,” “Dunmore," "Harvey's," and "Galzey’s." DUNURE, Ayrshire. Lat. 55° 25' N ; long. 4° 46' W. Two

dilapidated piers dry at LW. D. 6ft. at HW. THW. f. and c. iTh 48m. DUNVEGAN, Isle of Skye, Hebrides. Lat. 57° 28' N ; long.

6° 32' W. A sheltered but not commodious harb. THW. f. and c. 6h 7m. DYSART, Fiseshire. N. side of Frith of Forth. Lat. 56° 7' 15"N;

long. 3° 7' 15" W. Ry. N.B. THW. f. and c. 2h 30m. Auth. Town Councii. Accn. En. to harb. 6oft wide. D. Toft at HWNT., and 14ft HWST. Dry at LW. Dock zooft by 18oft, with quayage boost

. En. 37ft wide. Used by vessels up to 200 tons. There are three shoots for shipping coals and a slipway 29ft wide. Pilotage.-1/ per foot.

Charges.-Dock charges 3d per ton on vessels to or from foreign ports, and 3d per ton on coasters ; harb. dues 1jd per ton.

Officials. —Provost, Andrew Terrace; Harb. Master, John Harraw ; Collector of Customs, Jas. Urquhart.

Hotel. — “Royal Townhead.”
EARNMOUTH, a creek of Perth. D. HWST. 14ft, HWNT.

EASEDALE, I. of Jura, Hebrides. A small harb, for vessels

engaged in the slate trade. EASTBOURNE, Sussex. An open beach and fashionable

watering place. EDAY, Orkney Islands. Lat. 59° 10 N; long. 3° 5' W.

EDEN WATER.-- See Guardsbridge.
EDINBORO'.-See Leith.
ELGIN.-See Lossiemouth.
ELIE, Fiteshire. Lat. 56o II' N; long. 2° 50' W. A small

tidal harb. protected by a sea_wall, and a pier 845ft in length. D. HWST. 15ft HWNT. roft THW. at f. and c. ih 59m. Auth. Owner, W. Baird, Esq., of Elie, under provisions of statute 20 and 21 Vict., 1857.

Charges. Dues of vessels under 15 tons 14d. per ton, under 50 ton 21d, under 100 tors 3d, over 150 tons 3fd. Vessels windbound half the above.

Pilotage.--2}d per ton reg.
Official.-Harb. Master, W. Macintosh.
ELLEN PORT, Islay, Hebrides. Lat. 55° 37' 10" N ; long. 6°

12' 40" W. There is an anchorage in 3! fms.; entrance through rocks. ELLESMERE PORT, River Mersey. Used by vessels of 100

to 300 tons entering at HW., and by tugs and barges belonging to the Shropshire Union Railways and Canal Co. Auth. Shropshire_Union Railway and Canal Co., under their Act of Parliament. THW. f. and c. 12 o'clock. D. at HW. 10 to 22ft. Area 5 acres. LV. 500 tons. Cranes : 32 hydraulic and 31 hand cranes of various powers up to 10 tons.

Officials.--S. Reay, Sec. L. & N. W., Euston Station, London. Harb. Master, J. Platt. Manager, T. Hales, Chester.

Hotels.- The “Dock,” “Bull's Head," and " Railway.”
ELY, Glamorganshire. -See Penarth.
EMSWORTH, Portsmouth. D. HWS. 15ft, HWN. 9ft.
Official.-Harb. Master, H. Miller.
There is a small slipway.
ERIN.PORT.-See Isle of Man.
ERISKA PORT, I. of South Uist. Lat. 57° 5' N ; long. 7°

15' W. Situated in a loch of the same name. A good harb. for small vessels. THW. at f. and c. 2h om.

ESSIE, Banffshire. --See Port Essie.
EXETER, Devonshire. On the Exe. Nine miles from the sea.

Lat. 50° 40' N ; long. 3° 27' W. Pop. 47,150. Auth. Mayor, aldermen, and citizens. P. NC. THW. at Exmouth 6h 21m ; Sp. rise 12 st; N. rise 8 ft. D. Exmouth Bar and Bight, ST. 20ft, NT. 14ft; Topsham Quay, ST. 12ft, NT. 8ft : Turf, ST. 14ft, NT. Toft ; Exeter Bar, ST. 13ft ; Basin, ST. 18ft ; Town Quay, ST. 1oft. Rys. G. W. and L. & S.W. Tr.-Í. General; E. Ground barytes, timber, &c. LV. Vessels of 400 tons can reach the city of Exeter, where there is a large floating basin connected with Exmouth by a canal five miles long, 13ft deep, and 30ft wide. Vessels must lighten to 12ft before entering canal. Cranestolift 20 tons.

Charges.--Harb. dues 1/2 vessel. Canal dues !! reg. ton ; 3d. reg. ton in addition for horse trackage. Buoyage and town dues, ballast, I - per ton s.o.b.


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