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Pilotage.-District. From Lyme to Bob's Nose, and vice versa. Rates. Coasters. - For ships in and over Exmouth Bar, to the moorings in the Bight at Exmouth, and out again over the bar. Inwards :

s, d. Not ex. 60 reg. tons......... 1 9 foot dft. Ex. 150 and not ex. 175 tons 4 3 foot dft. Ex. 60 and not ex. 80 tons 2 O

» 175

49 2 3

s. d.


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80 3 go . 100 125




250 " 300

250 * 300 91 400)

6 o

250 ܕܕ

300 400

s. d.

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150 %

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39 Ships from foreign parts. For ships in and over Exmouth Bar, to the moorings in the Bight at Exmouth, and out again over the bar. Inwards :

s, d. Not ex. 80 reg tons......... 3 o foot dft. Ex. 200 and not ex. 250 tons 6 3 foot dst. Ex. Bo and not ex 100 tons 39


5 6

And i' foot for every 100 ions additional. Outwards, one-half these rates. All ships carried up from the Bight at Exmouth to the Sands 3/6; back 36. All ships under 100 tons, carried up to Topsham Quay 13/; back 13/. All ships under 100 tons carried up to Turf 9/; back 9/. All ships upwards of 100 tons carried up to Topsham Quay ton id; back id. All ships upwards of 100 tons carried up to Turf, ton 11d; back 17d.

Towage.-Sea to Bight 3}d, out 3d, return 61; sea to Turf 4d, cut 4d, return 7d; sea to Topsham 5d, out 45d, return 84d; Bigh: to Turi 3d, out 2\d, return 5d ; Bight to Topsham 4d, out 3}d, return 7d.

Officials.- Clerk, G. R. Shorto; Harb. Master and Wharfinger at Exeter, A. Clements; Harb. Master at Exmouth, S. E. Bowden.

Hotels. — “Rougemont,' “ London,” “Clarence,” “Half Moon," “ White Lion,"

." “ Globe,” and “ Queen's." EXMOUTH (see Exeter), Devon. A lifeboat station. Docks

for fishing boats up to 80 tons. Auth. Dock Co., under Exmou:h Docks Act, 1864. W. prev. W. most dangerous SE. or WSW. THW. f. and c. 6h 2m. LV. 200 tons at HW.

Official.- Sec., H. C. Adams.
EYEMOUTH, Berwickshire, Scotland. Lat. 53° 52' 23" N ;

long. 2° 5' W. Situated at the mouth of the Eye, 5 miles from Berwick. Auth. Harb. Trustees, under statute 2 Vict., c. 36, and Provisional Order July, 1882. THW. f. and c. 2h 15m. Ď. dry at LW. ; 12 to 18ft at entrance HW. ; and 17st at berths. Used chiefly by small vessels up to about 160 tons. Good quayage. A lifeboat station.

Charges. -Coastwise 4.d. Beyond Fraserboro' and Humber, 61d, foreign 8]d.

Pilotage. From 30 to 50 tons reg., summer rates 1/, winter rates 1/2.

Officials.-Clerk, John Wood ; Harh. Master, James Paterson ; Measurer, John Dickson.

Hotels.—“Ship Yawl,” and “Royal” on quays.
FALLIN, Creek oi Alloa. D. HWST. ust, and HWNT. 6ft.
Charges.-Harb. dues 1/ per mast.
FAHY HARBOUR, Galway, Ireland. Lat. 53° 55' N ; lung:

9° 58' W. Dry at LW. at e trance. Good security inside for vessels drawing up to 12ft.

FALMOUTH, Cornwall. Seaport. Lat. 50° 9' N ; long.

5° 4' W. Pop. 12,131. Auth. Harbour Commissioners, under a Provisional Order of 1870, and Docks Company, the latter having jurisdiction over the tidal harb. within the break. water, and the graving docks. P. C. THW. f. and c. 4h 57m; Sp. rise 16ft 6in; N. rise gst 6in. _W. prev. SW. to W.; most dangerous SE. to E. Ry. G.W. Tr.--1. Wheat, barley, maize, guano, nitrate of soda, manures, coals, timber, grain, flour, bricks, slates, &c. ; E. Granite, paper, hemp and wire rope, copper ore, china-clay and stone, timber, granite, pilchards, fire-bricks, &c. LV. Borderer, 4,740 tons. The outer harb. is a capacious and secure anchorage. Vessels of the heaviest drast can enter at all times of tide. The tidal harb. is formed by two piers or breakwaters, the entrance is i, cooft wide between the pier heads. The E. breakwater is goost long, and has 23st at LWST. along its wharves, and 18ft on the W. side of the tidal harb. Area of tidal harb. 42 acres, with 2,000ft lin. of quayage space. Falmouth Docks include two graving docks owned by the Falmouth Dock Company, with iron and wood shipbuilding and repairing yards, and extensive warehouses for storage of goods. Cranes to list i to 5 tons, and a large one to lift 40 tons.

Charges.--Anchorage dues fd. per ton reg., payable twice only in each year. Windbound vessels exempt. Graving Docks, &c. :-

H. and T. Name.


Length, Width. Depth of


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Pilotage.- District. From the Dodman to the Lizard, and vice versa. Rates :

8ft and under.

8 to

uft. 12ft. 13ft. 14ft. 15ft. 16ft. 17ft. 18ft. 19ft. 2oft. 21st. 22ft. 23st. roft.


s. d. s. d.'s. d. Is. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. 's. d.

S. d.
A 30 035 0.40 0 45 0 50 0 55 o 60 o 70 o 80 o 90 o 100

S. S. S S 120 130 140 150

B 20 0 21 0 25 0 30 0 33 0 36 o 40 o 46 o 53 o 60 o

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C 10 6 13 0 15 6 18 6 20 0 22 0 24 0 26 6 29 6 33 0

[blocks in formation]

A From sea to within an imaginary line drawn from the lighthouse on St. Anthony's Point, to the Block House on Pendennis Point.

B From inside an imaginary line drawn from the Manacles to the Dodman, within an imaginary line drawn from the lighthouse on St. Anthony's Point, to the Block House on Pendennis Point,

C From inside an imaginary line drawn from the lighthouse on St. Anthony's Point, to the Block House on Pendennis Point, to Carrick Roads, Falmouth Inner Harb., St. Mawes Harb., and St. Just Pool. From Sea to Helford Harb., 2/6 foot dft. For vessels exceeding 231t, an increase for each foot or part of a foot, in the same proportion as between 22 and 23st. From Carrick Roads, and vice tersii, to Falmouth Inner Harb., St. Mawes Harb., and St. Just

Pool, 1/6 foot dst. From Carrick Roads, and vice verså, to Restronguet 2/ foot dst. From Carrick Roads, and vice verså, to Malpas, 2/6 foot dft. Outward pilotage, 2/6 foot dst. The several Pilotage Rites herein specified are subject to a reduction of onefourth part, in respect of vessels propelled by steam and vessels lowed by steam vessels, provided that if any such vessel shall be propelled by steam, or towed by a steam vessel for a part only of the distance for which any such rate may be payable, the reduction of one-fourth shall be made on such part only of the said rate as shall be proportionate to the distince so propelled or towed. No vessel is to be brought to an anchor outside an imaginary line drawn from the Lighthouse on St. Anthony's Point to ihe Block House on Pendennis Point, unless at the express desire of the master, of which the Pilot is to procure a certificate to entitle him to the pilotage ; and no vessel is to be brought to an anchor between an imaginary line drawn from the Lighthouse on St. Anthony's Point to the Block House on Pendennis Point, and an imaginary line drawn from the Block House on Pendennis Point to Carrick North Point, or between the buoys of the Narrows, unless under circumstances of unavoidable necessity. Pilots kept on board vessels under way outside the harbour, shall be entitled to the following scale of pay, viz:Not exceeding 6 hours

ko 10

6 and not ex. 24 24

30 30

48 48

54 54


6 I

O I TI 6 2 2 O 2 12 6 3 3 0

And so on in like proportion for such service; and pilots remaining on board vessels at anchor within the harb., when requested by the master thereof so to do, or detained on board of vessels performing quarantine, shall receive the same rate of pay for such detention. N.B.—No allowance for a pilot going on board a ship in the harb). to take her out, except in extremely bad weather, or when ships are on shore, or making signal of distress, in which cases a reasonable compensation is to be made.

Towage.-Inward or outward. 5/ for every 50 tons up to 1,000 tons, and 10/ for every 100 tons above 1,000 tons. Transporting in the harbour, docking or undocking, three-fourths of above-mentioned rates. Assisting to moor after first anchor is dropped £1, if the tug has not earned inward towage. If paid by time the rate is £2 per hour under ordinary circumstances.

Officials.-Clerk to Harb. Commrs., W. J. Genn; Harb. Master, R. Sherris; Dock Sec. and Supt., F. J. Bowles ; Acting Dock Master, J. Tallack.

Hotels.--"Falmouth,” “ Royal,” “Greenbank,” &c. FAREHAM, Hants. A creek of Portsmouth, taking vessels of

up to 300 tons. D, HWST. 12ft, HWNT. gst. Official.--Coll. of Dues, R. Pye. FAVERSHAM, Kent. On the Swale, about 2 iniles from the

entrance to this river. Lat. 51° 20' N ; long. 0° 53' E. Pop. 13,290. THW. f. and c. oh zom. Auth. Favers. ham Nav. Com. by Act of Parliament, 5 Vict., c. 42. P. NC. Harb. dry at LW. Sp. average from 12 to 12ft; N. 8 to gst. W. prev. The harb. is protected from all winds. Ry. L.C. & D. Tr. -1. Timber, coal, iron, &c. ; E. Grain, hops, cement, and wool. LV. 210 reg. tons.

Charges.--Harb. dues, loaded vessels above 10 reg. tons 5d ton in wards and outwards ; under 10 tons 3d ton. Coals 6d ton, No ducs on other cargoes.

Towage. Loaded 3}d, light 2}d ton. Minimum 131.
Officials.-Harb. Master, T. M. Attwater.
FELIXTOWE (see Harwich). Entrance 140ft wide. Length

of South Quay about boost. Several steam cranes.
FELLING.--See Newcasile-on-Tyne.
FETHARD, Co. Wexford. Lat. 52° 5' N ; long. 6° 50' W. A

fishing village near the mouth of the river Suir. FINDHORN, Elgin, Scotland. 3 miles N. of Forres. Lat.

57° 40' N ; long. 3° 55' W. D. HWST. 12ft. Herring fishery and small trade in corn. D. Dry at LW. THW. f. and c. uh 59m.

Official.-Harb. Master, G. Ross.
FINDOCHTY, Banffshire, Scotland. Lat. 57° 42' N ; long.

2° 55' W. Dry at LW. The fishermen of this place having subscribed £3,000 towards the formation of a harb., the Fishery Board have supplemented this amount, and constructed Harb. Works. THW. I. and c. 'oh 25m. D. at HWST. 12ft. Neaps gst.

Charges.-30 per ton reg:
Official.-Harb. Master, J. Heard.
FISHERROW.-See Musselborough.
FISHGUARD, Pembrokeshire. Lat. 51° 55' N ; long. 4° 57' W.

No harb. authority. Nearest Ry., Haversord West, on G.W.R. Pop. about 1,700. THW. f. and c. 6h 56m. A lifeboat station. Invaded by the French in 1797, who landed and were taken prisoners by the inhabitants the same day. D. HWST 15ft, and HWNT 8ft at pier head. LWST. all dry, and LWNT. 3st at pier head. Quays gooft. Steamer to Bristol every 14 day.

Charges.-3d per ton ; culm and limestone id; vessels windbound 1d per ton; ballast 6d per ton.

Official.-Harb. Master, W. G. Evans, Lifeboat Station. FLADDA or PHLADDA HARBOUR, Isle of Skye.

Lat. 57° 34' N; long. 5° 57' W. A safe anchorage in 10 to 4 fms.

FLEET BAY, Wigtonshire. Lat. 54° 48' N ; long. 4° 15' W. Harb. has D. 14ft HWST. THW. f. and c. 11h 30m. FLEETWOOD, Lancashire. On the river Wyre, near its en

trance into Lancaster Bay. Lat. 53° 55' N ; long. 3° O' 20" W. Pop. 6,733. Auth. I.. & Y. Ry. Co. and L. & N.W. Ry. (vintly the P. & W. Ry. Co.), under Statute 12 and 13 Vict., c. 74. P. NC. THW. uh 24m; Sp. rise 27ft ; N. rise 20}st. D. on bar 353ft at HWOST.; 28! HWONT. Rys. P. & W. (L. & N. W. and L. & Y.). Tr.-I. Grain, cotton, timber, iron ore, esparto fibre, fish, cattle, &c. ; E. Coal, coke, and general merchandise. LV. Holt Hill, 2,441 tons reg. En, to docks is through a channel with a depth of 25ft OST. Entrance lock 250ft long, 50ft wide, depth on sill 25ft OST., 18ft ONT. Dock 1,00oft long, 4ooft wide; area 10 acres. Timber yard area 15 acres. Quayage space about 5,5oost. Total shed area 158,000 sq yds. One 50 ton, three 6 ton, three 4 ton, six 2 ton cranes ; three coal tips. Goods warehouses, cattle she is, &c. Patent grain elevator, 300ft long by goft wide and 140ft high. Storage capacity 30,000 tons, and every accommodation for shipping. Patent lifting dock. New gridiroí 310ft by 5oft. D. HWS P. 15ft. IIWNT. Sh 6m. Sheltered from all winds and run of tides.

Charges.-Harb. dues, foreign 3d ton voyage, Wyre light dues 3d ion voyage. Coasting id ton voyage, Wyre light dues id ion each voyage for three voyages ; Walney light dues 3d ton per year. Dock rates from ind to iod. Charges for labour. Passenger tolls. Wharfage. Providing boats 10/.

Pilotage.- District. From sea (that is, Morecambe Bay Light. ship) into and out of the harb. and along the coast from Formby Point to Haverigg Point of Dudden. Rates on vessels employed in the oversea trade :

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On vessels employed in the coasting trade one half of these rates. Additional rate, for intermediate portions of a foot dst., as follows, viz. :-For 3 inches and under, no addition ; for more ihan 3 inches and under 9 inches, the medium between the two rates ; for 9 inches and upwards, the rate for the next fooi. For transporting ships from one berth to another within the harb. 10/6. If a master retain or employ a pilot whilst at anchor, the lay days to be 7/6 per day. All coasting steam vessels making more ihan one voyage per week pay half these rates.

Towage.-Coasting vessels to and from harb. to Screw Light 3d ton, minimum £ 2 28. Foreign vessels, Fleetwood harb. to and from Danger Patch 3d ton, minimum 53 35. ; Fleetwood harb. to and from Screw Light £3 35. Beyond Danger Patch Buoy, or beyond North-west Buoy at rate of £3 35 hour. Towing from sea and docking same tide 3d ton. Assisting to dock ship towed by other than harb. tug ijd ton.

Officials.-Sec. and Harb. Master, Thomas H. Carr; Marine Supt., Capt. Jackson ; Dock Agent, J. N. Clarkson. FLINT DOCK, Flintshire, Wales (see Chester). Lat. 53° 15' N;

long. 3° 9' W. Situated on the estuary of

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