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HAMOAZE. - See Plymouth.
HARRINGTON, Cumberland. Lat. 54° 37' N ; long. 3° 34' W.

A small port 5 miles N. of Whitehaven. A station on the Whitehaven & Penrith Ry. Auth. The Harbour Board. Accn. Area of inner Harbour 25 acres; quayage, 1250 ft. Dry at LW., 17st HW'ST. Used by vessels of up to 800 tons, entering at S. tides. THW. I. and c. ITh 15m. Crane power to 10 tons.

Charges.-60 per reg. ton.
Official.-Harb. Master, James Douglas.
Hotel.—“ Station."
HARTLAND. Devonshire. Lat. 51° 2' N; long. 4° 30' W.

A small harb., dry at LW., accommodating one vessel of 75 tons. Owned by Sir G. Stuckley, Bart., of Moreton, Bideford. Dry at LW, 18st HWST. THW. f. and c. 5h 56m. HARTLEPOOL, West, and HARTLEPOOL, Durham. Lat.

41' N; long. 1° 11' W. Pop. 54,000. Auth. All the inner harb, and dock works in the Port of Hartlepool belong to the N. E. Ry. Co. The outer harb. is under the jurisdiction of the Harb. Comm. D. at entrance to harb. about 12st OST. THW. 3h 28m ; Sp. rise 16f1; N. rise 12st. W. prev. are W., but the most dangerous are from N. to E. Ry. N. E. Tr.-I. Cattle, timber, grain, general. LV. at any time of tide, sailing 1,996 tons, steamer 2,424 tons ; LV. at LWST., 1,556 tons. Accn. :


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17ft бin

30 tons'


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Central Dock.... 1,100ft x 61cft 13 acres

6oft 2,000ft


22{t North Basin 5+0ft x 240ft 3

buft 1,300ft


22ft South 450ft x 220ft


21ft in
There are two powerful sheer legs, lifting 8oions each, and one


also several cranes lifting 30 cwi. Union Dock 88oft x 490ft 8 acres boft 1,600ft 260

22ft Timber 76oft x 150ft

5oft | 1,90oft

21 ft

17ft Jackson gooft x 535ft 13 6ost 2,680't

§ 21st bin

171t hin

(to 2oft to 22ft Steam cranes of various powers up to 15 tons. Coal Dock 8o5ft x 383ft

soft 2,270ft 2,050ft x 42oft | 19

21 ft 6in 17ft 6in There are 17 staiths, each 100 to 200 tons. Cranes of various powers,

from 2 to io tons. Swanson Dock ... 78oft x főoft| 9 acres 1 | 1,85oft | 21st 6in1 17ft 6in

Cranes from 1 to 3 tons' power. Fleet of powerful tugs, owned by Dock Co.

At the various quays vessels can load and discharge at all times of the tide. Very extensive warehouses and every accn. cf a first-class port. Graving Docks, &c. :

8 acres

Victoria ..


H. T.



Length Breadth.

Sp.' N.

'W. Gray & Sons.

R. Irvine & Co.
N.E. Ry. (Public)


Dry Dock

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Charges.-Dock and harb. rates vary from 2d to 1/ per ton. Tolls on cattle, wood, and other goods Id per tn. Police, hospital, liseboat, and ballast 1/- per ton. Wharfage. Harbourage.

Pilotage. -District. The Bay of Harilepool, inside an imaginary line drawn from Black Hall Rocks, about three miles north of Hartlepool, to a point about two miles south of the mouth of the river Tees. Rates, per foot. For every British ship or other vessel piloted and conducted within the Hartlepool Pilotage District 1/6, except coasting vessels and vessels trading between the Elbe and Brest, both inclusive, which srom April I to October 1, pay at the rate of 13. The Commrs. may charge vessels above 400 tons reg. jd ton on such excess of reg. ton, over and above that number of tons both inwards and outwards, but this excess does not apply to vessels simply changing ports within the district. Vessels moving from harb. to docks or vice versá, not ex. 50 tons 2/6; ex. 50 and not ex. 200, 51; ex. 200 and not ex. 400, 7/6 ; ex. 400, 10/. From and to each harb. within the port of Hartlepool :--When any vessel requires to change harbours in the port, the pilotage dues from and alter April i to October 1, both inclusive, out of Hartlepool docks or harb. at the rate of 7d foot, and into West Hartlepool docks or harb. the same rate ; from and alter October 1 to Aprili in the following year, both inclusive, out of Hartlepool docks or harb. 9d foot; into West Hartlepool Docks or harb. the same rate, and these dues are payable by vessels changing from the docks or harb. of West Hartlepool to ihe docks or harb. of Hartlepool.

Towage.—(East or West). id per ton. Officials.-Man. for N.E. Ry. Co., John Bland ; Colls., J Taylor and J. Sanderson ; Goods Agents, C. Learman and J. Porriti; Dock Masters, Capt. W. Watson and John Marshall; Staith and Ballast Master, G. Hodgson ; Coll. of HI. M. Cust., W. R. Staveley. HARTLEY, Northumberland. Four miles N. of N Shields.

Ry. Blythe & Tyne. Harb. capable of accommodating vessels of 200 to 300 tons, but not now used. HARWICH, Essex. At the SE. extremity of the estuary of the

river Stour. Lat. 51° 56' N ; long. 1° 17' E. Pop. 7,842. Auth. Harlour Conservancy Board. Owners of quays and piers, G.E. Ry. Co. P. NC. THW. 12h. 6m; Sp. rise Inst; N. rise ost; D. There is no bar; the depth of LW, at harb. entrance is variable, but vessels of 16ft draught enter at LW. W. prev. E. to SE. in winter; SW. to NW. in summer. Ry. G.E. Tr.-I. Coal, timber, grain, eggs, butter, cheese, fruit, vegetables, cattle, horses, and every description of general merchandise ; E. Cement, stone, general goods, and horses. LV. The harb. is used by vessels from all parts of the world. Accn. The harb. is formed by the broad estuaries of the Orwell and the Stour. The entrance is between ast one breakwater which runs about 1,50ost out, and a groyne and wooden breakwater at Landguard Point, on the Suffolk shore. Depth of water in harb. 3oit LWST., 27ft NT. Parkeston Quay, erected by the G.E. Ry. Co., is a free quay within the port of Harwich. By discharging at this quay vessels altogether escape the payment of any dock landing or quay dues. The quay • is 1,8ooft long, with a depth of water at LT. of 16ft, and HT. 27st 6in. It can be approached at all times. Daily (Sundays excepted) passenger and goods service to and from Antwerp and Rotterdain by G.E. Ry. Co.'s fast steamers, bi-weekly ditto to Hamburg by G.S.N. Co.'s steamers, also bi-weekly to and from Esbjerg, Den.

mark, by steamers of the United S.S. Co. of Copenhagen. Railway trucks run alongside berths. Berthage space for seven steamers, well fitted with hydraulic cranes,.capstans, and machinery of the most approved modern type. Extensive warehouse and cattle acen. The quay, &c., is lighted by electric light. Large hote! on quay. There is a patent slip (Vaux's) 140st long, 35ft wide, with 12it at OST, and gst at NT. At the entrance of the harb., just opposite Harwich, is the Felixstowe dock with a depth of 23st at LW. Loading and discharging are done by steam cranes of from 1} 10 6 tons. No dock dues beyond the Harwich harb. dues.

Charges.—Harb. dues Id per ton, on all steamers and vessels (but vessels making 10 payments, and steamers making 20 payments per annuin are afterwards exempt) and on all other vessels, and cargo vessels, not being steamers in ballast jd per ton. Quay dues.

Pilotage.--District. To and from the Wallet, Hoseley Bay, or the Sunk Light, into and out of Harwich Harb., and up the river Stour to Manningtree, and vice versa. Rates. From sea or Orfordness to Harwich Harb., under soft 42, 10 to 13ft 63', 13ft and upwards 84/; from the Rolling Grounds to Harwich Harb., under roft 21/, 10 to 13ft 31 6, 13ft and upwards 42/; from Harwich Harb. to sea or Orfordness, under roft 31 6, 10 to 13ft 42/; 13st and upwards 63/ ; from Harwich Harb. to the Rolling Grounds, two. thirds of the above. For the river Stour :-From an imaginary straight line, drawn from Shotley Point Martello Tower to the tall chinney of the Harwich Cement Works, to Wrabness, and vice versi 1/3 per keel ; from Wrabness to Mistley and back, inclusive, 3/ per keel; from Mistley to Manningtree, and vice vers 1/ per keel.

Towage.-As per agreement.

Officials.-Gen. Man. G.E. Ry., W. Birt ; Continental Traffic Man., F. Gooday ; Clerk to Harb. Board, R. S. Barnes ; Harb. Master, W. Murray ; Marine Supt. G. E. Ry., D. Howard ; Coll. and Surv. H.M. Cust., G. W. Carr.

Hotels.-"Great Eastern,” “Three Cups," “Pier,” and " White Hawk. HASTINGS, Sussex. An Act to construct a harbour at

Hastings, passed third reading on June 9th, 1890. HAVERFORD WEŠT, on the Cleddy, near Milford. D.

HWST. 10lt, N. 411. HAUXLEY, Northumberland. Lat. 55° 19'N ; long. 1° 35' W.

No harb. auth. Dry LW. THW. f. and c. 3h 5m. HAYLE, Cornwall. Lat. 50° 11' 30" X ; long. 5° 26 W ; 3 miles

SE. of St. Ives. Auth. Owners, Messrs. Harvey & Co., of Hayle. THW. f. and c. 4h 58m, same as Cork. W,

D, Dry at LW. Depth of water alongside quay same as on old duck sill at Liverpool. Accn. Length of quays about mile.

to lift 30 tons. Steam for discharging coal. There is a gridiron for ships 150ft x 40ft. There is also a shipbuilding yard, and a factory where engines of the largest class are constructed and repaired. A lifeloat station. Ry: The G.W. main line passes through the town with branches to

prev. W.


Steam power


the quays.

Charges.-Harb. dues, 1/6; buoyage, 3/ each vessel ; no tonnage dues.


Pilotage.-- Foreign : Less than toft, 21 per foot ; 10 to rast, 2/6; 12 to 14st, 3/; 14 to 16ft, 3/6 ; 16 and upwards 4/. Coasting: Under 100 .ons 5/ per vessel, above 100 tons « per ton. If towed one-fourth less. There is a tug-boat, The North Star.

Officials.--Harb. Master, John Symons; Coll. Henry Thomas, Harb. Office. Hotel.-" White Hart," proprietor, Henry Carah. HEACHAM, a creek of King's Lynn, in the Wash. HEBRIDES, or Western Islands, W. coast Scotland. Lat.

between 55° 20' and 58° 30' N ; long. between 5 o' and so o' W. The extent of the group. (comprising about 300 islands) covers an area of about 180 miles by 30. •Principal islands are Lewis and the small adjacent islands belonging to Rossshire. Harris (S. part of Lewis) N & S Vist, Benbecula, Skye, Barra, Eig, and the small adjacent i lands belonging to Invernesshire. Rum, Muck, Canna, Tiree, Mull, Lismore, Staffa, Luing, Scarba, Colonsay, Oransay, Jura, Isla, Gigha, Cara. &c., belonging to the Co. of Argyle. Bute, Arran, Cumbraes, Inchmarnock, and the Islands lying within the Frith of Clyde, belonging to Buteshire. Total area about 3 000 square miles. Population about 100,000. HEDON HAVEN, Yo'kshire. A small Harb. the

Humber, 4 miles below Hull. Auth. Commissioners, by statute 20th May, 1774. W. prev. SW. Used by vessels of up to 100 tons. Official.-Clerk. James Watsor, HELEN, ST.--See St. Helen. HELFORD RIVER, Cornwall. About i mile from the sea.

The river discharges into a haven deep enough for vessels of 200 tons- and about a mile wide.

HELIERS, ST., Jersey.-See Channel Islands. HELMSDALE, Sutherland, Scotland. Lat. 58° 6' N ; long.

3° 39' W. Auth. Harb. trustees, under new provisional order. Accn. For vessels up to 145 tons. D. 2 st LW. THW. at f. and c. th 32m. W. prev. W. to SW., dangerous SE, to SW.

Officials.-Chairman, D. McLean ; Clerk and Treasurer, J. Hill. HERM ISLAND, a small Island in the Channel Island Group,

opposite Guernsey. HERNE BAY, Kent, an open beach and watering place. HESKETH BANK, a creek of Fleetwood. HIGHBRIDGE. - See Bridgwater. HOLLAND, a creek of Harwich. HOLLAND, NEW, Lincolnshire. Opposite Hull. See Grimshy. HOLLESLEY, Suffolk, near Orfordness. THW, at f. and c. HOLM, Orkneys, Auth. Commrs. of Piers and Harbours in

the Co. of Orkney, under Act, 1872. W. prev. and most dangerous SE. and SW. Accn. Stone pier 3,00olt ; 2st gin LWST., 12ft gin HWST., 4ft gin LWNT., 1oft gin HWNT.

Official. -Clerk, J. Macrae, Kirkwall.
HOLYHEAD, N. Wales. Lat. 53° 18' 14" N ; long. 4° 37' 1" W.

Pop. 8,500. Auth. Board of Trade (Inner Port of Old Harb., L. & N.W. Ry. Co.) P. C. THW. roh im; Sp. rise 16ft; N. rise 12}ft. D. at entrance at LWM., New Harb. 9 fathoms, in Old Harb. 17ft. W. SW. most prev., NE. most dangerous, as the harb. is least protected at these points. Ry. L. &

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NW. Tr.-An important mail port and general E. and I. LV. Great Eastern and Channel Squadron. Accn. There are harbs., Inner and Outer (667 acres); 1,ooost of quayage, with depths from roft to 29ft HWOST. Cranage and other accn. Graving Dock 307ft long by 62st wide at entrance ; 70ft across at top, and 45ft at bottom, 12ft deep on blocks at HWST, and 14ft over ail. Gridiron 350st long by soft wide ; dry at LW. A large beaching ground. This ground is not so good as it was ; the shingle is being washed away.

Charges.-Dues in Old Harb. }d per ton ; New Harb. 2d per ton. Coasters £d per ton ; wind bound, no charge.

Pilotage.- District. To and from the anchorages at Great Orme’s Head, along the coast of the Isle of Anglesea and Wales, as far as Bardsey Island, except the bar and harb. of Caernarvon, and the Swellies. Rates (inwards and outwards) :Vessels not ex. 50 reg. tons

co 7 50 and not ex. 100 tons.



1,000 1,000 7s for each 100 tons. For removing a vessel from one harb. to the other, or for shilling the berth of a vessel in either harb. when not originally brought in from sea by a pilot, the above rates are charged. For shifting the berth of a vessel in either harb. when brought in from sea by a pilot 7/6. All ships and vessels under any circumstances of distress pay the pilot a further sum calculated according to the extent, circumstances, &c., of distress. A pilot taken on board a vessel at the distance of three leagues or further to the southward and westward of Holyhead is entitled to the following additional pay :On having a Liverpool pilot on board, off Point Lynas, and lan ling the Holyhead pilot there 63/ ; on landing the pilot at the Great Orme's Ilead 84/; is the limits of his licence to Chester Water, or to Liverpool, 105/. With the sum of 76 day for every day such pilot may be detained on board. Pilots boarding ships and vessels at a less distance than three leagues from he Head receive 106 less for pilotage than the above rates.

Officials. - Harb. Master, Admiral J. F. C. Mackenzie ; Assist. Master, H. Thomas.

HOLY ISLAND.-See Whitby. THW. at f. and c. 2h 30m. HOLY LOCH, a creek under port of Greenock. Same charges. HOPEMAN, Elginshire, a creek of Inverness. A fishing port.

D. HWS. ult, HWN. 8ft. Charges.--Harb. dues, 4d per ton. Official.--Harb. Master, J. Taylor. HOWTH, Co. Dublin, Ireland. Lat. 53° 23' 25' N ; long.

6° 4' W. Ry. Dublin and Drogheda. Auth. Commrs. of Public Works in Ireland, under Act 6 and 7 William IV., c. 35, s. 40. THW. f. and c. uh gm. Accn. Area at HW. 65 acres, at LW. 30 acres. D. at entrance 6 to gst LWST. Not accommodating vessels of above 500 tors, owing to silting up.

Official.-The Sec., Board of Public Works, Dublin.

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