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pond accn. 38a 2r 36p. Other storage accn. With a view of developing the importation of grain and seed from America, India, and the colonies, the Company have constructed a despatch shed, covering nearly an acre of quay space on the S. side of the Albert Dock, with railway lines through and outside the same, and provided with movable hydraulic cranes capable of working with great rapidity. Quay and shed space :-Extensive quay accn. exists at each dock, and numerous sheds. Guano warehouses :

No. 1, Victoria Dock, 5,321 ; No. 30, ditto, 3,375; No. 31, dinto, 17,912; No. 32, ditto, 10,500 tons-total, 37,108 tons.

Foreign cattle depôts:-Accn. for general storage of goods, 15,000 tons. Victoria Docks have accn. for 350 oxen, and 2, 300 sheer. Albert Docks have accn. for 283 oxen, and 630 sheep. Owner. Length.




tons. 2,000 1,600 1,800 2,000 2,500


ft. Bailey & Leetham


22 Earle & Co. No. 1


36 Do. 2.


37} 3.


36 Do. 4.


40 Hull av Barnsley Co.'s Alexandra Dock, on the north side of the river Humber; water space 46 acres, depth of water in dock HWST. 34}ft. Area of quays 160 acres, length of quays 2 miles. Length of entrance lock 55oft, width 85st. Depth of water on sill 34ft HWOST., 28st HWONT., 18st LWONT., 12ft LWOST. There is good anchorage in 4oft at LW. in the roadstead opposite the entrance. The lock gates are opened by hydraulic power, and ships can be passed in and out at all times with expedition. Graving docks :

Length. Width. Depth of

Water on Sill.




At Bottom

From Gates

to Head.
87 On Blocks.

80 ? At Top.

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Old Dock Co.........

ft. ft. No. 1 Grav. Dock 501 460


ft. ' ft.
50 85 61
35 100 50

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Charges.- Dock rates vary from id to 1/4} ton. Wharsage rates on all goods passing over quays. Trimming charges (coal). Buoyage, 100 tons 6/6 less 10%, every additional 10 tons, 6d less 10%. Anchorage 1/ to 216 vessel, according to size. Jettage 116 to 7/ vessel. Rates on goods.

Pilotage.--District. Into and out of the port of Kingston-uponHull and of the port of Great Grimsby, and upon any part of the river Humber below Kingston-upon-Hull, and so far out at sea as to bring the Northness of Dimlington to bear or be seen a sufficient dista:.ce clear or open of the land to the southward thereof, so as to pass clear of the New Sand ; and also along the coast northward to the Northness of Dimlington, and southward to Donna Nook. Rates per foot. From or to the distance at sea where the Northness of Dimlington bears west-south-west to the northward of Kilnsea North Cliff

, to or from Hawke Roads or Grimsby Roads 2/6, Whitebooth Roads 3/6, the port of Kingston-upon-Hull 5/; from or to the distance at sea where Kilnsea North Cliff bears westnorth-west to the north of the New Sand buoy, or the floating light vessel, at the entrance of the river Humber, to or from Hawke Roads or Grimsby Roads 1/6, Whitebooth Roads 2/6, the port of Kingston-upon-Hull 4/ ; from or to the said New Sand buoy or the floating light vessel at the entrance of the river Humber, to the eastward of the point where the Spurn High Lighthouse bears north-east to or from Hawke Roads or Grimsby Roads 11, White. booth Roads 2/, the port of Kingston-upon-Hull 3/6 ; from or to the Spurn High Lighthouse, bearing north-east to or from Hawke Roads or Grimsby Roads 1/, Whitebooth Roads 2), the port of Kingston-upon-Hull 3/6 ; from or to the Hawke Roads, the buoy of the Burcome or Grimshy Roads to or from Whitebooth Roads 1/6, the port of Kingston-upon-Hull 2/6; from or to White. booth Roads to or from the port of Kingston-upon-Hull 1/6. For a fractional part of a foot, not less than half a foot, a proportionate rate. For intermediate distances a proportionate rate. Ships and vessels in ballast pay only two-thirds of the above rates. Ships and vessels employed in the coasting trade, whether laden or in ballast, pay one-half of the above rates. Ships and vessels drawing less than 6ft pay for 6st.

Towage.-As per agreement.

Officials.- Old Dock Co., Gen. Man. and Sec., E. H. Garbett; Principal Dock Master, Capt. H. Robinson ; Supt. Wharfinger, II. Best. Hull & Barnsley Railway & Dock Co., Gen. Man., V. W. Hill ; Sec., I. Daniell; Coll. of H.M. Cust., E. P. Bishopp Smith; Lloyd's Surv., J. McNeil ; Lloyd's Engineer, Jas. Trines. The River Humber is under the jurisdiction of the Humber Conservancy. E. Wilson, Sol. Clerk. Hotels.—“ Royal Station," “ Vittoria,”

Imperial,” and George.” HYTHE, Kent. One of the Cinque Ports. The harb. is

choked up. A lifeboat station. HYTHE, Essex. River Colne. Auth. Commrs., under the

Colchester Navigation Act, 10 and 11 Vict., c. 181. Accn. A quay 1,485ft with D. zft LW. Used by vessels up to 60 tons.

Official. -Clerk, H. S. Goody, Colchester.

IKEN.-See Aldeborough.
ILFPACOMBE, Devonshire. Lat. 51° 13' N ; long. 4° 7' 30"

W. Rys. Barnstable & North Devon, L.S. W., and G.W. THW. f. and c. 6h om. Auth. Receiver of Court of Chancery, under Acts of Parliament and Prov. Order, and the Pier and Harb. Confirmation Act, 1870, No. 1. Accn. Inner harb. has area of about 6 acres, and the outer harb. an area of 4 acres. Dry at LWST. Vessels drawing soft enter at HWST., and drawing 14st HWNT. Quayage 6ooft. Also a low water jetty, 5ft LWST., much used by excursion steamers. Crane power to 3 tons. Entrance dries at LW. W. prev. SE. to SW.

Charges.--Windbound id per ton, coasting 2d, foreign ports 4d.
Pilotage.-By agreement.
Official.-Harb. Master, J. C. Dennis.
Hotels. “ Ilfracombe,

" “ Royal Britannia," “Royal,” “Clarence," &c. INCHARD LOCH, Sutherlandshire. Lat. 58° 27' N ; long.

5° 7' W. A small land-locked basin, used as an anchorage by fishing boats.

INCHYRA, a creek of Perth. D. HWST. 14ft, HWNT. 8st.
Official.-Harb. Master, J. Manby.
INNISLYRE, Co. Mayo. A deep and spacious anchorage in

Westport Harb., Clew Bay. Vessels are discharged afloat in 20ft to 22ft water. THW. r. and c. 5h 2m.

Official.-J. Read, Sec. to Westport Harb. Commrs. INVERARY, Argyllshire. Loch Fyne. Lat. 56° 40' N ; long.

5° 0' W. Nearest railway station, Dalmaly, 16 miles off. Auth. Town Council, under the Royal Charter of the Burgh. Accn. An anchorage, with a pier, used by steamers and vessels of about 70 tons. D. 16ft LW. and 24ft HWST. THW. f. and c. 12h om.

Charges.-According to tonnage.

Officials.—Town Clerk, A. Henderson ; Harb. Master, J. McVicar. INVERGORDON, Ross-shire, Scotland. Lat. 57° 43' N ; long.

4° 15' W. THW. f. and c. 11h 30m. Auth. Owner, Capt. Macleod, of Cadboll, under Act 7 Geo. IV., C 43. Accn. Tidal harb , dry at LW., formed by a pier 700ft. long, carried out into soft at LW, and 23ft at HWST. Crane power to 3 tons. Used by vessels of up to 1,400 tons. Charges.

Various, from 100 to 300 tons 4d per ton. Officials.----Factor, J. Young ; Harb. Master, A. Annandale. Hotel.-The “ Commercial.” INVERKEITHING, Fife. Lat. 56° 2' N ; long. 3° 26' W.

Auth. Town Council, under Crown Charter. Ry. N. B. Accn: 90 acres ; dries at LW., with about 9 to 1oft at HWST. Quayage about 1,00ost, land-locked. Used by sailing vessels and steamers of light draught. THW. f. and c. 2h 37m. Patent slipway. LV. Steamers of 1,000 tons built here have left the harbour light.

Charges. --According to table in charge of the harb, master. Official.—Town Clerk, H. Grigor; Harb. Master, John Clark. INVERNESS, Inverness-shire. On the Ness, about 1 mile

above its confluence with the Moray Firth and at the NE. end of the Caledonian Canal. Lat. 57° 28' N; long. 4o 13


W. Pop. 17,366. Auth. Harbour Trust, under statute 9 July, 1847, and Provisional Order 27 June, 1883. P. NC. THW... and c. at Kessock Pier, oh 18m; Sp. rise 12ft; N. rise 9}st; R. of N. 7ft. D. on bar about 6st at LWST. W. The harb. is so situated that no wind is dangerous.

Ry. H.

Tr.-I. Grain, guano, timber, tar, bones, coal, lime, iron, slates; E. Herrings, pitprops, sleepers, staves, timber, turnips, potatoes, and grain. LV. 688 tons, at LWST. 30 tons. Accn. The area of the harb., formed by the lower reach of the river Ness, is about 3 acres, and there are about 800 yards of quayage space. Depth at Old Harb. ST. rise 141t; NT. 1ost to ist; at New Quay (Thornbush) ST. 17st to 18:1; NT, rise 13ft to 14ft.

Charges.-Dues 1}d ton ; dues on ballast 2 ton.

Pilotage.- District. One section is licensed for the extent of the jurisdiction of the port authorities. Rates. Vessels under 50 tons 4/ in, and the same out, and id ton additional for every ton over 50 tons.

Towage.—2/6 per horse from sea to Thornbush; and it stopped at Thornbush for one tide, then from Thornbush to Old Harbour 2/6 per horse.

Direct from sea to Old Harbour 3/ per horse. Officials.-Clerks to Trust, A. P. and R. Hay, Solicitors ; Ry. Man., A. Dougall ; Harb. Mast., Capt. W. Morrison ; Coll. of Harb. Dues, G. Munro ; Coll. of H.M. Cust., S. Massy. IPSWICH, Suffolk. On the Orwell, about II miles from the

Lat. 53° 35' N ; long. 0° 4' E. Pop. 57,000. Auth. Dock Commission, under Statutes 45 Geo. III., c. 101, I Vic.. c. 74, 15 Vic., c. 116, and 40 and 41 Vic., c. 216, P. N.C. THW. f. and c. ch 35m ; Sp. rise 13}ft at Ipswich Dock. D. Between the entrance lock and Pin Mill Reach there is a depth of water in the river channel of 213ft at OST and 181st at ONT. In Pin Mill Reach there are iron screw moorings and buoys for lightening with 22ft at LWST. W. prev. SW. to W.; no wind can be considered actually dangerous within the port limits. Ry. G.E. Tr.-I. Grain, cheese, timber, seeds, coal, wines and spirits; E. Iron, machinery, phosphates, agricultural implements, grain, patent manures, bricks, oil, roots, &c. LV. Harvestoe, 1,372 reg. ton. Accn. The area of the port is the whole of the estuary of the river Orwell above an imaginary line drawn between Shotley Point and Fagborough Cliff (the limits of the jurisdiction of the Harwich Harb. Conservancy Board), including therein a large floating dock. The area of the dock, which is approached by an entrance lock 300st long, goft wide, is about 294 acres. Depth on sill at mean HWST. 231st, NT. 20 st. Warehouse accn. and every facility. The dock takes vessels of 172st dft. Within the floating dock there are 1,150yds of walled public quay, 300yds of the same unwalled, and with earth slope, 400yds' of the Commissioners' and private quays, and 300yds of the Commissioners' ballast quay. On The E. bank of the river there is a timber quay. Outside the dock there are 1,0joyds of walled tidal quay, used by vessels up to about 200 tons burthen, and 1,500yds of dwarf tidal quay on the frontages of roadways not used for trade. There are also tidal quays at Bournebridge Creek, at Pin Mill, Chelmondiston, and at Levington Creek. For ships and boats the present depth of the channel at Mulberry Middle, Downham Reach, is 224ft and in Cliff Reach 21fft at HWST. The depth of the dock over 15 acres at HWST.

level varies from 17}st to 21st. Crane power to 25 tons. Slips, &c. :

Depth | Height of sides

Length, Width.


on Sill,


ft. 6 5 4


ft. ft. Gridiron

Orvis & Fuller Patent Slip Bayley

30 Ditto. Orvis & Fuller


(Carriage can be lengthened to 140ft.) Charges.-Import and export rates on goods. Wharfage 2d ton on customary dead weight.

Pilotage.--District. From Ipswich quays to Harwich Harb. and vice versa. Rates per foot. From the dock entrance to Downham Reach, or vice versâ, for every sloop or vessel with one mast 1/; for every other vessel with two or more masts 1/3; from Downham Reach to Levington Creek, or vice versi, for every ship or vessel 6d; from Levington Creek to Harwich Harb., or vice versa, for every ship or vessel 6d ; for every vessel coming inwards from Harwich Harb. to Downham Reach 1/ ; for every vessel outward bound from Downham Reach to Harwich Harb. 1). Towage.-Small vessels :From Ipswich to




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Officials.---Clerks to the Dock Com., Messrs. Long & Casley; Engineer, Thos. Miller; Harb. and Dock Master, E. Garwood ; Coll. of Rates, E. H. Drummond ; Assist. Coll., F. Page ; Dock Traffic Supt., E. Hughes; Supt. of H. M. Cust., T. Hedges ; Lloyd's Surv., E. Robertson.

Hotels. Great White Horse," “Golden Lion," “ Crown and Anchor," &c. IRVINE, Ayrshire. On the coast, between Troon and Ardros

Lat. 53° 37' N; long. 4° 41' W. Pop. 8 520. Auth. Harbour Trust, under Irvine Harb. Act, 1873. P. NC. THW, f. and c. uh som; Sp. rise roft ; N. rise 8st. D. on



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