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Charges.-Anchorage : vessels under 50 tons, 2/2; 100 tons, 2/8} ; 150 tons, 3/3; 200 tons, 4/4 ; over 200 tons, 5/5. Quayage, per ton itd. Coals 3}d. per ton.

Official.-Harb. Master, Hugh Finlay.
Hotel.-" Bangor Arms."
KILLYLEAGĂ, Strangford Lough, Ireland. Auth. The Earl

of Duftcrin. Accn. A quay dry at LW., and 10 to 15 st HW. KILMAKILLOGE, Kenmare Bay, Co. Kerry. Lat. 51° 48' N ;

long. 9° 51' W. Good anchorage in deep water. KILMORE, Co. Wexford, Ireland, near the Saltees Blanc1,

small harbour formed by a pier and a breakwater now in course of construction by the Irish Board of Works. KILORGLIN, near Valentia, Ireland. Lat. 51° 56' N long.

10° 19' 16" W. Auth. The Grand Jury of Co. Kerry. A tidal pier, protected by a mud-bank. KILRUSH, Co. Clare, Ireland. Lat. 52° 38' N ; long. 9° 30' W.

On the Shannon. Auth. The Kilrush Town Commrs. Accn. Harb. is formed by a pier, and is sheltered from all winds but W. D. at pierhead 8st LW. Used by vessels of up to 200 tons. KINCARDINE, Perthshire, Scot. Lat. 56° 5' N long.

3° 45' W. Auth. Owner, Lady Wm. Osborne Elphinstone. Accn. Ilarb. formed hy a pier 115 yards long. D. Dry at LW., 18st HWST., and 12ft HWNT. THW. f. and c. 3h om. W. prev. NE. and SW., and most dangerous S.

Official. -Agent, Charles Brown. Harb. Master, J. Thompson. KINGHOLM-ON-NITH, a sub-port of Dumsries. Harb.

Master, G. Little. KINGHORN, Fifeshire. Lat. 56° 5' N; long. 3° 12' W. A

small harb. belonging to the N.B. Ry. Co. Official.-Gen. Manager, J. Walker, Edinburgh. KINGSBRIDGE, Devon, 32 miles SW. of Exeter. D.

HWST. 14ít, HWNT. gst. Charges same as Salcombe.

KINGSTON (Elgin). -See Garmouth.
KINGSTON, Sussex.-See Shoreham.
KINGSTOWN.-See Dublin, THW. f. and c. uh 12m.
KINSALE (see Bandon Quay), Co. Cork. Lat. 51° 36' N ; long.

8° 31' 38" W. Situaied at the mouth of the Bandon. Ry. Terminus of Cork, Bandon & Kinsale Ry. Auth. Harb. Commrs., under Prov. Orders, 1870 and 1874. Accn. Harb. is formed by nature, and improved by the construction of a new pier

D. at quays 8fft at HW., at bar 13ft at LW., and inside harb. to 5 fms. Vessels can now get alongside quay at all times. Cranes nil.

Charges.--id per ton on rez. tonnage.

Officials.--Sec., M. Hegarty, Esq. ; Harb. Master, James Coleman ; Coll., J. Calgan. Hotels.—“Kinsale Arms,” “Commercial," and

Army and Navy."

KÍPFORD.-See Barlochan.

and quay.

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KIRBY IRELETH. - See Ireleth.
KIRKCALDY, Fifeshire, in the Firth of Forth. Lat 56° 7' N;

long. 3° 10' W. Pop. 25,000. Auth. Harb. Comraissioners, under Act 12 and 13 Vict., c. 13, and Harb. Act, 1876. P. NC. D. on bar, dry at LW. In outer harb. ST. 16}ft; NT. 113ft. W. prev. NW. to SW.; most dangerous ENE. to ESE. Ry. N B. Tr.-I. Chiefly fax, timber, guano, corn, cork shavings, &c.; E. Manufactured goods, coal, grain, potatoes, and linoleum. LV. 2,040 tons (this vessel did not load at port). The harb., formed by an East pier and middle and West quay, has an area of 5 acres, including a dock, with an entrance zist wide, the outer entrance is 64ft wide, facing SSW., the entrance basin is 3ift wide. Total quayage space inside the harh. is about 1,300ft. The harb. is dry at LW., and has an average depth of 16ft at HWST. Good berthage from that depth to host over a bottom of muddy sand. The dock has 2st less water than the outer harbour. Extensive grain warehouses, &c., cra nage, sheer legs for lifting boilers, and other facilities. Regular communication with London once a week. A new harbour is being constructed about 1 miles SW. of Kircalcy.

Charges.---Harbour dues, coastwise 3d ton in harbour and 4d ton in dock. Foreign 6d in harb., and 8d in dock.

Pilotage.--District. From harb. to roadstead. NC. out. wards. Rates. Inwards, I foot, and 2/6 for boat attendance. Outwards as per agreement.

Towage. --As per agreement.

Officials. ---Clerk to Commrs., W. M. Dow; Harb. Master, Capt. A. Henderson; Coll. of H.M. Cust., G. Pearson.

Hotels.-“Harbour Lead,' National," and “George." KIRKCUDBRIGHT, Kirh cudbrightshire. Lat. 54° 48'_N;

long. 4° 5' W. On the River Dee. Auth. Town Council, under Act 16 and 17 Vict., c. 93, s. 12 ; and a Schedule of Rates, approved by Board of Trade, February 22, 1854. Accn. A small harb. D. 2st LW. Used by coasters. THW. f. and c. ih iom.

Official.-John Gibson, Town Clerk.
KIRKWALL, Orkneys. Lat. 58° 59' 10" N ; long. 2° 57' 30" W.

Pop. 4,100. Auth. Orkney Harb. Commrs., under the Orkney Harbs. Act., 1887. P. NC. THW. ioh gin; Sp. rise rost; N. rise 71st. W. prev. from SW. to W.; most dangerous NE. Accn. The harb. is a small natural bay, sheltered from the northward by a pier, extending about 373yds from the shore, with a return head of 33yds pointing to the NW. There are warehouses, and the piers have 22ft at HWST. and 12ft LWST. There are also cranes to 3 tons' power, and other accommodation.

Charges. -Harb. dues according to size 15d to 60 ton. Harb. lights 1/ for every vessel above 20 tons reg. Mooring anchors 1/ for every vessel making fast.

Towage.--As per agreement.

Officials. ---Clerk to Commrs., D. J. Robertson ; Harb. Master, R. Heddle; Asst. Harb. Master, J. T. Irvine; Cust. Officer, W. Duffus.

Hotel. -" The Kirkwall," Wm. Dunnet.
KITCHEN COVE, Bantry Bay, Co. Cork. Lat. 51° 43' N;

long. 9° 35' W. This is fair shelter íur crast drawing up to 13ft.

KYLEAKIN, Inverness-shire. Lat. 57° 16' 39" N ; long.

5° 44' 28" W. Auth. Owner, Lord Macdonald. Accn. A pier, dry at LW. ; the basin has 15ft at LW. THW. f. and c. 6h 16m.

Official.-Factor, A. Macdonald.
KYLE RHEA, Inverness-shire. Lat. 57° 17' N ; long. 5° 40'W.

Thư:e is a good pier at this place.
LAMBAY ISLAND HARBOUR, Co. Dublin, Ireland. Lat.

53° 30' N; long. 6° 0' W. LAMLASH, Arran Island, Hebrides. Lat. 55° 31' N; long.

5° 4' W. A good archorage and excellent harb., but landing difficult at LW. There is a small pier at this place. LANCASTER, Lancashire, 5 miles above Glasson Dock, on the

river Lune, 12 miles from the sea. Lat. 54° 3'W; long. 2° 46' W. Pop. 20,000. Auth, Commissioners and Trustees of the Port of Lancaster. St. George's Quay, under Act 23 George II. and subsequent Statutes. P. °C. THW. uh 16m. D. at Lancaster ST. 12st ; NT. 6st. W. prev. SW.; most dangerous from WNW. Rys. L. & NW. and M. Tr.-I. Timber, grain, Spanish ores, &c. ; E. Coal and salt. LV, at Glasson Dock at HWST. about 600 reg. ton. ; at Morecambe at HW. 560 reg. ton. Glasson Dock, the property of the Commissioners of the port of Lancaster, is 500st long and 200ft wide, with an entrance 35ft wide ; depth of water over sill at ST. 17 to 2ost ; NT. 12 to 14ft. The lock connecting this with the Lancaster Canal is rooft long by 2.ft wide. There is a graving dock attached 197ft long (187ft on blocks), entrance 35ft wide. Outside the dock there is 40oft of quay wall, dry at LW., and in dock there is 1,oooft of quayage space. Steam cranes, coal tip, &c. Morecambe Harb., property of the Midland Ry., has good warehouse and steam cranage accommodation. LV. al HW. 560 tons reg. No vessel can enter at LWST. D. on bar at LW. 2st zin. W. prev. SW.; most dangerous NE.

Charges.-Harb. light and buoyage dues, 4d per ton. Foreign 9d to 1/ per ton. Ballast loading 1/ per ton, discharging 2d to od per ton. Pilotage.--River Pilotage :

Per Foot of

the Vessel's River Pilotage.

Draught of


S. d. Within Line from Abbey Lower Lighthouse to Sunderland Point for or from Glasson :

Under 200 tons register
Do, 600 do.
Do. 1000

For 1000

and above

3 Within Line from Abbey Lower Lighthouse to Sunderland Point

for or from the Old or New Quay or Jetty at Lancaster or other
place within the said line :-

Under 8 feet draught...
8 feet and under 10 draught.

10 feet and upwards
For removing any vessel which on her passage to or from the
Old Quay or Jetty at Lancaster shall stop and moor at the New
Quay, 5/ extra,

I 2

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Per Foot of the Vessel's

Draught of Water.
Within lines from Morecambe Bay,
Light Ship to Formby Point and

is. d. s. d., s, d. S. d. Haverigg Point respectively.... Glasson Dock

+ and vice vers 6 0 8

Within a line with Blackcomb
bearing NNE.

5 0 6


8 Danger Patch Buoy, or one mile outside No. 1 Buoy..

Ditto 4

5 6
6 6


6 The Anchorage at foot of Wyre or off No. 1 Buoy



5 5 6 Within No. 3 Buoy and outside river limits...



3 Piel Anchorage.

5 6 6 6

Within lines from Morecambe Bay!
Light Ship...
Piel Anchorage..' 4 6 6

7 080


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On Vessels employed in the "Coasting " Trade one-half of the above rates.

Note.- Masters of outward bound vessels may, at their option, dispense with the services of pilots at Danger Patch Buoy.

Towage.--Ships under 300 tons 46 6s; 400 tons £7 78 ; 500 tons £8 8s; 600 tons 69 9s ; 700 tons £10 10s; and every additional 100 tons ki is extra. From Glasson Dock to Lancaster or vice versa, 6d per ton; and gd if towed up and down.

Officials.-Gen. Man. M. Ry., J. Noble, Derby; Gen. Man. L. & N.W. Ry., J. Findlay, London ; Harb. Mast. Lancaster and Glasson Dock, A. Russell; Harb. Mast., Morecambe, J. M. Sibbald ; Dock Mast., Glasson, W. V. Greenwood.

Note. --The Commissioners are rebuilding and extending the new quay at Lancaster. It will be completed early in 1890, and will extend for 50ost along the river front.

LAND'S END, Cornwall. THW. f. and c. 4h zom. LANGSTON HARBOUR, Portsmouth, Hants. There is

abt 14ft on bar. Open to S. winds. Official.- Quay Master, A. Little. LARGO, tiseshire. Lat. 56° 13' N ; long. 2° 56' W. The

birthplace of Alex. Selkirk (Robinson Crusoe! Ry. NB. Auth, Owner, Geo. Johnston, Esq., of Largo. Accn. A pier carried out to half tide ; D. 4ft LW. Used by coasters loading potatoes and linseed cake. W. prev. E. and 'N., most dangerous E THW. f. and c. 2h 20m.

Charges.-Dues 6d to 1/ per ton. Cargo id to 6d per ton.
Officials.--Agent, C. Gulland; Harb. Master, H. Guthrie.
Hotel.-“ Robinson Crusoe."
LARGS, Aryshire. Lat. 55° 50' N ; long. 4° 50' W. Rys.

Glasgow & SW., and Caledonian. A small harb. used by passenger

steamers and coasters up to about 90 tons. D. at LW. 3ft. Auth. Joint Stock Co., under Act 2 William IV., c. 44. THW. f. and c. 1h 55m. Charges.—2d per ton on all vessels over 20 tons. Officials.-Sec., J. Boyd ; Harb. Master, R. Wright. LARNE, Co. Antrim. Lat. 54° 51' N ; long. 5° 47' W. Rys.

Belsast and Northern Counties, and Ballymena and Larne. Auth. Owner, J. Chaine, Esq., under Prov. Order, confirmed by the Pier and Harbours Confirmation Act, 1871 and 1888. THW. f. and c. 1oh 40m. Accn. A pier harb. ; piers carried out to 1811 LW., and 26ft HW. Crane power to 10 tons. LV. 3,986 tons. W. prev. W., most dangerous E. to SE.

Charges.--Home 4d per ton, foreign 6d. Rates on goods as per schedule.

Official.-Harb. Master, Wm. Dalton.
Hotel.—“Oldfleet Hotel Co., Ld."
LAUGHARNE (Barks-under-Clyffe), Towy River, Carmarthen-

shire. Lat. about 51° 22' N ; long. 4° 20' W. A harb, used by small colliers. W. prev. SW. No harb. authority. THW. f. and c. about 5h 45m.

Official.- The Recorder, David Wilkin.
LEIGH, Essex. River Thames. A fishing harb., 17 miles SE.

of Chelmsford. Official.- Principal Coast Officer, F. Harris. LEITH, Midlothian. On the Water of Leith, adjoining Edin.

borough. Lat. 55° 59' N ; long. 3° 10' W. Pop. 78,000. Auth. Commissioners, under Docks Act, 1875. P. NC. THW. f. and c. 2h 17m ; Sp. rise 164ft ; N. rise 12jft; R. of N. 9ft.

D. on bar roft LWST. W. prev. W. Rys. Cal, and N.B. Tr.-1. Grain, hemp, provisions, cattle, esparto, fivre, ores, timber, manure, wines, sugar, fruit, &c. ; E. Iron, hardware, coal, canvas, machinery, chemicals, fire-bricks, manures, herrings, spirits, ales, &c. LV. Mentmore, 2,230 tons.

The En, to the harb, and docks between the two piers is 77yds wide. Accn. Area of harb, and docks :

Depth of water HW.

Equinoctial ST.



7 10

5 II 17


ft. in. Harbour

26 6 {

13 6 Inner Harbour

15 to 13

o Old Docks...

18 6 Victoria Dock

24 6 Albert

26 6 Edinburgh,

26 6 Total

64 In addition there is the entrance channel, sometimes designated “ harbour" between the piers ; this portion is not used for vessels lying to discharge cargo, but simply as an entrance to the docks and harb. Dry Docks, &c. : Name. Length! Widah.

Depth of Water on Sil

[blocks in formation]

OFW, ft. in. 20 6 17 o 15 o I2 o 10 6 10 6

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