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have here extensive wharves and jetties, principally employed during the spring and summer season by steamers bringing over the Irish fish, and also by the local steam trawlers. Barn Lake Pill has bean dredged out by the Company at great expense, and now forms a well-sheltered and secure harb. with 13it at LWST. The wharves and jetties are provided with hydraulic cranes; and two hand cranes, respectively of 10 and 4 tons' capacity, are provided for heavy lifts. New Milford can boast of the finest gridiron in the United Kingdom. The pontoons for the Company's steamers on the Irish Service are 5451t in length, and the railway waggons are lowered on to them by large hydraulic hoists. There are also two coal drops.

Official.- Marine Supt., Capt. Squire T. S. Lecky.

Pilotage. - District. From Caldy Island, along the Coast to St. David's Head, and thence to Cardigan Island, and vice versa. Rates per foot. From a line drawn from St. Anne's Point to Sheep's Island, to any part of the harb. below a line drawn from Newton Noyes Point to Martin's Haven, under 14st, 2/6; 14ft. and upwards, 376; from a line drawn from St. Anne's Point to Sheep's Island, or from Hubberstone Road, to any place above a line drawn from Newton Noyes Point, to Martin's Haven, in addition, under 14ft, 2/; 14ft and upwards, 2/6. Vessels inwardbound not boarded until they have passed a line drawn from Rat Island to Watwick Point pay one-fourth less than these rates, and if not boarded until they have passed a line drawn from Thorn Island to Great Castle Head one-half only of these rates ; and if not boarded until they have passed the Stack Rock to a line to Newton Noyes Point to Martin's Haven, they are not chargeable with any pilotage, unless the masters require pilotage assistance. Additional rate for ships boarded without the entrance of the harb. : From a line drawn from Luney Pom to Skokam Island 2/; if to the southward of St. Gowan's Head to Skokam Island 1/ foot; or from Caldy Island, eastward, or from the westward of the Grassholm, or 3 leagues without Luney Point £3 38 ; six leagues without Luney Point, L.4 45; ten leagues, £6 65. For services and assistance in the harb., not exceeding the following rates, at the discretion of the Sub-Commissioners : For a boat carrying an anchor above 6 cwt, with a corresponding hawser, is in Hubberstone Road, £2 25.; each man in the boat each tide 5/; if below Hubberstone Road, a line drawn from the E. Point of Gilliswick, to the E. Point of Angle Bay, and above the Stack Rock, £2 123 6d; each man in the boat each tide, 5/; if in Dale Road and the anchor is brought from Milford, £4 45 ; or if carried off from Dale, £2 12s 6d ; each man in the boat each tide 5/. For a boat carrying off an anchor 3.cwt., and not ex. 6 cwt., with a corresponding hawser, the boat and men to have three-fourths of the above specified sums. For a boat with an anchor 2 cwt., and not ex, 3 cwt., with a corresponding hawser, the boat and men to have one-half of the above sums. For unmooring a ship drawing 14ft of water, and upwards, and bringing her alongside the quay, or into Hubberstone Pill, from the situation first or second before-mentioned, for the pilot 21/; if with a boat, an additional sum of 1086; each person employed, 57. From the Third Station specified, for the pilot, 31/6; if with a boat, an additional sum of 10/6; each person employed 5/. Ships under 14ft dft. of water, to or from the situations before-mentioned, threefourths of the sums for the pilot; the boats and men as above specified. For new mooring a ship drawing 14ft in either of the above situations, for the pilot, 10/6; if with a boat, an additional sum not ex. 10/6 ; each person employed not ex. 5/.


Towage.-As per agreement.
MILLBAY.-See Plymouth.
MILLOM.-Creek of Whitehaven, on river Duddoon. D.

HWST. 2oft, HWNT. 12lt.
Official.-Harb. Master, Capt. Morgan.
MILTON, Kent. Creek of port of Faversham. D. at Milton

Quay 7ft HWST., and 4ft HWNT. D. at Crown Quay gst HWST., and 6ft HWNT. MINEHEAD, Somerset. Lat. 51° 12' 45"N; long. 3° 28' 20" W.

Ry. G.W. Auth, Owner, G. F. Luttrell, under an Act of Geo. IV. Accn. Area 4 acres. D. Dry at LW.; at HWST. 26ft. Used by vessels of up to 300 tons. W. prev. W. THW. f. and c. 6h 24m. Crane power to 5 tons.

Charges. --Keelages £d per ton reg. ; coal and culm ad per ton ; timber 17 per load.

Pilotage.--As per agreement.
Official.-Harb. Master, Henry Pulsford.
Hotels.-“ Feathers” and “Beach.”
MISTLEY, Essex. Near Manningtree, on Mistley water. See

MONIFETH, near Dundee, Forfarshire. D. 9 10 12ft HWST.
Charges.-. Half of Dundee rates, collected at Broughty Ferry.
Official.-Harb. Master, R. H. Bell.
MONTROSE, Forfar, at the mouth of the river Esk. Lat 56° 42'

N; long. 2° 16'9" W. Pop. 15,000. Auth. Harb. Trustees. P. NC. THW. I. and c. ih 25m ; Sp. rise 14st ; N. nift; R. of N. 8st. D. on bar at LW. 15 to 18f*. Ry. Cal. & N.B. Tr.-I. Flax, hemp, and timber ; E. Canvas, coarse linens, corn, cattle, smoked haddocks, pork, potatoes, &c. LV, accessible to the largest ships at HW. Accn. The harl), is formed by the outlet of the S. Esk, which falls into the sea between Scurdy Ness on the S. and the Anna: Bank, which forms a natural breakwater on the N., leaving a channel 170yds wide, with a depth of 22ft HWST., and 17 ft NT. up to abreast the town quays. There is a wet dock of 3) acres, entrance 55ft. wide, depth on sill at ST. 193ft, NT. 15ft. There is also a deep water berth 35oft long, at which there is 2oft LWST. There is likewise a berth at the buoys in the river, with 2oft 10 22st LWS. The dock and town quays afford 1,200yds of wharfage. There is a patent slip 30oft long, 32st. wide with 21st at ST., and 14ft at NT. One crane of 6 tons' power. The river is being deepened.

Charges.--Harb. and dock rates and dues (tonnage rates) vary from 14d to 1/6 reg. ton ; plank money 1/ to 6/6 each vessel, accord ing to size. Ballast iod. per ton put into hold.

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Pilot master's fee 5% on pilotage. Tide's work of boat and crew as per agreement. Extra pilotage fee of one-half the inward pilotage dues to be paid by vessels moored fore and aft to both of the Stell buoys, and transported to or from the buoys from or to the dock or quays.

Towage.-In ballast 2d ; loaded 2 ton.

Officials.-Harb. and Dock Master, Capt. James Hughs ; Coll. of Shore Dues, L. S. Smith ; Coll. of HM. Cust., Wallace.

Hotels.-" The Queen's ” and “The Star."
MORECAMBE, Lancashire. Auth. M.R. Co., by Statute 9

and 10 Vict. Accn. Crane power to 5 tons. D. on bar 24ft LW., and 28st at HWST. LV. 560 tons at HW. W. prev. W. THW. at f. and c. 1h 30m. Steamers to Londonderry twice a week.

Charges.-Lights and buoys 2d per ton home trade; 3d foreign. Officials.-Gen. Man., John Noble, Derby ; Harb. Master, I. M, Sibbald.

Hotel.-" The Midland."
MORRISON'S HAVEN, Edinburghshire. Firth of Forth.

Lat. 55° 59' N; long. 3° 10' W. Ry. NB. THW. f. and c. 2h 17m. Accn. A wooden pier 415ft long. Crane of 2 tons' power. D. Dry at LW; at HWST. 13 to 14it, and at HWNT. 9_to rist. W. prev. W.; most dangerous NE. LV. 350 tons. Tr.-1. Cement, peat moss litter, manures, and oils; E. Coal, fire bricks, coal tar, iron goods, and fireclay goods. Sidings from NB. Ry. to loading and discharging berths.

Officials-Man., F. R. Luke, German Consular Agent and Man. of Prestongrange Coal and Fire Brick Co. ; Harb. Master, H. Pow.

Charges.-Harb. dues id per ton reg. Shore dues ad per ton. Crane dues gd per ton.

Pilotage.-1/ per foot. Trimming 24d per ton.
Hotel.-" Queen's Arms,” Prestonpans.

MOSTYN, Flintshire (see Chester). Lat. 53° 20' N ; long.

3° 16' W. Auth. Owners, The Darwin & Mostyn Iron Co., Ltd. Ry. C. & H. Accn. Area 3 acres at LW. ; quayage soost. Crane of 2 tons' power. D. Dry at LW., 1oft at HWNT., and 19 to post at HWST. W. prev. W. and N. LV. 2,000 tons drawing 16ft gin.

Hotel.--" The Mostyn Arms."
Official.—Harb. Master, John Dawson.
MOUNT CHARLES, Co. Donegal. Lat. 54° 38' N ; long.

8° 18' W. A Pier, dry at low water, belonging to the Grand Jury of Co. Donegal.

Charges.---Tolls on goods landed or embarked.
Official.-F. Gahan, C.E., co. surveyor.
MOUSEHOLE, Cornwall. Lat. 50° 2' N; long. 5° 32' W.

Nearest Ry., Penzance, 3 miles distant. Auth. Commissioners, under a Prov. Order. Accn. A pier harb. N. pier 317ft, S. pier 450ft. D. Dry at LW., 18ft HWST. W. prev, and most dangerous S. to SSW. THW. f. and c. 4h 30m.

Charges.—2d per ton reg.
Official.-Harb. Master, Ben. C. Harvey.
Hotel.--" The Ship.”

MOVILLE, Co. Donegal, creek of Londonderry. Dues same as Londonderry. MULLAGHMORE, Co. Sligo. Lat. 54° 28' N; long. 8° 28' W.

Auth. Owner, Evelyn Ashley, M.P. Accn. Area of harb. 2 acres. D. Dry at LW.; 141 HWST. Protected by a breakwater. W. prev. S. and W. THW. f. and c. 5h 18m.

Official.---Agent, J. H. Kincaid, 6, Leinster-st., Dublin. MUNDESLEY.-Sub-port of Yarmouth. Open beach, D.

HW'S. git. Official.-Coastguard Officer, J. Mills. MUSSELBOROUGH, Edinburghshire. At the mouth of the

Esk, 5 miles from Edinburgh. Ry. NB. NAIRN, Nairnshire. River Nairn. 15 miles NE. of Inverness.

Auth. Corporation, under Prov. Order, 1863. Accn. Two piers. Crane power to 150 tons. E. pier has 164ft HWST, and ilst at IW., and W. pier has 11 to 14it HWST. Bar shifts. D. at entrance 11 to 14ft HWST, and 8 to 9st HWNT. ; 2 to zít LWNT. LV. 150 tons. W. prev. N. and NE. More water on bar with S. and SW.

Charges.--Anchorage 24d per ton reg. ; coals 5d per ton, slates 1/ per M, manure 1 / perton, timber 2 percent. on value, fish id percwt.

Officials.-Clerk, Wm. Laing ; Harb. Master, J. M. Tolmie ; Berthing Master and Pilot, J. Maclean.

Hotel.—“Harbour Inn.”
NEATH and BRITON FERRY, Glamorgan. Neath.-Lat 51°

36' 10" N ; long. 3° 52' OʻW. Pop. 10,000. Auth. Harbour Commissioners, under Statutes 1843, 1874, 1878, and 1880. P. NC. THW. f. and c. 6h 31m; Sp. rise 27st. D. on bar practically dry, perhaps 2 or 3ft at LW. 'W. prev.

W. to SW. Rys. G. W. and N. & B. Tr.-I. Copper, iron, and zinc ores, wool, four, timber, &c. ; E. Coal, copper, iron spelter, fire bricks, &c. LV. about 2,000 tons at ST.

Briton Ferry.-The docks, which afford 13 acres of floating and 10 acres of tidal accommodation, are at the mouth of the river Neath. They are in direct communication with Aberdare and Merthyr, the coal and iron products of which can be shipped at Briton Ferry as they are at Cardiff and Swansea. There are hydraulic cranes for discharging ballast, ore, timber, and general goods, and tips for shipping coal.

Charges.—Harbour dues on vessels ad reg. ton. Rates and tolls on goods. Tonnage rates on vessels entering the dock. Charges for use of tow ropes.

Pilotage.—District. From the outside of Neath Bar into the port and harbour of Neath, and vice versa. Rates per foot :

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An addition of 3d per foot in respect of every 50 tons above 450 tons. No vessel to pay for less than 7ft. For conducting vessels from one station to another within the port, under 100 tons 3), 100 and under 150 tons 4/, 150 and under 200 tons 5), 200 and under 250 tons 6), 250 tons and upwards 8/; to or from the Mumbles when specially retained, under 250 tons 4/ extra ; 250 tons and upwards 71 extra. Pilot boats and hobblers' fee 5/ included in the rates.

Towage.— Between the Outer Buoy and the Briton Ferry Docks. Inwards : vessels under 150 tons 2d; 150 tons and upwards 24d reg. ton. Outwards : all tonnages alike 2 d reg. ton (subject to general towage regulations of the port), Inwards, per reg. ton : Outer Buoy to Layer or Giant's Grave 2d; to Abbey Coal or Crown Copper Works 24d; to Mines Royal Copper Works 2}d ; to Neath 3d ; Mumbles Roadstead to Giant's Grave 3d ; to Abbey 4d; to Neath 5d, Outwards, per ref. ton : Giant's Grave or the Layer to sea or Outward Buoy 2}d; Abbey Coal or Crown Copper Works to sea or Outward Buoy 24d; Abbey Pill or Mines Royal Copper Works to sea or Outward Buoy 3d"; Neath to sea or Outward Buoy 3d ; Giant's Grave to Mumbles Roadstead 31d; Abbey to Mumbles Roadstead 4d; Neath to

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