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Mumbles Roadstead 5d. Vessels that may require to be towed shorter distances, if not having been offered the to tow them the whole distance from where they were laden or going to load, pay as under :-Layer to Giant's Grave and vice verse id; Abbey Coal or Crown Copper Works 1fd; Abbey Pill or Mines Royal Copper Works id; Neath idd reg. ton. Giant's Grave to Abbey Coal or Crown Copper Works id; to Abbey Pill or Mines Royal Copper Works 1d; to Neath idd ; Abbey Coal or Crown Copper Works to the Pill id; to Neath id; light vessels towed from Swansea to Giant's Grave 3d ; ditto to Abbey Coal or Crown Copper Works when done in one tide 3fd; ditto to Neath ditto 41d; ditto from Giant's Grave to Swansea ditto 4d; ditto from Neath Abbey to Swansea ditto 44d; ditto from Neath to Swansea ditto 5d ; loaded vessels towed to or from Swansea (in addition to the rate of towage from the various stations to the outward buoy) 3d reg. ton. All vessels not exceeding 30 tons reg. pay 3/6 for towage in or out, to or from Giant's Grave. Vessels 150 tons reg. and upwards id ton above these rates for all inward towage. Rates to hobblers. —Hobbler over the bar, to or from the Layer or Giant's Grave, or the southern end of the Abbey Estate 2/6 per vessel; hobbler over the bar, to or from Foxe's Coal Bank, or the Copper Works, or the Abbey Pill 3/; hobbler over the bar to or from Melincrythan wharf or Neath bridge 4/; hobbler employed in removing or assisting vessels within the harb. 1/6 per tide. For use of tow-ropes.-Vessels in the limits of the port 6l. ; vessels from Swansea or Mumbles 12/; vessels requiring two tugs, half the above rates will be charged for the second boat. Vessels that have been offered the use of the steam tug to tow the whole distance from where they were laden or going to load, and having refused to take her, should they afterwards require her on that tide to tow, however short the distance, will be charged the same amount as if towed the whole distance from where the steamer was offered. Should there, on the other hand, be a greater number of vessels ready for sea, or coming in, than the steamers can tow, at any one time, on the same tide, then, and in that case only, those vessels which may follow under canvas, &c., and may afterwards require the assistance of the steamers, will only be charged accord. ing to the rates for distance.

Officials.--Neath Harb. Master and Coll. of Harb. Dues, Lieut. Gwyn Lewis ; Briton Ferry Dock Master, E. Hodges. NEWBURGH, Aberdeenshire. On the Ythan. A small harb.

belonging to J. H. Udny, Esq., used for landing lime, manure, grain, and coals. D. at bar at LW, 1 to ijft. W. prev. SE. A stone pier 390ft. A lifeboat station.

Official.-T. Wilsone, solicitor, Aberdeen.
NEWBURGH, Fiseshire. On the Tay. Ry. N.B. T. Sp. rise

14ft to 16st, N. rise rist to 13ft. Steamers run daily to Dundee and Perth. NEWCASTLE, Co. Down, Ireland. Dundrum Bay. Auth.

Grand Jury of Co. Down, under Act 16'and 17 Vict., c. 136, s. 7. Accn. Area i} acres, dry at LW, rapidly filling up

Used formerly by vessels up to 200 tons. W. prev. S, SE, and E.

Official.-County Surveyor.


NEWCASTLE-ON-TYNE, Northumberland. Lat. 55° 1'N;

long 1° 25' W. Pop. 145,360. Auth. Tyne Improvement Commissioners, by Acts 1850, 1857, and 1875; the N.E. Ry. own the Tyne Dock. "P, NC. Tides

HW. f. c.
Sp. rise.

N. rise. R. of N. Tyne R. entrance

3h zom
148 st Ilfft

Sft N. Shields.

3h 23m

14 ft

nifft 8 ft Newcastle 3h 25m

git Elswick

15 st

9}st D. on middle of bar at the entrance to the harb, is over 27ft at LW ST. W. The Commissioners do not keep any record of the direction of the wind ; most dangerous are from NNE. to SSE. Rys. N.E. and N.B. Tr.-I. Ales, wines and spirits, box and bale goods, canvas, jute, hemp, clay, colonial produce and wheat, grain, provisions, glass, manufactured iron, lead, livestock, ore, stones, salt, slates, oils, tallow, skins, esparto grass, timber, &c. ; E. Coals, chemicals, manures, cement, copper, manufactured iron, lead, paints, oils, tar, fire-bricks, fire-clay, &c. LV. Tyne Dock, "Hooper,” 3,901 tons. No record is kept by the Commissioners of the dst of vessels entering, or of the time of tide when they entered. LV. Northumberland Dock, “Golconda,” 3,961 tons. There are the following docks :-The Albert Edward Dock for I. and E. traffic. Water area 24 acres, tidal basin 2 acres, tidal entrance Soft wide, lock 35oft long and 6oft wide. Depth of water on sill at HWST. 3oft, at HWNT. 26ft, outer lock sill 6st deeper than sill of entrance, being 21st below LWST., so that vessels of 2oft dft. can be locked in at LW. Length of quays inside dock 2,60oft, of river wall or quay gooft. For the accommodation of grain and general merchandise of all kinds, there is a warehouse 20oft long by 1ooft broad, containing six floors, and spacious cellarage, whilst


quays there are efficient steam and hydraulic cranes for unloading and loading vessels direct to and from truck or warehouse with the greatest expedition. Inside the dock there is a large coal shipping staith, where vessels can bunker or load outward with coal, after discharging their inward cargoes. Opposite Northumberland Dock there are timber ponds covering an area of 89 acres, with direct access from the river. The Northumberland Dock, situated 1,200 yards above the Albert Edward Dock entrance, for general I. and E. traffic, is well provided with steam cranes. Water area, 55 acres ; tidal basin, 25 acres; tidal entrance, 70ft wide ; lock, 25oft long and 52ft wide; depth of water on sills at HWST. 24st, HWNT. 2oft. Inside the dock there are jetties with a wharf behind 45oft long by Tooft broad. Outside the dock is a riverside quay 1,100ft long and 144st broad, having a depth of water alongside of 18st at LWOST. At the Commissioners' river staiths (between Albert Edward and Northumberland Docks) the largest class of steamers and sailing vessels requiring to load coal or coke without entering the docks can take in full cargo and proceed to sea at all times of tide. These docks and staiths are in direct communication by rail with the coalfields of Northumberland and Durham, and with all parts of the Kingdom. The Docks Estate of the Commissioners includes 273 acres of storage ground for timber, deals, ores, and other undamage. able goods. Tyne Dock (belonging to the N.E. Ry. Co.) is on the S. side of the river, opposite the Northumberland Dock. Water


area, 50 acres, Three shipping jetties with 30 spouts for coal shipment; grain and other warehouses ; hydraulic cranes, &c. Dry Docks, &c. (See also Jarrow) :

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Patent Slip High Slip


Hebburn Dry Dk. R. & W. Hawthorn, Leslie ft. ft.

ft. & Co., Ld......

450 68 21 21 18 Palmer's Palmer's S. B. & J.C., Ld. 440 70 17 18

14 Do.



14 J. and D. Morris.



8 Low


350 34


8 Tyne Nain Patent Slip Tyne Main Slip Co.

350 181 9 to 12 6 to 9 St. Anthony's Slip W. Brown & Son.


7 St. Lawrence



91 7 Friar's Goose Tyne Wherry Co., Ld. 180


4 St. Peter's Quay Slip Tyne Gen. Ferry Co., Ld. 300 27

151 of Howden Tyne Commissioners 500

15 12 Wallsend Paient slip Wallsend Slipway Co. .. 1,000 50

26 23 1,000 50


23 Wallsend

350 65 24 Pontoon

261 Gridiron

250 Tyne Pontoon & DryDk Tyne Pontoon & D Dk Co 600 80

241 Willington Slip, No. 1 : W. Cleland & Co., Ld. . 580 46

No.2 $


Middle Dock Co.

322 50 17! 124

T. & W. Smith

300 бо 17 H. S. Edwards & Son

15 305 42

151 48 18

12 Mercantile Dry Dock, Jarrow

350 60










* For steam tugs, lighters, or hoppers.
+ Accommodates vessels 32oft long, 3,000 tons.

I Length of cradle, 210ft. § Length of cradle, 310ft. Charges (Newcastle, North Shields, and South Shields).River dues on shipping. Piers rate, hd to 2d ton. Mooring rate, 4d ton. River tonnage rate, ifd and 3d ton. Dues on vessels not breaking bulk, 2}d ton. Use of Commissioner's moorings in river for loading or discharging cargo or ballast id & ad per ton reg. Newcastle-on-Tyne Bridge dues, 2d ton. Export dues on coal, id ton. River dues on goods shipped or unshipped. Northunia berland and Albert Edward Docks : Dock dues, inwards, 2d to 1/ per ton ; outwards, 2d to 6d. per ton. Rates on goods. Wharfage on goods, Tyne harb. lights, buoys, and beacons dues, lights from ud to 1/5, according to size, buoys and beacons 4d to 1/3, according to size. Tyne Dock: Dock dues, inwards, 2d to 1/ ton; outwards, 2d to 6d ton. Wharfage on goods. Dues on goods and cattle. Charges for assistance in mooring ships, and dock police. Special rates for grain and four, foreign iron, spelter, &c., payable to Corporation. Cranage charges, package dues. Payable at Customs : Fairway buoys, each vessel proceeding N. 1/ (to Trinity House). Lifeboat, 1/ to 3/, according to size.

Pilotage.--District. The whole of the river Tyne, and extending seaward over a radius of seven milcs.


Oct, i to March 31

s, d. I 6 2 6 30 3 6 1 1 6 2 O 1 0 I o

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Rates (per foot);

April 1 to
Sept. 30.

s. d. Sea to Dock or from Dock to sea

3 Sea to Bill Point or Bill Point to sea

2 3
Sea to east side of Newcastle Bridge or the reverse 29
Sea to Suspension Bridge at Scotswood or the reverse 3 3
Dock to Bill Point or Bill Point to Dock
Dock to east side of Newcastle Bridge or the reverse 6
Dock to Suspension Bridge at Scotswood or vice versa
Bill Point to east side of Newcastle Bridge orvice verså
Bill Point to Scotswood Suspension Bridge or vice verså
East side of Newcastle Bridge to Scotswood Suspen-

sion Bridge or vice versa Not less than I foot to be charged for pilotage between any two stations as above. Vessels exceeding 500 tons reg. pay d per ton on the excess of tonnage above 500 tons for pilotage from sea to any of the docks, and 10 ton extra for pilotage to any part of the river west of any of the docks, and vice versa, but in no case shall this extra tonnage rate be paid between a vessel entering and leaving the port more than once inwards to the docks, once from the docks westward, once from any part of the river above the docks to the docks, and once from the docks or below the docks to sea. Vessels having lee-boards pay 5/ in addition to the above rates. In the case of vessels bound from or to sea from or to any of the docks and unable from any cause to enter or proceed to sea the same tide, pilots must, if required, attend the first following available tide to dock such vessels, or take them to sea, as the case may require, without any additional remuneration. For docking or transporting (not covered by the above) from tier to dock or from dock to tier, not ex. 200 reg. tons, 5/; 400, 7/6; 600, 10/; 800, 12/6; 1,000, 15/; 1,500, 17/6 ; 2,000, 20'; ex. 2,000, 25/. ' In the case of vessels exceeding 400 tons, two-thirds of the above rates are charged for moving vessels from tier to tier or from tier to any dry dock within 300 yards. For pilot's attendance in harb., when required on any vessels, when not ultimately engaged as pilot to such vessel, per day 7/6; for attending at the launch of any vessels in the river Tyne and conducting her to her mooring in dock or otherwise, not ex. 400 reg. tons 20/; 600, 25/; 800, 30/; 1,200, 32/6; 1,500, 35/ ; 2,000, 40/; ex. 2,000, 45/.

Towage.—The limits seaward, Souter Point S., Hartley Bates N., on the E. an imaginary line drawn three miles out to sea from the shore, and on the W. a line drawn southward across the river from the buoy on the Mussel Scarp, Low Lights, North Shields. Shields Harb. deemed to extend from the buoy on the Mussel Scarp to 1. Young's West Dock Quay, South Shields. For the purposes of these rates, a ship one third loaded pays the loaded tow. age, below one-third to pay the light towage. Vessels towing down the river and going into either dock pay the same as if going to Shields. All vessels towing down the river and going to sea direct, pay the river towage and half the sea towage. Fishboats from Shields to Newcastle 15/; from Newcastle to Shields 12/; from Shields to sea 8/. Ships towed from sea to either dock direct_loaded 11d; light id, with a single boat. Ships towed out of the docks into the basin, or out of the basin into the dock, pay the shifting towage. But ships towed out of the river into the basin, or vice versa, to pay for one station. An addition of twopence to the shilling to be charged


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upon the rates from sea to Shields, or from sea to either dock, direct. Stations. The river is divided into six stations, making Shields one starting point, Newcastle the other :- Ist station, from Shields to either dock, Jarrow, or Willington Gut; and station, from Shields to Hebburn and Wallsend ; 3rd station, from Shields to Walker or Pelaw Main; 4th station, from Shields to Bill Quay or Felling ; 5th station, from Shields to Dent's Hole or Tyne Main ; 6th station, from Shields to Newcastle. Screw Steamers Towage. Screw steamers, when light, whether steaming or not, same as other ships; loaded, when steaming, to be allowed one-fourth off the regular rates; not steaming, same as other ships. Towage Rates within the limits at sea into Shields Harb., and to either dock, and from either dock to sea, or a single station, for vessels below 150 tons :From Sea to Sea to Dock

Shields to Dock, Shields, or

Dock to Dock, Shields to Sea.

Dock to Sea.

or a single Station. Tons. Light. Loaded. Light. Loaded. Light. Loaded.

£ s. d. £ s. d. £ s. d. £ s. d. £ s. d. £ s. d. 40 O 10 O 10

O 14 0

6 6

O 9 50 O 10

O 15 10 15

7 0 O 9

O 12
O 16
O 16

76 O IO
O 13
0 16 6
o 17

O 14
O 17
O 18

8 6 o II

O 17

O II 6 100 O 13 0

o 18 6
1 O

O 12
O 13 6
O 17
O 19 6 I 1

O 13 120 O 14

O 17
6 1 o 6

O 14 0 130 O 14 6 018 O

O 14 6 140 OIS o O 18 6


O 15 149 O 15 6 O 19 0

3 6


0 15 6 All vessels above 150 tons British

Loaded Vessels Light Vessels register :

per Reg. Ton.

per Reg. Ton. d.

d. Sea to any part of Shields Harbour

i} Sea to Tyne or Northumberland Docks

(The same out to Sea.) Shields to either Dock, Jarrow, or Willington Dock to Dock or a single Station ....

Shields to Sea.. Shifting Tonnage :

Per Shift. Per Shift. £ 5. d.

£ s. d. Vessels above 150 tons register--per reg. ton Vessels below 150 tons register under 50


4 O under 100

o 6



6 River Towage.

Vessels above 200 tons register. From Shields to the following stations :-

Loaded Vessels Light Vessels per Reg. Ton.

per Reg. Ton. d.

d. Shields to either Dock, Jarrow, or Willington 11

Shields to Wallsend
Shields to Walker, or Pelaw Main
Shields to Bill Quay, or Felling
Shields to Dent's Hole, or Tyne Main

Shields to Newcastle
From Newcastle to the following Stations :-

Newcastle to Tyne Main, or Dent's Hole
Newcastle to Felling or Bill Quay
Newcastle to Pelaw Main, or Walker
Newcastle to Wallsend
Newcastle to Willington, or Jarrow..

Newcastle to either Dock or Shields
Newcastle station deemed to extend from Tyne Bridge to Ouseburn.


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