Sivut kuvina

Vessels up to 800 tons burthen take the ground. Particulars of Accn.:

Length Width

Depth of

Water. Name. Length. Width. Area,

of Lock. Entrance.





ft. 60 60


35 35

25 25



ft. ft. Dock

2,900 370

Patent Slipway to take Vessels 31oft long and 2,200 tons burthen.

Gridiron, 4ooft long, for vessels up to 2,500 tons.
There are 14 high-level coal tips in the dock and 2 in the basin..
Cranes, worked by hydraulic power, for the discharge of ballast,
iron ore, &c. There are also the Windsor slipways between
Penarth and Cardiff, taking vessels of the largest tonnage.

Charges.--Tidal harb. rates jd and id ton, according to size. Dock rates on vessels 1}d to gd ton.

Pilotage.--See Cardiff.
Towage.--Same as Cardiff.

Officials. – Taff Vale Railway Co., Cardiff, Sec. and Goods
Supt., John Jones; Traffic Man., J. Hurman; Penarth Dock
Master, W. M. Pengelley ; Supt. and Collector, J. Edwards ; Staith
Master, H. Griffiths,
PENRHYN, Cornwall. Lat. 50° 10' N ; long. 5° 5' W. Auth.

Corporation, under Statute 33 and 34 Vict. c. 82, and Prov. Order, 1870. Ry. S.D. & C. Harb. dries at LW. D. 9ft HWNT., and 12ft 6in at HWST. THW. I. and c. 5h 2m. There are several private wharves, and crane power to 20 tons. PENTEWAN, Cornwall. Lat. 50°17' N. ; long. 4° 46' W.

Pop. 300. Auth. Owner, C. H. T. Hawkins, Accn. Dry at low water. Used by vessels drawing 13ft, and up to 300 tons.

Area 14 acres, protected by quay and breakwater. THW. at f. and c. 5 o'clock.

Charges.-Harb. dues 20 ton ; quay dues 6d ton.
Official.-Harb. Master, T. Anthony.
PENZANCE, Cornwall. Mount's Bay. Lat. 50° 8' N ; long.

5° 35' W. Pop. 12,409. Auth. Mayor, Aldermen, and Burgesses, under Act, 1883, and Prov. Order, 1870. P. C. THW. 4h 30m ; Sp. rise 164ft ; N. rise 12}ft. D. 26st 10 13ft HWST. W. prev. NW., most dangerous SSE. Ry. G.W. Tr.-I. American and Baltic timber, coal, hides, tallow, grain, hemp, fruit, potatoes, dynamite, &c. ; E. Copper, tin, granite stones, fish, potatoes, china clay, arsenic, iron ore, &c. LV. William Cory, s., 1,244 tons. Accn. Area of harb., formed by Albert Pier, 24 acres, with 16ft depth at ST., and 12ft NT. Floating dock area 34 acres, depth on sill ST. 21st, NT. 17st, width of entrance 50ft. Graving dock, 25oft long, width of entrance 4oft, depth on sill HWOST. 124st. Warehouse accommodation. Wharsage space of about 4,700ft.

Charges.-Harb. dues, keelage in outer harbour 3d ton ; in dock, coasters 5d ton; foreign 6d ton.

Pilotage.-District. From the Lizard to Cape Cornwall, and vice versi. Rates. From sea, and vice versá, to either of the roadsteads or piers in Mount's Bay, zít and under, 10/; 8 to toft, 16/; nift, 24/; 12ft, 30/; 13ft, 35/; 141t, 40/; 15ft, 45/; 16ft, 50/; 17ft, 55/; 18ft, 60/; 19ft, 67/; 20st, 77 ; 21st, 877; 22st, 97/. From all roadsteads, and vice versti, to either of the different piers in Mount's Bay 1/6 foot dft. Coasting vessels one-half these rates. Boats and vessels boarded by pilots at a distance southward of the Bay :For putting a pilot on board without a line drawn from the Lizard to Tol Peden Penwith, 62 28 ; for putting a pilot on board within a line drawn from the Lizard to Tol Peden Penwith, and without a line drawn from Carn Dew to Pengwinion Point £iis; for putting à pilot on board within a line drawn from Carn Dew to Pengwinion Point, and without a line drawn from St. Clement's Isle to Trewanas Head 10/; and within those limits, inwards only 5/. No master of a vessel is compelled to take a pilot for Mount's Bay and Penzance within this district until he comes within a line drawn from St. Clement's Isle to Trewanas Head.

Towage.--As per agreement.

Officials.—Town Clerk, T. Cornish ; Harb. Master, J. Murrish; Ry. Man., J. Peach ; Supt. H. M. Cust., L. C. Read.

Hotels.—“ Queen's," Railway,” Union,” Western and Mount's Bay.” PERTH, Perthshire. On the Tay, 22 miles above Dundee, and

29 miles from the sea. Lat. 56° 24' N ; long. 3° 29' W. Pop. 33,000. Auth. Town Council of Perth, under statute. P. NC. THW. f. and c. 3h 35m ; Sp. rise 94ft. D. The Tay up to Dundee is navigable for ships drawing 23ft at ST. W. prev. There is no danger from winds. Rys. Cal., N.B., and H. Tr.1. Timber, coal, salt, grain, iron, slates, oilcake, &c. ; E. Native wood, potatoes, grain, old iron, &c. LV. at ST. 450 reg. tons. ; none at LW. Accn. The area of the tidal basin is about 24 acres, and the length of quays, including the river side, 650yds. There is cranage and shed accommodation.

Charges.---Berthing fees 1/ vessel. Rates and duties on vessels and boats. Dues on goods. Tay buoys dues (see Dundee Harb. Tay light dues).

Towage.-Dundee to Newburgh 6 d ; Flisk to Newburgh 3}d ; Dundee to Perth 9}d; Flisk to Perth_74d; Lowhead to Perth 64d; Newburgh to Perth 5 d ; Earnmouth to Perth 5d; Elcho to Perth 4id; Orchardnock to Perth 4d; Light -Perth to Newburgh 3d reg. ton. Up the river to the new harb., and not having water up to the shore the same tide, by agreement, and if disappointed, the same as if the vessel was towed to her destination. Light vessels bound to the river pay the same as loaded. Vessels under 50 tons pay at the rate of 50 tons. Foreign vessels id extra. The money to be paid as soon as the vessel arrives at her destination.

Officials.--Town Clerk, W. Macleish; Harb. Master, D. Taylor; Prin. Ct. Officer and Reg. of Shipping, H. Christie. PETERHEAD, Aberdeenshire. Lat. 57° 30' N ; long. 1° 46' W. Pop. 11,000.

Auth, Harbour Trustees, under Acts 1873, 1876, and Prov. Order 1881. P, NC. THW. f. and c. oh 34m; Sp. rise 11 ft ; N. rise 9 ft ; R. of N. 6}ft. D. on bar 5ft below LWST. W. prev, and most dangerous from NE. to SE. Ry. G.N. (S). Tr.-1. Timber, lime, bones, manure, salt, flour, coal, &c. ; E. Grain, fi- L-le oil, &c. LV. at any time

of tide was 621 reg. ton. ; at LWST. 60 tons. Accn. There are
three harbours, viz. :-

Depth of Rise of


Tide Quayage


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There is a national harb. of refuge now being constructed.
There are also the following Graving Docks :--

Depth on
Length. Breadth. Sill OHW

ft. New

190 35 15 Old...

138 34

I 2 Charges.-Harb. dues, coastwise 34d ton, windbounc id ton ; foreign 6d ton, windbound 2d. Harbour lights $d reg. ton. Liseboat dues 1/ each vessel per annum. Pilotage.-Rates.£ s. d.

£ s. d. Vessels under 40 tons

8 6 120 tons and under 160 tons.. 40 tons and under 50 tons ..

160 50 60 O 15


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I 7 I 14 I 18 2 6 2 1 2 2 16 3 7 4 4

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60 70 80 90 IOO I 20

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upwards A reduction of one-third of the amount of these charges is made therefrom in the case of vessels entering the harbour for safety or convenience.

Towage.--Inwards or outwards 2d reg. ton.

Officials.--Clerk to Trust., P. Irvine ; Harb. and Dock Master,
G. Birnie ; Ry. Man., R. Moffatt ; Coll. of Shore Dues, A. G.
Jaffray ; Coll. of H.M. Cust., E. G. Jeffrey.

Hotels. _"North Eastern,” Royal,” and “Laing's.'
PETTYCUR.-See Kingholme.
PHILLIP'S HARBOUR, Pentland Frith. D. HWST. 12ft ;

HWNT. Sft.
Official.—Harb. Master, J. Bincks..
PIEL.-See Barrow-in-Furness. THW. at f. and c. Iih sm.
PITTENWEEM, Fiseshire, Firth of Forth. Lat. 56° 13' N;

long. 2° 43' 30" W. Auth. Town Council,
under old Charter confirmed by Act of Charles I. and the Estates of
the Parliament of Scotland, 28th June, 1633 Accn. Two basins
and an outer harbour; depth about roft HW.; dry at LW. W.
prev. E. and SE.
PLYMOUTH, Devonshire. On Plymouth Sound, between the

estuaries of the rivers Plym and Tamar. Lat. 50° 22' N ; long. 4° 9' W. Pop. with Devonport and Stone. house, 140,000 Auth. as below. P. NC. THW. f. and c.

at Breakwater 5h 37m; Sp. rise 15}st; N. rise ujit. There is no bar at the entrance ; depth in anchorage, average zost at LW. W. prev. S. and SW. Rys. G.W. and L. & S. W. LV. (G.W. Docks), 2,616 tons net, 4,021 tons gross at LW. There are three mercantile harbs. at Plymouth, viz. :-Cattewater, Sutton, and the G. W. Docks. Cattewater Harb. (Auth. Harb. Commrs.) is formed by the mouth of the river Plym, and has an area of about 200 acres. Anchorage for the largest ships afloat at LW. There are numer. ous wet and floating docks entering from this harbour. LV. was of 4,600 tons, LWST. There is about 2,2coft of quayage space around the harb. There are two wharves with 24ft and 22ft at LWST, belonging to Messrs. Burnard & Alger ; total length, 66oft ; minimum depth, 24ft at LWOST. Two hydraulic cranes listing 30cwt each ; height of jib from wharf, 6oft ; radius, 33st ; speed of grain discharge, 60 tons per hour. Ample fire-proof warehouses ; accommodation for ritrate of soda, grain, guano, &c. L. & S.W. Ry. on wharves. Sutton Harb. (Auth. Sutton Harb. Impt. Co.) is entered from Cattewater Harb., about one-third up its entrance on N. side. The entrance to it is between two piers, Soft apart ; depth at HWST. 22ft; the greater part consisting of mud, dries. Area of harbour 27 acres, depth at entrance at LWST. 4ft. It has about 1,200yds. of quayage. W. prev. W. are from to SW.; but the harb., being well sheltered, is at all times free from danger. LV. at HW., during the past 20 years, range from 900 to 1,400 tons burthen. Great Western Docks (Auth. G.W. Ry. Co.), at Mill Bay, consist of an outer basin of 53 acres area, protected by a pier from the E. point of entrance ; within this is a pontoon pier. Depth from 24 to 14 fathoms at HWST, and if to 12}st at NT. On the W. side of Mill Bay is a pier goost long, alongside which vessels of 24st dft. can lie afloat. The Inner Basin, or wet dock, has an entrance Soft wide, is 1,200ft long, 5ooft wide, and a depth of 22ft at HWOST., 18st at ONT.; area 13 acres. LV. at LWOST., ss. Tower Hill, 2,616 tons net, 4,021 gross.

There is about 7,000ft of quayage space. W. prev, S, and SW, The Harb. of Hamoaze is reserved for H.M, ships. Dry docks, &c., as follows :

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There is every accn. for shipping.

Charges.-Harb. dues, il vessel for Cobler buoy. Cattewater dues. Rates on goods and vessels. Rates for use of mooring chains 1/ and 2/6 day, according to size. Sutton Haró, rates on goods anu vessels. 'Great Western Docks, cranage. Weighbridge. Mooring buoys and chains. Special.

Pilotage.-District. To the westward as far as Looe, and

eastward as far as the Start. Rates (per foot dít). From an imaginary line drawn from the Mewstone to Penlee Poin :

To Ply-

To Το To To To
Cawsand mouth Catte-

To Sal.

Hamo- Mill Yealın Bay, and Sound water, Pool, aze, and Bay, and River,

combe, vice

and vice and vice and vice and rice vice

and vice rice

verså. verså. versá. verså. versi. verså. versi. versi.

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N14ft and

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:::::8 al upwards.

3/0 4/

03/ 30 26 30 2/6

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0 30 216 5/0 4/0 5/0 4
2/0 16 2/6 20

30 40 30 30
3/6 2/6 36 26 3/6 2/6 3/6 2/6 3/6 26
36 2/6 36 26 36 2/6 36 26
1/6 1/6 3626

36 26
36 2/6 3/6 26

36 | 26

A. On ships boarded or quitted without those limits. B. On ships boarded or quitted within those limits. C. Cawsand Bay. D. Plymouth Sound. E. Cattewater. F. Sutton Pool. G. Hamoaze.

All ships drawing less than Sft pay for Sft. Ships returning by stress of weather, contrary winds, or on account of accident, into ports within the Plymouth district, are subject to half the common. pilotage. Distance pilotage :

[blocks in formation]





For vessels of less
than 15ft draught 28/ 421


79/ 84! For vessels of 15ft water and above 42 63/

84 95'' 105/ | 116 Should any ship above 17ft dft. be boarded while the Western Land is open off the Ram Head, by one of the second-class pilots, and. he runs the ship as far in as either of the buoys on the Panther or Shovel, and is there superseded by one of the first-class, he is entitled to one-third of the pilotage. If a master retain or employ a pilot whilst at anchor, the rate for the lay-days is 7/6 a day.

Towage.- Vessels of 250 tons, from Sound to docks £1 ios ; 1,000 tons 63; 2,000, £5.

Officials.-Cattewater, Clerk to Commrs., S. Cater; Harb..
Master, Capt. T. T. Short : Sutton, Clerk to Sutton Harb. Impt.
Co., T. Wolserstan; Harb. Mast., Capt. T. T. Short ; Coll., W.
Warmington : Great Western Docks, Supt. at Mill Bay, J. Rooney.
Dock Mast., T. Radford ; Pier Master, W. Cutclifle.
Hotels.-" Royal,"

,"“ Duke of Cornwall,” “ Grand.” POLPERRO, Cornwall. Lat. 50° 19' N; long. 4 31 W.

Dry at LW. High water at f. and c. 5h 2om. POOLE, Dorset. "Lat. 50° 44' N ; long. 1° 58' W. Pop.

12,310. Auth. Mayor, Aldermen, and Burgesses, under Act of Parliament. P. NC. THW. gh rom, oh 45m; Sp. rise 64ft ; N. rise 4fft. D. 6ft LWST. W. prev. E. and SÉ.

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