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Towage.--By agreement.

Officials.--Clerk to Conservancy Board, R. Prall ; Harb. Master, Capt. Wildash ; Coll. of Tolls, D. Freeland ; Coll. at Sheerness, E. W. Brightman ; Coll. of H.M. Cust., C. Costello.

Hotels." Bull," "Royal Crown."
ROCHFORD, Essex. A port attached to Leigh, under the

Port of London. Situated on the Roche, 4 miles N. of Southend. D. HWST. gft, HWNT. 6ft.

Official.-Cust. Officer, T. H. Barbrook.
ROGERS TOWN PIER, Co. Dublin. On the River Rogers-

town, 9 miles N. of Howth. Auth. Owner, T. Carey, of Rush. Used by boats up to 40 tons.

Charges.--Dues id per ton.
ROSĚHEARTY, Aberdeenshire. Lat. 57° 42' N; long. 2° 6'

30" W. THW. f. and c. 12h om. Auth. Commrs. under Act 38 and 39 Vict. 1875. There are two harbs., the Western and the Eastern, or Port Rae Harb. The W. pier is 285ft long, carried into 13ft ST. ; area of harb. is about 2

Port Rae pier is 6ooft long, carried into host at HW. Boats are drawn up by a steam engine. W. prev. from NW. round to E. northerly.

Charges.--4d per ton reg. on all vessels loading or unloading ; 2d per ton on vessels windbound.

Pilotage.-3d per ton, with extra for men on piers.
Officials.-Clerk, C. Stevenson ; Harb. Master, A. Ritchie.
Hotel.-"Forbes Arms."
ROSS, Co. Cork. A pier in Bantry Bay, under authority of

Grand Jury.
Official.-Harb. Const., J. Smyth.
ROSS, NEW.-See New Ross.
ROSSCARBERY, Co. Cork. Rosscarbery Bay. Unsuitable

for ships, being silted up. ROSSLARE, Co. Wexford, Ireland. In connection with Wex.

ford and the railway system of Ireland. Auth. Commrs. under Prov. Order, 32 and 33 Vict., c. 61. Accn. Area 6 acres, formed by a pier and breakwater 1, Sooft long, carried into a depth of 20ft LWST. D. at entrance 2oft LW., and 26st at HWST. W. prev. S. and SW., but harb. is well sheltered. Cranes, one 10 ton and one 30 cwt. steam. A lireboat station. Extension works are being carried on.

Official.-Sec., H. E. Wynne.
ROSTREVOR, Co. Down, Ireland. Carlingford Bay. Auth.

Owner, The Hon. A. S. G. Canning. Accn. A
pier 12oft long; width 9 to 12ft at HW.; dry at LW. W. prev.
ROTHESAY, Island of Bute. On NE. coast of island, and

affording a good anchorage. Quay 6oost. D. 9 to 14st LW., and 17 to 22ft HW. Used by vessels drawing 12ft. There is a 4 ton crane. RUNCORN. On the Mersey. Lat. 53° 20' N ; long. 3° 16' W.

Pop. 17,000. Auth. Bridgwater Ea Old Quay Docks ; Bridgwater Nav. Co.; Weston Point Docks; Weaver Trustees ; Widnes Dock; L. & N.W. Ry. Co.; Ellesmere Port; Shropshire Union Ry, Ry. L. & N.W. Westbank Dock, a small dock belonging to the trustees of the late John Hutchinson. Bridgwater Docks, Manchester Ship Canal Co. Seven wet docks

and a gridiron 150 x 40ft., charge being 20/ for first day, and 15/ for each succeeding day. D. Sp. 16st 6in, and N. roft. Charges. same as Liverpool Pilotage same as Liverpool. Towage : vessels with cargoes for the docks, towed 'free. Weston Point Docks, three, about 6} acres. w of E. 5ost. D. 19st over sill HWST. W.prev. Westerly. These docks can only be entered at HW. LV. 300 tons. Charges 4d per ton dockage rates. Widnes Dock about ii acre. W. of E. 22st. D. 12ft ST. LV. 180 tons. No vessels enter at LW. Ellesmere Fort Docks about 3 acres. W. of E. 33st. D. about 14ft. Patent slip for vessels of 300 tons.

Charges. -Harbour dues, i}d to id, dockage 4d per ton.
Towage.-Vessels loaded with cargoes for docks, free.

Officials. Bridgwater, Agent, John Meadowcroft ; Dock Master, W. Garnett; IVeston Point, Gen. Man. Weaver Trust., T. B. Hughes; Widnes, Gen. Man. L. & N.W. Ry., G. Findlay ; Ellesmere Port, Coll. of H.M. Cust., F. Samons.

Hotel.-“ Royal."
RUSH, Co. Dublin. A tidal harb., with a pier with return end

IIovds long. Auth, Owner, Sir R. Palmer. D. 10 to 14ft HW. LV. 120 tons coal laden. RYDE, Isle of Wight. Lat. 50° 44' 25" N ; long. 1° 9' 20" W.

A railway pier, 788vds long, carried out to host LWST. Auth. The Ryde Pier Co. W. prev. SE. RYE, Sussex. Situated on the Rother. Lat. 50° 8' N; long.

0° 7' 44" E. THW. f. and c. uh 20m. D. at LWST. is about 2st, and 18st at HWST. Nearly all the works connected with the port are in fair condition ; the entrance, formerly blocked up by sand, is now decidedly better. W. prev, and most dangerous S to w. The largest vessels entering have been !3ft dft. Auth. Harb. Commrs., executing the office of the Lord High Admiral, under Statutes i Wm. IV, c. 135, and 3 Wm. IV., c. 67. A lifeboat station.

Charges.-8d per ton reg. ; ships seeking refuge 2/6 per mooring post. Officials.-Clerk, Wm. Dawes ; Harb. Master, Wm. Geo. Rubie. Hotels.--"George” and “ Cinque Port Arms." ST. AGNES.-See Scilly. ST. ANDREWS, Fiseshire. Lat. 56° 20' N; long. 2° 47' W.

39 miles NE. of Edinburgh. Ry. N.B. THW. r. and c. 2h 2om. Auth. Town Council. Accn. Outer harb. 228ft x 300ft has an entrance 6oft wide, and the inner harb. 560 x 134 has an entrance 29) wide. En. dries at LW, and Ď. at HW. is about 13ft in the Lower Harb. and ust in the Upper Harb. Vessels of 400 tons enter at HWST. W. most dang. NE. to SE,

Charges.—2d per ton reg.

Pilotage.-Coastwise 3d per ton reg. in and out. Foreign 5d per ton in and out.

Officials.—Town Clerk, S.Grace, Esq. Harb. Master, James Deas.

Hotels.-" Cross Keys," “ Royal Hotel,” Alexandra, “Marine,” “St. Regulus,” and “Imperial.'

ST. AUBINS.-See Channel Islands.
ST. DAVID'S, Fiseshire. Frith of Forth. Auth. Trustees ot

the late G. W. Henderson. Accn. A small harb. used by vessels of light draught entering from half flood. W. prev. W.

Charges.—Dues id per ton.

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10 ton crane.

ST. HELEN'S, Isle of Wi:ht. A tidal harb. D. HWST. 15st,

HWNT. uft. Official.-Rec. and Man., F. M. Coldwells. ST. HELEN'S POOL.-See Scilly. ST. HELIER.-See Channel Islands. ST. IVES, Corowall. Lat. 50° 12' N ; long. 5° 28' W. Auth.

Corporation, under Acts 1853, 1862, and 1886, and order of 1888. THW. f. and c. 5h om. Accn. Harb. protected by a breakwater 50oft long. Area sheltered is about 55 acres. Dry at LWST. Vessels of 400 tons enter at HW. D. at HWST iSit at pierhead. W. prev. S to W. and most dang. NNE. to E.

Officials.-Harb. Master, S. Barber.

Hotels.--"Tregenna Castle," "Western,' Queen's," and " White Hart.”

The stone pier is being extended 28oft true south from the seaward end.

ST. JUST POOL. A creek under Port of Falmouth.
Charges.-Same rates.
ST. MARGARET'S HOPE, Orkneys. A creek under Kirk-

wall in the I. of S. Ronaldsha.
ST. MARTIN'S.-See Scilly.
ST. MARY'S.-See Scilly.
ST. MAWES, Cornwall. Lat. 50° 9' N ; long. 5° 0' W.

Auth. Pier and Harb. Co., under Act 17 and . 18 Vic. Accn. 9 to 14st LWST, but there is only ist at LW at pier head. LV. 300 tons. THW. 5h 7m. ST. MICHAEL'S MOUNT, Cornwall. A granite rock in

Mount's Bay. Harb. dries at LW. D. at HWST 15ft. W. prev. W., most dang. SSE. to WSW. Auth. Owner, Sir John St. Aubyn. ST. MONANCE, or St. Monans, Fifeshire. Frith of Forth.

Lat. 56° 12' 30" N ; long. 3° 46' 15" W. Auth. Corporation, in virtue ot a Feu Charter by Wm. Sandelandis, of St. Monance, dated 28 Oct., 1622, and Sasine thereon of the same date, and recorded in the General Register of Sasines 30 Oct., 1622. A small harb. used principally by fishing boats, diy at LW. W. prev, and most dang. E and SE.

ST. PETER'S PORT.-See Channel Islands.
ST. SAMPSONS.-See Channel Islands.
SALCOMBE, Devonshire. Lat. 50° 13' N ; long. 3° 46' W.

Ry. G.W. in course of construction. Auth. Commissioners, by lease from Duchy of Cornwall for 21 years from June 1882. Accn. ill on bar LWNT and oft at LWST, 19ft at HWNT, and 24ft at HWST. W. most dang. SE., S. and SW. THW. f. and c. 5h 41m. Ample quayage both at Salcombe and at Kingsbridge, 4 miles up the estuary. A lifeboat station. Steamers. carrying passengers and cargo twice a week to Plymouth.

Charges.- None.
Official.-Harb. Master, Wm. Cook.
Hotel.-“ Marine."
SALTCOATS, Ayrshire. On the Clyde. Ry. G. and S. W.

Tr. Export trade in coals and salt. SALTERNS WHARF, Dorsetshire. A wharf in Pool Harb. SALTFLEET, Lincolnshire. 33 miles NE. of Lincoln. A

place much decayed. Dry at LW. W. prev. NNW. to SE. THW. f. and c. 5h 45m. A lifeboat station.

SALTNEY (See Chester). Railway wharves belonging to the

GW. Ry. Co. SANDA, Orkneys, in Sanda Island. Auth. Orkneys Steam

Nav, Co., under Prov. Order. Accn. A stone pier, 200ft long, carried out to 6ft LWST. W. prev. SE., most dang. SW. SANDICROFT (see Chester). A small dock and wharf on the

River Dee belonging to the Sandicroft Foundry Co. SANDHAVEN, Aberdeenshire. 2 miles from Fraserburgh.

Auth. The Hon. J. Forbes Trefusis, under Prov. Orders of 1873 and 1881. Accn. Area 14 acres.

D. at entrance 3 to uft, according to tide.

SANDSEND. A creek under the Port of Whitby SANDSIDE HARBOUR, W of Thurso, Caithness. A small

harb. with two good piers. Dry at LW. SANDWICH, Kent. II miles E. of Canterbury. Auth.

Corporation, under Act 1847. Harb. is much choked, and has lost its importance. The channel is narrow and tortuous, and only available for vessels of 12ft. draught. W. most dang. SE., S. and W. In Saxon times this was the most important port in England. SAUNDERSFOOT, Pembrokeshire. Lat. 51° 43' N ; long.

4° 42' W. Ry. Pembroke and Tenby. Auth. Owner, C. R. Vickerman, Esq., of Hean Castle, under Act 10 Geo. IV., c. 108. Accn. A small tidal harb. used by coasters up to 400 tons, and having a depth of 17st at HWST. and host at HWNT. Good quayage, with 3-ton crane.

Charges.-Harb. dues ad per ton reg.
Pilotage.-As per agreement, about 10/ per 100 tons.
Official.-Harb. Master, E. J. Harvey.
Hotel.- "Hean Castle."
SCALLOWAY. A creek under Port of Lerwick, W. coast

Scotland, D. HWST. 24st; HWNT. 17ft. THW, f. and c. 9h 30m.

Official.-Coll., 0. Jamieson.
SCARBORO', Yorkshire. Lat. 54° 18' N ; long o° 25' W. Pop.

30,504. Auth. Harb. Commissioners, under Acts 1813 and 1876. P. NC. THW. f. and c. 4h um ; Sp. rise 15ft ; N. rise git; R. of N. 8!ft. D. Entrance dry at ST. W. prev. SW.; most dangerous SE. to E. Ry. N.E. Tr.-I. Timber and ice. LV. ss. 715 reg. tons; dft. of largest sailing vessel 15 ft. Accn. The harb. is formed by the E. Old or Vincent and W. piers enclosing two independent harbs., the outer of 54 acres, the inner of 9 acres. The bottom throughout is fine sand. Both harbs. are dry at LW. At ST. there is about 18ft of water. Vessels of 12ft dft. can enter_and be berthed during ST., and those of oft during NT. En.-Outer Harb., boom entrance NE. 4 E., 33st wide, bridge entrance E. by S. & S., 33ft wide ; Inner Harb., NE. # N., Icost wide. There is also a floating dock coft long, 33}ft wide, with 13ft ST., and 8ft NT. Both harbours are dry at LW., and vessels should not charter for this port unless p:epared to take the ground whether at a quay, berth, or other.

Charges.- Harb. dues under 50 tons ad per ton, over 50 tons 3d per ton. Dues on coal landed 60 ton. Corporation dues 16 each vessel. Coal delivered 7!d ton. Vessels in ballast sheltering id per ton.

Pilotage.--District not defined. Rates as per agreement. No fixed rate. Usual charge 10) to £i ios, according to size.

Towage.-1/ per keel.

Officials.-Clerk to Commrs., J. Stephenson ; Harb. Master, W. Shaw; Coll. of H.M. Cust., J. M. Cumberland,

Hotels." Queen's, Royal, "“ Grand," “ Castle,” &c. SCHULL, Co. Cork. (See Skibbereen.) 8 miles NE, from

Fastnet Rock. A safe harb., sheltered from Sw. to SE. Anchorage is from 18ít to 2ift.

Official.-Harb. Const., D. W. O'Regan.
SCILLY. A group of islands 24 miles W-W. of Land's End.

Lat. 49° 31' and 50° N; long. between 6° 1' and 6° 30' W. Pop. 2,000. P. NC. THW. f. and c. 4h 30m; Sp. rise 16st ; N. rise 12lt; Equinoctial_tides rise 2oft. D. LWST. 15 to 3oft ; LWM. 181t to 33ft. Tr.-I. Timber, coals, four, bread, and general merchandise; E. Potatoes and lobsters. Accn. The Scilly Islands consist of 48 islands, but of these only five, viz. : - St. Mary's, St. Agnes, St. Martin's, Trescow, and Bryer are inhabited. These five islands possess several harbs. for vessels capable of taking the ground, and also one for ships of large dit., viz., St. Mary's Road. This harb. affords shelter from all winds, except those from the westward between WNW. and SW. The anchorage here is between the island of St. Mary and that of Samson, and has five entrances. The general depths are from 6 to 13 sai homs. The other harbs. of note are Old and New Grimsby and St. Helen's Pool.

Charges.- Anchor dues 2/4 per vessel. Keelage id per ton.

Pilotage.--District. To and from, into and out of, all ports and places in and about the islands of Scilly. Rates. On vessels from or bound to Foreign Ports of 60 tons and under, £2 2s; 70 tons, £2 4s 60 ; 80, 62 75; 90, £2 9s 6d ; 100, £2 125 6d ; 110, £2 155 1od ; 120, £ 2 195 2d ; 130, £3 2s 60 ; 140, 23 55 rod; 150, £3 9s 2d ; 160, £3 12s 6d ; 170, £3 155 10d ; 180, £3 195 2d ; 190, £425 60 ; 200, £4 45 ; 210, £475 40 ; 220, £4 ios 8d ; 230, £4 145 ; 240, £4 175 40 ; 250, £5 os 8d ; 260, £5 45 ; 270, £5 75 40 ; 280, 25 ios 8d ; 290, £5 145 ; 300, 65 155 6d ; 310, £5 16s 6d ; 320, 45 175 60 ; 330, £5 18s 6d ; 340, £5 195 td; 350, £6 os 6d; 360, £6 is 6d ; 370, £6 2s 60 ; 380, 46 3s 6d ; 390, £6 4s 6d ; 400, £6 6s; 410, 46 ios; 420, 26 145; 430, £6 18s ; 440, £7 28 ; 450, £7 6s; 460, £7 ios ; 470, £7 145 ; 480, £7 188 ; 490, £8 28; 500, £86s; 510, £898; 520, £8 128 ; 530, £8 159 ; 540, £8 18s; 550, £9 Is ; 560, £9 48 ; 570, £9 75 ; 580, £9 108 ; 590, 29 138 ; 600, £9 165; 610, £9 185 60; 620, £10 is ; 630, £10 3s 6d ; 640, £10 6s; 650, £10 8s 6d ; 660, £10 LIS; 670, £ 10 13s 6d ; 680, £10 168 ; 690, £10 185 60; 700, £11 is; 710, £u 3s; 720, L1 58; 730, £u 78; 740, £1198; 750, £u us ; 760, L11 135 ; 770, £IT 155 ; 780, ki 175 ; 790, 211 198 ; 800, £ 12 is; 810, £12 2s 60 ; 820, £12 45 ; 830, £12 5s 6d ; 840, £12 75 ; 850, £ 12 8s 60 ; 860, £12 ios ; 870, £12 Ils 6d ; 880, £12 13s ; 890, £ 12 145 6d ; 900, £12 168 ; and an additional is for every ro tons above 900. On Coasting Vessels of 60 tons and under £1; 70 tons, ki 2s 60 ; 80, £1 58 ; 90, £1 75 6d ; 100, £1 108; 10, £1 12s 6d ; 120, £1158; 130, Li 175 60 ; 140, £2'; 150, £2 2s 60 , 160, £2 55 ; 170, £2 7s 60 ; 180, £ 2 Tos; 190, £2 TIS; 200, £2 128 6d ; 210, £2 153 10d ; 220, £2 195 2d í 230, £3 2s 6d ; 240, £3 5s rod ; 250, £3 95 2d ; 260, £3 12s 6d ; 270,

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