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SOUTHWICK.-See Shoreham.
SOUTHWOLD, Suffolk. Lat. 52° 20' N; long. 1° 39' E.

Situated at the mouth of the Blythe, 28m NE. of Ipswich. Auth. Commissioners under Acts of Parliament 20 and 30 Geo. II. ; 29 and 49 Geo. III. ; and an Act of 1830. Ry. Southwold Ry., nearest station Halesworth, GE. A decaying harb., with dilapidated piers. THW. at f. and c. 1oh 20m.

Official.-Harb. Master, W. Blowers.
Hotels.—"Centre Cliff,” “Swan," and “Crown"
SPALDING, Lincolnshire. Situate on the River Welland,

15m SW. from Clayhole in Boston Deeps. THW. f. and c. 7h zom. Auth. The River Welland Outfall Trustees. D. of water at Sp., 7ft 10 gst. Vessels up to 6oft in length can swing. Accn. Two ship carpenters and slipways.

Charges.--River Welland dues, 9d per ion, on the reg. of the veisel. Coals and road materials 6d per ion; cake manure and other merchandise, is per ton.

Pilotage.-Clayhole to Fosdyke Bridge, under Sít, 1/9 per ft ; over 8st, 2 per st ; Fosdyke Bridge to Spalding, 1/ per st.

Officials.-Clerks, Bonner & Calthrop, solicitors, Spalding ; Harb. Master, Joseph Atkin. Hotels.-" White Hart,

"“Red Lion." SPITHEAD.-A roadstead of the English Channel, between

Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight, facing Portsmouth Harb. About iom in length and 4 in breadth, and could hold 1,000 vessels in safety, and is the principal rendezvous of the British navy. THW. at f. and c. 11h 20m. STAIRHAVEN, Ayrshire, Scotland. Auth. Owner, Earl of

Stair. A small harb. dry at LW., with 14ft HWST and 8st at HWNT. Used by coasters. STARLEYBURN, N. side of Frith of Forth. A small harb.,

fallen into disuse except for the occasional shipping of stones by a quarry tenant of the proprietor, the Earl of Morton. STAXIGOL, Caithness, near Wick. There is a stone pier, dry at

LW., at this place. STIRLING, Stirlingshire, Scotland. Lat. 56° 6'N ; long. 3° 59'

W., situated at the head of the Frith of Forth. Rys. Cal. and N.B. No harb. auth. THW. f. and c. 3h 52m.

Official.-Harb. Master, W. M Dickson.
STOCKTON-ON-TEES, Durham. (See also Middlesboro?)

Lat. 54° 34' N; long. 1° 16' W. Pop. 41,015. Auth. Tees Conservancy Commissioners. P. NC. THW. 4h 25ın ; Sp. rise ufft; N. rise 8jft. D. on bar 171ft ; ST. 18ft ; NT. 14t. Vessels drawing 13 to 15st have entered at LWST. W. Prev. N. and E. and NE. Ry. N.E. Tr.-A large I. and E. (specially minerals). LV. 3,200 tons.

Charges.—Port charges on ships. Light tolls id ton, steam and sail. Anchorage dues 2/6 every vessel. Mooring dues d ton. River tolls on ships vary from 1}d to 6d ton. Tolls on goods, minerals, &c.

Pilotage.-See Middlesboro'.
Towage.-To or from sea, light, 6d per ton ; loaded 7d per ton.

Officials.-Sec. to Commrs., J. H. Amos ; Harb. Master, Capt. W. F. Marshall ; Coll. of H.M. Cust., J. R. Owen.

Hotels.—” Vane Arms,” “Black Boy,” &c.

prev. SW.

STOCKWITH, Lincolnshire, under Port of Gainsboro'. D.

HWS. 13ft ; HWN. 7st. Charges.-Dock dues, 5/ per vessel. STOLFORD BEACH.-See Bridgwater. STONEHAVEN, Kincardineshire. Lat. 56° 58' N; long. 2°

12' W. THW. f. and c. th iom. Auth. Harb. Bd. under Act 20th May, 1825, and Prov. Order confirmed by Act 10th Aug. 1882. Harb. nearly dries at LW., with 13ft HWST. and oft HWNT., and is used by vessels up to 200 tons. Quayage 350ft.

Charges.-2d per ton inwards or outwards. Cargo id per ton reg. In ballast, id per ton. Harbour lights, windbound id per ton.

Pilotage.--30 to 50 tons, 5/ ; 50 to 60 tons, 6/; 60 to so tons, 71 ; 80 to 100 tons, 9/ ; 100 to 120 tons, 10/.

Officials.-Harb. Master, A. Laing ; Berthing Master, John Duncan. STORNOWAY, Island of Lewis. Lat. 58° 1' 28" N ; long

22' 10" W. Pop. 3,200. Auth. Harbour Commissioners, incorporated by Act 28 and 29 Vic. c. 76. P. NC. THW. 6h 46m ; Sp. rise 13}ft ; N. rise 9fft. D. There is no bar. En, to harb. 8 fathoms. W.

Ry. H. (D. & S.) Tr.-I. Timber, salt, tar, coal, cement, bricks, four, &c. ; E. Herrings, cured cod and ling, fish, eggs, cattle, &c. LV. 2,722 reg. ton. ; largest dft. 25ft. Vessels of 3,800 tons have anchored in the harb. Accn. Stornoway lies in a deep loch or bay on E. coast of Island of Lewis, and has an area of 150 acres of anchorage, sheltered from all winds. General depth of water 18 to 36ft ; a bottom of sand and mud. There are about booyds of quay wall, and a LW. pier. There is also a patent slip, 14oft long, 24st wide. H. of T., ST. 9st ; NT. 5ft. There are several warehouzes. Coal hulks moored in outer harbour.

Charges.-Harb. dues 3d ton ; in ballast and not loading cargo 1 d. ton. No dues charged on steamers coaling or windbound.

Pilotage.-District not defined. Rates by agreement.
Towage.--As per agreement.

Officials.-Secs., W. and J. Ross; Harb. Master, Thomas Morison ; Collector, W. Lees; Supt. of Cust., W. Callender. Lloyd's Agent.–Stornoway is within 20 miles of the Butt of Lewis, at which point a Lloyd's signal station is about to be erected. Telegraphic communication now extends to Barra Head, and to several points of the W. coast of Lewis. STRANGFORD, Co. Down, Ireland, six miles from Down

patrick. Auth. Owner, Lieut.-Gen. Lord de Ros, under letters patent of 7th Oct., 1514. Harbour is used by vessels of up to 600 tons. D. ust LWST., and 3 fathoms on Pladdy Bar at LWST.

Charges.-Quayage 2d per ton reg. Plankage 1/ to 2/6. Bal. last 1/ per ton. Anchorage 1/ to 5/.

Pilotage.--Per agreement.
Officials.—Harb. Master, G. Swail.
STRANRAER, Wigtown. Lat. 54° 54' 40" N ; long. 5° 1' 40"

W. Pop. 6,342. Auth. Town Council, as Harbour Commissioners, acting under Harbour Act, 1847, and Burgh Harbours Act (Scot.), 1853. THW. (Loch Ryan) uh 12m ; Sp. rise uift; N. rise 8ft. D. on bar or entrance and in channel, 3ft at LW. W. most dangerous N. and NW. Ry. Cal. (Port Patrick),

and Ayrton and Wigtownshire. Tr.--I. Timber, coal, provisions, manure, &c. ; E. Agricultural produce. LV. about 300 tons. Accn. Being a tidal harb. no vessels can enter at LW. Stranraer at the head of a loch has two piers extending into the sea, of which the eastern is Sooyds long, with a depth of Ost at LW. Extensive and secure anchorage in roadstead.

Charges.-Harbour dues, 50 to 100 tons reg., 3}d ton ; 100 to 150 tons, 4 d ; 150 to 200 toris, 5d ; 200 tons and upwards, 6d. Vessels in ballast Id ton.

Pilotage.--District not defined. Rates. Roadstead to harb. and vice verså, 5/ per vessel.

Towage.- None.

Officials.-Town Clerk and Clerk to Commrs., W. Black ; Coll. of H. M. Cust., R. Caldwell. STRANTON, Durham. A small port 2 miles SW. from W.

Hartlepool. STROMNESS, Hoy Sound, Pomona, Orkneys. On SW.

coast of the island. A safe harb. with a pier, having soft at LWST. alongside. Auth. Commissioners under the Orkney Piers and Harbours Act, 1872. Used by steamers up to 470 tons. There are two patent slipways. A lifeboat station. THW. at f. and c. gh om. STRONTIAN, Loch Sunart, Argyllshire. A small harbour

visited by coasting vessels. STROOD, Kent, on the Medway, a suburb of Rochester, which SUNDERLAND, Durham. At the mouth of the river Wear.

Lat. 54° 54' N ; long. 1° 22'W. Pop. 116,548. Auth. The river Wear Commissioners are Conservators of Port and are the owners of the South docks. The N.E. Ry. Co. own the North dock. Graving docks as below. THW. 3h 22m ; Sp. rise 14fft ; N. rise unft ; Ř. of N. 7ft. D. in channel between the docks and the sea, generally, HWŠT. 25}ft ; NT. 22ft. Ry. N.E. Tr.1. Timber, grain, iron ore, &c. ; E. Coals and coke, patent fuel, iron, bottles, glass, &c. There are the following Docks:

Depth of Water on No. of

Sills of Sea Gate.


Water Area.

Width of



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R. Wear Com. Dks.


ft. in. ft. in.
N. Tidal Basin
N. Half-tide do.
Hudson Dk. N.

Hendon Dk.
Sea Lock, 48oft long,
goft wide

65 South Outlet


Length. Breadth.

Dk. }'6
(Wearmouth, N.)

580 Total Dock Area... 84 There are numerous coal staiths; many iron shipbuilding yards, and marine engineering works. Warehouse accommodation. Timber yards. All connected with railway (N. E. Co.). Steam and hydraulic cranes. Steam shears. Extensive wharfage and quayage space.

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No. 2

. 427 250 300 300 400 320 600

ft. 45 60 45 49 43

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60 42 405 48


ft. R. Wear Com. No. 1 South

164 Do.

169 S. P. Austin & Son Wear

154 J. Laing Deptford

16 Do. Cornhill

175 134 R. Thompson & Sons Bridge Strand Slipway Co. |(Slipway)

for ships up 'to 1,200 tons. Charges. - Port tonnage dues Id to 3d ton. Vessels launched 4d ton. Lighthouse dues Id ton. Refuge dues Idd ton. Port duty on coal. Anchorage and beaconage 1/2 ship. River watch id ton. Port dues on goods. - South Dock rates : Tonnage. Through toll on coal and goods carried through docks. Dock watermen, 100 tons 3/ ton; 200 tons 5/6 ton ; above 200 tons }d reg. ton. in addi. tion. These charges include all mooring. - North Deck. Tonnage rates from 2d to 60 ton inwards, and 3d, id, and 2d ton outwards.

Pilotage.—District. From Souter Point to Ryhope Dene, and the whole port and harb. of Sunderland. Rates. For all vessels into or out of Sunderland 1/6 foot. In addition to these pilotage dues, vessels above 350 tons reg. pay ?d ton on the excess of reg. tonnage over and above that number of tons.

Towage.--Inwards. —Sailing vessels from within the ballast buoys to any part of the docks or river below the bridge ifd; when a second tug is employed, id additional; sailing vessels from within the piers either to the docks or river id; steam vessels from sea either to docks or river id reg. ton. All vessels under 80 reg. tons, either to docks or river ios each. Outwards. --Sailing vessels from any part of the South Docks to sea, or from the North Dock to sea by the river 1d (when two tugs are employed, 50 per cent. additional for the whole towage service); sailing vessels from any tier or berth in or below the rack to sea, either by river or through the dock 1}d (should the vessel remain in the dock over the tide, then Id per reg. ton; and when towed to sea, the outward rate of itd); steam vessels to sea, either from the docks or river or through the docks id reg. ton. All vessels under 80 reg. tons, either from the docks or river 10' each. Harbour Towage, &c. All vessels from any ballast wharf to any tier or berth in or below the rack, up to 240 tons jd ; for each ton above 240 tons d (no less charge than 5/ per vessel); all vessels from any part of the North or South Docks, to, in, or below the rack, up or down d (no less charge than 7/6 per vessel); a'l vessels from the North Docks to the Commissioners' Graving Docks, or any part of the South Docks each way fd; all vessels from any tier or berth in or below the rack to any tier below, up to 240 tons hd, for each ton above 240 d (no less charge than 5/ per vessel); all vessels from the Commissioners' Graving Docks to any part of the South Docks 4d reg. ton. These rates do not apply beyond the limits of the port,

Officials.-River Wear Commrs., Gen. Man, and Treas., C. H. Dodels; Clerk and Sec., J. G. Morr's; Harb. Masters, W. Gaudie and D. Wright ; Traffic Man., T. Atkinson ; Dock Master, P. Wilson ; Deputy Dock Master, H. J. Bearlle : N.E. Ry. Co. North Dock,

Goods Agent, W. Bryans ; Coll. and Min. Agent, E. Knox ; Dock
Master, Capt. T. Legender ; Coll. of H. M. Cust., W. G. McLean.

SUNDERLAND, NORTH. - See North Sunderland.
SUTAN or CHURCH BAY.-An open beach on NE. side of

Holyhead Bay.
SUTTON BRIDGE.- See Wisbech.
SUTTON WASH.-A creek under Wisbech.
SWANAGE, Dorsetshire. Lat. 50° 58' N; long. 1° 37' W.

THW. f. and c. 9h. Ry. S.W. Auth. Pier Co. A stone and timber pier, 439ft long, carried into 7st at LW, D. at HW. 14st. A 5-ton crane.

Charges.-Average 6d per ton. Passengers id each.
Official.- Pier Master, Thos. Dixon.
Hotel.-"Royal Victoria."
SWANSEA, Glamorgan. Lat. 51° 34' N ; long. 3° 57' W.

Pop. 100,000. Auth. Harbour Trust, under provisions of the Commissioners Clauses Act, 1847, and the Incorporating Act, 17 and 18 Vic. c. 126. P. Optional outwards ; C. inwards. THW. f. and c. at the Mumble; 6h 17m; Equi. noctial Sp. rise 31st; OSp. rise 27 ft ; N. rise 20 ft ; R. of N. 133ft. W. prev. SW. ; most dangerous ESE. Rys. G.W., L. & N.W., and M. Tr.-1. Timber, deals, all kinds of ores, copper, silver, iron, &c., grain, pig-iron, Americin produce, &c. ; E. Coals, patent fuel, coke, culm, tin plates, and general manufactures. LV. s.s. Duke of Westminster, 3.726 gross reg. tons, sailing vessel, New York, 2,699 net tons. Accn. Docks, &c. :

Half-tide Basins.


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480 i

Dry and Graving Docks :

D. of W.

Name. Length. Breadth. on



ft. Swansea Dry Dks. & En

Albion gineering Co., Ld. }

s North 425 15 to 17

Dock Central Graving Dock & Engineering Co. Central


14 to 22 Harbour. Harris Bros.



18 River. Do.



17 Swansea Dry Dks. & En. Globe

SS. Dock gineering Co., Ld.

13 to 22

Basin J. Lewis.. Jersey 240

II to 21

River. W. Meager.


10 to 17

Do. G. B. Meager & Co.... Villiers 280

7 to 14

Do. There are 17,13oft of quayage space. Most modern hydraulic

350 176 156 400




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