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appliances for quick despatch, ample warehouse accn. transit sheds, sidings, &c. Docks connected with railways direct. Cranes to 6 tons, shears to lift 30 tons.

Charges.—Tonnage dues vary from nothing to od ton (steamers trading to ports of North America are charged half the published rates). Wharfage rates on goods. Cranage. Low level railway tolls. Repairing vessels and vessels “seeking " free. Discharging ballast. Charges for use of stiffening booms.

Pilotage.- District. Swansea Harb., &c., and so much of the Bristol Channel as is included within the following limits, viz. : North of the line of the Nash Lights in one,” and east of an imaginary line running north and south of a point four miles westward of the Helwick Light Vessel, near Worms Head. Compulsory inwards, optional outwards. Rates :If under 60 tons..

• Lo 6

800 tons and under goo tons. . 62 10 60 tons and under too tons..


1,000 1,000

1,100" 1,230

1,300 1,300

1,400 » 1,400

1,500 1,500

0 1,600 »

1,700 and upwards...
And 5/ for every 100 tons

above 1,700. Pilots will take vessels over 500 tons reg., outward-bound, clear of the Green Grounds, or to the Mumbles Roads; and the above charge includes landing the pilot in all cases. One-half the above rates only to be paid and payable to every pilot navigating or assisting any vessel (not entering Swansea Harb.) within any part of Swansea Bay, or within the limits of the pilotage ground. Vessels of 200 tons and upwards, if boarded beyond the following bearings, shall pay additional pilotage, as under :

West of Oxwich
West of Pwlldy Point, bearing west of Worm's

Point bearing

Head, bearing
Sker Buoy, bear-

NNE. ing ENE. or


100 150 200 250 300 400 500 600 700

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o 9 0 12 O 15 O 18 1 1 1 5 I IO I 15 2 0


150 200 250 300 400 500 600 700 800

2 15 3 0 3 ro 3 15 4 0 4 5 4 IO 4 15

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£ s. d.

£ s. d. 200 and under 300 Tons

4 o

O 5 o


0 7

6 400 500 o 7

ο Το o 500 600 ото

O 12

6 600 700 0 1 2 6

O 15 o 700 tons upwards

o 150

O 18 6 For vessels under 500 reg. tons to the Mumbles Roads, or clear of the Green Grounds, in addition to the outward pilotage rates, the following additional rates, including landing :-Under 100 tons 4/; 100 and under 200, 5/6 ; 200 and under 300, 7/6; 300 and under 400, 9/6 ; 400 and under 500, 11/. For vessels to the eastern or western limits, in addition to the outward rates, the following addi. tional rates, including landing :-300 and under 500 tons £3; 500 and under 700 tons £4; 700 and under 900 tons £5; 900 and upwards £6. For moving vessels within the harb. Under 100 tons, 2/6; 100 and under 200 tons, 3/6; 200 and under 400 tons, 5/; 400 and under 500 tons, 7/6 ; 500 and under 600 tons, 10/ ; 600 tons and upwards, 12'. This rule does not apply within either dock.

Towage.-In or out of the harb. 2d ; in the harb. anywhere below the Midland Ry. bridge id; above that bridge id reg. ton.

Officials.-Gen. Supt. and Statutory IIarb. Master and Coll. of rates, John Dixon, Assoc. Inst. C.E. ; Clerk to Trust., Talfourd Itrick ; Assist. Colls., G. Jones and D. R. Morgan ; Dep. Harb. Master Capi. Rosser ; Dock Master (Prince of Wales' Dock), Capt. W. Cocks; Dock Master (North Dock), Capt. W. Hiscocks (South Dock), Capt. S. Harman; Coll. of H. M. Cust, C. X. Buchanon Lloyd's Agents, Messrs. Richardson ; Lloyd's Surv., W. Ashton.

Hotels. -" Mackworth,” “Castle,” “ Cameron," " Bush,” &c. TARBERT, Argyllshire, Loch Fyne. A creek under Port of

Greenock. D. HWST. 351t, HWNT. 33ít. Charges.—Harb dues fd per ton. TAYPORT (Ferryport-on-Craig), Fiseshire. Lat. 56° 27' N; long. 2° 49' W. Ry. NB.

THW. f. and c. 2h 3om. A small harb. belonging to the NB. Ry., 650ft x 236ft, having an entrance 6ost wide; 1,360st quayage ; 21st HWST., and 74ft LWST. Cranes list to 6 tons. Staiths load 60 tons per hour. D. LWST. 6jft, LWNT. 8ft, HKST. 19st, and HWNT, 143ft.

Charges.- Vessels 1ļd per ton. Charge on trimming coal 14d per ton. Dues on imports and exports 6d; minerals 3d; wood 4d per ion.

Official.-Harb. Master, Wm. Culbeit.
Hotels.-“Scotscraig” and “Freemason's.”
TEIGNMOUTH, Devonshire. At the mouth of the river Teign.

Lat. 50° 32' N; long. 3° 29' 36" W. Pop. 7,120. Auth. Harbour Commissioners. P. NC. THW. f. and c. 6h om ; Sp. rise 13tt ; N. rise gift ; outside bar, time of HW. and LW, about 25m earlier, and there may be bin more rise and fall. W. prev. W.; most dangerous SE. Ry. G, VV. Tr.–I. Coal and general goods; E. Pipeclay, copper, iron, zinc, ores, and lead. Accn. The harb. is formed by the river Teign. Wharf and warehouse accn. Hutchings' Patent Slip, to take vessels of 250 tons, is roost long, 2ust wide. Two quays accommodating vessels drawing 13st at NT., and 16ft at ST.

Charges.—Harb. dues id per ton. Ballast, loading or discharging, id per ton.

Pilotage.--District. From Lyme to Bob's Nose, and vice versa. Rates. Per foot :Colliers and Coasting

Foreign Ports. Vessels in and out over

Teignmouth Bar.


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Vessels from or to
But not to

But not to
ex. for each



ex. for each

Vessel. In Out.

In. Out.
s. d. S. d. s. d. S. d. d. S. d. S. d.
5 O 2

I 3
8 6 o

3 o
3 9 I 3 o 8 8 6

4 3 7 10 Oi 5

5.o 9 12


O o 8 13 0 6 6




O 9 16 o 8 o I TO Ο ΙΙ 20 O IO 0 O IT

2 I I 1 I

2 6

I 3 4

2 II

1 6 All by the

All by the 1

3 foot oft..

8 4

foot dft., 1


3 9 I II
except as

except as


above 2 1 stated, for


stated, for vesse's not

4 10

5 i vessels not 2 5

ex. 60 tons: 5 4

ex.50 tons 5 TO 2 It

reg. 2 II

4 3 2 3 2

6 9 3 4

7 1


S. d. Not exceed. reg. tons.

o Ex. 20 and not ex. 30 tons I 30


1 2 40


T 50

1 6 60


1 9 80


2 2 125

2 7 150 1 3 0

3 5 1: 175


3 10 225

4 2 » 225

300 4 10
350 5 4


3 500

6 7


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» 200

2 3


» 250 » 300 " 350


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A pilot taken on board off the Bill of Portland, or the Start (which is optional to the master), is to receive beyond the pilotage from Bob's Nose to Lyme, as follows, viz. :-For colliers and coasters £2 2s ; for ships from foreign parts, £3.3; and proportionately for intermediate distances. Pilots, if required, are to provide a boat and crew to assist over the bar, to a mooring berth, or to sea, for which they shall be paid over and above the pilotage, 2/6 sur each man or oar employed, and 2/6 for the boat.

Towage.-In, 3d ; out, 2d ton.

Officials.-Clerk to Comrs., J. H. Tozer ; Harb. Master and Recr. of Harb. due;, T. W. Hutchings; Coll. of H.M. Cust., A. Tucker, Hotels.-.“ Royal,"

.” “ Queen's,” and “ London." TENBY, Pembrokeshire. Lat. 51° 42' N; long. 4' 43' W.

Carmarthen Bay. Ry. Pembroke and Tenby. Auth. Corporation. Accn. Area of harb. 5 acres ; dry at LW., and 16ft HWST. Quav 36oft long. D. at pier head 25ft HWST. W. prev. SE. THW. f. and c. 5h 42m. A lifeboat station.

Hotel.-“ Royal White Lion."
THAMES RIVER (see London). Auth. River Thames Con-

servancy, by Acts, 1857 to 1883. D. off
Leigh Shoal, near Southend, where authority commences, is 23st
LWST. All vessels entering the river are returned in the Annual
Statement, made by the Board of Trade of vessels entering the
Port of London.
THORNHAM, Norfolk, in Brancaster Bay. A creek under

Port of Lynn. D. HWST. 8ft, HWNT. 41t. Charges.-Harb dues ad per ton. Ballast free. Pilotage.-10/ to 12/6 per vessel. THROSK. A creek under the Port of Alloa. Charges.--One-sixth of those of Stirling. THUŘSO, Caithness. On the N. coast of Dunnet Bay, at the

mouth of the River Thurso. No barb. authority. Accommodation for boats engaged in the salmon and cod fisheries. TILBURY (see London). On the River Thames, opposite

Gravesend. Vessels enter at all times of tide.



Quayage. Main Dock 1,816ft x 6ooft

2,684ft. Central Branch Dock 1,60oft X 300ft

3,500ft. East Branch Dock

1,60oft x 250ft West Branch Dock 1,600 t X 250ft


HWST, HWNT. Long Lock to do. in 2 chambers.


39ft. 42ft


700ft x Soft wide. There are about 50 cranes (30 cwt. hydraulic), a floating leviathan (50 tons' two dry docks, a transhipment quay, and coaling jetty. TOBERMORY, Mull Island, Hebrides. Lat. 56° 37' N ; long.

6° 5' W. THW. f. and c. 6h om. Auth, Owner, F. W. Caldwell, under Act 25 and 26 Vic., c. 51. Accn. A stone pier carried out to rost LW., and 24st HW. Used by steamers and coasters.

Charges. -- Regulated by Act of Parliament,
Hotel.-"Western Isles."
TOPSHAM, Devo sbire. Lat. 50° 40' N; long. 3° 27' W.

Ry. L. and SW. Auth. Commrs., under Act 3

25 acres

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Vic. c. 74. There is a dry dock but no harb., merely a quay on the bank of the navigable channel of the Esk; 8 miles from its mouth. Used by coasters up to 100 tons. Only vessels drawing less than roft can get alongside at HW. TORQUAY, Devonshire. Lat. 50° 27' 30" N ; long. 3° 31' W. Ry. G.W.

THW. r. and c. 6h om. Auth. Local Board of Health : a Bill has just passed for the extension of this harb. Accn. The outer harb. has from 10 to 13st at LWST. ; and 20 to 23st at HWST. Quayage round inner harb. 73oft, with 10 ton crane. P. NC. Rates as agreed by hobblers.

Charges.-4d per ton reg. with cargo; 2d per ton only on windbound vessels. Quay dues various ; ballast 1/ per ton.

Official.-Harb. Master, George Pepperell.

Hotels.--" Queen's," “Royal," “ Victoria and Albert," “Imperial," &c. The new harbour works will be commenced shortly.

TORRYBURN, Fifeshire. A creek on the Firth of Forth. 4 miles WSW. of Dunfermline. D. HWST. 1oft, HWNT. Sft. TRAMORE, Co. Waterford. Near the entrance to the Suir.

“The Metal Man ” is a sea mark; the figure of a sailor standing upon a round tower and pointing downwards to the rocks below, where the Seahorse transport vessel was wrecked in 1816. TRALEE, Co. Kerry. Lat. 52° 16' N ; long: 9° 43' W. Pop.


Auth. Harbour Commissioners. P. C. THW. 4h 3m; Sp. rise 12tst; N. rise 9 ft. D. on bar, ST. Jfft, NT. 94ft ; in basin ST. 14ft, NT. 1oft. Ry. G. S. & W. Tr.-1. Coals, timber, iron, salt, grain, oils, cement, and artificial manures; E Barley, oats, and pitwood. Accn. There is good accommodation for shipping. Tralee is at the head of a bay, the greater part of which dries at LW. It is approached by a ship canal it miles long, with a depth of roft at OST. and 61st at NT. The basin at Tralee has an area of about 60,00oft, with convenience for loading and discharging. There are also a pier and harbour at Fenit sufficient for vessels drawing 23ft. Crane power to 10 tons.

Charges. – Harb. dues 6d per ton. Ballast 1/6 per ton.

Pilotage.--District not defined. Rates 2/ per foot on coasters, and 2/6 on foreigners.

Towage.----From gate to basin, 3/6 per horse.
Officials.-Sec., L. Redmond; Harb. Master, R. McCarthy.
TRESCOW.-See Scilly.
TROON, Ayrshire, on the Firth of Clyde. Lat. 55° 33' N;

long. 4° 40' W. Pop. 2,600. Auth. His Grace the Duke of Portland, under Statute 48 Geo. III., c. 47. P. NC. THW. 11h 50m ; Sp. rise soft ; N. rise 7}ft. D. There is no bar. Depth of water at entrance is from 14 to 154st. LW. W. prev. from SW.; most dangerous NW. Ry. G. & S.W. Tri-I. Wood, iron and other ores, and limestone ; E. Coal and pig iron. LV. 1,697 tons reg., 22}st draught. Accn. The harb. is formed by a breakwater running out in a N. direction. The En, to the

Area. acres.




37 6
24 6

harb. is between the end of this breakwater and a pier, and is 330ft wide. The harb, works are as follows:

Tidal Basin or Dock... About 2

21 at LW.
Outer Harb,

19 14) to 15) at entrance. Do.

II to 12 half-way up. Do.

to 12 head of Ilarb. Inner Harb.

About 18

Dry at LW. There is a large iron and wood shipbuilding yard with two Graving Docks, as follows:

Length. Breadth. Depth on


ft. in. No. 1

300 No. 2


8 Seven 30 ton steam cranes and one 25-ton steam crane, each capable of shipping 150 to 200 ions of coal per hour.

Charges.--Tonnage dues id to 30 ton, according to size. Boats assistance id ton. Dues on goods.

Towage.—To and from the Red Buoy, NW. of the harbour, under 250 reg. tons 2d, 250 and under 500 tons 24d, 500 tons and upwards 3d ton. To the distance of the Lady Isle, either out or in, £i each way extra. Should any vessel hoist a jack for a pilot at Lady Isle, they will have one put on board, and be towed in if required, for fi extra. Notice should be given for tug at least two hours before sailing. Captains refusing to sail alter the boat has been got ready by their orders will be charged 5/ additional, unless a satisfactory reason is given for not sailing. Vessels must use their own hawsers, or pay for the use of the harbour one, a rate of not less than 5/ and not higher than 10), according to the size of the vessel,

Officials.-- Man. and IIarb. Master, A. Wood ; Deputy Harb. Master, W. McMillan ; Coll., D. Cook; Principal Officer of Cust., John Paige.

Hotels.--" Portland Arms," “Commercial," and “ South Beach. TRURO, Cornwall. Lat. 50°16'W; long. 5° 4' W. Including

Devoran, Pill Point, Restronguet, Ruan, and Tressillian. Auth. Town Council, under a Prov. Order, 4th April, 1883. A tidal harb. in the channel of the River Truro, having D. 6ft at LW, and gft bin at HW. ULLAPOOL, Loch Broom, Cromarty. Lat. 57° 55' N ; long.

5° 10' W. A small harb. formed by a pier and a breakwater, with 12st at LW. outside the breakwater. UNION HALL PIER, Co. Cork. Bantry Bay. A pier belong.

ing to the Grand Jury. Official.-Harb. Constable, M. McCarthy.

ULVERSTON, Lancashire. Morecambe Bay. Canal belongs to Furness Ry. D. on canal sill 43st less than on Liverpool Old Dock sill.

Official.-Harb. Master, J. B. Barnett, Barrow-in-Furness. UPHILL.--Creek of Port of Bristol, in the Bristol Channel.

D. HWST. 12ft HWNT. 3st.

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