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UYA (pronounced Wi-a). Two islands lying off mainland Shet

land. Rendezvous for vessels engaged in deep-sea fishing. VALENTIA, Co. Kerry, Ireland. A harbour belonging to the

Grand Jury of Co. Kerry. VALLEY.-A creek of Holyhead. Stone pier. D. HWST. 15ft,

HWNT. 8ft. Official. J. D. Thomas, Secretary to the Valley Pier Company. VENTRY, Co. Kerry, Dingle Bay. A pier belonging to the

Grand Jury of Co. Kerry. WAINFLEET, Lincolnshire. Creek of Boston. 5 miles from

the sea. Official.-Sapt., J. Perrin. WALNEY ISLAND, Lancashire, between Morcambe Bay and

entrance to Duddon River. (See Barrow.) WAREHAM, Dorsetshire. Mouth of the Frome, near Poole.

Ry. L. & S.W. A commodious harb. and quay for small vessels engaged in exporting pipe-clay.

Hotel.-" Red Lion."
WARDLESS, Lancashire. Creek of Fleetwood. On the Wyre.

D. HWST. 15ft., HWNT. roft. WARKWORTH, Northumberland. Lat 55° 20' N ; long. 1°

31' W. Auth. H. Andrews, Esq. P. NC. THW. at Coquet Roads, 3h ; Sp. rise 14}t; N. rise ust; R. of N. 7jft. D. on bar : the bar, which formerly had only ift at LW. and 15% at ST., has been reduced by dredging; usual depth at ST. 18 to 19ft ; at N. 13 to 14ft. W. prev. E. to NE., particularly NE. Ry. N.E. Tr.-I. Deals, battens, timber, props, &c; E. Coals and bricks. LV. 1,350 reg. tons. No vessel can enter at LW. of ST. Accn. The harb. is formed by the lower reach of the river Coquet, the entrance to the harb. being between two breakwater piers 225ft apart at the entrance. The area of the harb. below LW. mark is 18 acres ; depth of water is about rost at LWST., and 24}ft at HWST. The area to which this depth extends is from the lowest berths on the S. side to the upper berths of the Radcliffe Coal Co. and extends to about 10oft from face of quays. Length of quay space altogether 1,155ft. A line of quays has been formed on the S. side of the river, bringing the river, which at that place was very circuitous and changeable, into a more direct and fixed course. Along these quays are formed the shipping berths of the Broomhill and Radcliffe Collieries, quay rys., harb. master's, staith master's, and coal-trimmer's offices, also warehouses.

Charges.-Harb. dues, 2d to 3d per reg. ton; for refuge only, id per ton. Trimming, 4) per keel ; steamers, 3/ per keel. Ballast discharged, steam crane, 1/ per ton.

Pilotage.--In summer 1/3; in winter 1/6 per foot.
Towage.--In and out 3/6 per keel.

Officials.-Agent to Prop., J. Park ; Harb. Master, M. F. Gray ; Staith Master, J. Appleby ; Lloyd's Agent, T. Leighton.

Hotel. _“The Sun."
WARREWATER or BUDLE CREEK, Northumberland.

D. HWST. 14ft., HWNT. 8ft. THW. 2h 40m.


WATCHET, Somerset. Lat. 51° 10' N ; long. 3° 20' W. Ry.

West Somerset. Auth. Commissioners. A small harb. used by coasting vessels. Area 9. acres. Quavage about 8ooft. Dry at LW. D. at HWST. 27ft. There is a good privately. owned steam crane used by arrangement. W. prev. N. and N.E. and NW. THW. f. and c. 6° 58m. A liseboat station.

Charges. - d per ton reg., with tolls on goods as per tariff.
Officials.-Clerk, E. Helland ; Harb. Master, J. Watts.
Hotel.-“ West Somerset,” A. Mossman.
WATERFORD, Waterford. On both banks of the Suir.

Lat. 52° 7' 25" N ; long 6° 55' 53" W. Pop. 22,500. Auth. Port and Harb. Comrs., acting principally under Act 9 and 10 Vic. c. 292.

P. NC. THW. i. and c. at W. Bridge at 6h 6m; Sp. rise 131 ; N. rise 10 ft. D. on bar at S.T. 14ft, NT. 17st. W. prev. SW. Rys. W. & T., W. & C. (I.), W. & L., and W.D. & L. Tr. -I. Grain, timber, and coal; E. Cattle, grain, and agricultural produce. LV. ss. 1,892 tons, deepest dft. 253ft. Accn. A natural harb. formed by the channel of the Suir from the city of Waterford to its confluence with the Barrow, and thence to the sea by the estuary of these two rivers, a distance of 15 miles. Width of entrance 3 miles. The river Suir is navigable for vessels of poft dft. up to Waterford, where they lie afloat at the quays. Quayage space, warehouses, cranes, graving bank, &c. Depth of water at the quays 22ft LWOST. Vessels windboun1 anchor off Passage East.

Charges.-Harb. dues under 100 tons ijd ton, over 100 tons 31 ton. Light dues all vessels over 81 tons d ton. Tonnage dues. Water bailiff's see. Anchorage.

Pilotage. – District. On the east, an imaginary straight line drawn from a point on the coast at or near Crossfarnoge Point to a point at sea three leagues southward of same. On the west, an imaginary straight line drawn from a point on the coast at or near Great Newtown Head, to a point at sea one league southward of same. On the south, an imaginary straight line drawn from the seaward extremity of the above eastern boundary line to the seaward extremity of the western boundary line. On the north, an imaginary line drawn from "Granagh Castle to Bilberry Rock, about one mile above Waterford Bridge. Rates. Inward :

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Outward :

To Passage.

To any part of

Pilotage Station, No. 1.

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From Waterford..

1d per ton 2}d per ton From Waterford, if ballasted by Ballast Office.. id per ton zid per ton From Cheek Point...

id per ton From Passage..

id Per tcn MAXIMUM. Provided always, that no vessel, of whatever

tonnage, shall be charged altogether more (outwards) than

£ s. d. £ s. d. From Waterford. From Waterford, if ballasted by Ballast Office.. From Cheek Point.. From Passage..

Towage.---Same as New Ross.

Officials.-Sec, to Harb Commrs., J. Allingham, jun. ; Harb. Master, N. Parle ; Coll. of Rates, E. Power ; Coll. of H.M. Cust., R. Boyd ; Pilot Master, Capt. Kennedy.

Hotels.-At Waterford : The “Imperial," "Adelphi,” “Com. mins's,” and “Globe.” At Passage : “Kavanagh's” and “Love's.” WATERMOUTH, Devonshire, near Ilfracombe. Ry. L. & S.W.

THW. f. and c. 5h 30m-11h 30m. A small harb. frequented by vessels of about 60 tons; the property of Mrs. H, M. Bassett. D at HWST. 24ft.

Officials.-Agents, T. J. Pitts Tucker & Sons, Barnstaple ;
Harb. Master, R. F. Lewis.
WEARMOUTH, Durham, on the Wear. Connected with

Sunderland (which see).
WELLS, Norfolk. Lat. 52° 57'N; long. 0° 52' E.

29 miles NW. from Norwich. Ry. G.E. Auth. Comuisnrs., under several Acts of Parliament. Accn. Quay 645ft. tons. W. prev. NE. and NW. THW. f. and c. 6h 20m. A lifeboat station.

Charges.--1/ per ton reg. inwards ; 8d outwards.
Official.-Harb. Master, Capt. W. Temple.
Hotel.-The “Crown.”
WEMYSS, Renfrewshire, F. of Forth. Lat. 55° 54' N; long.

4° 53' W. Auth. Owner, R. Erskine Wemyss, Esq. Accn. Quay frontage 6ooft. D. HWST. 16ft and HWNT. 1oft. Used by vessels loading_coals from the Wemyss Collieries. LV. 545 tons. W. prev. W. THW. f. an. c. 1h 57m. WESTPORT, Mayo, Ireland (see also Innislyre). Lat. 53° 49'

N; long 9° 30' W. Pop. 5,000. Auth. Port and Harb. Commissioners, under Act 1853. P. NC. THW. 4h 57m; S. rise 12 ft; N. rise 9!ft. W. prev. W. Ry. M.G.W. Tr.–1. Timber, coal, salt, &c. E. Agricultural produce, &c. LV. from 400 to 500 tons. No vessels enter at LW. Accn. A very safe harb.' Large ships bound to Westport and having to be discharged always anchor afloat in Innislyre, which is within the harb. of Westport ; here there is safe anchorage in all weathers for ships of very large tonnage ; warehouse, wharf, and crane accommodation. The quay at Westport is 2,500ft in length; the approach to the quay is never undertaken without pilots. Vessel 14st draught may approach quay. Charges.—Harb, dues. Small boats according to size.

LV. 130

d. O

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Pilotage.—District. From Harb. to Inishgort Lighthouse. Rates :

Every Vessel entering or leaving.
£ s. d.

£s 30 and under 40 reg. tons ... OS 150 and under 160 reg. tons


O 15 9

O 18 0 225

250 80 go

3 250

275 90



91 300 IIO 120 7 325

350 120 130 9 3 350




I 13 9 400 tons and upwards propor

tionate rates Towage.--As per agreement,

Officials.-Sec. to Port and Harb. Commrs., J. Reed ; Harb. Master, G. Downer ; Supt., T. Carnaghan ; Ry. Man. (M.G.W.R.), Dublin, J. E. Ward. WEXFORD, Co. Wexford. Four miles from the entrance to

the harb., 64 miles SW. from Dublin. Lat 52° 20' N; long. 6° 25' W. Pop. 12,055. Auth. Harbour Commissioners, under Acts 37 and 38 Vic. c. 40. P. NC. THW. at town 7h 21m ; Sp. rise 5st; N. rise 3ft. D. on bar at LWST. 8ft. W. prev. S. and SW., most dangerous E. and N.E. Ry. D. W. & W. Tr.-I. Timber, coal, &c.; E. Agricultural produce, &c. LV. 14}ft to 15ft dft. at HW. good ST.; no vessels enter at LW. Accn. A natural harb. ; there are neither piers nor docks. There is 2,475ft of quayage, and the general depth of water is from 6ft to 13ft. Abreast the quays there is from 15ft to 2oft. Handcranes, weighing machines, &c. There is a patent slip 36oft long and 58st wide.

Charges.-Tonnage dues, sailing 4d reg. ton, steamers 5d. Rates on cargo.

Pilotage.--District. The area within an imaginary line drawn straight from Blackwater Head to the northern end of the Long Bank, thence along the western edge of said bank to its southern end, and thence straight to Greenure Point.

Rates per reg. ton. Every vessel entering district, and discharging or loading any cargo, or without discharging any cargo, taking in any additional cargo in the harb. or in Rosslare, and then going out of the said district, inward and outward together, 5d. Entering district, and discharging any cargo in the harb. or Rosslare, but not taking in any cargo, inward, 4d. Going out of district with cargo, but not having entered with cargo, outward 4d. Entering or going out of district in ballast, not having paid any of the foregoing rates, for inward or outward, id. Coming within district by reason of stress of weather or other cause, but not discharging or receiving any cargo within such limits, inward or outward 2d. reg. ton. And in addition to the above rates :-From or to any point outside district, for every vessel not ex. 100 reg. tons £r; for every vessel ex. 107 reg. tons and not ex. 200 reg. tons £2; for every vessel ex. 200 reg. tons £2 for the first 200 reg. tons, and £2 additional for every 100 reg. tons beyond the first 200 reg. tons.

Towage.--Quay to bay, or vice versa, 6d. reg. ton. Island side to bay, or vice verså, 5d. Island side to quay, or vice versa, 3d. Vessels in ballast, in, out, or any portion of the way, 2d per

each way.

reg. ton.

Minimum charge 10/. Outside of above limits by special agreement.

Officials.-Sec. to Comrs., J. W. Walsh ; Lloyd's Agents, Jasper Walsh & Co. ; Engineer, E. K. Ryan, C.E. ; Harb. and Ballast Master, Capt. A. Ennis; Coll. of Rates, W. Murphy; Supt. of H.M. Cust., J. Samuel ; Pilot Master, Capt. P. Cogley ; Traffic Man. (D. W. & W. Ry.), W. L. Payne.

Hotels.—* White's” and “ Imperial.”
WEYMOUTH, Dorset. Lat. 50° 36' 30" N ; long. 2° 26' 40" W.
Pop. 13,715:

Auth. Town Council, under several local Acts. P.NC. THW. at Portland Br. 7h Im; Sp. rise 6fft ; N. rise 4fft. D. on bar 12ft LWST. W. prev. SW. Rys. G. W. and L & S. W. Tr.-General. LV. 500 tons at HW. and 200 tons at LW. Accn. The river Wey divides the towns of Weymouth and Melcombe Regis, and from its mouth a stone pier runs out ENE. for about 200yds, and is continued 300 t by a concrete pier 2ft abɔve OST. The N. side of the entrance is protected by a stone pier running out E. by S., and from its end a pile pier extends 300st. Depth of water in harb. 12ft LW. and i7ft HWST. Area of harb. E. of bridge 194 acres, W. of bridge 27 acres. The Alexandra patent slip is 1341t long, 26ft wide ; height of tides 15lt ST., 123ft NT. Extensive improvements have been made in the harbour to give increased depih, for an improved service of boats for the Channel Islands by the 'G.W. Ry., which run daily

Charges.-Harb. dues 3d ton ; in and out windbound 3/.

Pilotage.--District. From St. Alban's Head to Lymy, and vice versa. Rates per foot :-Inwards or outwards. From a line drawn from Lulworth to the outer part of the Race or Shambles, into Weymouth or Portland Roads or Bay, from Weymouth or Portland Roads or Bay into Weymouth Harb., from sea into Lyme Harb., under 8 st., 25., and 3d. for each additional foot. The pilot must, if required, provide a boat with four men to aitend her from the Roads to the quay, or vice versú, to tow her in or out, or carry ropes on shore, or to the posts, &c., as may be necessary, for which each man is to be paid 4 per tide; the owner of the boat to be paid the same as a man. A pilot taken on board at sea shall be entitled to the following additional pay:- From St. Alban's Head or Bill of Portland, to off Bridport or Lyme £2 25.; if three leagues from the limits of Weymouth, Bridport, or Lyme £3 35. ; it six leagues from the limits of Weymouth, Bridport, or Lyme £4.45.; if ten leagues from the limits of Weymouth, Bridport, or Lyme £6 6s. Steam vessels calling at Portland for coal only to pay for pilotage into and out of Roads 1/6 per foot for vessel-dry of water.

Towage.--As per agreement with Messrs. Cosens & Co., Weymouth.

Officials. -Town Clerk, P. Hooper ; Harb. Master, Robt. A. Ayles; Wharộnger, Henry Warren; Coll. of H. J. Cust., R. A Crumbleholme. Hotels.—“Marine,” “Victoria,” “ Queen's,"

” “Golden Lion,” &c. WHIDDY HARB., Bantry Bay, Ireland. Secure and well

sheltered for large ships. WHITBY, Yorkshire. On the Esk. Lat. 54° 29' N ; long.

o° 36' W. Pop. 14,086. Auth. Harbour Trustees, ander Act 1879 and an order of 1883. P. NC. THW. f. and c.

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