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From Harb. to Inishgort Lighthouse.

Rates :


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Every Vessel entering or leaving.
£ s. d.

Es 30 and under 40 reg. tons ... O S o 150 and under 160 reg. tons 50


175 50 60


o 15 9

O 18



2 6


9 300

I 7 325

350 120 130 1 9 3 i 350

375 130 140 I U

400 140 150

I 13 9 400 tons and upwards propor

tionate rates Towage.-- As per agreement,

Officials.-Sec. to Port and Harb. Commrs., J. Reed ; Harb. Master, G. Downer ; Supt., T. Carnaghan ; Ry. Man. (M.G.W.R.), Dublin, J. E. Ward. WEXFORD, Co. Wexford. Four miles from the entrance to

the harb., 64 miles SW. from Dublin. Lat 52° 20' N; long. 6° 25' W. Pop. 12,055. Auth. Harbour Commissioners, under Acts 37 and 38 Vic. c. 40. P, NC. THW, at town 7h 21m; Sp. rise 5st; N. rise 3fft. D. on bar at LWST. 8ft. W. prev. S. and SW., most dangerous E. and N.E. Ry. D. W. & W. Tr.-I. Timber, coal, &c.; E. Agricultural produce, &c. LV. 14}st to 15ft dfi. at HW. good ST. ; no vessels enter at LW. Accn. A natural harb. ; there are neither piers nor docks. There is 2,475ft of quayage, and the general depth of water is from 6ft to 13ft. Abreast the quays there is from 15ft to 20ft. Handcranes, weighing machines, &c. There is a patent slip 36oft long and 58st wide.

Charges.-Tonnage dues, sailing 4d reg. ton, steamers 5d. Rates on cargo.

Pilotage.--District. The area within an imaginary line drawn straight from Blackwater Head the northern end of the Long Bank, thence along the western edge of said bank to its southern end, and thence straight to Greenvre Point. Rates per reg. ton. Every vessel entering district, and discharging or loading any cargo, or without discharging any cargo, taking in any additional cargo in the harb. or in Rosslare, and then going out of the said district, inward and outward together, 5d. Entering district, and discharging any cargo in the harb. or Rosslare, but not taking in any cargo, inward, 4d. Going out of district with cargo, but not having entered with cargo, outward 4d. Entering or going out of district in ballast, not having paid any of the foregoing rates, for inward or outward, Id. Coming within district by reason of stress of weather or other cause, but not discharging or receiving any cargo within such limits, inward or outward 2d. reg. ton. And in addition to the above rates :-From or to any point outside district, for every vessel not ex. 100 reg. tons £r; for every vessel ex. 107 reg. tons and not ex. 200 reg. tons £2; for every vessel ex. 200 reg. tons £2 for the first 200 reg. tons, and £2 additional for every 100 reg. tons beyond the first 200 reg. tons.

Towage.--Quay to bay, or vice z'ersii, 6d. reg. ton. Island side to bay, or vice versů, 5d. Island side to quay, or vice versi, 3d. Vessels in ballast, in, out, or any portion of the way, 2d per

reg. ton.

each way.

Minimum charge 10%. Outside of above limits by special agreement.

Officials.-Sec. to Comrs., J. W. Walsh; Lloyd's Agents, Jasper Walsh & Co. ; Eng neer, E. K. Ryan, C.E. ; Harb, and Ballast Master, Capt. A. Ennis; Coll. of Rates, W. Murphy; Supt. of H. M. Cust., J. Samuel; Pilot Master, Capt. P. Cogley; Traffic Man. (D. W. & W. Ry.), W. L. Payne.

Hotels.— "White's " and "Imperial.”
WEYMOUTH, Dorset. Lat. 50° 36' 30" N ; long. 2° 26' 40" W.

Pop. 13,715 Auth. Town Council, under several local Acts. P.NC. THW. at Portland Br. 7h im; Sp. rise offt ; N. rise 4jft. D. on bar 12ft LWST. W. prev. SW. Rys. G. W. and L & S. W. Tr.-General. LV. 500 tons at HW. and 200 tons at LW. Accn. The river Wey divides the towns of Weymouth and Melcombe Regis, an1 from its mouth a stone pier runs out ENE. for about 20ɔyds, and is continued 300?t by a concrete pier 2st abɔve OST. The N. side of the entrance is protected by a stone pier running out E. by S., and from its end a pile pier extends 30ost. Depth of water in harb. 12ft LW. and i7st HWST. Area of harb. E. of bridge 198 acres, W. of bridge 27 acres. The Alexandra patent slip is 13411 long, 26ft wide ; height of tides 151t ST., 12}st NT. Extensive inprovements have been made in the harbour to give increased depih, for an improved service of boats for the Channel Islands by the G.W. Ry., which run daily

Charges.-Harb. dues 3d ton ; in and out windbound 3/. Pilotage.---District. From St. Alban’s Head to Lymų, and vice versă. Rates per foot :-Inwards or outwards. From a line drawn from Lulworth to the outer part of the Race or Shambles, into Weymouth or Portland Roads or Bay, from Weymou'h or Portland Roads or Bay into Weymouth Harb., from sea into Lyme Harb., under 8 st., 25., and 3d. for each additional foot. The pilot must, if required, provide a boat with four men to aitend her from the Roads to the quay, or vice versi, to tow her in or out, or carry ropes on shore, or to the posts, &c., as may be necessary, for which each man is to be paid 4 per tide; the owner of the boat to be paid the same as a man. A pilot taken on board at sea shall be eniitled to the following additional pay:- From St. Alban's Head or Bill of Portland, to off Bridport or Lyme £ 2 25.; if three leagues from the limits of Weymouth, Bridport, or Lyme £3 35. ; it six leagues from the limits of Weymouth, Bridport, or Lyme 64 45.; if ten leagnes from the limits of Weymouth, Bridport, or Lyme 266s. Steam vessels calling at Portland for coal only to pay for pilotage into and out of Roads 1/6 per foot for vessel-dry of water.

Towage.--As per agreement with Messrs. Cosens & Co., Weymouth.

Officials. -Town Clerk, P. Hooper; Harl). Master, Robt. A. Ayles; Wharñnger, Henry Warren; Coll. of H.J. Cust., R. A Crumbleholme. Hotels.—“Marine,"

" " Victoria,"

Queen's,' Golden Lion,” &c. WHIDDY HARB., Bantry Bay, Ireland. Secure and well

sheltered for large ships. WHITBY, Yorkshire. On the Esk. Lat. 54° 29' N ; long.

0° 36' W. Pop. 14,086. Auth, Harbour Trustees, under Act 1879 and an order of 1883. P. NC. THW. f. and c.

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3h 45m; Sp. rise 15st; N. rise infft; R. of N. 8ft. D. Bar dry at Liv. W. prev. NE. ; most dangerous N. to NW. Ry. N.E. Tr.-1. Timber, &c.; E. Coal, alum, jet, &c. LV. New Brunswick, 574 reg. ton. Accn. The harb. is formed by two piers, E. 98oft long, and W. 1,050ft long, and has an area of 89 acres, with a depth at HWOST. varying from soft to 15ft, which is influenced by wind. Two 5 ton cranes ; private cranes of from 2 to 5 tons. Quayage space about 3,00oft. There are five Dry Docks, viz :





ft. in. 31 6 33 6 33 6 30

3 31 IO

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Whitby & Robin Hood's Bay Dock Co. 106


Whitehall Turnbull & Son

200 Boghall Do.

130 Average Depth of Water on Sill ST. glft. Charges.- Harl). dues, under jo tons ad ton, over 50 tons 24d ton. Refuge, id per ton. Rates on goods.

Pilotage. --Bistrict undefined. Rates per foot. Whitby, from April i to Oct. 1, 1/3; from Oct. I to April 1, 1/6. Seaham, diito; Blyth, ditto ; Amble, ditto; Alnmouth, ditto ; North Sunderland, ditto; Holy Island, ditto.

Towage.-Vessels of 9 keels 14', and 1/ for each additional keel.

Officials.-Sec. to Harb. 'Trust., P. G. Coble ; Harb, Master, Capt. R. Gibson ; Supt. of H. M. Cust., S. Scott.

Hotels.-“ Royal," " Crown,” “ Angel,” and “Station." WHITEHALL, Stronsa, Orkneys. Auth. Col. D. Balfour,

under Act 1879. Accn. A stone pier 464st long, carried out to host LW. and 231 HWST. Vessels of 7st draught come alongside at all times of tide, and vessels of 13st bin at HW. W. prev. and most dangerous NW. and NE. WHITEHAVEN, Cumberland. Seaport, halfway between the

Mersey and the Clyde. Lai. 54° 39' N ; long. 3° 35' W. Pop. 19, 300. Auth. Harbour Trust., under Principality Act 22 Vic. c. 14. P. NC. THW. Ih 14m ; Sp. rise 26st; N. rise 19st. D. On dock sill ST. 22ft; NT. 16ft. 'W. prev. SW.; most dangerous W. and NW. Rys. L. & N.W., and W.C. & E. Tr.--1. Grain, timber, and general goods; E. Coal, iron, ore, pig.iron, and steel rails. LV. about 2,coo tons burthen. Accn. A tidal harb. enclosed by piers, and divided into the Outer, Inner, N. and S. The Queen's Dock is 43 acres in extent, entrance soft wide, depth of water 25ft. Quayage space, 1,692st. Extensive shed accommodation and every facility for shipping. Patent Slips, steam and hand cranes, &c:

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Charges.-Light dues 20 ton. Tonnage rates, in and out, 5 per cert. rebate on published rates on ships using harb. only. Rates on goods.

Pilotage.--District. No licensed pilots. A boat attends all vessels from the harb. authorities. Rates as per agreement. L'sual charge from 15/ to £3.

Towage. Ihd ion, within certain limits. Officials.-Cierk to Harb. Trust., J. Collins ; Harb. and Dock Master, T. Mann; Coll. of H.M. Cust. M. Muir ; Coll. of Dues, I). Burnyeat ; Harb. Engineer, J. S. Brodie.

Hotels.-"Grand," "Globe," “Black Lion,” and “Golden Linn.” WHITEHILLS, Banffshire, Scotland. Lat. 57° 40' N; long.

3° 25' W. Situated midway between Banff and Portsoy. A small tidal harb., dry at LW, used by vessels of the Earl of Seafield. W. prev. N. and NE. THW. f. and c. oh 28m.

Offici I.-Harb. Master, John Watson.
WHITHORN, Wigtonshire. Lat. 54° 40' N; long. 4° 15'W.

A small place near Wigton Bay. Lifeboat station.
Official.- Harb Master, James Duff.
WHITSTABLE, Kent. Lat. 51° 22' N ; long. 1° 2' E. Rys.

L.C. & D. & S.E. THW. T. and c. 12h om. Auth. S.E. Ry. under Act 16 and 17 Vic. c. 157. Accn. Small tidal harb. wiih about 613yds. of quayage, dry at LW. D. at HWST. 141st and 115ft at NT. W. prev. SW. to NE. The trade is principally in coal, corn, and timber; extensive oyster grounds. Accn. There are four small slipways to take vessels of 250 tons.

Charges.- Tonnage dues on vessels bringing goods other than coal 414 per ton ; coal vessels, 1/4 per ton reg., and id meterage ; refuge dues 2d per ton per week.

Pilotage.- If required assistance can be obtained from fishermen at say 10/ per voyage.

Officials.--Harb. Master, W. B. London; Lloyd's Agent, Capt. J. R. Daniels

Hotels. -“ Bear & Key,” W. Brannan; “Duke of Cumber. land,” C. Gurr. WICK AND PULTNEY, Caithness. Lat. 58° 27' N; long.

3° 7' W. Pop. 8,000. Auth. Harbour_Trust. under Act, 1879, and Provisional Order, 1883. P. NC. THW. f. and c. uh 22m ; Sp. rise 1oft ; N. rise 71st; R. of N. 5ft. D. There is about 2ft of water at LWST. and soft LWNT. between the outer portion of the enclosing piers, and the new head of the S. pier is constructed in about soft of water at ebb. W. prev. from W. to SW., and are off the land. The bay is exposed from NE. to S., and with strong winds from these directions a heavy surf is raised in the bay. Ry. H. (Sutherland & Caithness). Tr.–1. Timber and salt ; E. Grain, wool, fish, &c. LV. 232 reg. tons. Accn. Wick and Pultney Harb. consists of 2 basins, generally known as the inner and outer harbs. They are tidal harbs., with a total area of about 11 acres dry at LW. of St. There are about 4,000 lin. ft of quay walls. Vessels of 23ost in length and 16ft deep can discharge and load. Vessels drawing 8ft can enter at LW. Recent improvements aford from 8 to soft at LW. alorg both quays. There is limited cranage and warehouse accommodation,

Charges.-Harb. dues, according to size, from 2d to 6d ton. Rates on goods.

Pilotage.—District. Within a line drawn from the North Head to the South Head of Wick Bay. Rates. For every vessel above 20 tons entering and leaving harb. 4d reg. ton ; for each ride's work within the harb. 7/6; for laying out kedge or warp to assist vessels 5/. Outside the harb. limits :-- For one tide on board, 5/ ; for any period from 12 to 24 hours, 10'; if detained on board 36 hours, 20/; if two days or a week on board, not more than 30/; if obliged to bear up for shelter to any of the adjacent harbs. not more than 40/. Vessels which have sailed from the harb. and put back by stress of weather, or from any other cause, without having accomplished their voyage, are not liable for aditional rates.

Towage.--As per agreement.

Officials.-Treas., W. Crow ; Clerk, W. M. Crowe; Sec , D. W. Georgeson; Harb. Master, W. Paterson ; Coll. of H.M. Cust., J. Dodsworth.

The harb. is at present being deepened to 19st at HWST., and 15ft to 16ft at HWNT. WICKLOW, Co. Wicklow. Lat. 52° 57' N ; long. 6° o '5" W.

Ry. D.W. & W. THW. f. and c. uh. om. Auth. Commissioners under Acts, 1842 and 1851, and the Irish Loans Act, 1888. Accn. Area about 15 acres. D. at entrance yft LW. Packet quay 300ft long with rift. LW. LV. 1,520 tons drawing 15ft. W. prev. SW., most dangerous SE. & E. to NE.

Charges.— Windbound, 2d per ton reg. ; cargo, 4d per ion; foreign ships, 6d per ton.

Official.-Sec. and Harb. Master, James Hamilton.
Hotel.-"Green Tree.”
WIGTOWN, Wigtown. Lat. 54° 53' N; long. 4° 25' W. Pop.

1,725. Auth. Town Council of Burgh. P. NC. THW. ih zom. B. in river at LW. from 2 to 5ft; ST. 18ft ; NT. roft. W. prev. S. to SE. Ry. Wigstownshire. Tr.-I. Pig. iron, timber, grain, coal, and manure; E. Agricultural produce and hale goods. Accn. The harb., which is dry at LW., has an area of about I acre.

There is about boost of quayage space. Charges.-Harb. dues įd and id per ton. Ballast Is per ton. Pilotage.-District not defined. Rates as per agreement. Towage.-As per agreement.

Officials.-Town Clerk, W. Hawthorn ; Supt. H.M. Cust., R. Chalmers.

Hotels.-"Galloway Arins," Commercial."
WISBECH, Isle of Ely. On the river Nene.

Lat. 52° 41'N ; long. o9' E. Pop. 9,248. Auth. Mayor, aldermen, and burgesses, under Statute 50 Geo. III. c. 206. P. C. THW. 7h Om; Sp. rise 15 io 17ft ; D. on bar varies from Tolt to 12st at LW. W. prev. SW.; ships most exposed to NE. Rys. G. E., G.N.R. and N. Tr.-I. Coal, timber, &c. ; E. Corn, coals, salt, and agricultural produce. LV. 1,546 tons. Accn. The harb. is about 16 miles long, with an average width of 2oost. The Sutton Bridge Dock has an area of 13 acres, with a depth of 18st at NT. and 23ft ST. Quayage space soost, but cannot be used at present. Although the dock cannot be used a large trade is done in the harb, at Sutton Bridge, many large vessels discharging there Henson's Patent Slip, which can take a vessel of 300 tons,

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