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Pilotage.- District. From Yarmouth to and from the Dudgeon Light Vessel, and from Yarmouth to and from Orfordness; thence across the Kentish Knock to and from the Downs. Rates :

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*From the Dudgeon Light, its parallel

of latitude, or the northward thereof, to Orfordness •From Smith's Knowl, Yarmouth, or

Lowestoft to Orfordness * From Southwold to Orfordness.. From the Dudgeon Light, its parallel

of latitude, or the northward thereof, to Yarmouth Roads, either within or

without the Sands From the Dudgeon Light, its parallel

of latitude, or the northward thereof,

to Downs
From Smith's Knowl, Yarmouth, or

Lowestoft, to Downs
From Smith's Knowl, Yarmouth, or

Lowestoft, to the entrance of the

From Orfordness to the entrance of the

From Sea to Yarmouth Roads, through

any of the Channels
From Yarmouth Roads, through any

of the Channels, to Sea

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An addition of one-fifth is chargeable on the above rates, in case the pilot shall

conduct the vessel to any port or place westward of the Nore Light, No vessel to pay for less than ust. Into and out of the harb. of Yarmouth, per foot:-Vessels Sft dft. and under, 1/6; above 8ft and under 9ft. 1/9 ; oft and under roft, 2); soft and under uift, 2/3; rist and under 12ft, 2/6 ; 12ft and under 13st, 29; 13ft and under 14ft, 3/; 14ft and under 15ft, 3/6 ; 15st and under 16ft, 4/. An additional 2 per cent, is charged upon the above rates. Vessels piloted into the harb. (100 to 250 tons) pay 5/; exceeding 250 tons, i/ for every 50 tons or any portion, for use of boats. Fishing vessels pay 5/ each into harb. Towage.-To or from SeaLoaded. In ballast.

Loaded. In ballast. £ s. d. 6 s. d.

£ s. d. £ s. d Under 50 tons .. 0 13 6

120 and under 130 1 50 and under 60 O 15



I 13 6 5 6

9 6

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o 70 0 16

o 80 o 19

0 90

1 1 O 100 1

1 6 0 120 I 8 o

012 o
0 13 6
O 14

O 15
o 16
O 17
o 19 o
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I 1 6
T 8 o
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I 13 O
I 15 0
I 16 o


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160 170

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200 And at proportionate rates up to 400 tons. Over 400 tons to be agreed for.

Officials.-Clerk to Port Commissioners, J. Tolver Waters ; Collector of Haven Rates and Dues, H. D. Sayers ; Harbour Master, T. Press ; Collector of H.M. Customs, Alexander Macfarlane.

YEALM RIVER, Devonshire. Lat. 50° 17' N ; long. 4° 5' N.

7m SE. of Plymouth. A small harb. D. at LW. at entrance gft, at HW. 16ft. A lifeboat station. THW f. and c. 5h 38m.

Charges.- None
Official.-T. Watton, Chief Officer of Coastguard.
YOUGHAL, Co. Cork, Ireland. Lat. 51° 56' N ; long: 7° 50,

W. Ry. Gt. CS. & W. THW. f. and c. 5h 14m. Auth. Commissioners under Harb. Order, 1878. D. of water on bar LWST. 4 to 5ft, and at HWST. 2ıft. LV. 900 tons drawing 20st. W. prev. W. and SW., most dangerous S. or SE.

Charges.-Id per ton, windbound jd per ton.
Pilotage. - As may be agreed.
Officials.—Sec. J. J. O'Shea ; Harb. Master, Danl. Kavanagh.
Hotels. -"Green Park,” “ Peronshire Arms,” and “Imperial."


AALBORG, Denmark. Lat. 57o 03' V. ; long. 9° 57' E. Pop.

12,000. Tr.-1. Coal, salt, lumber, &c. ; E. Cattle, grain, wool, hides, fish, &c. Accn. The harbour, though safe, is too shallow to allow vessels drawing more than ift to enter. Vessels of greater dft. than that have to lighten at Hals, a small town near the mouth of the Lym fiord. Charges. Expenses of a vessel of 175 tons, with cargo out, about £10. AARHUUS, Denmark. Lat. 56° 9' N ; long. 10° 14' E.

Tr.-I. Coal, iron, wood, and phosphate ; E. Grain, flour, butter, cattle, pork, beef. Accn. 18ft in the harb. Cranes to lift from 5 to 10 tons. Charges. Tonnage dues 6d. ton. Harb. dues 1 d. Ballast as per agreement. Pilotage. Ad per reg. ton. If no pilot required, only half pilotage charged. Depth at high water 21st ; low 19. ABO, Finland. Lat. 60° 25' N; long. 22° 17' 15" E. Pop.

About 25,000. Tr.-1. Salt, salt fish, pig-iron, manufactured iron, coals, coke, cotton, machinery, sugar, and general colonial produce, soap, timber, bar iron, beef, oats, rye, pork, butter, and game.

Accn. There are three patent slips, one of which can take a vessel of 175 to 20oft in length. Vessels drawing more than roft or 12ft cannot get up to the town. Cranes to litt 30 to 45 tons. Charges. Custom dues for a vessel of 400 tons about £8, clearing in or out. Harb. fees 2d ton. Pilotage. Rates depend on dft. of vesse!. Vessel of 15ft dft. from Uto about £3 25. Towage. From £10 to £12. ACAJULTA, the port of Sonsonate (San Salvador), 62 m. E.

of San José. Accn. Ships anchor in 9 to 11 fms. Vessels load and discharge cargos in bongos or whaleboats. Charges on vessel of 300 tons loading part at A. and part at Libertad, about £16. One customs charge of 12 c. per ton clears A., Libertad, and La Union, the three ports of San Salvador. ACAPULCO, Mexico. Lat. 16° 50' 24" N ; long. 99° 46' W.

Pop. 5,100. Tr.-I. Cottons, silks, spices, hardwares, and liquors; E. Cochineal, cocoa, wool, indigo, skins, and cotton. Accn. Acapulco is one of the best harbs. belonging to Mexico in the Pacific. Vessels of any size discharge alongside wharf ; harb. affords shelter and land-locked anchorage of 16 fms and under in a surface of one mile square. Charges. It is a free port, and vessels are not liable for tonnage or entrance dues. Pilotage. 14/7 foot dst. inward and outward.

ACHEAN, Island of Sumatra. Lat. 5° 35' N ; long. 95°45' E.

Pop. A. and district 500,000, mostly natives and Chinamen. Tr.-E. Gold, pepper, betel-root, camphor. Accn. Anchorage outside safe in 7 to 9 {ms. Only oft water on bar at high water, Foreign vessels not allowed to trade at Achean. ACRE, Turkey. Lat. 32° 54' 35" N ; long. 36° 6' 20" E. Pop.

8,000. 'Tr.-E. Wool, cotton, wheat, millet, olive oil, cotton seed, sesame seed. Accn. Harb. has 12ft of water, Charges. On a brig 214 tons £14 35 3d. Pilotage. An interpreter, who acts also as pilot and stevedore, is paid according to agreement, say from £3 ios to £5 for the time the vessel remains. ADALIA, Turkey. Lat. 36° 52' 15" N ; long. 30° 45' 3" E. Pop. 17,500.

Tr.-I. Manufactures generally, brought to A. by English steamers from Smyrna, Syra, &c. É. Wheat, timber, firewood. Accn. Summer anchorage in 15 to 20 fms water. Port only entered by small vessels. ADEN, Arabia. Lat. 12° 47' N ; long. 44° 57' 34' E. Pop.

About 60,000. Tr.- 1. Coal, cotton, cotton and silk piece goods, grain, live stock, metals, provisions, seeds, tobacco, ammunition, wine, beer, spirits; E. Coffee, dyes, ostrich feathers, gum, ivory, hides, pearls. Accn. An cuter harb. offering good anchorage to a large number of vessels, and inner harb. taking about 24 vessels of 1,000 tons each ; 17to 24ft in the inner harb. The depth in outer harb. is from 19 to 28ft. Vessels drawing from 18 to 26ft can anchor in outer harb. Charges. Port dues id per reg. ton. Vessels calling only for coals pay half dues, those calling only for orders, letters, &c., are exempt. Pilotage. Every vessel of over 100 tons burthen id reg. ton. Towage. For the distance usually towed (9 miles) 7d ton. AGUILAS, Spain. Lat. 37° 23' N ; long. 1° 37' W. Tr.-E.

Esparto and iron ore. Accn. Vessels moor to the breakwater in 10 fms, well protected. Cargo is shipped in lighters from moles across the bay. Charges. On steamer loading 400 tons of esparto, including all charges, about £50. Pilotage. On a steamer from Genoa in ballast to load 300 tons of esparto grass at Aguilas, pilotage (daylight, at night double) ti is rohd. AJACCIO BAY, Corsica. Lat. 40° 55' 1"N; long. 8° 44' 4"

E. Pop. About 14,000. Tr.-I. Tobacco, coffee, sugar, pepper, salt, &c.; E. Wood, wine, timber, maize, skins, goats, rags, olive oil, cork, &c. Accn. 3ost of water in the middle of the harb. Pilotage. Vessels of 300 tons or under id per ton, above 300 tons }d per ton. Depth of water gft. AKYAB, India. Lat. 20° 5' 2" N : long. 92° 54' E. Pop.

About 23,000. Tr.-E. Rice, cotton, &c. Accn. Vessels of the largest dft. can ascend as far as town. Charges. Port dues 4.d ton. Coast light dues 2 d ton. Port charges on a vessel of 1,035 tons £380. Pilotage. From Oct. 15 to May 15 for 14st £3 43, for poft £12. From May 15 to Oct. 15 double. half rates A pilot is not necessary to take the ship to the ballast ground, but if one is taken the charge is 48). ALBANY, Western Australia. Lat. 35° 2' 20" S; long.

117° 54' E. Pop. 3,000. Accn. On ihe north side Princess Royal Harb. there are 4 and 5 fms of water, deepening to 6 and 8 fms within the Narrows; Sp. rise ift to fit. The finest harb. in Western Australia, and situated on the north side

of Princess Royal Harb. and King George's Sound. Hand crane to lift 5 tons. Charges. Tonnage dues inward and outward 6d reg. ton.

If discharging or loading less than quarter reg. tonnage 3d ton on cargo. Light dues ad reg. ton., inwards and outwards. Pilotage. Into King George's Sound from the sea and vice versa, soft and under £2; 10 to ust, 52 45; 11 to 12ft, £2 8s; 12 to 13st,

2 155, and 51 extra per ft to 21; 21st and upwards, 65. Into Princess Royal Harb., including navigation of the Sound, and vice versa, under 8ft £2; 8 to oft £. 2 55, and 5/- extra per ft to 19; 19 to 20ft 65 128; 20 to 2ift £5 185 ; 21st and upwards £6 6s. ALEXANDRETTA, Syria. Lat. 36° 35' 40" N ; long.

36° 9' 5" E. Pop. 5,000. Tr.-I. Corn, rice, salt, and European goods ; E. Cotton, galls, silk. Charges. Port charges on a vessel of 292 tons, £2 185. 6d. ALEXANDRIA, Egypt. Lat. 31° 12' N ; long. 29° 51' E.

Pop. about 230,000. Tr.-I. Cotton goods, coal, woollen and silk goods, timber, tobacco and cigars, hardware and haberdashery ; E. Corn, cotton, wool, gum, soda, rice, dates, senna, feathers, hides, cotton seed, manufactured goods, rags, onions, lentils, and cigarettes. Accn. An excellent harb. with an area of 700 acres. The Boghaz or central pass is deep enough for vessels of 24jft dft. A floating dock capable of taking a vessel of 4,000 tons, and a graving dock 285it in length. Charges. Tonnage dues : Cargo, entering or clearing, it piastre tariff (3-69d) per ton ; in ballast 30 paras (1 850) per ion. Pilotage. The pilotage is fixed at 32, a reduction of 1 6 being made in favour of the mail-boats. Towage. On a vessel of 338 reg. tons, coals in, drawing 15]ft, cotton seed out 143ft: towage to berth £2. ALEXANDRIA, U.S. Lat. 38° 49' N ; long. 77° 18' W. Pop.

about 16,000. Accn. Vessels of post dít. can safely go into port. There is 16ft of water alongside wharves. The trade is almost exclusively confined to coasters. ALGHERO, Italy. Lat. 40° 32' 47". N ; long. 8° 15' 49" F.

Pop. 9,coo. Good anchorage in summer in 8 to 10 fms, about a mile from town. 4 sms about 5 cable-lengths off. Exposed to winds from S. and S.W. Tr.-E. Wine, butter, cheese, wool, skins, tobacco, rags, anchovies, coral, and bones. ALGIERS, Africa. Lat. 36° 47' 20" N ; long. 3° 4' 32" E.

Pop. 80,000. Tr.-I. Wine, coal, lumber, machinery, breadstuffs, sugar, manufactured goods, &c. ; E. Hides olive oil, wool, tobacco, tan-bark, &c. Accn. Two graving docks, the only ones in the colony. The first is capable of holding the largest man-of-war in the French navy. The second is intended for smaller vessels. Charges. On a vessel of 200 reg. tons in and out 65. Pilotage. On a vessel of 199 reg. tons, coals in and ballast out, in and out £1 6s 6d. Rise and fall of tides 2 or 3st. Eng. Brokers. Bergeret, Cherfils, Crispe, Sarrazin. ALGOA BAY (Port Elizabeth), Africa. Lat. 33° 0' 40" S;

long. 27° 53' E. Tr.-I. General ; E. Wool, skins, hides, angora hair, cotton, linseed, diamonds, horns, ivory, feathers, aloes. Accn. Inner anchorage in 6 sms, outer anchorage for large vessels in 8 fms. Cranes to list 7 to 10 tors. Pilotage. Inwards for vessel of 600 tons, £3 35. (Pilotage not requisite. ) Depth at high water 22ft ; low 16ft.

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