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Charges. On a vessel of 263 tons, £26 1os. id. Pilotsge.
Vessels drawing more than 14st, £7; less than 14st, £5; less than
12ft, £3.
BANDHOLM, Denmark. Tr.-1. Manufactured goods, coals,

iron, wine, . timber, colonial produce, salt, manures, feeding stuffs; E. Grain, especially wheat and barley, flour, butter, eggs, cheese, wool, hides, cattle, sheep, and pigs. Accn. 14ft at the entrance, the same inside the harb. (Danish feet). A slip for vessels up to 200 tons. Bandholm is on the N. coast of the Isle of Lolland. Charges. Government dues. Harb. dues 24d reg. ton. Pilotage. From sea to harb., or vice verså :-From April i to Sept. 32, 173 fooť' ; Oct. I to March 31, 1/7]d. From the roads of Bandholm to the harb., April i to Sept. 30,3d ; Oct. I to March 31, 44d foot. BANGKOK, Siam. Lat. 13° 38' N ; long. 100° 27' E. Pop.

About 500,000. Tr.-I. Tea, quicksilver, silks, porcelain, camphor, edible bird's nests, piece goods, opium, glassware, and copper ; E. Rice, sugar, teelseed, sa pan wood, gums, teak, gamboge, pepper, cocoanut oil, horns, hemp, raw silk, ivory, hides, cardamoms, feathers, salt, and fish. Accn. The depth of water varies according to the season of the year from 3 to 5ft at LW. and 11 to 14ft at HWST. Dry dock. Shears to list from 15 to 25 tons. Charges. On a barque for nearly two months of 737 tons £47 16s 5 d. Pilotage. 16/8 foot in, the same out. Towage. For a vessel of 427 tons £16 138 4d up, and the same down. BANGOR, Maine, U.S. Lat. 44° 47' 50" N ; long. 68° 47' W.

Pop. 20,000. Tr.-E. Lumber, spruce, deals. Accn. Ships drawing 22ft can safely load and proceed to sea ; depth LW. in harb. 20 to 25ft. There is a slip railway of 300 tons capacity. Charges. Wharfage according to size 4/2 to 12,6 per 24 hours. Brokerage on freights 5 per cent. Pilotage. Not compulsory, about 6/3 loot. Towage. 50 per ton reg. each way, up and down, is only down 7.d per ton, and to sea £10 vs 53d extra. BARCELONA, Spain. Lat. 41° 23' N; long. 2° u' E.

Pop. About 191,000. Tr.-I. Cotton, coals, coffee, cocoa, sugar and other colonial produce, amber, salt, fish, hides, iron, wax, hardware and horns; E. Silk, soap, woollens, cottons, lace, hats, fire-arms, steel, paper, and ribbons. Accn. The harb. has a depth of from 2 to 4 fms. Vessels 15 to 2oft dft. can load within a cable length of wharves. A patent slip for vessels up to 800 tons. It is the most important seaport on the NE. coast of Spain. Crane power 20 tons; shears to lift 30 to 50 tons. Charges. On steamer 1,000 tons coal £194 75. Pilotage. On a steamer with 1,000 tons coal, in and out (16/8 each way) £1 13$ 40, mooring pilot 10/6. BARI, Italy. Lat. 41° 8' N; long. 6° 55' E. Pop. 80,000.

Tr.-I. Coal, colonial produce, metals; E. Wine, oil, almonds, barley. Accn. Vessels of large dst. anchor in 17 sms, one mile off B.; depth alongside quay 23st. Hand crane to list 7 tons. Charges. Port charges on vessel of 800 tons, about £100; moorings, £l os. 10d.; whartage, £1 135. 4d. Pilotage according to tonnage ; under 200 tons, £ 1 os. Tod.

BASSEIN, India. Lat. 19° 49' N; long. about 72° 30' E. Pop.

30,000. Tr.-E. Rice. Accn. Vessels of 23ft dft. can come to this port. Charges. Port charges, vessels of rost dft. or under, 17/ ; above this dst. about 2/ foot. Light dues 3d ton. Pilotage. Rates subject to modifications according to circumstances. Vessels towed by steamers three-fourths rates. Steamers of under 19ft dst. hall rates, over that dít three-fourths. Steamers having in tow any vessel over 100 tons measurement three-fourths rates. Inward, from outer station to Dalhousie one-third, to Enter. prise Island two-thirds, to Bassein full rates. Outward : From Bassein to Enterprise Island one-third, from Dalhousie two-thirds, to Outer Station full rates. Inwards : From below and up to 7ft full 65 195, two-thirds £3 195 4d, one-third £! 195 8d ; to 26ft, full Z52, 1wo-thirds £34 13s 4d, one-third £176s 8d. Outwards : Same as inwards up to 17ft £27. From 18st, full £27, two-thirds £17 ios, one-third 48 35 6d. To 26ft, full £57 45, two-third's £ 38 25 8d, one-third Ž 19 is. 4d. Note. -The rate for intermediate portions of a foot is regulated as follows : 3in and under, no addition, between zin and gin the medium between the two rates, above gin, the dst. of the next ft to be taken. Harb. pilotage £ 1 8s. For each day's detention pilots receive £i 8s in addition to their regular pilotage. Towage. From £ 50 to £80, according to size of vessel. BASTIA, Corsica. Lat. 42° 43' N ; long. 9° 26' E. Pop.

20,000. Tr.-E. Oil, wine, goatskins. Accn. Large vessels anchor outside mole in 10 fms. Harbour suitable for small craft. Charges according to scale. Pilotage not compulsory. If demanded, according to scale. Chief commercial port of Corsica. Depth of water 4ost. Eng. Brokers. Belgodere, Roussel. BATAVIA, Java. Lat. 6° 7' 40" S; long. 106° 48' 75" E. Pop

95,964. Tr.-1. Opium, petroleum, coals, iron, piece-goods, and provisions of various kinds; E. Sugar, rice, coffee, spices, hides, arrack, tea, &c. Accn. Usual anchorage for large ships about a mile from pier-heal in 5 or 6 fms. Depth over sill at ordinary neap tides, 24ft ; at ordinary spring tides, 28ft. Six ballast cranes capable of discharging, 100 tons per hour each ; one other crane to lift 25 to 30 tons. Charges. On a vessel of 846 tons, amounted to £500; on one of 946 tons, about £750. Pilotage. Not compulsory, general charge £6 6s. 8d. in and out. The limits of Batavia Roads are :-South, from line running from Rynlands to Neptumus Shoal. West, from line bearing Neptumus N. by W. East, from line bearing Rynlands Shoal N. by E. BATH, U.S. Lat. 43° 42' N ; long. 69° 46' W. Pop. About

9,000. Tr.–1. From abroad, iron, salt, coals, and shipbuilding materials; E. Ice, lumber, hay, and felspar. Accn. The river front is lined with good wharves, and affords every facility for loading and unloading. The water is deep enough to admit the largest vessels. There is a patent slip railway for vessels up to 1,000 tons. Charges. On 1,094 ton vessels £222 155. Pilotage. Vessels drawing less than 15ft 6/3 foot, 15ft to poft 8/4 foot, over 2oft 10/5 foot. Towage. According to agreement, generally from £3 to 210. BEAUFORT, S. Carolina, U.S. Lat. 32° 26' N ; long.

80° 40' W. Pop. About 3,000. Tr.-1. General merchandise ; E. Lumber and phosphates. Accn. Vessels of

14ft dft. can reach the town at LW., and load to 16ft at this, or to 2oft at dock of Atlantic Mills and anchor near town. Vessels of 2ift dft, can cross the bar and ascend to within four miles of the town. Pilotage. See St. Helena Sound. Towage. About 4d10 5d reg. ton inwards, and 7d outwards, but ships usually sail in. BELIZE, British Honduras. Lat. 17° 29' 20" N ; long.

88° 11' 53" W; this is the lat. and long. of Fort George on the N. side of the entrance to the river. Pop. Of colony about 27,500. Tr.-I. Chiefly breadstuffs, cotton manufactures, and hardwares ; E. Cedar, mahogany, rosewood, logwood, indigo, cochineal, sarsaparilla, cocoa-nuts, deer skins, tortoiseshells, sugar, and specie. Accn. The harb. has from 2 to 4 fms of water, with the exception of one patch of 3 fms in the middle of the basin. The town of Belize stands on the S. mouth of the river. Charges. On a barque 454 tons (1175. Light dues 6d ton. Pilotage. 8/4 ft, in and out. BENGAZI, N. Africa. Lat. 32° 6' 51" N ; long. 20° 2' 40" E.

Pop. 10,000. Tr.-I. Cotton and woollen manufactures, sugar, iron, boards, spirits, wines, tobacco, oil, &c. E. Barley, wheat, cattle, wool, butter, skins, madder. Accn. No vessel drawing over 7ft can enter. Pilotage. 10 to 20/, according to size. BENI SAF, Algeria. Lat. 35° 19' 8" N ; long. 1° 20' E.

Pop. 4,000. Tr.-E. Iron ore. Accn. A newly constructed commodions harbour of 45 acres. Workshop for repairing ships of all kinds. Charges. Port charges assimilate to those at other N. African ports. Pilotage. £i, in and out. BERGEN, Norway.. Lat. 60° 24' N; long. 5° 20' E. Pop.

50,000. THW. f. and c. Ih 30m ; Sp. rise 4ft. Tr.1. Grains, salt, iron and coal, hardware, coffee, sugar, wines ; E Bones, codfish, dried herrings, cod oil, skins, &c. Accn. There is sufficient water for largest vessels, and a side harb. at suburb. “Nöstet," where men-of-war and yachts always anchor. There is a slip 15oft in length, a patent slip, and 3 graving docks, ranging from 197st to 240ft in length. Cranes to lift 4 tons. Charges. Tonnage and light dues 100 ton, and 2% harb. money. Pilotage. According to size and aft., besides distance :-200 tons reg., 9ft dit., entrance money £ I 2s 2d ; ditto distance money 2/7 mile; 500 tons. reg., 12st dst., entrance money £! 18s 6d ; ditto distance money 4/5 mile; 1,000 tons reg., 15st dst., entrance money £2 183; ditto distance money 5/5 mile. The pilot stations on the coast or entrance to Bergen are :-Skudesnäs 201m., Selboe Fjord 9m., Kors Fjord 4fm., Bommel Fjord 16km., Sholmen Sm., Fele 8m. ; large vessels generally enter Kors Fjord. BEYROOT, Syria. Lat. 33° 54' 27" N ; long: 35° 29' 4" E

Pop.70,000. Tr.-E. Cotton, silk, galls; I. Muslins, tin, hardware. Accn. Anchorage 10 to 12 fms, half-mile off; exposed to winds. Charges. Port charges on vessel of 221 tons, drawing 164ft, about £2 3s 4d. BILBAO, Spain. Lat. 43° 15' N ; long. 2° 45' W. Pop. About

30,000. THW. 3h*; Sp. rise 13ft. Tr.-I. Cotton and woollen manufactures, colonial produce, dried cod, coal, coke, timber, &c.; E. Iron, fruits, grain, oil, flour, ore, wine, madder, liquorice, skins, chestnuts, &c. Accn. The depth of water on the

bar has been increased from an average of 15ft S. and ust N. 10 22ft S. and 18ft N. Two graving docks, one 406ft and the other 23ost in length, with a depth over each of 15ft at ST. Steam ballast crane discharges 30 tons per hour. Pilotage. In and out, head pilot 7,8 per Sp. st (above 50 tons every vessel is bound to take a boat) 2/1 ; boat from sea to Portugalete 10/5; ditto Desierto £10: 10d ; ditto Luchana £1 6s old; ditto Zorroza £1 8 8d ; diito Olaviaga £l Tis 3à ; ditto Bilbao 62 is 8d ; detention at quarantine, to pilot 2/24 ; coasting pilot, if employed, west coast 3/1}; ditto east 4/2 league ; shifting pilotage from Bilbao to Olaviaga 8/4 ; sailing ships, from Olaviaga 1o Zorroza 4/2 ; ditto from Olaviaga to Luchana 6/3; ditto from Olaviaga to Desierto 8/4; steamers, each station 8/4; if a boat is employed in shifting from one intermediate station to the other, nothing under 10/5 in addition to pilotage. Not compulsory to employ a boat. Towage. From sea, loaded 8d per reg ton, in ballast 7d. BIMLIPATAM, India. Lat. 17° 53' 30' N ; long. 83° 27' 10"

E. Tr.--1. Piece goods, cotton yarn, i wist, metals, spices, European provisions, and liquors; E. Seed, buffalo horns and hides, deer horns, turmeric, lac, indigo, jute, cotton, &c. Accn. The best anchorage in the roads is in front 6 to 7) sms. Charges. Ships entering in ballast ifd, with cargo ifd tou. Ships landing passengers or stores pay full rale. BLUFF HARBOUR, New Zealand. Lat. 46° 36' 17" S;

long. 168° 21' 55" E. Pop. 2,500. Tr. -E. Wool, hides, &c. Accn. There is sufficient water for the largest vessels, the anchorage about a mile inside the entrance being ia 24ft. Two hoisting engines and i hydraulic winch. Charges Port charges 1d ton. Foreign traders 2d per ton hall-yearly: Pilotage. Inwards or outwards for sailing vessels, without tug 4d, with tug 3d, steamers 3d ton. Foreign traders 6d per ton hall-yearly. BOMBAY, India. Lat. 18° 54' N ; long. 72° 49' E. Pop.

770,000. Tr.-I. Coal, iron, wines, dry goods, tea, glassware, grain, sugars, and teak ; E. Wheat, seeds, cotton, opium, cloves, coffee, dates, gum, ginger, gunny bags, horns, ivory, wood, mother-of-pearl shells, and pepper. Accn.

capacious harb. from 12 to 14 miles long, from N. to S., with a general width of from 4 10 6 miles. The usual anchorage is on W. side of harbour. Extraordinary Sp. rise 18ft, ordinary 15 to 16st ; N. rise oft. There are eight dry docks and two patent slips. Cranes to lift to 100 tons. Charges. Port dues I anna per reg. ton per month ; Prince's Dock dues i pie per ton per diem. Transporting fees are charged on the movements of the vessel. Pilotage. In and out of harb., for sailing vessels and steamers from 100 tons upwards, during the fair season and during the SW. monsoon ; the SW. monsoon commences from June i and ends September 30. On merchant vessels :


Fair Monsoon Fair Monsoon

Season, Season. Season. Season. Minimum, 100 to 300 reg. tons.. Rs. 25.

Rs. 62. Maximum, 2,100 LO 2,209 reg. tons

Rs. 120. And an increase of Rs. 4.2 for every 100 tons or part, on ships, and Rs. 2-8 for every 100 tons, or part, on steamers during fair

Rs. 37

Rs. 41.

Rs. 72.

Rs. 81

Rs. 140.

season, and in addition thereto an extra rate of Rs. 20-10 on ships, and Rs. 12-6 on steamers during SW. monsoon. Transporting fees on ships :- 1.500 tons and upwards, Rs. 30 ; 1,000 tons to 1,500 tons, Rs. 25 ; under 1,000 tons, Rs. 20. Steamers using their own engine : from one berth to another south of Cross Island or to or from any of the docks or to any berth north of Cross Island, or vice verså, Rs. 20 ; transporting north of Cross Island Rs. 15; sailing ships or steamers towed to or from any dock north of Cross Island from or to fixed moorings north of Cross Island will be charged Rs. 15. A pilotage fee shall be held to cover the services of a pilot for all duties connected with the movement and anchorage of a vessel for a period of at least 12 hours from the time of joining the vessel is his services are required for so long. If a pilot, after having been applied for, goes on board and the vessel is not ready to proceed 10 sea, or to move from one part of the harbour to another part, or to dock, as the case may be, the same day, a fee of Rs. 20 will be charged as “ Pilct's' attendance." When a pilot is appointed 10 transport a vessel into dock and it does not enter the dock the same day, if through no fault of the pilot, a second transporting fee will be charged, if the vessel is docked by the pilot on the following or on any subsequent day. For vessels (steamers) of under 1,000 tons burthen (registered) whose masters have obtained a pilot's licence for the cuter harbour, half pilotage fees only will be charged when the said masters pilot their steamers from or to the Sunk Rock Light. Special Pilotage for taking a vessel to Hog Island, Butcher's Island, or Nocar Point, a sirgle pilotage fee shall be charged instead of transporting. For vessels proceeding on a trial trip a single pilotage fee shall be charged instead of transporting. Vessels arriving with gunpowder, if not moored in the harbour on the day of arrival, shall pay an attendance fee of Rs. 20. Note.Rupee=1/5. Towage. Carija Bay £30 each way. Steamer towed will be charged at sailing ship rates. BONA, Algiers. Lat. 36° 53' 38' N; long. 7° 46' 4" E. Pop.

30,000. Tr.-1. General merchandise and manufactures; E. Iron, copper, zinc, barley, wool, sheep, cork, tannin, and hay. Accn. Two ports (inner and outer). Harb. formed by two break

The inner port is provided with quays where vessels drawing 19st can discharge. Charges on a vessel 600 reg. tons, £92. Pilotage. Ifd reg. ton for sailing vessels, and id for steamers each way, in and out. Mooring cable 9d. On steamer of 600 reg. tons coming from a foreign port loaded with 1,000 tons of wood, and leaving with 1,000 tons minerals ad ton, coming in, and going out 28). Mooring cable 94d. On sailing vessel of 300 reg. tons from a foreign port, cargo in and ballast out, in i}d reg. ton, out 28/. Mooring cable 94d. BONNY, Africa. Lat. 4° 23' 9" N ; long. 7° 7' o" E. Pop.

10,000. Tr.-1. Manchester goods, guns, powder, iron neptunes or brass pans, crockeryware, hardware, &c.; E. Palm oil, ivory, &c. Accn. Anchorage in Bonny river in 10 sms. Least depth of water on bar 19ft low water. Springs rise 6st, neaps 5ft. No port dues. BORDEAUX, France. Lat. 44° 50' N; 0° 34' W. Pop.

240,000. THW. 6h 50m ; Sp. rise 1410; N. rise 12&st. Tr.-I. Colonial produce, wood, hides and skins, fish, cereals, wine, and spirits; E. Wine, spirits, fruit,


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