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pit-wood, chemicals, gum, fish, tissues, and jewellery. Accn. There are two deep places for shipping in the river, with a depth from 20 to 3oft. A safe dst. to Bordeaux is 19st, but at ST. vessels drawing 22st can get up

There are also several docks and buildingyards ; two graving docks, a floating dry dock, a patent slip, a slip railway (at Lormont), and four gridirons for careening vessels. Cranes to lift from 3 to 50 tons. Charges. Buoy dues, sailing vessels 14d per ton per month, steamers id per ton for 14 days. Ballast rod to 2/6 per ton. Tonnage dues "gd per ton from arrivals from Mediterranean and Europe, iod per ton from all other parts. Temporary additional dues (on account of harbour works) 60 per ton on all arrivals. Coals from 20/ per ton. On a vessel of 400 reg. tons of 16ft dit., expenses about 620. Pilotage. Sailing ships or steamers, French or foreign. Ships proceeding to, or coming from ports between Nantes and Bayonne inclusive, id ton of measurement is in ballast, and ad ton of cargo if laden. Other ports of France and ports of Algeria 1!d ton of measurement if in ballast, 34 ton of cargo if laden. French colonies and foreign ports 2įd ton of measurement if in ballast, and 4*d ton of cargo if laden. On vessel of 400 reg. tons drawing 16ft with cargo:Inwards from April I to Sept. 30 - Sea to Verdon £2 125 7d ; Verdon to Pauillac £2 125 7id ; Pauillac to Bordeaux 23 55 91d ; total £8 us ofd. Oct. I to March 31-Sea to Verdon L3 195 ; Verdon to Pauillac £2 125 7/d; Pauillac to Bordeaux £3 55 91d; total £9 175 5d. Outwards on same vessel £9 45_4d. Towage. 60 to 7d reg. ton from Pauillac to Bordeaux. Eng. Brokers. T. Columbier, C. Delmestre, J. Duchon-Doris, H. Ferrière, G. Masson, R. Vandercruya. BORNHOLM, Denmark. Pop. 35,364. Tr.-I. Coal,

timber; E Corn. Accn. Good anchorages. Depth at entrance 21st. Cranes to lift 5 to 6 tons. Charges. On a vessel of 200 tons £8 Pilotage. Vessel of 300 tons, £uus 6d ; 400, £i 175 60 ; 500, £2 28 3d ; above 500, 2/3 for every roo tons. BOSTON, U.S. Lat. 42° 19' N; long. 70° 75' W. Pop.

About 400,000. Tr.-E. Grain, Rour, live cattle, beef, pork, lard, fish, ice, woollens, cottons, paper, boots and shoes, cordage, hardware, furniture, apples (300.000 barrels in 1886-7), and musical instruments, the trade in organs and pianos being very large. Accn. Harb. is very commodious, and vessels of 24st dft. can lie alongside the new wharves, whilst 23st at mean LW is the least depth in the harb. channel. There are three graving docks, 165ft, 250ft, and 355st respectively in length, three Hoating dry docks for vessels up to 500 tons, a patent slip railway for vessels up to 1,100 tons, and another for vessels up to 600 tons. Charges. On a vessel of 161 tons, dft. rost £72 6s 6d. Pilotage. Foreign vessels are obliged to take the first pilot who offers his services, excepting those of 200 tons burthen or under, which having declined to take a pilot are only liable to pay half the regular fee. Vessels that have got within 1} miles of the outer light are not compelled to take a pilot. By law, the pilots in addition to the following rates are allowed to add 3%, which addition will be included, and must be paid with the pilotage : Inward. per foot, from May I to Nov. I from 1014 to 19/, Nov. I to May 1, from 11/8 to 21/13; outward, from May I to Nov. 1, from 5/107 to 16/11, from Nov. I to May 1, from 7/2 to 21/04. 25 7. to be added to the rates of pilotage on vessels detained in quarantine over 12 hours. All national vessels of 15ft or less dst. of water 16/11 foot, over 1514 dst. 21/0 loot. The fee for hauling a vessel from the stream to a wharf (helow the bridges), after the expiration of 24 hours from arrival is 16/11, and the same amount for hauling a vessel from a wharf 10 the stream, provided the vessel does not proceed to sea within 24 hours from the time of anchoring. Towage. On a vessel of 174 reg. tons from Pernambuco with cargo of sugar, outwards in ballast, inwards £1 gs 7d. BOULOGNE, France. Lat. 50° 44' N; long. 1° 35' E.

Pop. 45,916. Tr.-I. Coal, cast iron, steel, machinery, flax and tow, cotton, wool; E. Cement, fruits, potatoes, flour, silks, wine, brandy, eggs. Accn. Floating dock. On the bar at ST, about 28st, NT. 171t. Inside the harb. at ST. 19st, NT. 12ft. Vessels drawing 28st can enter dock at ST., and those drawing 22ft at NT. Owing to frequent heavy rise of sea and shifting sandbank bearing Sw. from the jetty, no greater depth can safely be counted on than 22}ft at ST., and 16 st at NT. A gridiron 251st long, and another 62st long for small vessels. Steam cranes to discharge 800 tons per 10 hours. Charges. Port charges on a sailing vessel of 100 reg. tons £9 6s; on a steamer of 300 tons £15 10s 6. Commission and brokerage 5%. Pilotage. Sailing vessels, in or out, loaded 2 d ton, in ballast Ild; steamers half this charge. Vessels having more than one-third of their cargoes pay full rates. Vessels w ndbound_or in distress pay two-thirds. Towage. 3d. per reg. ton. Eng. Brokers. G. Dewismes, G. Huret, L. Sellier. BRAAKE, Germany. Tr.-1. Timber and lumber from the

Baltic and United States, cedar, mahogany, coal, pig-iron, fire-bricks, slags, Aint, china clay, slates, corkwood, tar, grain, hemp, and nitrate; E. Sugar, moss litter, cork, bottles, German coal, coke, steel rails, iron in bars, all kinds of machinery, tobacco, and manufactures. Accn. Vessels drawing 18ft can enter the harb., a good dock Sooft long, 350ft wide, provided with a lock and offering every facility for shipping. The dock has been enlarged by a side basin 70oft long, and 15oft wide. Two graving docks, 3i3ft and 343ft in length. This is a free port. Labour and all supplies are cheap. Ballast about 1/1 ton. Cranes to lift to 20 tons. Pilotage. From April 16 to September 15, 11'7 for every 3ft dft.; from February 16 to April 15, and September 16 to November 15 about 3/4 foot ; and from November 16 to February 15 about 3/4 foot. For vessels piloted into dock, a compulsory rate is charged:up to 90 reg. tons 3/11, up to 120 reg. tons 4/10), up to 150 reg. tons 5/101, above 150 reg. tons 7/10. Out of dock :-up to 90 reg. tons 2/4), up to 120 reg. tons 3/2}, up to 150 reg. tons 3/11, above 150 reg. tons 5/2. BREMEN, Germany. Lat. 53° 48' N ; long. 8° 8' E. Pop.

115,000. THW. ih 40m ; Sp. rise ust. Tr. I. Chiefly tobacco, coffee, sugar, coiton, coal, iron, petroleum, yellow metal, machinery, rice, skins, dye woods, wines, timber, hemp ; E. Woollen goods, linen, glass, wheat, beaus, sheep, rags, wool, oil-cake, wooden toys. Accn. 3 large docks and 5 dry docks. Vessels of 221t dst. can enter any one of the docks. Cranes to lift 1.1 to 40 tons. Charges. Dock dues 2d ton per month. Vessel of 120 reg. tons, with cargo, drawing cost, about £8. Commission collecting freight it to 1%. Pilotage. Inwards or outwards. On a vessel of 120 reg. tons summer

rate + 3 6s 4d; winter rate 50% higher. Towage. Tugboatsaregenerally obtainable some distance outside the quay buoy. Captains generally inake the best bargain they can, irrespective of rates, which are, on outward-bound vessels from Bremerhaven to the lighthouse, from March 16 to November 15, 3d, November 16 to March 15, 4d reg. ton ; for vessels from Bremerhaven 10 sea, from March 16 to November 15, 6d, November 16 to March 15, 744

reg. ton.

BREMERHAVEN, Germany. Pop. 14,797. Accn. Thiee

large docks and five dry docks. Generally sufficient water for vessels drawing up to 28ft. Cranes to lift from 2 to 50 tons. Charges. Port dues, fd per cubic metre per month. Sea Pilotage. Inward, per metre: from February 16 to April 15, ki 55 5d; April 16 to September 15, ki 3s 60 ; Sep. 16 to Nov. 15, £i 5s 5d ; Nov. 16 to Feb. 15, Lilis 2d. Outwards : March i to April 15. £i os id; April 16 to Sep. 1h, 13/5 ; Sep. 16 to Oct. 31, L1 os id ; Nov. I to March 1, £16s iod. Harbour Pilotage. For ships up to 250 c. metres, 6/; 250 10 500, 7/6; 500 to 1,200, 11/6; 1,200 to 2,000, 15/6 ; 2,000 to 3,000, 18/; 3,000, 23/. BREST, France. Lat. 48° 23' N ; long. 4° 29' W. Pop. 70,780.

Tr.-1. Principally coal, cement, timber, hemp, flax, and guano; E. Almost confined to barley, potatoes, and farm produce. Accn. Five basins or inner harbs. The outer harb. has a uniform depth of 27it at LT. The average depth of water in the basins is—No. 1, LT. deepest part 7st, HW. 19ft ; No. 2, LT. 9ft, HW. 31st ; Nr. 3, the same as No. 2; No. 4, with gridiron, HW. between 10 and 12st; No. 5, at LW. between 25 and 26t, HW. in proportion. There are nine graving docks, owned by the Government, two gridirons, and one careening wharf. As a port of resuge Brest stands almost unrivalled in Europe. Cranes to list from 1 to 5 tons. Charges. Dues on shipping 5d per ton. All goods landed pay id package. Quay dues 50c reg. ton. Charges on a vessel of 450 tons with cargo in and ballast out, about 625. Brokerage is heavy. Pilotage. Inwards on a vessel of 300 reg. tons landing about 450 tons of cargo, and leaving in ballast £ 5 8s 6d ; outwards £2 8s. Eng. Brokers. A. Castagni, B. E. Corre, Denis, R. Jouve. BRIDGEPORT, U.S. Lat. 41° 0' 9" N ; long. 73° 14' 25' W.

Pop. 32,000. Accn. Vessels of 18ft can cross outer bar at high water. Narrowest width of channel zooft. Charges. £2. Pilctage. 4/2 ft. Towage. £i to £5, accordiing to size. BRIDGEWATER, N.S. Lat. 44° 14' N ; long. 64° 19' W.

Tr.-E. Wood, bark, deals, and boards. Accn. The bar inside of Mosier's Island has 19st of water at ST. and 21st at ST. about 15 miles from entrance. Vessels can load here to 161t; if drawing more than that they load off wharf in channel, where there are 24st of water. Pilot necessary. Charges. Labour 5/ and stevedore 6/ day. Hospital dues id ton. Harb. master's fees 4/2 to 16/8. No harb. dues. Pilotage. On vessel of 888 reg. tons, 201st dit., up the river £3. Towage. According to size of vessel, from ki as nod to £7 65. BRINDISI, Italy. Lat. 40° 39' 27" N ; long. 17° 58'45" E.

Pop. About 20,000. Tr.-1. Coal, sugar, coffee, wheat, and flour ; E. Olive oil, wine, and country produce. Accn.. Vessels drawing 25ft can lie alongside quays; no dry dock accommodation, but the harb. is safe and large. Charges. Expenses of a steamer of 1,250 tons net reg., with a cargo of 2,200 tons of coal inwards, emply outwards, 3 to 4 days in port, about £160. Pilotage. From 15s iod for vessels of from I to 100 reg. tors, to £2 195 3d for vessels of 1,001 tops and upwards inward. Sailing vessels pay the same outward, but steam pay half rate outward, 35 11 d for mooring ship, and 35 11:1d to pilot-boat sor assisting. BRISBANE, Australia. Lat. 27° 28' S; long. 153° 6' E.

Pop. 51,680. Tr.-1. General merchandise ; E. Coal, sheep, wool. Accn. Vessels of zost come to wharves with good rides. Charges. Wharfage 2s per ton ; ballast 4s 6d ; per ton ; entering and clearing at Custom House, £2 2s. Pilotage. Above bar 6d per ton, above pilot station 50 per ton. BRUGES, Belgium. Pop. 46,274. Tr.-I. Wool, cotton,

dye-wood, wine, grain, coal, salt, wood, metals, &c.; E. Lace, cattle, chicory, oak bark, rags, bones, marble, fruits, and hay. Accn. Average depth 15ft ; vessels drawing 13ft can easily pass through. Charges. On a vessel of 92 tons,

about £9 78 (via Ostend), Towage. By horses. 2 horses cost 16/ to 20/; 3, 20/ to 24/; and iod to conductor. BRUNEI, Borneo. Lat. 4° 52' 40" N ; long. 114° 55' 20" E.

Pop. 15,000 Tr.-1. (Almost entirely from Singapore). Cotton cloths, gold thread, brassware, iron, rice, opium, tobacco, salt, earthenware, gunpowder, &c. ; E. Sago flour, indiarubber, gutta percha, bees' wax, birds' nests, hides, and sharks' fins. Accn. Vessels of poft dft. can at HW. safely ascend to the town. Charges. By treaty with Great Britain a duty of $1 ton is leviable on British shipping in lieu of all other charges. Pilotage. No pilots obtainable. BRUNSWICK, U.S. Lat. 43° 55' N ; long. 69° 57' W.

Pop. 7,500. Tr.-E. Lumber, cotton, timber, naval stores, moderate shipments of staves, shingles, cross ties, wool, hides, tallow, &c. Accn. Vessels can cross the bar with post water NT., and 23st ST. Distance from bar to Brunswick 13 miles. Pilotage. For St. Simon's Bar and Turtle River, foreign vessels not exempt by treaty with United States 50% additional. Varies from £2 10s 98 (bar) and £1 55 44 (river) to £27 95 95 (bar). and £13 145 10fd (river), according to dit. A deduction of 20% on these rates made on pilotage of steam vessels. Towage. 7}d ton on loaded vessels. BRUSSELS, Belgium. Lat. 50° 51' N ; long. 4° 20' E. Pop.

410,000. Tr.-1. Biscuits, preserved goods, cement, wine, timber, cheese, cotton goods, wood, &c. ; E. Plate and window glass, iron, sugar, marble, glassware, candles, nails, &c. Accn. Is connected with Willebroek by a canal with sufficient depth of water to allow vessels and steamers drawing not more than soft to come up to the city. Crane to list 15 tons. Charges.

No dock, wharf, or light dues. For a vessel of 100 tons, ballast out, £5 45 rod. Pilotage. From Antwerp to canal :

[blocks in formation]

From entrance of canal to Brussels, 9/6).
BUDRUM, Turkey. Lat. 37° 1' 52" N ; long. 27° 27' 35" E.

Accn. Harb. about a quarter of a mile wide, inside it is well sheltered. It can take vessels of 18st dst. The anchorage in the outer bay is in ii fms. BUENAVENTURA, U.S. Columbia. Lat. 3° 49' 28" V;

long. 77° 10' 40" W. Pop. About 1,100. Tr.-1. Salt, garlic, straw hats, hammocks; E. Cocoa, rum, sugar, hides, tobacco. Accn. Vessels of 24ft dít. can reach the town. Pilotage. Can be obtained at Basan Point, the N. point of the entrance. BUENOS AYRES, Argentine Republic. Lat. 34° 36' S. ;

long. 58° 22' W. Pop. About 190,000. Tr.-1. Coal, iron, lumber, hardware, dry goods, wines, provisions, and manufactured goods; E. Wool, hides, tallow, horns, bones, &c. Accn. Buenos Ayres is situated 100 miles from the ocean, and is reached by a river 30 miles wide at the city. In front of the city are two anchorages, the inner and the outer roads, which are both open to S. E. and E. winds. Vessels discharge in the roads and at the Mole. There is a graving dock 272st in length for vessels of large size, and also a marine railway for large vessels. Charges. Mole tariff, sailing vessels of 151 tons and upwards 65 cents per ton daily, lighters from the roads 10 cents, steamers half-rates, sailing vessels entering and leaving in ballast half-rates ; light dues 8 cents per reg. ton, harbour dues 16/8. Pilotage. From the roads to the Bocca, in or out £2 16s. Towage. Do. 65. (See also Monte Video.) BUNDER ABBASS, Persia. Lat. 27° 10' 29" N ; long. 56

17'1" E. Pop. fluctuates from 6,000 to 8,000. Tr.-I. Chicory, glass and glassware, metals, piece goods, spices, sugar, and tea; E. Corn, cotton, carpets, drugs, dyeing materials, dried fruits, dates, opium, silk, cloth, wool, woollen shawls, &c. Accn. The anchorage is in 3 fms, a mile off the town, and for a large ship in 4 to 5 fms, about 2 miles off. BUSHIRE, or ABU-SHEHR, Persia. Lat. 28° 59' 7" N;

long. 50° 50' 3" E. Pop. About 12,000. Tr.I. Coffee, candles, oil, chicory, cutlery, glass and glassware, indigo, metals, spices, piece goods, sugar, and tea ; E. Corn, cotton, carpets, drugs, dyeing materials, dried fruits, dates, hides and skins, horses and mules, opium, rosewater, seeds, silk, tobacco, and wax. Accn. The anchorage called Outer Roads is in 4 fms about 6 miles off, town bearing E. by N. The anchorage called Inner Roads is about 24 miles off town. Vessels drawing 13ft can enter these roads. Shears to list

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