Sivut kuvina

1ooft wide, outer entrance 200ft wide. Inner basin or dock about 10 acres, outer basin 6 acres. Inner basin 24ft at the north end, and 20ft at the south. Outer basin 2oft for large vessels, and 10ft. for small. There are two jetties or piers to protect the entrance to the basins. South jetty 240ft long, 2oft broad. The other, a breakwater, is carried out to 1,86ost at HWM., with a lighthouse on the sea head. There is a dry dock 530ft in length, and a patent slip for vessels up to 1,500 tons. Charges. Dock dues 68 reg. ton for 21 days, and 3d ton per week afterwards, no harb. nor light dues. 41 ton for goods landed ; 21 ton if transhipped. Coals. landed 2 ton. CARLSHAMN, Sweden. Lat. 56° 11' N ; long. 14° 52' E..

Pop. About 8,000. Tr.-1. Tobacco, cotton, &c. ; E. Iron, timber, potash, pitch, and tar. Accn. Small but safe harb., can receive vessels of 13ft dft. at the loading bridge. Charges. Tonnage dues, vessels of 50 tons and upwards 1/6 ton.. Pilotage. See Carlskrona. CARLSKRONA, Sweden. Lat. 56° 91' N; long. 14° 35' E.

Pop. About 19,500. Tr.-I. Colonial produce, salt, &c. ; E. Wood, deals, sails, iron, steel, copper, pitch, granite, tar, &c. Accn. Has a large, good, and deep harb., 16ft: to poft deep inside ; vessels of 14ft dft. can unload direct into merchants' wharves. There are six graving docks owned by the Government, which can accommodate the largest ships. Cranes to lift 1 to 10 tons. Charges. On vessel of 200 tons, with cargo in and out, about £15 1os. Pilotage. On a vessel of 12ft dft., cargo in and out, both ways £l 19. Towage. Steamtug zum always be obtained. CARRIZAL, Chili. Lat. 28° 05'S; long. 71°W. Pop. 2,000.

Tr.-I. Coals, bricks, merchandise, &c.; E. Copper, regulus, lead in bars, and ores. Accn. Affords shelter for only about 6 or 8 vessels from a southerly wind. Charges. Hospital dues 5d per reg. ton. Pilotage. From £1 os iod for vessek under 100 reg. tons to £3 2s 6d for vessels of 500 to 600, and so in proportion CARTHAGENA, Spain. Lat. 37° 36' N; long. 0° 58' 42"

Pop. About 38,000. Tr.-1. Coal, coke, wood, grain, and four; E. Silver, lead, zinc and iron ores, and esparto grass. Accn. There is sufficient water for the largest ships. "A floating dry dock for the biggest vessels. Pilotage. For a moderate-sized vessel 14/6 inward and outward ; large vessels in proportion. CARTHAGENA, U.S. Columbia. Lat. 10° 18' 58" N ; long

75° 35' 19' W. Pop. 10,000. Tr.-I. Flour, codfish, hams, butter, cheese, glassware, earthenware, ironmongery, pitch, tar, rosin, cordage, and copper ; E. Gold, tobacco, cocoa, balsam, indiarubber, vegetable ivory, cedar, mahogany, hides, sugar, &c. Accn. Vessels of large dft. anchor in 6 fms off Pastelileo Fort. Small craft drawing 6ft lie alongside the walls of the city. Charges. Tonnage dues, about 3/ for every ton of cargo delivered. Light dues, 15) for the first 100 reg. tons, and about Id for each additional ton. Stamp charges heavy. Clearance 12) for any-sized vessel. Sand ballast 1/6 per ton. Pilotage. There are very good pilots in the city and at the entrance of the port (called


Bocachica). The dues are as follow's, in case the vessel is taken outside Bocachica :--Steamers £2 is 8d, barques £1 135.4d, brigs £1 5s, schooners 16/8. When the vessel is taken at Bocachica these dues are reduced half. CATANIA, Italy. Sicily. Lat. 37° 28' N ; long. 15° 5'E. Pop.

About 106,000. Tr.-I. Manufactures on a large scale. Colonial : Iron, coal

, machinery ; E. Sulphur, wheat, barley, rice, beans, maize, linseed, hempseed, oranges, lemons, almonds, shumac, and a large variety of other produce. Accn. A large harb., capable of accommodating, with facility and safety, the largest ships. Charges. Port charges for a vessel of 317 tons 615 68 4d. Pilotage. Inwards : to so reg. tons 11/10); 51 to 100, 19/9; toi to 150, £1 38 9d; 151 to 200, £175 8d ; 201 to 250, £ 1 12s 5d ; 251 to 300, EI 18s; 301 and upwards, £2 38 6d. Outwards : Half of above according to tonnage by applying to the head pilot at the Health Office. În above charges, mooring and unmooring the ship is also included. CAUDEBEO, France. River Seine. Eng. Broker.

Renault. CAYENNE, S. America. Lat. 4° 56' 2S” N; long. 52° 20' 36"

w. Pop. 11,000. Tr.-I. Cotton, loaf sugar, flour, skins, mining implements, preserved provisions, and manufactured gouds; E. Maize, coffee, rice, tobacco, pepper, cocoa, indigo, vanilla, gums, woods, hides, &c. Accn. Two quays. Vessels drawing more than 14ft anchor 6 miles from C. Tides rise 6 to 7ft. No graving docks. CEARA, Brazil. Lat. 3° 42' 5" S; long. 38° 27' 31" W. Pop.

35,000. Tr.-I. Breadstuffs, general merchandise, manufactured goods, metals, leather, wine, and machinery; E. Cotton, hides, indiarubber, sugar, &c. Accn. Anchorage in 4 to 5 fms. Harb. formed by a reef of rocks running parallel with the beach, and about 400yds distant. Charges. On a vessel of 383 tons arriving in ballast and loading cargo of cotton and indiarubber 4258 55 iod. Pilotage. On vessel of 383 reg. tons arriving in ballast, and loading a cargo of cotton and india-rubber, inward £2 145, outward £ 2 55. CETTE, France. Lat. 43° 24' N ; long. 3° 42' E. Pop.

37,000. Tr.-I. Principally coal tar, pitch, staves, wheat, oats, beans, coal, tallow, petroleum, oranges, citrons, wood, áron ore, and also large quantities of Italian, Spanish, Dalmatian, and Greek wines; E. Salt, wine, spirits, fruits, brandy, and French coal from the mining districts of the departments of Hirault, Gard, and the Centre. Accn. Three basins, the Old Port, the New Port, and the basin of the S.W. Ry. Co. The harbour is protected by a breakwater running E. to W., forming two entrances. Vessels drawing 21ft can enter. The old basin or port admits vessels drawing r8ft; the New Port and S.W. Ry. Co.'s basin, vessels of 17ft. There are five pontoons for heaving down vessels of 1,200 tons. Charges. On a vessel of 250 reg. tons about £33. Pilotage. Ist Line :—Six miles distance from entrance during the day, and three miles distance during the night, 34d reg. ton. 2nd Line :-Three miles distance from the entrance during the day only, or if the vessel is taken between the first and second line by the pilot ad reg. ton. 3rd Line:- If the vessel is taken by the pilot between the second line and the entrance, 14d reg. ton. 4th Line - If the vessel takes a pilot on the entrance id reg. ton. Except during bad weather when the small pilot boat directs the ships by signals from the entrance, itd reg. ton. For every change of position 3/2 to the pilot who superintends, and the same amount in getting out of the basin. On a vessel of 254 reg. ton. from Carnarvon, with pitch, leaving for Huelva in ballast, in and out £4 195 10d ; shifting and boat hire 11/10. Towage. On the same vessel, in £ 1 75 8d, out 11/10Eng. Brokers. H. Doumet, G. Frisch. CHANAK KALEH, or DARDANELLES. Lat. 40°04' N;

long. 26° 14' E. Pop. 10,000. Tr.-E.. Timber, wine, pottery Charges. Light dues 44d. on every ton up to 800 and half that on every additional ton. Pilotage to Sea of Azof from £8 to £12. Towage from Tenedos Island to Sestos Bay £10; to Gallipoli £12; from Cape Hellas to Sestos. Bay £9; to Gallipoli £18; from White Cliffs to Sestos £6; to Gallipoli £15; from Dardanelles to Constantinople £100. CHARLESTON, U.S. Lat. 32° 41' N; long. 79° 52' W.

Pop. About 52,000. Tr.-1. Cottons and. woollens, linens and silk, hardware, iron and steel, sugar, tea, wine, spices, salt, slate, ale, fruit from W.I., and crockery; E. Cotton, rice, hams, bacon, phosphate, rock, and naval stores. Accn. After passing the bar there is deep water up to wharves. Vessels of 16}ft can cross the bar at high water OST., and 154ft at high water NT. Charges. On steamer of 455 tons reg., loading 827 tons of phosphate rock, about £100. Pilotage. Not ex. 12ft dit. £8 gs 2d; not ex. 12ft dft. £9 6s id ; uot ex. 13ft dft. £9 ios 3id ; not ex. 13}ft dit. £10 IIS 51d; not ex. 14ft dit. £11 &s 4d ; not ex. 14}\t dft. £12 135 9d; not ex. 15ft dft. fo 14 195 11d; not ex. 157ft dit. £14 IIs gid; not ex. 16ft dft. 617 155 3d ; not ex. 164ft dft.. £21 25 id; not ex. 17st dft. £25 75 6d ; not ex. 173ft dit. £31 145 44d; not ex. 18ft dft. £38 is 3d. Towage. On a brig of 218 reg. tons ballast in and cargo out, outwards £6 6s 10 d. CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. Lat. 45° 13' 55' N ; long. 63

70'23" W. Pop. About 9,000. Tr. -1. All kinds of general merchandise, coals, breadstuffs, and all kinds of ship chandlery ; E. Oats, potatoes, turnips, fish, butter, lard, wood, eggs, and oysters. Accn. Vessels of the largest dft. can enter this harb. and ascend Hillsboro river 7 to 8 miles; vessels. can anchor close alongside the wharves; Sp. rise oft, N. 5ft. The usual anchorage is in 42ft to 58ft of water, about 10 cable lengths from the wharves. Charges. On a vessel of 320 reg. tons, light dues 4d ; docking 4/ day; custom fees 8/4. Pilotage. 2/1 to 4/2 foot. Towage. Inward Er os rod to £2 is 8d; outward £ios rod to £3 28 6d.

CHATHAM, N.B.-See Miramichi.
CHERBOURG, France. Lat. 49° 39'_N ; long. 1° 33' W.

Pop. About 42,000. Tr.-I. Čoals, timber, cement, guano, wine, soda, gunpowder ; E. Potatoes, pigs, calves, poultry, vegetables, cut stone, eggs, butter. Accn. Harb. and commercial non-tidal harb. Vessels drawing 17ft can enter the commercial non-tidal harb. The roads are capable of receiving the largest vessels afloat. There are eight graving docks owned by the Government, one graving dock owned by the City of Cherbourg, a

gridiron, and careening quay. Cranes to lift from 1 to 2 tons. Charges. On a vessel of 100 reg. tons £6. Pilotage. On a vessel of 100 tons, inwards £l 3s 8d; outwards 11/10 ; steamers (laden) half sailing vessels, sailing vessels in ballast' two-thirds of rates. Towage. On a vessel of 100 tons about £ios Tod. Eng. Brokers. E. Bunot, A. M. Langlois, E. Lelot. CHICAGO, U.S. Lat. 41° 50' N ; long. 88° W. Pop. About

550,000. Tr.-1. Lumber, coal, iron, and general merchandise ; E. Grain, four, wool, beef, pork, timber, and hides. Accn. Vessels bound here from sea pass through St. Lawrence, the locks of which are about 43ft wide and 220ft long, with gft of water. There are 15ft of water in Chicago harb. There is a new canal with locks 3024ft long and 484ft wide, and 11}ft deep. Charges. On vessel of 348 tons, cargo of iron and general merchandise in and grain out £170 75 2d. Towage. 2 25 3}d to £21 2s id according to size of vessel and distance. CHITTAGONG, India. Lat. 22° 14' 24' N ; long. 91° 50' E.

Pop. 100,000. Tr.-I. Liverpool salt in large quantities, and kerosine oil; E. Jute, rice, cotton, and tea. Accn. There is accommodation for 16 vessels in swinging moorings, and 3 vessels in fixed moorings. Ships of 22ft can generally cross the bar at all times. Springs rise 15ft, and in the rains 19 to 2oft. Charges. On a ship of 1,400 tons reg. Rs 3/3 per reg. ton, exclusive of commission on freight and towage. Pilotage. From £5 for vessel of nift dft. to 426 for vessel of 22ft dst. For every foot above 22 an additional sum of £3 4s is charged ; half rates for steamers under steam, two-thirds for vessels taking the aid of steam. Towage. There are no regular steamtugs; but vessels, when loaded, can always be towed to sea by one of the mail steamers, two of which leave weekly. CHRISTIANIA, Norway. Lat. 59° 54' N ; long. 10° 55'. E.

Pop. 131,000. Tr.–1. Wood, oil cakes, ice, herrings, beer, manufactured goods, skins, ores, paper pulp, matches. Accn. Vessels drawing 17ft to 18ft can lie alongside quays. A graving dock 268ft in length, and a floating dry dock 195ft long. Cranes to lift from 2 to 40 tons. Charges. Vessels of 270 tons, drawing 14ft, about £46 128. Provisions plentiful and cheap. Pilotage. For taking a vessel from the ballast station, or any part within the islands, and bringing her to the anchorage designated by the harb. master and mooring her :-From 2/2 for vessels of 40 tons and under, to 9/3 from 700 to 800 tons, and 10/10 for above 800 tons. If tugboat is employed, 25 per cent. deduction. Towage is cheap and tugboats are always at hand. CHRISTIANSAND, Norway. Lat 58° 4' 27" N; long. 8°

2' 25" E. Pop. About 13,000. Tr.I. Manufactured and colonial goods, grain, salt, coals; E. Timber, planks, cattle, salted fish, skins, lobsters, oak-bark, paper, &c. Accn. The harb. is one of the finest in Norway, with i2 fms of water close to town. A large dry dock, 320ft in length, and every facility for repairs. Cranes to lift 2 tons. Charges. No tonnage dues, except a charge of ud on each ton of merchandise discharged. CHRISTIANSTED, Santa Cruz, W.I. Lat. 17° 45'N ; long.

64° 41' W. Pop. About 25,000. Tr. -1. Flour, corn, meal, pork, candles, lard, timber, shingles, agricultural implements, and coals; E. Sugar, rum, and molasses. Accn. A coral reef runs E. and W. Water in harb, varies from 4 to 12 fms; 15 or 16ft is ordinary and safe dft. The harb. is situated in deep bay on N. side of island. Charges. On a vessel of 100 tons £18 5s 8d. CHRISTIANSUND, Norway. Lat. 63° 7' N ; long. 7° 43' E.

Pop. 10,000. Tr.-I. Grain, salt, Max, hemp, coal, iron, manufactured goods and colonial produce, bricks, tiles, &c. ; E. Fish, timber, oil, tar. Accn. The harb. is spoken of as good and secure, and accessible to all-sized vessels. There are five slips, ranging in length from 98ft to 197st. Cranes to lift from 4 to 10 tons. Charges. Light dues about 5d ton in and out. Tonnage dues about rod ton. Pilotage. A vessel of 12ft dft. :-Inwards, from April i to Sept. 30, 35/6, Oct. I to March 31, £2 4$ 68 ; outwards, from April i to Sept. 30, 307, Oct. i to March 31, 32/6. CIVITA VECCHIA, Italy. Lat. 42° 0' 6' N ; long. 11° 44' E.

Pop. 11,980. Tr.-I. Coal, iron, salt provisions, wines, spirits, haberdashery, drugs, woven goods, hard. ware, colonial produce, jewellery, glass, earthenware, wheat, oats, and live cattle ; E. Staves, alum, ore, cheese, skins, bark, rags, charcoal, Roman cement, and objects of fine arts. Accn. Harb. is formed by two moles, and protected by a breakwater. Vessels drawing from 20 to 21st are moored at the breakwater to discharge into lighters till their dft. is from 173 to 18ft. Charges. Harb, dues, anchorage, &c., about same as other Italian ports. Pilotage. In ild reg. ton, outd ton. Vessels exceeding 1,000 tons burthen pay as 1,000. Mooring and unmooring £1. COBIJA, Bolivia. Lat. 22° 40' S; long. 70° 12' W. Pop.

350. It has ceased to exist as a port of entry for foreign ships. Only a little copper is now shipped here coastwise. COCHIN, India. Lat. 9° 58'N; long. 76° 14' E. Pop. 31,000.

Tr.-E. Rice, pepper, ginger, yams, sweet potatoes, teak, arrowroot, offee, cotton, sugar cane, fruit, cocoanut oil, sapan wood, &c. Accn. There is only 14ft of water on bar. Charges. Port dues 3d reg. ton. Sand ballast 3/ ton. Good water 2/ 19-gallon cask. Stowing general cargo 1/ton. Pilotage. For vessels from 600 to 800 tons and upward, in and out, £5; 400 to 600, £4; 200 to 400, £3; 100 to 200, £2 ios. For the use of the anchor boat from 8 a.m. to sunset per day, £2. For the use of the hawser (besides making good any injury it may sustain) per day 10/. For transporting a vessel from one position to another, after she has been moored, of 300 tons and upwards 14/. Towage. £30 to 640 outwards.

COLBERG, Germany. Lat. 54° 11' N; long. 15° 34' E.

Pop. 7,000. Accn. Average depth in the entrance 15ft. Inner harb. has only 16ft. During strong gales vessels should not attempt to enter, but keep to sea. There is good anchorage in the roadstead in 64 to 7 sms. Ballast delivered free by Harb. Board. COLOMBO, Ceylon. Lat. 6° 56' N ; long. 79° 55' E. Pop.

1 20,000. Tr.-I. Coal, manufactured goods, machinery, railway iron, hardware, and rice; E. Coffee, cinnamon,

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