Sivut kuvina

areca-nuts, cocoanut oil, coir, plumbago, arrack, tobacco, and pearls. Acon. Outer roadstead with good anchorage in 8 fms water, and inner road or harb.-mostly occupied by native coasting vesselswith good and safe anchorage for vessels drawing lift. A mole has been commenced, to run out from the custom-house 1, 200yds N., and then NE. 40oyds. Charges. Port dues 2d ton for entry inwards, and at the rate of 2d ton for clearance outwards, on all vessels arriving at or departing from this or any other port of the island. Ships' expenses vary very much according to circumstances. On a vessel of 678 tons, cargo outward only, about £160. Pilotage. Vessels of 200 tons are bound to pay pilotage. Vessels are boarded about a mile outside the shipping. The rate is 30/ for both ways. Cranes to lift 20 tons. COLON or ASPINWALL, U.S. Columbia. Lat. 9° 22'

53•7" N ; long. 79° 52' 58.2" W. Pop. about 3,000. Tr.-I. Coal and general cargoes; E. Ivory: nuts, cocoa-nuts, indiarubber, mother-of-pearl shells, hides, and cargoes in transit from the North and South Pacific, consisting of pearls, precious stones, silks, jewellery, teas, silver and copper ores, indigo, cochineal, coffee, cocoa, cotton, Peruvian bark, Panama hats, and general merchandise of all kinds. Accn. Vessels drawing 26ft can lie alongside the wharves. Pilotage. No fixed tariff, from £3 2s 6d to 25 45 2d, according to size of vessel. COLUMBIA RIVER, U.S. Lat. 46° 16' 43' N ; long. 124°

40'7" W. Pop. 15,000. Accn. The depth of water on the bar varies from 17 to 24st at mean LT. Vessels of poft dft. can always be loaded at Portland, which is about 110 miles from the mouth of Columbia River. Pilotage. On a vessel at Portland, in and out over the bar at the mouth of Columbia to Astoria up to 12ft £ 1 139 cod foot, for each additional Toot £2 25 31d ; this is each way, in and out. From Astoria, up and down, 16/11 foot each way. Towage. On a vessel at Portland :-In and out over the bar at the mouth of the Columbia river to Astoria £52 175, 3}d to £84 11s 8d, according to distance towed, including use of hawser in and out. From Astoria to Portland rates are made by private bargain, and range from £42 5s rod to £116 6s for the round tow up and down. CONCEPCION BAY, Chili. Lat. 36° 42' S; long. 73° 6

W. Tr.-E. Wheat, hides, and tallow. Accn. The bay, in which there is everywhere good anchorage, has three ports, Talcahuano, Penco, and Tomé. Talcahuano has'a pop. of 4,500. Vessels anchor there in four to six fathoms at 'six to seven cable lengths from the shore. Discharging and loading are done by lighters. Repairing resources very limited owing to the absence of docks. Tomé has a jetty 5oyds long. Pilotage. On a vessel of 750 reg. tons £2 185 8d inwards. CONSTANTINOPLE, Turkey. Lat. 41° N; long. 29° E.

Pop. 750,000. Tr.-I. Manufactures of every kind of colonial produce, coals, iron, lead, copper, tin, earthenware, glass, timber, &c. ; small quantities of grain arrive from Black Sea for transhipment; E. Grain, wool, cotton, box and dry woods, silk, opium, tobacco, goatskins, rags, bones, drugs, otto of roses, carpets, &c. Accn. The harb. is deep enough to float vessels of the largest size ; safe and commodious, and is buoyed. There are four graving doeloft, 290ft, 298ft, and 320ft long, a floating dry dock 245ft, and a slip 12oft in length. Shears to lift 50 tons. Charges. Sanitary dues, 20 paras per ton on the first 500 tons, afterwards a reduction is made; lighthouse dues, from 40 to 60 paras per ton; lightship and rocket service 20 paras per ton ; Consular fees {i ios; firman dues and anchorage 11s 4d; hospital dues id per ton each 4 months. Pilotage. From the Seven Towers to Kuleli 42; to Upper Scutari £ 1.15; to Maiden's Tower or European Lighthouse 10/; from outside into the Golden Horn below the bridge 21 ; from the harb. to above the first bridge £i; to above the second bridge to2; from the Seven Towers to Buyukdere £3; to Arnaoutkeui £2; to Ortakeui £i jos ; to Sali-Bazar or Dolma-Bagtché £1 5s; from Kowak to Beicos £ 1 10; to Buyukdere £158; to Dolma-Bagtché or to Maiden's Tower 42; shifting berth in harb. after anchoring, 10/; from above first bridge to above second bridge £r. Towage. There is no fixed tariff in the Dardanelles. A vessel with 500 tons cargo would pay under favourable circumstances £25, but when a large number of vessels are waiting, as high as £35 for towing through the Straits. Into the harb. from outside Seraglio Point 65 for a vessel with 500 tons of cargo; from outside the Point to the Black Sea, £12, CONSTITUCION, Chili. Lat. 35° 19' 40" S; long. 72° 16'


20" W. Pop. 10,000. Tr.-E. Bread. stuffs are largely exported to Europe and Australia. Accn: The depth of water on the bar varies greatly ; dry season 9ft ; ordinary 11 to 13ft, and during the winter as high as 25ft. Pilotage. Inwards 8/4 each time for mooring and unmooring. Towage. By Government steamer 1/0 ton. COPENHAGEN, Denmark. Lat. 55° 50' N; long. 12° 34' E.

Pop. including suburbs, 330,000. Tr.-I. Coals, iron, machinery, timber, manufactured goods, tar, flax, cement, grain ; E. Flour, grain, butter, cheese, beef, pork, horses. cattle, sheep, wine, wool, hides. Accn. Several basins. The harb. is formed by a branch of the sound dividing the island of Amager from Zealand. From 23st at the entrance to 18ft. On the W. side the quays have a depth alongside from 12ft to 22st, and on the E, side from 12ft to 18ft. The inner harb. has a depth of from 15ft to 23ft. Three graving docks, seven slips, and one floating dry dock.

Charges. Port charges for vessel of 600 tons about $45. Tonnage dues 6d ton. Harb. dues about 50 ton. Pilotage. From Elsinore, about £1 18s. Into the harb. £i is 4d; ditto through both bridges, extra 8/10. To Dragor Er 19s rod. Above rates from April i to September 30 (summer rate), from October i to March 31 (winter rate) about 25% higher. COQUIMBO, Chili. Lat. 29° 56' S; long. 71° 20' W. Pop.

5,000. Tr.--1. Coals, iron, machinery, &c.; E. Copper in ore, ingots, bars, &c. Accn. The anchorage is of an average depth of 8 fms. Ships are discharged by lighters and small craft alongside the wharves. There are 3 fms of water close in shore. There is a good mole belonging to the Coquimbo Ry. Co., with 22ft water at LT., where ships can safely moor and discharge by steam cranes. Charges. Hospital dues 50 ton. Collecting freight 21 per cent ; procuring ditto 5 per cent. Pilotage. Vessels of 100 tons for os tod, and 8/4 additional for every 100 tons up to 800, £4 75 6d from Soo to 1,000 tons, and £5 45 2d for all above that tonnage. Towage. A small steamtug can be obtained to tow vessels out when there is no wind, charge 27 to £10.

30 fms.

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CORFU, Ionian Islands, Greece. Lat. 39° 37' " N; long.

19° 56' 50" E. Pop. 78,024. Accn. Harb. safe, and protected by mole. Suitable for vessels drawing 12ft. Charges. On vessel of 246 tons, £12 Os 8d. CORONEL, Chili. Pop. 5,658. Accn. Anchorage in 9 fms. Two piers with tramways and wagons.

Vessels discharge at their anchorage into launches. CORRALIES, Mexico. Lat. 20° 25' N ; long. 105° 39' 2" W.

Pop. 8,000. Accn. A small but very deep harb. Depth of water in middle of basin or inner harb. is about CORUNNA, Spain. Lat. 43° 22' N ; long. 8° 22' W. Pop.

40,000. THW. 3h ; Sp. rise 15ft. Tr.-I. Coal, iron, ivory, rails, maize, sugar, tobacco, &c. ; E. Oxen, potatoes, onions, fish, eggs, &c. Accn. It is a safe and well sheltered harb., and capable of receiving the largest vessels. Charges. On a schooner of 80 tons, loaded in and out, about 416 55. Pilotage :

Tons. Tons. Tons.

upwards. £ s. d. £ s. d.

s. d. £ s. From outside the shoals to the anchorage ground...

I 7 6 From the lighthouse and

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From Cape Pradeia or Serijo

o 13 9 0 17 83 Steamers of 200 tons and upwards 61 75 6d. CRAPAUD, P.E.1. Lat. 46° 12' N; long. 63° 30' W. Pop.

500. Tr.-I. Cottons, linens, wool, silk, tea, coffee, tobacco, oils, tar, and spirits ; E. Oats, barley, buckwheat, vegetables, butter, cheese, canned lobsters, &c. Accn. There are three wharves with 14ft alongside at LW., 15ft to 18ft HW. Charges. Light dues 40 ton, payable once a year. Pilotage:

Ist Div.

2nd Div. 3rd Div, S. d.

d. 80 and under 125 tons

5 21
8 4

13 6 8 4

9 45 13 63 17 8. All vessels exceeding 450 tons d ton each way for the excess of tonnage above 450, in addition to the above rate for 450 tons. Where vessels have to be moved about the wharves and pilots retained by captains of vessels for such services, said pilot is not allowed to charge more than 6/3 for each and every tide, to be left to the captain's option to employ pilot for such

services. CRONSTADT, Gulf of Finland. Lat. 59° 59' 43" N ; long.

29° 46' E. Pop. 30,000. Tr.-I. Sugar, cotton, petroleum, liquors, dry goods, salt, coals, &c. ; E. Lumber, hemp, tallow, canvas, leather, bristles, hides, cordage, &c. Accn. Merchants' harb. will contain over 500 vessels of any size. Only vessels with coals and pig-iron discharge here; all general cargoes go up to St. Petersburg. There are three graving docks for the largest ships of war and floating dry docks for vessels of 3,000 tons. Although the property of the Government, they are open to the public at moderate charges. Charges. On a vessel of 150 reg. tons àft. 12ft including labour £25 1os. Pilotage. On a vessel of 153 reg. tons, cargo in and out, 12ft dft., in and out £2 158 11d. Towage. On a vessel of 153 reg. tons, cargo in and out, 12ft dst., inwards £2,

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CUMANA, U.S., Colombia. Lat. 10° 28' N ; long. 64" 13

W. Pop. 12,050. Tr.-E. Mules, cattle, smoked meat, salted fish, and cocoa. Acon. Good harb. Anchorage in 12 fms. Charges. On vessel of 163 tons, £4. CURACOA PORT, W.1. Lat. 12° 6' N ; long. 68° 20' W.

Pop. About 20,000. Accn. Harbour about 2} miles in length, with 8 to 11 fms in the middle. Vessels of considerable burden can lie alongside the wharves. Charges. Port dues 100 reg. tons 4d. Light dues ad ton. Duties on produce 10/ ton. Pilotage. In out the harb. according to dft., being 3lid foot for those of 200 tons and over ; for entering the lagoon 3/6 foot for vessels over too tons. CUXHAVEN, Germany. Lat. 53° 52' N; long. 8° 43' E.

Pop. About 4,400. THW. 1h 8m ; Sp. rise 10 ft. Accn. An extensive harb., shallow, but well sheltered, except from the N., NE. and NNE. Charges. No port or harbour dues are levied, and vessels are not subjected to any formalities when entering or leaving. Pilotage. Sea pilotage from the cruisers 7/31 per foot in the summer and 11/4 in the winter; from the galliot 4/11 summer, 7/3} winter, with general cargo, and about 3/11 in all seasons when loaded with coals, herrings, or ballast. Towage. From Heligoland to Cuxhaven £10 to £20 according to size, and from entrance of Elbe £8 to £15. DALHOUSIE, N.B. Tr.-E. Timber and deals. Accn.

The harb. is well sheltered, and of easy access. There are two channels leading to the harb., one with 3 fms of water, and the other with 6 fms; the usual anchorage is in 6 to 7 fms, directly off the town. A pilot should be engaged. Charges. On'a vessel of 199 tons, drawing 12}ft £42 55. rod. Pilotage. On a vessel of 199 tons reg., ballast in and deals out, 12}ft dft. loaded, in and out £ 5 is 6d. DAMAUN, Portuguese Hindustan. Lat. 20° 25' N ; long,

72° 58' E. Pop. About 7,000. Accn. 18ft of water in the river at HT. DANZIG, Germany. Lat. 54° 20' 18" N ; long. 18° 38' E.

Pop. 103,000. Tr.-E. Grain, linseed, timber, sugar, black beer, amber and spirits. Accn. Vessels drawing 10 to 12ft can load alongside the quays. Vessels drawing 17ft to 2oft can enter the harb. A floating dry dock, 25oft in length, and three patent slips. Charges. On a vessel of 180 tons, including stowing cargo of sleepers £34 1os. Pilotage. On steamer of 1,000 reg. tons, river pilotage: inwards, ballast or coals outwards cargo, up 11/9, down 2017 : inwaras, cargo of iron outwards caigo, up or down 20/7 ; inwards, cargo of iron, outward ballast, up 2017, down 11/9; inwards, coastwise from a German port, outwards cargo, up 11/9, down 20/7. On sailing vessel of 200 reg. tons, inwards ballast, outwards cargo, up 8/10, down 14/8 ; inwards coals, outwards cargo, up or down 14/8; inwards or outwards cargo, up or down 14/8 ; inwards cargo, outwards ballast, up 14/8, down 8/10. Towage. On sailing vessel of 200 reg. tons, inwards, ballast, coals, or cargo, outwards, cargo or ballast, up or down, 14/8. On steamer of 500 reg. tons £4 6s 6d, and on sailing vessel of 180 reg. tons £1 175. DARIEN, U.S. Lat. 31' 20' N ; long. 81° 25' W. Pop. 2,000.

Tr.-I. General merchandise ; E. Lumber and cotton. Accn. On the bar 22ft at ST. and 17ft at NT. Vessels can load to 18ft with safety. Charges. On vessel of 747 tons, ballast in, cargo out, drawing roft in and 18ft gin out £351 155 3d. Commission on freight 2%. Pilotage. Varies according to dit. of water and distance. Minimum 6ft dft., U.S. vessels £1 13s 9d ; 6ft dft., foreign vessels 62 ios 7d. Maximum, 2oft dft., U.S. vessels £20 175 sod; 2oft dft., foreign vessels 631 6s 6d. Towage. On a vessel of 747 reg. tons, ballast in and cargo out, dft. soft in and 18ft gin out, to sea, by agreement £37. DENIA, Spain. Lat. 38° 50' 40" N; long. 0° 7' E. Pop.

10,000. Tr.-1. Timber, fuel, wheat, and flour; É. Raisins, almonds, oranges, &c. Accn. Vessels not drawing over 12ft when loaded can load inside the port: Pilotage. £1 138 4d in and out. Mooring and unmooring inside the port from £ r os rod for vessels not exceeding 60 tons to £3 6s 8d progressively for 500 reg. tons. DIEPPE, France. Lat. 49° 50' N; long. 1° 5' E. Pop.

About 21,000. THW. uh 6m; Sp. rise 27ft ; N. rise 20}ft. Tr.-I. Coal, iron, pitch, cement, machinery, and general goods; E. Silks, manufactures, wines, brandy, fruit, potatoes, fancy goods, &c. Accn. Tidal harb. and three floating basins. The basins will take vessels of 22ft ST., and 16ft at NT. The harb. will admit vessels of about 22ft at HWOST., and of about 16ft at NT. A gridiron 165ft long. Cranes to lift 5 tons ; I of 30 tons. Charges. On a vessel of 500 tons about £34. Pilotage. On vessel of 500 reg. tons, inwards and boat to help in £3 2s gd ; outwards and ditto £1 5s. Towage. On vessel of 247 reg. tons, inwards £2 9s; outwards ki gs 3d. Eng. Brokers. D. Gens, C. Delarue, A. Salles, J. Teste. DIGDEGUASH, N.B. Lat. 49° 9' N ; long. 67° W. Accn.

There are two passages leading to harb., the W. with 30ft at LW., and the E. with about 22ft. Anchorage safe. Charges. Port charges and loading expenses about 7/3} per standard on vessels loading deals. Hospital dues "Id per ton. Harb. master 8/4 to 20/10. Pilotage. Summer rate 8/4 per foot in, and 6/3 out; winter rate 10/5. DRAGOMESTRE, Greece. Lat. 38° 33' N ; long. 21° 6' E.

Pop. About 9,000. Tr.-E. Wood, &c. Accn. Deep water close to the shore. Charges. Dues and charges on a vessel of 99 tons about £5 103. Pilotage. See Patras. DRAMMEN, Norway. Lat. 59° 45' N ;_long. 10° 12' E.

Pop. About 30,000. Tr.-E. Timber of all kinds (rough and sawn), iron, and wood pulp. Accn. Vessels drawing up to 20ft can enter the port. Three small cranes.

DRONTHEIM, Norway. (On south bank of the Nid.) Lat.

63° 24' 27" N ; long. 10° 27' 30" E. Pop: 24,000.' Tr.-I. Salt, coal, spirits, grain, staves and colonial produce; E. Timber, pyrites, copper ore, chromium, and fish. Accn. Large and good quays for discharging, &c. Depth of water 14ft LT. A graving dock, 256ft in length, and four patent slips. Shears to lift 35 tons. Charges. Harb. dues 2/2 to 8/8. Harb. master's fee 2/2 to 4/4. Light dues 3d ton, and tonnage dues 7 d ton (loaded). Pilotage. According to a tariff regulated to dft. of water, combined with the vessel's tonnage, and according to the distance from the shore where the pilot is taken on board. From the roads into the harb. from 4/4 to 8/8, out the same. On schooner

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