Sivut kuvina

of 178 tons reg. with cargo of salt inwards from Cette, leaving with a cargo of deals for Havre de Grace, in Aug. and Sept., 1877, from the sea £6 58 6d, into harb. 61, to sea (12ft) £5, out of the harb. 61. Towage. Vessels of 60 tons &1 is 8d, from 60 to 120, Li 6s, from 120 to 160, £l 153, from 160 to 400, £2 125, assistance-boat (if required) 8/8 to 13/. DUNKIRK, France. Lat. 51° 2' 9" N ; long. 2° 22' 37" E.

Pop. 35,000. Tr.-I. Coal, guano, nitrate, pig. iron, iron ore, timber, wheat, barley, oats, seeds of all sorts, petroleum, wool, jute, fax, tow, cotton, &c. ; E. Coals to French ports, rails, wheat, barley, flour, bran, dried vegetables, potatoes, sugar, oil cake, oil, yarn, locomotives, ironwork, straw, and phos. phate. Accn. An entrance canal, outer port, port in which vessels can anchor, and four docks. About 22ft ST., and 19ft at NT. There is a gridiron, patent slip, new gridiron, and several docks in construction. Dunkirk is the fourth commercial port of France. Crane to lift 10 to 40 tons. Charges. Dock dues about id ton. Town dues about 7d ton. Quay dues 410 ton, is from Europe Ballast 1/2 to 1/114 ton. Pilotage. Varies from id reg. ton to 34d, according to distance. Towage. From 3d to gd reg. ton, according to distance. Vessels under 100 reg. tons cannot pay less than £ i 3s 9d. Compulsory towage due-d, if from Great Britain, id reg. ton if from rest of Europe and North Africa; id ton from ocean voyage. Eng. Agent Maritime. E. Seligman. Eng. Brokers. J. Alibert, P. Deboecker, L. Deman, M. Duchateau, A. Leroy, L. Parisis, G. Ladureau, E. Plaideau, D. Spiers. EASTPORT, U.S. Lat. 45° 44' N ; long. 66° 56' W. Pop:

About 6,000. Tr.-1. Salt, w. 1. goods, and general merchandise ; E. Lumber and fish products. Accn. There are 6oft of water about 30 yards from the wharves. Charges. On a ship of 505 reg. tons £87 10s. Pilotage. About 5/31 to 7/1 foot, according to distance." Towage. By agreement. ELMINA, W. Africa. Lat. 5° 4' 48" N ; long. 1° 22' 15 W.

Pop. 15,000. Tr.- 1. Alpaca cloth, powder, guns, iron, brandy, soap, &c. ; E. Gold dust, ivory, maize. Accn. Anchorage in 7 fms. Charges. 62 ios for each vessel. ELSINORE, Denmark. (W. side of Sound.) Lat. 56° 2' 17'N;

long. 12° 38' 2" E. Pop. 10,000. Tr.-I. Wine, spirits, coffee, sugar, salt, tobacco, and coals; E. Barley, oats, flour, meal, ship bread, butter, salt beef, pork, and rope, as supplied to calling ships. Accn, 2ift at the entrance and 22ft inside. There is a patent slip 267ft long, and a dry dock 32oft long. Shears to list 45 tons. Charges. On vessel of 100 tons inwards with cargo £4 145. Tonnage dues same as Copenhagen. Harb. dues, pier and quay-money about 120 ton. Steamers coaling in the harbour pay no dues. Pilotage. On a vessel 100 reg: tons, inwards, with cargo, in summer (winter one-third more) 7/2; outwards in ballast 3/8. Not compulsory either way. EMDEN, Germany. Lat. 53° 22' N ; long. 7° 13' E. Pop.

14,000. Tr.-I. Timber, iron, rye; E. Corn, coals, ako. Accn. Dock one mile long, with chamber sluice 330ft

- Soft broad, and 22ft deep. Vessels of zift dft. will soon be

to enter harbour at HT. Cranes to lift from if to 4 tons.

Charges.: On vessels of 100 tons drawing rift, about 412 5s. Pilotage. According to dft, minimum, 17 decimetres 17/8; maximum, 52 dec. 57 125.07d. Towage about 2d. per ton. ESQUIMAULT, Brit. Col. Lat. 48° 25' 49" N ; long. 123°

2.5 26' 45' W. Accn. The usual anchorage is on the E, side of the harb. in 6 fms. It is a magnificent harb., of easy access, situated on the SE. portion of Vancouver Island. Charges. Tonnage dues 2d ton in or out. Stevedore's charges 7/6 load, Shipping master's fees. Dues and charges on a ship of 500 reg. tons 28.6s 8d. Commission on disbursements 5%. Pilotage. £ 1 9s-2d foot. Towage. A vessel of 1,000 tons up and down about £83.68 8d.

EUGUA GUAGU.--See Santos.
EUPATORIA, Russia. Lat. 45° 12' N; long. 33° 23' E.

Pop. 13,416. Accn. Good anchorage in 5 ms.
Vessels drawing i8it anchor quarter of a mile from town.
Charges. On vessel of 296 tons, £16 125 6d.
FAABORG, Denmark. (S. Coast of I. of Funen.) Lat.

55° 5' N ; long. 19° 16' E. Tr.-E. Provisions. Accn. Vessels of 12ft dft. can enter the harb. Charges. Harb. dues about 3}d ton, in or out. Custom-house charges same as Svendborg. FECAMP, France. Lat. 49° 45'.N; long. o° 22' E. Pop.

About 14,000. Tr.-I. Principally coal, timber, bark, fish, &c. Acon. A tidal harb. and dock suitable for vessels of 800 tons reg. drawing 16 to 18ft. The entrance is 220ft wide. Sp. rise 31st ; N. rise 2ift. Repairs and refitting are carried on. Three steam cranes. Charges. Dues on a brig of 165 tons of 12 ft dft. about £15. Pilotage. On brig of 165 reg. tons drawing 12 ft, with cargo of deals inwards and ballast outwards : inwards Elio; outwards 151. Towage. On brig of 165 reg. tons drawing 12 ft with cargo of deals inwards and ballast out, in £l 128 68 ; out 19/6. Eng. Brokers. 0. Donovan, Renault, Racoir. FERMO, Italy. Lat. 43° 11' N; long. 14° 15' E. Pop. 18,726.

Accn. Vessels anchor off village in 15 to 24ft. Charges. Port dues, 8d per ton. FERROL, Spain. (Bay of Corunna.) Lat. 43° 27' 45" N; long. 8° 16'' 8" W. Pop. 22,000.

Tr. - The custom-house is open for every kind of I. except dry goods ; E. Pit-props, refined petroleum, and old iron. Accn, It is one of the finest harbs. in Spain, and is the chief naval station. There is a graving dock 475ft long, another for vessels up to 350 tons, and a patent slip for large vessels. Charges. On a vessel of 250 tons coal in, ballast out £55. Best Cardiff coals 25/ per ton. Charges for a vessel putting in for coal, about £8. Pilotage. Port pilotage inwards £i 135 60 ; outwards, two masts 1619; inore than two masts £l os 10d. The pilot of the port never goes further out than Cape Priorino. If a vessel takes a fisherman outside to pilot her to the entrance, the fees are paid according to the distance, from 8/4 to £ 1 58 over and above the port pilotage, which is compulsory. Every change of position in the harb., with or without the assistance of a pilot, 12/6. Vessels putting in through bad weather or in distress, only pay pilotage. Towage. There are no private tugboats, but the dockyard tug, if asked, and not otherwise busy, charges about 26.55 to tow a ship out. FIGUEIRA, Portugal. Lat. 40° 50' N; long, 9° 10' W.

Pop. 6,500. Tr.-1. Codfish, coal, iron, timber, &c. ; E. Salt, oil, wine, dried fruit, and oranges. Accr. No vessel Irawing more than rift should charter for this place. Charges. On vessel 120 tons, ballast in and fruit out, about £15. Pilotage. On a vessel of 112 reg. tons, cargo in and out :-Pilot on board 2 days 10/; in and out, including mooring and unmooring, and assistance-boat £12. FIUME, Austria. (Adriatic.) Lat. 45° 19' 15" N ; long. 14

26' 30" E. Pop. 20,000. Tr. — I. Wheat, maizes. barley, olive oil, fruits, fuel, petroleum, rice, tobacco, coffee, cotton goods, and jute; E. Oak, fir, and beech staves, flour, tobacco, wine, salt, hemp, rape seed, linens, rags, grain, &c. Accn. A fine harb., formed by a breakwater running nearly parallel with the sea shore (i.t., E. to W. by N.), and the shore quays and piers. The largest ships can lie alongside the town quays. Charges. 38 soldi (72 to 8d) per net reg. ton covers all the port and light dues for vessels above 400 tons. Pilotage. According to agreement, from £2 to £3FLENSBORG, Germany. (Baltic.) Lat. 54° 47' N.; long.

9° 26' E. Pop. About 21,000. Tr.-I. Coal, iron, timber, grain, salt, rice, palm kernels; E. Bricks, draining tiles, oil, oilcake, spirits, rice, yeast, beer. Accn. 22ft to 27ft in the harb. Vessels drawing 18ft to poft lie alongside the quays. A large iron shipbuilding yard and patent slip. Charges. Iarb. dues about id per ton. Water 11d per 100 gall. Pilotage. On steamer of 644 net reg. tons, cargo of coals in and water ballast out, from Birk or Kekenis, 18ft dft., summer 427, winter 55/6; harb. pilot, 18ft dst. and warping, summer 8/6, winter, 13/4; out, 14t dit., summer 36, winter 45/7. Towage. As per agreement. FLUSHING, Holland. (N. side of Scheldt.) Lat. 51° 26' N;

long. 3° 35' E. Pop. About 12,000. Tr.-I. Coal, coffee, sugar, rice, corn, potatoes, onions, fruits; E. Cattle, and fish, oysters, mussels, and shrimps. Accn. Outer harb. 22ft at LW. ; difference between H and L is 12ft. Large dry dock, 243ft in length. Outer harb. is separated from inner by słuices, 279ft long, 653ft wide, and 25ft in depth on sill with mean HW. The two inner docks have a constant depth of 25ft. Cranes to lift from 1 to 3 tons, and 1 of 50 tons. Charges. Loading rod to 1/ reg. ton. Vessels entering several times during the year receive a considerable reduction in harb. dues. Pilotage: On a vessel of 1,864 reg. tons, arriving from sea and discharging at Flushing:—From sea, say 22ft dft., sommer, sailing £1m 14s 4d, towed £10 195 3d, steam £10 58; winter sailing £16 35 rod, towed [ 14 18s, steam £13 8 4d. Towage. On vessel of 1,864 reg. tons, say 22ft dft., from sea into harb. 29 18s 4d. FOOCHÓWFOO, China. Lat. 26° 02' 24" N ; long. 119° 25'

E. Pop. 600,000. Tr.-I. Bêche-de-mer, cotton and woollen manufactures, metals, rice, sugar-candy, opium, &c. ; E. Tea, paper, tobacco, woods, oranges, sugar, spices, copper, and timber. Accn. The anchorage used by vessels is about 9 miles below the city. A graving dock 365lt in length. Charges. Ton. nage dues same as Canton. Pilotage. Between the limit of the outside pilotage ground, for all vessels 16/8 foot. Steamers from Pagoda ånchorage to sea, and vice versa, if drawing 18st and under £1°os 1od foot ; if drawing more than 18ft £! 5s foot. Between Sharp Peak and Pagoda anchorage, for all vessels, 8/4 foot. Between Pagoda anchorage and Foochow Bridge, for all vessels 6/3 foot. For vessels in tow of steamers inside pilotage 4/2 foot ; outside 8/4 foot. Towage. For coast steamers the rate is fixed by arrangement, but there is a minimum rate of 483 6s 61 for towing from Pagoda anchorage to sea. Of course if the vessel is a large one the rate is higher. FORT DAUPHIN, Hayti. Accn. The harb. is 3 miles long

E. and W., and a mile broad; has a depth of water sufficient for largest vessels. Pilotage. To Fort Liberté and back £2 18 4d ; pilotage and signalling, double £2 188 4d. FREDERICIA, Denmark. Little Belt. Lat. 55° 35' N;

long. 9° 45' E. Tr.-E. Corn, cattle, butter, eggs. Accn. Vessels of 15ft dft. can enter the harb. Charges. Harb., ballast, and tonnage dues same as at Horsens. Pilotage. From sea to harb., summer gd, winter 1/ foot. FREDERIKSHALD, Norway. Lat. 59° 7' N ; long. 11° 24'E.

Pop. About 12,000. Tr.-I. Coal and grain; E. Planed and sawn woods, timber, joinery works, iron, ice, and granite. Accn. An inner and outer harb., with sufficient water for a vessel of any size in outer harb. Entrance to inner harb. 14ft wide. Charges. Tonnage and light dues about 1010 ton. Total for a ship 300 reg. tons, with cargo in and out, about £45. Pilotage. According to tonnage and dst. of water combined. Winter rates, Oct. i to March 31, about 25 per cent. higher than summer rates. On vessel of 300 reg. tons, cargo in and out :-In, 14ft to 15ft £3 ; out £2 25. Towage. As per agreement. On vessel of 300 reg. tons, cargo in and out, both ways, about 3 5s. FREDERIKSHAVEN, Denmark. Lat. 57° 27' 3" N ; long.

10° 33' 15" E. Pop. 2,500. Tr.-1. Coals, wood, iron, and salt ; E. Grain, butter, beef, cattle, and pork. Accn. An average depth of 14ft to 15ft close to the quays. The harb. is protected by two stone piers, in which are fixed mooring-rings and posts. When the new stone quays are finished vessels of 18ft can enter at any time. Charges. Port charges 1/14 for 2 tons of goods, discharged or taken in. Harb. dues for vessel loading or discharging 3id ton, in and out. Charges on a vessel os 173 tons £u 5s. Expenses on steamers same as sailing vessels. Pilotage. Summer, April 1 to Sept. 30; winter, Oct. I to Marche 31. From the Roads, summer 4d, winter 54d; from the sea, summer 8fd, winter 114d; from Hirtsholmen or within a mile of, summer 9d, winter 1/31 ; to the Roads, summer 3d, winter 44d; to the sea, summer 6d, winter 8d ; to the Roads from Hirtsholmen or the same distance, summer 71d, winter 94d foot. 3d has also to be paid to the pilot-master by each vessel. Towage. There is no regular steamtug, but a Copenhagen salvage steamboat is stationed here, which tows in and out when required, and charges from 3d to 4d reg. ton in ordinary circumstances. FREDERIKSTADT, Norway. Lat. 59° 12' N ; long. 10° 58' E..

Pop. 10,000. Tr.-I. Coals; E. All sorts of planed and sawn wood and timber, and granite. Accn. River runs out into two arms, forming two ports; sufficient water in both ports for any-sized vessel. Cranes to lift 25 tons. Charges.. Tonnage and light dues vid per ton. Cargo in and out 1/10 per ton. Pilotage. According to tonnage and dft. of water combined.. Winter rates, October i to March 31, about 25% higher than summer

rates. On vessel of 399 reg. tons, ballast in, cargo out;-in, soft to uit (summer tariff) (2 8s 9d; out, 15ft to 16ft (summer tariff) 42; harbour pilot 13/: Towage. As per agreement. On vessel of 399 ceg, tons, ballast in, cargo out, in and out £7 125, GABES, Egypt. Lat. 35° 53'.N; long. about 10° 00' E.

Pop. 15,000. Tr.-I. Cotton goods, building materials. E. Esparto grass, dates, henna, &c. Accn. Vessels can anchor within a mile of shore. Charges. Vessels under 1,000 tons pay £3 16s which includes lighthouse dues. GABOON, Africa. Lat. 0° 30' 11" N; long. 9° 19' 20" E.

Pop. 20,000 Tr.-E. Ivory, ebony and other woods, copal, wax, &c. Accn. Sufficient water for largest ships. Harb. well sheltered. Charges. Port dues 4d per ton ; and 4 per cent. on all produce shipped.

GAGE ROAD.-See Swan River.
GALATZ, Roumania. Lat. 45° 24' N; long. 28° 24' E.

Pop. 46,000. Tr.- 1. British manufactures, sugar, zaisins, oil, coal, figs, iron, manufactured goods and tobacco; E. Corn, tallow, wool, masts and spars, hides, bristles, bones, maize, rye, linseed, barilla, and rape seed. Accn. A minimum depth of 15ft over the shoals has been attained. Charges. On vessel of 900 tons about 6200. Pilotage. On a steamer going up with less than one-third cargo, and down with full cargo of 4,000 quarters of Indian corn, drawing 16}ft up and down £12. GALLIPOLI, Italy. Lat. 40° 6' N ; long. 17° 35'. E.

Pop. About 10,000. Tr.-E. Olive oil, wine, empty casks, dried figs, and olive husks. Accn. Vessels lie in 16 to 26ft of water behind a mole, which runs from W. to E. Pilotage. Ei and upwards, according to size of vessel. GALVESTON, U.S. Lat. 29° 16' 37" N ; long. 94° 49' 41'

W. Pop. 30,000. Tr.-I. Coal, salt, coffee, ale, earthenware, iron, lumber, and other general merchandise the foreign E. are almost entirely cotton, with some cotton seed, oak and black walnut ; timber, hides, wool, tallow, bones, &c., being also exported to a large extent, but altogether coast wise. Accn. Depth of water 15 to 16ft on the bar, 24ft on the inner bar. Jetties are being constructed, and there will be deeper water shortly. Charges. There are no port charges nor wharfage on vessel. Customs duty 1/3 per ton. Total expenses are about to 12s 6d reg. ton. Pilota age. 16/11 foot, in and out. Pilotage is usually paid inwards only, by vessels loading outside. Pilotage compulsory; if spoken, must pay half. Towage. £10 11s 54d and £15 175 24d. GASPE, Canada. Lat. 48° ŞI'N; long. 64° 12' W. Pop.

400. Tr.-I. All kinds of general merchandise ; E. Lumber, fish, and oil. Accn. Vessels drawing 28ft can safely enter. An anchorage in 6 to 7 fms. One of the safest harbs. in the Dominion of Canada. Charges. Harb. master's fees about 2/ for 50 reg. tons. Wharfage for vessel 300 tons 8/4 day. Pilotage. 4/2 foot, or according to agreement. GEELONG, Victoria. Lat. 38° 8' 52"S; long. 144° 21' 47" E.

Pop. about 23,000. Tr.-Í. Manufactured goods of all descriptions, machinery, railway materials, liquors, wine and spirits, coal, iron, and lumber ; E. Gold, live stock, hides, tallow, butter, grain, preserved meats, and wool. Accn. The new channel across the bar and up to the wharves will admit vessels drawing

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