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ST. JOHN'S, N.B. Lat. 45° 14' 3" N ; long. 66° 3' 5" W. Pop.

45,000. Tr.-I. British manufactures and colonial produce ; E. Timber, fish, furs, and lime. Accn. Harb. safe and always accessible. There is 18ft of water on bar at LW. ; inside anchorage off city is from 7 to 20 fms. ; alongside wharves 21 to 30ft. Tide rises NT. 18ft, ST. 28ft. Charges. Charges and dues on a vessel of 450 tons, ballast in and cargo of deals out, £73. Pilotage. On vessel of 450 tons, ballast in and cargo of deals out:-In 8ft from Seal Island outside district, £3 155. ; shifting 13}ft out to Partridge Islands, 16/8 and £3 ios. Tod; down the bay (not compulsory), id. foot extra. Towage. Vessel of 450 tons, ballast in and cargo of deals out, from sea (if needed) £5 45 2d; shifting 5,2 ios; to sea £7 58 iod. ST. JOHN'S, Newfoundland. Lat 47° 34' 2" N ; long.

52° 40' 50' W. Pop. about 29,000. Tr.-Ě. Fish, oil, sealskins, copper ore, &c. Accn. The port has sufficient water for vessels of 3oft dst. ; Sp. rise 3ft gin. The harb. is easy of access, and once inside is perfectly safe. There is a graving dock 5ooft long, and a floating dock capable of receiving a vessel of 250 tons. Charges. Light and steam fog whistle dues 1-12th of a id ton; this charge applies to all vessels from the U.K. Wharfage 8/4 day, 2}d ton. Labour 2/6 to 4/2. Pilotage. From £i 5s. on vessels under 80 tons, N.M., to £6 5s. on vessels of 700 to Soo tons, over that size 8/4 per 100 tons. Max. pilotage £10. Steamers of less than 150 horse power pay pilotage on net tonnage, above that power 5d. horse power. Towage. In and out of St. John's Harb., from half a mile outside the heads to the consignee's wharf, or from the consignee's wharf to half a mile outside the heads, from £i fos for 50 tons to £16 9s for 900 to 1,000. Vessels requiring the steamers to go beyond the above limits pay the above rates additional as far as Cape Spear, and any vessel requiring towage beyond the Cape to the south, or an equal distance to the northward, is charged by special agreement. The above rates apply only to ordinary circumstances. Vessels in distress or otherwise disabled have to make special contracts for assistance. Vessels employing either of the steamers inwards will be taken outwards on their next voyage at two-thirds of above rates. Vessels using the steamer's hawser pay 10 per cent. of the towage rates for the same. In addition to above rates onethird additional will be charged during winter months-commencing on December 10 and terminating on April 10 each year. ST. KITTS, W. Indies. Pop. 29,137

Tr.-E. Sugar, molasses, rum, and cotton. Accn. Harb. con. sidered safe. Anchorage in 8 to 9fms. Charges. On vessels of 272 tons, cargo in and out, drawing 16ft, £119 145. 2d. Pilotage. A pilot is not required unless vessels proceed to other ports in the island to load, when the charge is 125. 6d. ST. MALO, France. Lat. 48° 40' N ; long. 2° 5' E. Pop.

of St. Malo and St. Servan24,000. Tr.-I. Colonial produce, spices, flax, hemp ; E. Corn, fruit, wine brandy, salt, linen, cider, butter, honey, salt provisions. Accn. A tidal harb. and floating basin of 38 acres with depth of water on sill NT. 13 to 15ft, OST. 25 to 28ft., great ST. 30 to 32ft ; length of dock quays 1,450 yds. Shipbuilding is carried on. Extensive quays, built of granite, border the east and the south sides of the town of St. Malo. Cranes to lift i to 3 tons. Charges. Navi

gation and sanitary dues same as at all other French ports. Labour 3/4 per day of 12 hours. Ballast 1/1 ton. Dock gatemen are paid 8 centimes per ton. Consignees find labourers for discharging cargo. Pilotage. i}d to 2}d ton. Towage. 2}d ton, but generally by agreement. Eng. Brokers. * A. Delestre, Picard, C. Thomazeau. ST. MARY'S, U.S. Lat. 30° 40' N ; long. 81° 28 W. Pop.

800. Tr.-1. General merchandise ; E. Lumber. Accn. Depth of water 19 to 20ft close to the town. Vessels drawing 16}ft can safely cross the bar at HWST. Pilotage. On a vessel of 392 reg. tons, ballast in and cargo out, in 10 ft, £778 109d; out 15ft, £ 12 18s. Towage. On a vessel of 392 reg. tons, ballast in and cargo out, out £10 IIs 5d. ST. MICHAEL, Azores. Pop. 81,000. Tr.-I. Coals,

dry goods, hardware, coffee, tea, sugar, dyes, paints, &c.; E. Oranges, wheat, Indian corn, wines, beans, potatoes. Accn. An open roadstead with good anchorage in 15 to 30 fms. Vessels anchoring in Franquia Roads are exempt from employing a pilot, Vessels of any size can anchor safely in mole. Depth in harb. varies from 12 to 5 fms. The floating dock is 1843ft long and 43ft wide, and will raise a vessel weighing 1,400 tons. Cranes to lift from 10 to 11 tons. Charges.- Pilotage. Vessels of less than 200 tons, vis; 200 to 400, 13s 4d; 400 to 800, 16s; 800 to 1,200, 175 iod; 1,200 and upwards, £ i 2s 3d. There is also a charge of 8s for pilot boat, and 4s 5d for mooring. Towage. Vessels of less than 100 tons, 3 miles, £1 6s gd, 6 miles £1 155 9d; 100 to 200, 3 miles El Tis 2d, 6 miles £2 45 70 ; 200 to 300, 3 miles £t 155 9d, 6 miles 62 98 ; 300 to 400, 3 miles £2, 6 miles £2 9s id; 400 to 500, 3 miles £2 45 70, 6 miles £2 18s; 500 to 600, 3 miles £2 9s, 6 miles £3 25 4d. Charges. On vessel of 99 tons £29 2s 8d. ST. NAZAIRE, France. Lat. 46° 17' 18" N ; long. 2° 12'

W. Pop. 24,000. Tr.-I. Sugar, rice, coffee, logwood, timber, guano, coal, pitch ; E. Wine, brandy, sardines, eggs, butter, dried fruits, pitwood, and Paris goods. Accn. Two floating docks, three graving docks, and two shipbuilding yards. Harb. capable of admitting vessels of the largest tonnage. The roadstead abreast the town is safe, and has 4 to 7 fms at LW. Charges. Quay dues, ports in Europe 4 d ton, out of Europe 91d ton. Sanitary dues id and 11d respectively. Ballast 1/24 ton for sand, stone 2 41. Charges for a vessel of 580 tons about £103. Pilotage. The limits are divided into distances :-- From Belle Ile to North of the Four light, La Banche, or Le Pillier, 4 distances; from North of the Four light, La Banche, or Le Pillier, to Les Charpentiers, 2 distances; from Les Charpentiers to Bonne Anse, i distance ; from Bonne Anse to St. Nazaire Roads, I distance. The extreme limit of the Saint Nazaire pilotage is i distance, or 9 miles beyond Belle. Vessels, however, are obliged by law to receive a pilot from the first boat belonging to the station they may fall in with, no matter how far she may be from the port; but no extra pilotage can be claimed for any distance outside of the limits. Tariff, inwards, from 6/2 to £ I 16s per distance ; outwards, from 5/6 to £t per distance, according to reg. ton. Vessels of more than 800 tons pay, in addition to the foregoing tariff, 10!d for every 10 reg. tons additional for the 8 distances inwards, and 10 d per 10 tons additional outwards. Steamers pay half pilotage. Towage. From the dock to the roads, vessels from 150 reg. tons to 200, 42; from 201 to 300, £2 8s; from 301 to 400, £2 16s; from 401 to 500, £3.45; for every reg. ton over 500, 2}d. St. Nazaire road to La Banche, Les Charpentiers, or Le Pillier, and vice versa, 150 to 200 tons £8-18s, 201 to 250, £9 18s, 251 to 300, £10 155 2d, 301 to 350, £II 175 6d, for every reg. ton over 350, 7d. From St. Nazaire to Paimbæuf or vice versa 5d, ditto Nantes ditto 1/2), Paimbeur ditto 1/, Pelerin ditto, 2d ton of cargo. Eng. Brokers. Creston, Bourdonnay du Clezio, Quirouard. ST. PAUL DE LOANDO, W. Africa. Pop. 14,500. Good

anchorage about a mile and a half from town in 7 to 14fms. Tr.-I. Cotton, linen and woollen goods, spirits, guns, powder, earthenware, hardware, cutlery, &c. ; E. Beeswax, cotton, coffee, ivory, indiarubber, gum, oils (palm and fish), tobacco, &c. Charges. On vessel of 298 tons, drawing 12ft, £36 iis. 3d. Pilotage. Inwards, 175. 9d. ; outwards, 175. 9d. ST. PETERSBURG, Gulf of Finland, Russia. Lat. 59°

56' 29" N ; long. 30° 13' 22" E. Pop. About 929,000. Tr.-I. Sugar, coffee, madder, indigo, corn, meal, dyewoods, cotton, wool, cotton stuffs, and yarns, machinery and millwork, woollen fabrics and woollen yarn, linen and linen yarn, coals, salt, iron, lead, shot, hardware, wire, spices, fruits, tobacco, &c. ; E. Tallow, hemp, flax, grain, linseed, timber, copper, hides, potash, bristles, hemp seed, oil, furs, leather, fox, hare and squirrel skins, canvas and coarse linen, cordage, caviare, wax, isinglass, quilts, tar, &c. Accn. The channel of the new ship canal is deep enough for vessels drawing 18 to 2oft. Charges. On a vessel of 152 reg. tons about £22 ios. Pilotage. To St. Petersburg Bridge rod foot ; past the bridge 6/6. On a vessel of 152 reg. tons, in and out 1/2 foot, £2 5s. 6d. Towage. St. Petersburg Bridge to Customhouse £1 19s to £2 8s gd ; St. Petersburg to Cronstadt £4 175 6d to £82s 6d. ST. PIERRE ROAD, Martinique. Lat., 14° 44' 3" N;

long. 61° 10' 45" W. Pop. 31,000. Tr.-I. Salted meat, butter, and fish; E. Sugar, rum, cassia, skins. Accn. Anchorage 2} to 7 fms. Dry dock at Fort de France 4ooft long, capable of receiving vessels of 28ft dít. Charges. Light dues about 2/6. Pilotage. Vessels under 150 tons 976); over 351 tons 23/6. Eng. Broker. S. Dupouy. ST. SERVAN, France. Pop. given with St. Malo. Accn.

A tidal harb, and floating dock of about the same dimensions as at St. Malo, also a harb. called Port Solidor, formerly a naval station, and but little used for commercial purposes. Charges. Port charges and other expenses the same as St. Malo. Pilotage. Four recognised distances inwards :-Ist, d reg. ton; 2nd, 1d reg. ton ; 3rd, 2d reg. ton; 4th, 2.d reg. ton. Only one rate of 2d ton outwards. On vessel of 80 reg. tons, cargo in and out, drawing roft, in and out £1 8s. Towage. As per agreement, from 1fd to 24d ton, not compulsory. On vessel of so reg. tons ioft dft., in and out £2. Eng. Brokers. Léger, E. Rosse. ST. STEPHEN, N.B. Pop. 7,000. Tr.-I. Iron, salt, pro

visions, breadstuffs, sugar, molasses, tea tobacco, dry goods, &c. ; E. deals, boards, timber, laths, farm produce, &c. Accn. Vessels of 600 ions and under load along

side wharves. Sp. rise 26ft. Charges. Stevedore 3/ per standard. Wharfage a nominal sum. Provisions abundant and cheap. Pilotage. From 4/2 to 9/41 foot in and out, according to dít. Towage. From the Ledge 34d ton loaded and 2}d light. ST. THOMAS'S HARBOUR, St. Thomas, W.I. Lat.

18° 19' N ; long. 64° 55' W. Pop. 12,000. Tr.-I. Coal, lumber, provisions, petroleum, dry goods, spirits, &c. ; E. Sugar, rum, bay water, &c. Accn. Vessels of largest size can lie alongside coal wharves of town. St. Thomas's Harb. is near middle of south shore of island. Shears to lift 40 tons. Charges. Light dues įd ton. Is almost a free port. Pilotage. To the harb.:-From 25/ day, and £i 178 6d night, for vessels of from 10 to 12ft dft., to £5 day and £7 ios night for vessels of from 24ft to 26ft dft. From the harb. :-From 16/8 day and 25/ night for vessels of from 10 to 12ft dft., to £3 6s 8d day and £ 5 night for vessels of from 24ft to 26ft dft. Steamers up to 12ft to and from harb. £I 135 40 day, and £2 10s 1od night'; steamers 12ft to 16ft to and from harb. { 2 is 8à day, and £3 6s 8d night; steamers 16ft to 2oft to and from harb. £3 6s 8d day, and 25 night ; steamers 2oft to 24ft to and from harb. £5 day, and £6 138 4d night ; steamers 24ft to and from harb. £6 138 4d day, and £8 6s 8d night. Steamers running regularly half rates. Towage. On barque of 359 reg. tons, to sea [ 2 ios rod. ST, VALERY-EN-CAUX, France. Lat. 49° 52' N ; long.

oo 33 W. THW. l. and c. 12h 58m. D. HWST. 26ft ; HSST 13ft. Eng. Brokers. A. Houdant, H. Vue. ST. VALERY-SUR-SOMME, France. Lat. 50° U' N;

long. 2° 52' W. THW. f. and c. 1h 14m. D. HWST. 33ft; HWNT. 24ft. Maître de Port, De Saint-Julien. STAVANGER, Norway. Lat. 58° 58' 15" N ; long. 23° E.

Pop. About 25,000. Tr.-1. Grain, salt, sugar, coffee, wines, spirits, &c. ; E. Sheep, manure, herrings, anchovies, lobsters, &c. Accn. Harb. is good, always free from ice, and can receive the largest vessels ; depth of water 51 fms close to quay. Two graving docks 300 by 45 by ust, and 205 by 40 by 15ft. Crane to list 3 tons. Charges. Light and custom-house dues 91d in or out. Brokerage according to agreement. Ballast 2 d. STETTIN, Germany. Lat. 53° 25' N; long. 14° 34' E. Pop.

96,600. Tr.-I. Coal, iron, coke, petroleum, salt, herrings, dried fish, coffee, tea, pipe-clay, wine, olive oil, sulphur, pyrites, soda, agricultural machinery ; E. Grain, flour, bran, potatoes, timber, staves, zinc, spirits, sugar, cement, fire-bricks, refined and raw rape oil, molasses, rags, bones, and bricks. Accn. Town quay and two extensive railway quays. Floating dry dock 210 by 47 by 15ft for vessels up to 1,500 tons. Cranes to lift 20 to 60 tons. Charges. Very indefinite. Pilotage. From Swinemünde to Stettin. From 6) for a vessel of 15 tons to 16/ for 105 tons, and 1/ additional for every 15 reg. tons additional. Pilotage out to and in from sea is included in the harb. dues. Towage. Loaded vessels from Swinemunde aná Stettin 2fd; Stettin to Swinemunde, id cubic metre ; sea to Swinemunde 3d per 41 cubic metres, but generally according to agreement. From the black buoy into the harb. ships under 16 British reg. tons have to pay 9/. From Nov. I until March 1 the towage is raised according to the weather and other casual circumstances. STOCKHOLM, Sweden. Lat. 59° 20' N ; long. 18°03' E.

Pop. 131,000. Tr.-E. Timber and iron. Accn. Harb. has 5 to 16 tms. of water. Vessels of 24ft dft. can safely enter. Several hundred vessels can lie alongside quays. 3 graving docks 255ft, 26oft and 350ft in length respectively, and 3 patent slips. Shears to lift 50 tons. Pilotage. According to distance, varies from 17/ for 38 miles to £7 4s 5d for 72 miles. For vessels clearing outward in ballast the above charges are reduced by one-half. An extra charge of 1/74 is made for attestation. The winter charges, dating from Sept. I to April 30 are increased by 25 per cent. from the sea to the first pilot station inside the buoys. Pilots' return fares about 12/9. Vessels bound to any place on the line of passage up to Stockholm must take pilots at Landsort. Towage. The rates vary (according to distance) from £2 58 84d for 66 tons to £24 145 for 880 tons. This scale is increased by 25% in October, and by 50% in November. If several vessels are towed together, a reduction is made of 25%. STRALSUND, Germany. Lat. 54° 18' N ; lung. 13° 5' E.

Pop. 27,000. Tr.-I. Iron, colonial produce, wood, coal, salt ; E. Malt, timber, and corn. Accn. A safe and capacious harb., entrance narrow; it admits vessels of 13st dst. ; a pilot should be engaged. Charges. Expense of a vessel of 300 tons loading here 2,14 195 8d. STUBBEKIOŘING, Denmark. Lat. 54° 53' N; long,

12° 3' E. Pop. 1,100. Tr.-E. Barley, corn, &c. Accn. The harb. has 12ft of water, and vessels of that dft. can lie afloat alongside a stone pier. Charges. On a vessel of 122 tons, 12ft dft. loaded £6. Port dues £5 1os. Pilotage. On vessel of 122 reg. tons; ballast in and cargo out, 12ft dft. Ioaded, in and out 10/. SUAKIN, Red Sea. Lat. 19° 7' N ; long. 37° 20' E. Tr.

I. Manchester goods, iron, hardware ; E. Gum arabic, cotton, ivory. Accn. Harb. safe for largest vessels. Charges. Moderate. SUĚZ, Egypt. Lat. 29° 58' N ; long. 32° 10' 17" E. Pop.

8,000. Tr.-I. Coffee, indigo, wine, furniture ; E. Goods in transit. Accn. Tides rise, ST 7ft ; NT. 4 to 5ft. Dry dock 43oft long. Charges. Dock dues 18/ a day; light dues about 2 d per ton up to 800 tons, and about id per ton additional. Pilotage. Inwards, outer roads to dry dock 547; to either basin 36; from one basin to another 18). Same out (see Index, Suez Canal). SULINA, Roumania. . Lat. 45° 9' 6" N ; long. 29° 41' 37" E.

Tr.--I. Spirits, cordage, beer, ironware, sugar, fruit, &c. ; E. Fish (fresh and dried), hides, wheat, cheese, caviare, maize, wool (raw), vegetables, barley, &c. Accn. The depth of water over bar always maintained at 20jft. The depth of water in port itself is above 20ft, so that vessels drawing poft can enter and leave the harbour in ordinary times. Shears to lift 15 tons. Charges. From 92 centimes per ton for a vessel of 200 tons to ifr. 64c. per ton on a vessel over 800 tons. Pilotage. Is compulsory at the entrance. For vessels ascending the river to Ibrail, or any port below Ibrail, pilotage is optional, but for descending the river every vessel must take a licensed pilot. Masters of vessels arrange

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