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with pilots the sum to be paid the latter for piloting their vessels up stream, and no claim for a higher rate of wage than 4/9 a day for the voyage, in addition to subsistence on board, ought to be admitted. The dues for piloting a vessel down stream are included in the port charges levied by the European Commission of the Danube. Towage. By agreement, from £2 to £10 according to size of vessel. SUNDSVALL, Sweden. Lat. 62° 21' N; long. 17° 20'.E.

Pop. 6,000. Tr.-I. Colonial produce, salt, brandy, coal, coke, corn, wine, canvas, cordage, &c. ; E. Timber, deals, battens, boards, ores, spars, iron, tar, &c. Accn. The largest ships can enter. Pilotage. To Sundsvall or any of the sub-ports, about 2/8 per foot in and out. Moving in harb. 5/38. Towage. As per agreement. SUSA, Tunis. Lat. 35° 49' N ; long. 10° 39' E. Pop. 10,000.

Tr.-I. Manchester cotton goods, building materials, and colonial produce; E. Olive oil, esparto fibre, and grain. Accn. Anchorage about 2 or 3 cable-lengths off, in 41 to 5 fms. Charges. Port charges, 2d. ton up to 500 tons. On vessels of 143 tons, £3 7s. 6d. SVENDBORG, Denmark. Lat. 55°03' N ; long. 10° 38' W.

Pop. About 6,000. Accn. Usually 14ft of water in the harb. Svendborg is situated on the S. coast of the island of Fyen. Charges. Harb. dues about itd per ton. Vessels in ballast pay no harb. dues. Custom-house charges 6d reg. ton. Pilotage. 6d foot in and out. SWAN RIVER, Western Australia, which includes Gage

Road, Owen Anchorage, and Cockburn Sound. Lat. 32° 3' 18" S; long. 115° 45' 30' Ē. Tr.-E. Sandal wood, copper and lead ores, wool, pearl, oyster shells, timber, manna, gum, horses, cows, sheep. Accn. The river itself can only admit small craft of about 4ft dft.; Cockburn Sound is a spacious harb., and affords secure anchorage in 5 to 12 fms; vessels over 16ft dft. are not allowed in Owen anchorage ; Gage Road is the nearest anchorage to the river ; vessels anchor in 6 to 12 fms, about two or three miles from the mainland. Charges. Harb. dues £2 58 to £7 4s for under 8ft or upwards of 18ft. Light and tonnage dues are chargeable with various exemptions. Vessels arriving in ballast and loading colonial timber free of all charges. Vessels putting in for repairs or supplies only, pay light dues. Lighterage from 57 to 7/ ton. Pilotage. Into or out of Gage Road or Owen Anchorage, by passing N. or S. of Rottnest Island and N. of the Stragglers 62 ios, with increasing rate to £u for vessels drawing under 8ft to 23ft and upwards. Into or out of Gage Road (vessels over 16ft dft. are not now allowed in Owen Anchorage), Owen Anchorage, or Cockburn Sound, by any channel S. of the Stragglers, £3 ios to £8 9s for vessels drawing under 8ft to under 19ft. SWATOW, China. Lat. 23° 21' N ; long. 116° 40' E. Pop.

60,000. Tr.-I. Opium, piece goods, bean cake, peas, and beans, the last three items from Newchwang and Chefoo, cereals from the Yangtze ports and Bangkok ; E. Sugar, paper, tea, tobacco, and sundry miscellaneous articles, including grass cloth, earthenware, fruit, and Chinese provisions. There is a large emigration to Bangkok and the Straits Settlements. Accn. Vessels

of 13ft to 14ft dft. can enter at any time in fine weather. Tides rise Bst. and 9ft. Charges. See Canton. Pilotage. 12/6 foot, not compulsory, but advisable. SWINÉMUNDE, Germany. Lat 53° 55' N ; long. 14° 16' E.

Pop. About 8,000. Accn. The fairway is from 360 to 492st wide. 23ft of water at the entrance of the harb. This is one of the best ports in the Baltic. Charges. With coals ballast Into öre per reg. ton. ; with general cargo 340 öre per reg. ton. Labourage 17m a keel of 7 Prussian lasts. Pilotage. See Stettin. Towage. See Stettin.

SYDNEY.--See Port Jackson.
SYRA, Greece. Lat. 37° 03' N; long. 15° 15' E. Pop.

About 35,000. Tr.-I. Syra is the chief emporium of the trade in the Greek Archipelago ; large quantities of colonial manufactured goods are imported chiefly from England, not only for sale to purchasers who frequent this market from all parts of Greece and Turkey, but also for retranshipment thereto; large quantities of grain and hides are also imported ; E. The only produce grown in the island is fresh vegetables. Syra, however, serves as a medium for shipment to Europe of the well-known Naxos emery-stone and citrons ; sponges from the islands of Sporades, Nauplia tobacco, Zea and Marathonisi valonia, and other produce from the mainland, leather manufactured at the local tanneries, and flour prepared at the local flour mills, form important items of export. Accn. The depth of water in the harb. varies from 3 to 7 fms. A slip for vessels up to 700 tons, and another in course of construction for vessels up to 2,000 tons. Charges. Since July 1/13, 1887, the port and light dues have been increased to 25c. for lischarging only, and for loading and discharging 35c. per ton. Breakwater dues roc. per ton. Health dues 2c. per ton. Vessels calling for provisions and coals, or from stress of weather, pay breakwater and health dues only, but if they remain longer than 48 hours are charged 15c. per ton. Ballast, about £10 per 100 tons. SYRACUŠE, Italy. Lat. 37° 3' N ; long. 15° 18' 24" E. Pop,


Tr.- E. Wine, grain, oranges, and lemons. Accn. Can admit vessels of any size, and is one of the finest harbs. in the Mediterranean. Pilotage. Inwards :—from 11/10$ for vessels up to 50 reg. tons, to £2 55 id for vessels of 301 reg. tons and upwards. Outwards by agreement. TACOMA, U.S. Lat. 47° 30' N ; long. 122° 30' W. On the

E. side of Puget Sound. Pop. 4,000. Tr.-). General merchandise, iron, and manufactured goods; E. Lumber, hops, grain, coal, &c. Accn. Safe harbour, completely protected by high lands from all winds, considerable anchorage ground and spacious wharves with nearly 3oft LW, and rise of tide 16ft. Charges. Discharging ballast 1/3 to 1/8 ton. Stevedoring charges and labour about the same as San Francisco. No dock charges. Towage. To sea, from £41 13s 4d for vessels of 400 to 500 tons ; to £62 ios for vessels of 1,600 tons to 2,000 tons. To Race Rocks, from £31 5s to £52 is 8d. To Dungeness, from £ 26 os rod to £46 17s 6d. To Port Townsend, from £20 16s 8d to £41 135 4d respectively. Hawsers' rates for all vessels to sea £4 38 4d ; to Port Townsend £2 is 8d. TAGANROG, Russia. Lat. 47° 12'48" N ; long. 38° 29'

E. Pop. 50,000. Tr.-I. Dried fruits, oil, wine, coffee, tobacco, liquors, woollen goods, fresh fruits, nuts, cement, manufactured iron, and jute sacking; E. Wheat, rye, barley, linseed, rape seed, tallow, maize, oats, caviare, maccaroni, wool, butter, and oilcake. Accn. There is no regular port. Usual anchorage ground 18 to 2oft, and from 5 to 6ft at loading pier. Pilotage. À charge of about 11/ per ship is always made by the Custom-house at Kertch for pilotage through the Straits on every vessel proceeding into the Azof, whether a pilot is taken or not. £6 to £12 up and down (optional and matter of agreement). TALCAHUANO.-See Concepcion Bay, TALTAL, Chili. Lat. 25° 24' 55" S; long. 70° 35' 10" W.

Tr.-E. Nitrates and ores. Accn. Ships can moor within half a cable's length of the mole in 5 fms of water ; sand bottom. The harb. is one of the best in Chili. Pilotage. On a barque of 399 reg. tons, at Caldera mooring and unmooring about £5. TAMATAVE, Madagascar. Lat. 18° 10' S; long. 49° 32'

E. Pop. 8,000. Tr.-I. Cotton cloths, wearing apparel, hardware, provisions, beer and spirituous liquors, oil, chairs, &c. ; E. Oxen, cows, swine, poultry, hides, rice, tobacco, specie, straw and basket wares, gum, wax in large quantities. Accn. Has a commodious harb. with safe anchorage during eight months of the year, from April to November, Charges. No tonnage, light, or other dues imposed. TANGIÈRS, Morocco. Lat. 35° 47' N ; long. 5° 50' W.

Pop. About 20,000. Tr.-I. Alum, brass and copper, cloth, candles, cochineal, coffee, cotton goods, deals, china earthenware, glass, hardware, indigo, iron, lead, paper, rice, silk, spices, steel, sugar, and tea ; E. Beans, canary and cinnamon seeds, dates, eggs, fowls, goat skins, gums, hides, leeches, maize, olive oil, oranges, ostrich feathers, oxen, peas, sashes, slippers, wax, &c The export of wheat and barley is prohibited. Accn. Anchorage about a mile from town. Has sufficient water for largest vessels. Charges. Anchorage, about 150 tons, about 16s ; lighterage, lighter of 5 tons, 165 ; sanitary fees, above 150 tons, 6s. There is also a fee of is 6d payable by way of gratuity to the port officials. TARANTO, Italy. Lat. 40° 29' N ; long. 17° 12' E. Pop.

28,000. Tr.-E. Oil, fruits, cotton, wheat, oais. Accn. 5 fms water close to town. Vessels drawing 18ft can enter Mare Grande, where they are well sheltered. Charges. On a vessel of 100 tons reg., anchorage dues £4. Pilotage (optional) £2,45 6d. on 100 tons; mooring and unmooring (optional) £2 8s. TARRAGONA. Lat. 41° 7'N; long. 1° 16' E. Pop. 19,000.

Tr.-I. Fish, coals, grain, spirits, staves, &c.; E. Nuts, almonds, wine, brandy, and oil. Accn. Harb. has 5 fms inside port; a buoy is laid down inside the harb. in 18ft of water. Charges. On a steamer with 1,500 tons of coal £252 6s 9d. Pilotage. On a vessel of 100 tons reg., cargo in of 170 tons coal, and out of 200 pipes England, harb. pilot and mooring in and out £! 5s 8d. On a steamer discharging 1,500 tons coal, inwards and boat £7 75 60; outwards £5 75 ud. TERCEIRA, Azores. Lat. 38° 38' 33" N ; long. 27° 12' 33" W.

Pop. 15,000. Tr.-1. Manufactured goods, iron, and provisions ; E. Oranges, wheat, maize, &c. Accn. Depth from 7 to 30 fms. Charges. Port charges on a vessel in ballast, about £5, a little more if laden ; mooring 12/6. Labour 2/6 per man per day. Ballast, stone 1/6 per ton alongside; sand 1/2 per ton. TERNEUSEN, Holland. (At mouth of the Canal to Ghent.)

Lat. 51° 21' N ; long. 3° 48' E. Tr.-I. Pigs iron, iron ore, copals ; E. Rails, manufactured iron, zinc, &c. Accn. Tidal harb. Ships drawing 18ft can come here at ST., and 15 or 16ft at NT. Sp. rise 15ft, and N. rise nist. The canal is capable of receiving vessels of 2,700 tons, and has locks 39st wide. Cranes to lift i to 2 tons. Pilotage. See Ghent. Eng. Broker. Ysselstein. THORSHAVEN, Faroe Isles, Pop. About 1,600. Tr.-I.

Corn, pulse, bread, malt, iron, spirits, colonial produce, lead, gunpowder, lime, bricks, timber, tar, glass, linen cloth, shoes; E. Hose, tallow, fish, train oil, feathers, skins, and butter. Accn. Plenty of water in the harb., which, however, is not very commodious. Thorshaven, the principal port of the group, is on the SE. end of the Island of Stromoe. Charges. For discharging or loading cargo at any ports of the Faroe Isles 2/2 ton. THREE RIVERS, Canada. Lat. 46°22' N ; long. 72° 31' W.

Pop. 10,000. Tr.-I. Coal and rails ; E. Lumber, phosphate, and furs. Accn. Large and commodious harb., 14 to 36ft of water at wharves. Charges. Harb. dues ifd per ton on ships, steamers a quarter of that, every 24 hours. Pilotage. 6/3 per ft to and from Quebec (78 miles). TIEN-TSIN China. Lat. 39° 3' 55" N; long. 117° 3' 55" E.

Pop 950,000. Accn. There is a bar 5 miles outside Taku with from 12 to 16ft of water at spring tides, and 9 to 12 at neaps. Vessels drawing too much to cross the bar lighten outside. Charges. Tonnage dues 2s ton. Pilotage. From outside bar to inner anchorage at Taku: Sailing vessels £l os iod ft; steamers or vessels in tow, 16s 8d. From inner anchorage at Taku to Tien-Tsin : Sailing vessels £l os iod; steamers 16s 8d. TOBAGO, W. Indies. Pop. 19,075. Vessels generally

anchor off Scarborough in about 9 or 10 tms. An. chorage exposed to long ground swell. Charges. Tonnage dues 3d per ton. Wharfage. 6d ton. Pilotage. On vessel of 257 tons, £1 155. TOCOPILLA, Bolivia. Lat. 22° 13' S. Pop. 3,500. Tr.

-E. Copper ore, &c. Tocopilla was de. clared an open port by the Bolivian Government in May, 1871. The anchorage, which is in about 15 fathoms, is open to the Pacific and subject to a heavy swell. Vessels are discharged and loaded by means of lighters. Charges. Same as at Valparaiso.

TOME.-See Concepcion Bay.
TONSBERG, Norway. Lat. 59° 15' N ; long. 10° 25' E.

Tr.-I. Coal, and ships' stores, iron, grain, &c. E. Wood, timber, seal oil, &c. Accn. Depth of water 18ft in harb. ; vessels drawing 14ft can easily enter. Charges. Harb. dues 10 dt on cargo in or out. Discharging coals 40 ton, iron 5d. Port dues and expenses of vessel 290 tons 26. Pilotage. On a vessels of 300 tons, in 48/9; out 29/3. Towage. On a vessel of 250 tons with rails in and ballast out £,4 6s 8d. TORRE-ANNUNZIATA, Italy. Accn. Excellent modern

port, with spacious entrance between two moles ; vessels of 23st dft. can safely enter. Tr.-I. Coal and grain in large quantities. Charges, Pilotage, &c., see Naples.

TOULON, France. Lat. 43° 7' 21" N; long. 5° 55' 37" E.

Pop. About 90,000. Tr.-I. Grain, wood, coal, hemp, and salt provisions; E. Wine, salt, oil, capers, figs, raisins, almonds, oranges, cloth, hosiery, soap. Accn. This port has a fine harb and roadstead, with 6 or 7 fms of water in the Little Road opposite the town. Toulon is the principal station of the French navy in the Mediterranean. There are eight graving docks, ranging from 243st to 535ft in length. Charges. Tonnage dues 9.d reg. ton. Ballast 1/93 ton. Brokerage 3d ton for sailing vessels, 40 ton for steamers. Pilotage. On vessel of 100 reg. tons with cargo, in and out £2 75 6d. Eng. Brokers. Bernard, Martel. TOWNSVILLE, Queensland. Lat. 19° 15' S; long. 146°

49' E. Pop. 11,500. Accn. Good anchor. age two miles from wharves ; Government pier being constructed which will enable ships to discharge alongside. Cranes to lift 15 tons.

Pilotage. 4d. per ton in, same out. TRAPANI, Italy. Lat. 38° 0' 40" N ; long. 12° 30' 16" E. Pop. 30,0OO. Tr-E.

Salt, sulphur, ore, soda, oil, and wine. Accn. Plenty of water for vessels of 2oft dft. Trapani is on the W. coast of Sicily. TRAVEMUNDE, Germany. Lat. 54° 0' N ; long. 10° 53'

E. Tr.-Same as Lubeck. Accn. Depth of water on the bar 174ft. Vessels able to cross the bar can lie alongside the pier; vessels drawing 12ft can ascend as far as Lubeck. Charges. Vessels entering this harb. on account of distress are exempt from dues, but no trade can be carried on during their stay. _Charges about the same as Lubeck. Pilotage. See Lubeck. Towage. See Lubeck. TREBIZOND, Black Sea. Lat. 41° 1'N; long. 39° 45' 48" E. Pop. 40,000.

Tr.-I. Cotton and woollen goods, hardware and tinplates, provisions; E. Silk, raisins, tobacco, cereals, wool. Accn. Good anchorage in 4 to 6 sms. Charges. Moderate. Pilotage. 4/ to harb. master. TREGUIER, France. Lat. 48° 47' N ; long. 3° 14' W. Pop.

About 4,000. Tr.-I. Fruits, tobacco, linseed, salt, cider, grain ; E. Flour, alcohol, oysters, &c. Accn. There are 12ft of water close to the quays. Charges. Port charges of a vessel of 250 tons £38 193. Pilotage. On brig 175 reg. tons, cargo in, drawing 10. st, ballast out :-to the sea £1 55 40 ; across the bar inwards £ i 5s jod; out £2 os 9d. Eng. Brokers. Gaïc & Le Milier, Lemarre. TRELLEBORG, Sweden. Tr.-I. Coals, &c. ; E. Barley,

&c. Accn. Vessels of 15 ft can load alongside the piers and quays. Charges. On vessel of 104 reg. tons £ 10 75. Pilotage. On a vessel of 104 reg. tons, ballast inwards, and cargo of barley outwards, in 6/41, out 10/11. On a vessel of 112-56 tons reg., with cargo of coals in and barley out, in and out, 12/67. Towage. About ad reg. ton during winter months, and about 11d during summer. Tugboats always ready.

TREPORT, France. Eng. Brokers. Coquais, Gelée. TRIESTE, Austria. Lat. 45° 38' 49" N ; long. 13° 46' 15' E.

Pop. 155,000. Tr.-I. Cotton, tobacco, coffee, fish, petroleum, iron, chemicals, and coals ; E. Corn, wine, oil, wool, skins, metals, staves, timber, marble, sugar, fruit, &c. Accn. Two ports; the old port and the new port, which is to be

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