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enlarged at the expense of the old one, with accn. for a considerable number of vessels of any size. Inside the old harb, is the "canal," accessible to vessels not drawing more than 14st. Trieste is the principal seaport city of the Austrian Empire, and was a free port till the end of 1889: goods have to pay duty if not deposited in the bonded warehouses. A graving dock for vessels up to 4,000 tons, another for vessels of 3,500 tons, and a slip for vessels up to 1,200 tons. Charges. 101 to 150 tons 3d per ton, 151 to 200 tons 4d, 201 to 300 tons 5d, 301 to 400 tons 6d, 401 tons and upwards 7d per ton. On touching other AustroHungarian ports and continuing the same operation (loading and unloading only) from 1 to 4 farthings per ton according to size. The canal dues are d per ton over the above tariff. Expenses of a steamer of 1,000 tons about £65. Pilotage. £3 is a fair arrangement from Rovigno, and £i to £i 4s if taken a few miles from the roads. For watching 4/ day each pilot, and the same per night. No duty for shifting. Towage. There are no regular steamtugs, but the several steamboats employed in short trips between Trieste and the small towns of the neighbourhood render very useful services for a reasonable rate, viz. :-62 to £2 ios for about 3 miles, and less in proportion; £ I 45 to £ i jos for a shifting within the roads and the ports. TRINCOMALIE, Ceylon. Lat. 8° 33' 30" N ; long. 81° 13' 10"

E. Pop. 21,000. Accn. The largest ships can lie alongside wharf ; the merchant anchorage is in 4 to 8 fms of water, about 4 cable lengths from the wharf. Charges. Tonnage dues see Colombo. Pilotage. Rates payable by all squarerigged vessels, sloops or schooners :--Vessels of 600 tons and upwards, Back Bay, £2; inner harb. £4. Vessels of 400 tons and under 600, Back Bay, £i 10; inner harb. £3. Vessels of 200 tons and under 400, Back Bay, £i is; inner harb. £2 2s. Vessels of 100 tons and under 200, Back Bay, 10/6; inner harb. £t is. The above rates are charged on all vessels going into the inner harb., whether they make a signal for a pilot or not. In Back Bay the charge is only made if the pilot goes on board. TŘIPOLÍ, Barbary, Africa. Lat. 32° 55' N ; long. 13° 10'

E. Pop. About 16,000. Tr.-I. Iron, lead, timber, steel, glass, cutlery, earthenware, alum, vitriol, sugar, coffee, tea, cinnamon, spirits, wines, salt fish, firearms, and British and foreign manufactured goods; E. Wheat, barley, oil, wool, butter, dates, madder, cattle. Accn. Vessels of 18ft dit. can safely enter. Pilotage. 30/ each way. TRIPOLI, Syria. Lat. 34° 24' 6" N ; long. 35° 49' 15" E.

Pop. 25,000. Tr.-E. Silk, wool, cotton, tobacco, galls, cochineal, soap, oranges, lemons, and sesame. Accn. Good anchorage in 3 to 7 fms. Charges. On vessel of 249 tons, £3 178 6d. TROCADERO, Spain. Tr.-Trocadero is the principal port

of shipment of sherry wine. Accn. 5 fms at LW. at the end of the Britannia Pier; vessels of 1,000 tons can lie alongside the wharf and take in cargo. Charges. Tonnage dues for cargo from America 2/8 to 3/4 ; Europe 1/4 to 1/8. Pilotage. See Cadiz. TROMSO, Norway. Lat. 69° 40' N ; long. 18° 55'E. Tr.

I. Corn and colonial produce, coals, and salt; E. All kinds of dried fish, cod oil, seal oil, hides, &c. Accn. The harb. is safe, and there is anchorage all over the Sound for vessels of any size. Charges. Harb. master's dues 4/4 for every vessel. Light dues 4}d ton. TROUVILLE, France. (S. side Mouth of the Seine.) Lat. 49°

22' N; long. 0° 04' E. Pop. 6,000. Tr.I. Coal, cement, wood, pig-iron, oats, and ice ; E. Corn, barley, wheat, seed, pit-props and iron ore. Accn. Harb. and floating dock. The harb, can be entered by vessels of 12ft dft. at lowest NT. A new channel with a maximum depth of 16ft at ST. has been dug at the entrance. Besides the wet dock now in use important works have been undertaken since October, 1889. They include a spacious basin, with scouring pipes connected with river; half tide dock communicating with latter; and dock now in service, and fitted to scour the channel between piers. The completion of these works will ensure a depth of 18 to 2oft. The dock has an average depth of 17ft. Cranes to lift from 3 tons. Charges. On a vessel of 200 reg. tons £19. Port dues same as Honfleur, with the exception of the harb. dues of 4 d. Pilotage. The large roadstead is three miles off, rate 2ļd ton; to the smaller roads one-fourth less. Steamers pay one-half inwards and two-thirds outwards. Loaded sailing vessels also two-thirds. Ships loaded from other ports than those of the United Kingdom and European possessions pay onehalf besides above rates. On a brig of 300 reg. tons (carrying 500 tons dead weight), cargo in and ballast out, drawing 15ft' loaded, and also on a steamer of 453 reg. tons (790 tons dead weight), in, brig £3 25 5d; steamer 3275 2d; out, brig £uvis 2d; steamer £iiis 6d. Eng. Brokers. J. Greenhalgh, and Geo. Lesebvre. TUNIS, Africa. Lat. 36° 48' 36"_N; long. 10° 18' 37" E. Pop. About 100,000.

Tr.-I. Woollens, coarse German linens, cotton stuffs, hardware, sugar, coffee, spices, tinplates, gunpowder, lead, alum, dye stuffs, wine, silk, Spanish wool, &c. ; E. Hides, wax, morocco leather, sponges, coral, dates, corn, olive oil, woollen skull caps, &c. Accn. Vessels discharge and load in the roadstead in 3 to 5 fms. TVEDESTRAND, Norway. Lat. 58° 37' N ; long. 8° 56' E.

Tr.-I. Coals, coke, and iron; E. Timber, deals, battens, boards, and ice. Accn. Sufficient water for all-sized vessels. A pilot is necessary to enter. Charges. On a vessel of 233 tons of 13ft dft. £22 175. Pilotage. On a vessel of 233 reg. tons with cargo in and out, 13ft dft., in, summer rate £i 6s 6d ; out, summer rate 16/. TWILLINGATE, Newfoundland. Lat. 49° 43' N; long.

54° 45' W. Tr.-I. Salt, biscuits, butter, dry goods, flour, pork ; E. Codfish, seals, pickled salmon, preserved lobsters, seal oil, skins and furs. Accn. The outer part of the harb. is deep, but upper part shallow ; the best anchorage is on N. side, in 5 fms. The harb. is sase, except when it blows from the NE. Charges. Light dues 1/ ton for 12 months. Labour about 3/ day. Ballast 2/6 ton. Pilotage. By agreement with fishermen, about 2) foot. UDDEWALLA, Sweden. Lat. 58° 20' N ; long. 11° 54' E.

Pop. 5,700.

Tr.-I. Coal and salt; E. Oats, boards, deals, battens, and pit props. Accn. Harb. has 18ft. of water on bar, and 15 to 16ft inside. Pilotage. For the first 12ft 18), and 9d for each additional foot.

ULEABORG, Russia. Lat. 65° oo' N; long. 25° 40' E.

Pop. 12,000. Tr.-I. Colonial produce, coals, salt, &c. ; E. Barrels of tar, pitch, deals, timber, fish, and boards. Accn. There are only roft in inner harb. Charges. Vessels of 200 tons about £15' ios. Pilotage. On a vessel of 200 tons entering in ballast and clearing out with cargo, in soft dít. £3; out, 13ft dft. 3 ros 6d. UMEA, Sweden. Lat. 63° 49' N; long. 20° 18' E. Pop.

2,200. Tr.-I. Little or nothing, occasionally a cargo of salt; E. Deals, battens, boards, timber, and dried fish. Accn. Has a good harb., where vessels can load to 2ift. Pilotage. On a vessel of 157 tons reg., ballast in and cargo out, in £1 35 101d, out £ i 2s 3&d. VALENCIA, Spain. Lat. 39° 28' N ; long. 0° 19' W. Pop.

160,000. Tr.-I. Provisions, guano, petroleum, coal, iron, &c. ; E. Olives, oil, wine, tiles, and fruit. Accn. Harb. gives shelter to vessels drawing 23st of water ; ships of 23ft dst. can anchor alongside wharves stern on. Charges. Vary very much. Pilotage. În or out. From 8/4 per ton for vessels under 100 tons to £1 5s per ton for vessels of 2,000 tons and upwards. Mooring, from 4/2 to 12/6 ton. These dues are payable on the gross reg. tons.

From sunset to sunrise these charges are doubled. VALPARAISO, Chili. Lat. 33°_1' 53" S; long. 71° 38' W.

Pop. 102,000. Tr.-I. Manufactured goods, machinery, iron, coal, lumber, petroleum, &c. ; E. wheat, flour, copper ore, hides, wool, tallow, &c. Accn. The bay is well sheltered except towards the north, and during winds from this quarter in the winter season shipping is much exposed, although with good moorings there is no danger. There are two large floating docks, capable of receiving vessels of 3,000 tons, and a large wharf. Large vessels anchor in 10 to 25 fms, on good-holding muddy ground. Two floating dry docks, 300 by 60 by 2ift, and 265 by 15 by 16ft. Cranes to lift to 45 tons. Charges. Hospital dues 27 per reg. ton, light and tonnage dues 5d. Pilotage. From 15/ for vessels of 100 to 200 tons to 42 148 for vessels of 1,000 to 1,200 tons and over, besides 14/ for boat hire. Towage. Steamtugs usually assist in mooring and unmooring; their charge is 5d reg. ton for each operation. These tugs may also be employed by vessels wishing to be towed from or to sea, the cost of such services ranging from 24 35 4d to £8 6s 8d, according to size of vessel. VANCOUVER, British Columbia. Lat. 49° 18' N ; long.

123° 7' W. Accn. Depth of from 23ft to 26ft close by wharf 1,000ft long. Charges. No port charges. Towage. Minimum, vessels under 500 tons £72 18s 4d; maximum, over 1200 tons £125. VARNA, Bulgaria. Lat. 43° 12'0" N ; long. 27° 57' 16" E.

Pop. 24,555. Tr.-I. Manufactured goods, colonial produce, oil, pig-iron, coal, &c. ; E. Grain, tallow, hides, cheese, dried beef, and wool. Accn. Anchorage in 8 to 10 fms. Charges. On vessel of 434 tons, £17 35. VEFSEN, Norway. Lat. 65° 56' N ; long. 13° E. Tr.

E. Deals and boards. Accn. There is sufficient depth of water for largest ships, but vessels visiting this port should be well provided with cables. Charges. On vessel 380 tons about £33. Pilotage. On a barque of 250 reg. tons, ballast in, timber out, inwards from Villa £7; outwards to Villa £7 125. Pilots from Villa have to stay on board four days without extra pay, after that 2/3 day. Towage. Steamers passing north and south every week can be had for towage. VENICE, Italy. Lat. 45° 26' N ; long. 12° 20' E. Pop. .

About 124,000. Tr.-I. Sugar, coffee, cotton, and woollen fabrics, cotton yarn and raw cotton, hardware goods, dye stuffs, salted fish, and grain. Accn. Vessels drawing 23st can reach Venice. VERA CRUZ, Mexico. Lat. 19° 11' 30" N ; long. 97° 8' W.

Pop. About 16,000. Tr.-I. Woven fabrics, wax, hardware, cutlery, paper, brandy, wines, metals, earthenware, and quicksilver ; E. Bullion, cochineal, sugar, flour, drugs, indigo, pimento, provisions, sarsaparilla, leather, vermilla, logwood, and coffee. Accn. The harb. is not adapted for vessels drawing over 18 ft. Pilotage. 10/5 foot. Towage. 4/6 per foot. VICTOR HARBOUR, South Australia.–See Port Elliott,

Victor, and Rosetta Harbours. VICTORIA HARBOUR (73 miles E. of Esquimault) Brit. Col.

Lat. 46° 30' N ; long. 123° 20' W. Pop. 8,000. Tr.-I. General merchandise of every description ; E. Lumber, coal, fish, furs, oil, skins, wool, and gold. Accn. There are wharves alongside which vessels of 16ft dft. can lie at LWST. It is only accessible to vessels of 15ft dft., although those of 18ft dft. can enter at the top of ST. A graving dock 430 by 95 by 26 st. VICTORIA HARBOUR, W. Coast of Africa. Tr.-I.

Piece goods, machinery, rice, birds' nests, and specie ; E. Sago, coal, timber, and cattle. Accn. Vessels drawing 14it can lie alongside most of the small jetties which are private property. Pilotage. 5/ foot. VILLA REAL DE SẮN ANTONIO, Portugal. Accn. At

LST. there are only about 6ft of water on bar; springs rise 12ft. Pilotage. Vessels under 132 tons 110 ton, and d for each additional ton above 132, provided always that the pilotage on any vessel shall in no case exceed £ 12 35 4d, or be less than 3/4. River pilotage 5/ for the first day, and 2/6 day after. Towage. Between Villa Real and Pomeron 3d reg. ton each way. VOLO, Greece. Lat. 39° 21' N ; long. 22° 58' E. Pop.

7,000. Tr.-I. Iron, tin, coffee, refined sugar, spice, rice, leather, hides and skins, cotton and woollen goods, earthen and glass ware, and cutlery; E. Wheat, rye, barley, Indian corn, sesame seed, wool, silk, tobacco, cotton, &c. Accn. The harb. is safe and well sheltered, with anchorage in 5 to 12 fms. WALDEMARSVIK, Sweden. Lat. 58° 12' N ; long. 16° 37'

E. Tr.-E. Oats, pit props, timber, and pig-iron. Accn. Safe harb. for vessels of 14ft dft. Charges. On a 273 ton vessel, dft. say 12ft, about £ 19 55. Pilotage. On a steamer of 273 reg. tons, ballast in and cargo out, 9ft dft. in, 13ft out :-In, £1 18s 70 ; out, £2 8s 10ld. WALLAROO, South Australia. Lat. 33° 55' 49'S; long.

137° 37' 30" E. Pop: 3,000. Tr.-E. Copper. Accn. Vessels of any dít., say up to 24ft, can ride in the bay in perfect safety. There is a jetty Sooft long, with 16ft water at outer end, erected by a private company. Charges. Ballast alongside 3/ ton, discharging alongside 1/9 ton. Light dues id ton in or out. Wharfage }d ton. Disbursements of a vessel 800 tons £18 38 4d. Pilotage. L2 in or out for vessels under 200 tons, and a ton in and out, over 200 tons. Towage. No steamtugs stationed, or required. WARBERG, Sweden. Lat. 57° 6' N; long. 12° 14' E. Pop.

2,700. Tr.-E. Grain, stone, salt fish, &c. Accn. Harb. has 14st of water. WARNEMUNDE, Germany. Lat 54° 1'N; long. 12° 6' E.

Pop. 10,000. Tr.-Same as Rostock. Accn. 16 to 17ft across the bar. Vessels drawing 14ft may ascend from this port to Rostock. _The pier has been extended by 4oolt. Pilotage. See Rostock. Towage. See Rostock. WELLINGTON, New Zealand. Lat. 41° 16' S; long, 179°

19' E., Pop. 10,000. Tr.-I. Dry goods, furniture, coal, &c. ; E. Wool, grain, vegetables, &c. Accn. Port Nicholson is an excellent and spacious harb. ; there is wharfage accommodation for vessels drawing 25ft. There is sufficient water for the largest ships. Charges. Light dues 40 and 6d ton. Shifting id ton. Port charges ad ton. Ballast 5/ ton. Pilotage. (In and out), sailing vessels of 500 tons or under 6d reg. ton; over 500 tons, first 500 tons 6d, for every ton over 500 tons 4d; steamers of all sizes two-thirds of the rates for sailing vessels. WEYMOUTH, N.S. Lat. 44° 26' N ; long. 66° W. Tr.

E. Deals and boards, principally to Great Britain and West Indies. Accn. Vessels of i5ft dit. can cross bar at OST., and lie aground alongside of wharves. Charges. Port dues id ton. Pilotage, Nominal, say 12/ to 15/

WHAMPOA.-See Canton.
WIBORG, Russia. Lat. 60° 43' N; long. 28° 45' E. Pop.

13,000. Tr.-I. Sugar, coffee, salt, coals, wine, spirits, grain, herrings, tallow, &c. ; E. Timber, butter, bristles, candles. Accn. Vessels drawing 10ft can ascend to Wiborg. Charges. Expenses of a vessel of 1,247 tons, ballast in and deals out, about £170. Vessels drawing 15ft can enter outer port of Drangsound, which is about ten miles from Wiborg. Pilotage. From £3 155 id for vessels of gft dft. to £9 16s 6d for vessels of 22st dft. WILHELMSHAVEŃ, Germany. Lat. 53° 32' N; long:

8° 9' E. Tr.-I. Coals, timber, and bricks; E. Oats, beans, and peas. Accn. A tidal harb. and three dry docks. Sp. rise 12ft, and N. 9ft. Charges. On barque, 400 tons, cargo in and ballast out, £97 185 4d. Pilotage. On a brig of 180 tons, cargo in and ballast out, drawing 14ft, loaded : Sea pilotage to dock 877, into dock 11/, out of dock 6), to sea 50%. WILMINGTON, California, U.S. Lat. 33° 43' N ; long.

118° 15' W. Pop. 800. Tr.-I. Coal, iron, lumber, general merchandise ; E. Grain, wool, wine, and fruits. Accn. Has roft of water on the bar at LT, and 15ft at OHT. The harb. within the bar has a ship channel several miles in length, with a depth of 26ft at LT. at the lower end, shoaling after 2 miles to 16ft. Charges. No port charges. WILMINGTON, Cape Fear River, U.S. Lat. 34° U'N;

long. 77° 50' W. Pop. About 17,000. Tr. -I. Salt, general merchandise, &c. ; E. Rice, turpentine, resin, cotton, wood, &c. Accn. Depth of water 16st at LT. from the

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