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II.-THE COLONIES. 9 For Tariffs of British New Guiana, see page 460; Canada, see page 462; Gold Coast Colony, see page 481;

Victoria, see page 483.

ABBREVIATIONS. B. = Barbadoes.

NZ. = New Zealand. BG. = British Guiana.

Q. = Queensland. C. = Ceylon.

SA. = South Australia (and Northern CGH. = Cape of Good Hope.

Territories, indicated by NT. Hon. = Honduras.

inserted where special rates 1. = India.

apply to NT. only). Ja. = Jamaica.

Tas. = Tasmania. M. = Mauritius.

Tr. = Trinidad. N, = Natal.

WA. = Western Australia. NF. = Newfoundland.

a v. = ad valorem. NSW. = New South Wales, Acetic Acid.-See Vinegar. Acids.-See Bleaching Materials. Agricultural Machines.-See Iron, &c. (Machinery). Ale.- See Beer and Ale. Alkali.-B. 4% a v; BG. 7% a v; COH. Caustic soda 10% a v, other kinds 13%

av; C. Manures free, other kinds 61% a v; I. Free; Ja. Soda free, others 121% a v; M. Articles generally used as manures free, others 75% a v; N. 5% av; NF. 13% a v; NSW. Soda crystals free; NZ. Ash caustic and sulphate, silicate, nitrate tree, bicarbon. ate and soda crystals 20/ per ton, carbonate 40/ per ton; Q. Soda and crystals 40/ per ton, bicarbonate of soda 20, caustic soda 30, nitrate 5% a v, other 73% a v; SA. Soda crystals_40/ per ton, ash, caustic, nitrate, silicate free, other 20 per ton; Tas. Ash, caustic, and silícate free, carbonate £9 6s 8d per ton, crystals 24 138 4d

per ton ; Tr. Free ; WA. 10% a v, soda crystals 407 per ton. Almonds.-See Confectionery. Alum.-B. 4% a v; BG. 7% av; CGH. 15% a v; C. 61% a v; l. Free, Ja.

121% av; M. 61% a v; N. 5% a v; NF.13% a v ; NSW. Free; NZ. Free; Q. 71% a v; SA. 10% a v; Tas. Free ; Tr. Free;

WA. 12% a v. Anchors.--See Iron, &c. Apparel.-B. 8% a v; BG. 7%; CGH. 15%; C. 64%; I. Free; Ja. 12 %;

M. 63%; N. 5% ; NF. 25%; NSW. Free; NZ. 15%; Q. 75% ;

SA. 25%, (NT.) 15%; Tas. 10%; Tr. 4%; WA. 12%.
Arsenic.-B. 4% a v; BG. 7% a v; CGH. 15% av; C. 61% av; I. Free;

Ja. 125% a v; M. 61% a v; N. 5% a v; NF. 13% av; NSW. Free;
NZ. Free; Q. 71% a v; SA. 10% av; Tas. Crude free, other 10%

av; Tr. Free; WA. 12% a v. Awnings.-See Cottons, &c. Bacon and Hams, per cwt.-B. 5/7; BG. 914; CGH. 9/4; C. 5/75; I. Free;

Ja. 18;8; M. 4/55; N. 9/4; NF. 10/5; NSW. 18,8 ; NZ. 18/8;

Q. 18/8 ; SA. 37/4, (NT.) 18/8 ; Tas. 18/8; Tr. Free ; WA. 28/. Bags.-See Cottons, &c.; also Linen, &c. Barytes.-B. 4% av; BG. 7% a v; CGH. 15% a v; C. 61% av; Hon. Per lb,

paints d.; !. Free; Ja, 121% a v; M. 68% a v; N. 5% a v; NF. 13% a v; NSW. Paint and colours ground in oil 3/ per cwt, varnishes 21 per gall

, other free; NZ. Druggists' sundries 15% a v, paints mixed, 2 per cwt, other free; Q. Paints al per cwt, other 5% a v; SA. Paints 4 per cwt, (NT.) 2/ per cwi, druggists' sundries 10% a y; Tas. Paints per cwt 4/8, chemicals 10% a v; Tr. Free;

WA. 12% a v. Belts.-See Linen, &c. Beef (Salted).- B. per cwt 5/78; BG. pickled, dried, or smoked, per barrel

of zoolbs. $1 500 ; CGH. Per cwt 9/4; C. Per cwt 24; 1. Free; Ja. Dry per cwt 9/4, wet 8'5; M. Per cwt 2/0); N. Per cwt 9/4 ; NF. 4/2 per 200 lbs; NSW. Free; NZ. Free; Q. 71% a v; SA. pickled 10% a v, other 9/4 per cwt; Tas. 1/8t; Tr. Except in tins i/6 per 100 lbs.; WA. in pickle and brine and fresh 9/4.

Beer and Ale.-B. Per gall, in casks 2d, in bottles 6d, with 25% additional on

all duties; BG! In casks 4id, in bottles 6d ; CGH. All kinds gd ; c. In casks 3d, in bottles 340; Hon. Per Ib 3d. ; I. All kinds id; Ja. All kinds 6d ; M. In casks zid, in bottles per doz litres 2 N. All kinds od; NF. All kinds zod ; NSW. In ca ks 6d, in bottles od ; NZ. In casks 3, in bottles 16; Q. In casks od, in bottles 1/; SA. 1/ per gallon (NT.) All kinds od ; Tas. In casks gd, in bottles

13; Tr. In casks 6d, in bottles 1/ ; WA. All kinds 1/. Bells.-See Brass, Copper, &c. Belting.-See Hides and Skins. Biscuits.--See Confectionery. Blankets.--See Cottons, &c. ; also Woven Manufactures. Bleaching Materials.-B. 4% a v; BG. Lime free, other 7% av; CGH. 15%

av; C. Acids, fuller's earth free, others 69% av; 1. Free; Ja. 121% a v; M. Free ; N. 5% a v; NF. 13% av; NSW. Free; NZ. Acids free, druggists' sundries 15% a v, others free; Q. Sulphuric 2/6 per cwt ; SA. Nitric, sulphuric, and muriatic acid 5/ per cwt, (NT.) Sulphuric acid and bluestone free, others 10% a y; Tas. Carbonic, citric, sulphuric, carbolic, and 'muriatic acid, bluestone, chloride, and carbonate of lime free, tartaric 37 4 per cwt, blue 18/8, others 10% av; Tr. Free; WA. Disinfectants 5% a v, others

121% a v. Boilers.-See Brass and Copper. Boiler Plates.-See Iron, &c. Bolsters.-See Household Furniture. Bolts, Bars, &c.-See Brass and Copper. Books.-B. Free; BG. Free; CGH. Free, with registration charge of 1/ per

ton or 6d per package, reprints British copyright 20% a v; C. Free; 1. Free ; Ja. Free; M. Free; N. 5% av; NF. Free ; NSW. Free; NZ. 15% a v; Q. Free; SÁ. Free ; Tas. Free ; Tr. Free; WA.

Free. Boots and Shoes.-See Hides and Skins (Leather and Leatherwares). Borax (refined).-B. 4% a v; BG. 7% a v; CGH. 15% a v; C. 61% a v; Brass and Copper-continued.

1. Free ; Ja. 121% a v; M.67%av; N. 5% av; NF. 13% a v; NSW. Free ; NZ. Free; Q.71% a v; SA. 10% a v; Tas. 10% av; Tr.

Free ; WA. 125% av. Bottles.-See Earthenware ; also Glass. Braces.-See Cottons, &c. Brackets.-See Brass, Copper, &c. Brandy.-See Spirits. Brass and Copper.-B. Composition nails, bolts, bars, rods, spikes, and rivets

copper sheets, rods, bars, bolts, spikes, nails, and rivets, 4/8 per cwt, yellow metal in sheets 4/8 per cwt, copper and brass, old 2/3 per cwt, other kinds 4% a v; BG. Fire engines, pans, teaches, tanks for manufacture of sugar and storage of water, telegraph and electric lighting materials free, other kinds 7% a v CGH. Railway and telegraphic materials free, metal sheathing or composition 10% a v, other kinds unwrought and wrought 15% a v; c. Machinery, apparatus, and parts free, copper sheathing, bars, bolts, ingots plates, nails, and tacks 5/7} per cwt, brass sheets, wire, and nails 5/7) per cwt, other kinds 65% av; Hon. Per lb, brass, bruto weight Id, manufactures id, copper, ore, ingots, bar, sheet id, medical instruments 44d; 1. Copper and brass, all kinds free; Ja. Pans for boiling sugar, copper pipes for conveying fluids, pumps for raising water, stills, or parts of, and parts of steam-engines, and machinery free, other kinds 123% a v; M. Machinery and apparatus for manufacture or improvement of produce free, other kinds 68% a v; N. Copper ore, machinery used exclusively in the manufacture of any of the productions of the soil, and in sawing timber, brick or tile making, or for agricultural, manufacturing and mining operations, distillation or other chemical processes, or in cleansing, preserving, or preparing articles for export free, other kinds 5% a v; F. Old copper and composition metal, nail strips for manufacture of cut nails, copper and composition metal and nails for sheathing the bottoms of vessels, propellers for original cor fruction of steamers in the Colony free, copper and composition mcial for ships, bar, bolt, and sheathing nails, ex. brass cut nails, machinery and parts fo machinery 8% a v, all other 13% a v; NSW. All kinds free; NZ.

Brass, pig, bar, sheet and solid rod tubing and stamped work in the rough for gasaliers and brackets, copper and composition, pig, bar, or sheet, rod, bolts, sheathing and nails, fine copper and brass wire for brush making, axles, axle arms, boxes, bolts, and nuts, fireengines, gas pipes and machinery, and all material specially imported for gas works, grindery, toe and heel plates, metal frames for bags and sachels, photographic goods, printing machinery and materials, pumps and apparatus for raising water, saddlers' mounts for harness, ships' blocks, steam-engines and parts, tinsmiths, fittings, and trade furniture, tools, artificers', water pipes not other wise described, and all materials' which may be specially imported for the purpose of constructing water works free, percussion caps I per 1,000, musical instruments 15% a v, pails not otherwise enumerated 3/ per cwt, other kinds 15% á v; Q. Copper sheet, Muntz metal, machinery for manufacturing, sawing, sewing, agricul. tural, mining and pastoral purposes, steam-engines and boilers free, other kinds 5% a y; SA. Kettles and pans 25%, stoves, cornices, ovens, fenders and fire-irons, lamps, plated goods, musical instruments 10% a v, brass castings, forged work used in the manufacture of steam-engines, pumps, iron and brass, exceeding three-inch bore, steam boilers 5% a v, copper nails 2 per cwt, other kinds, unwrought and wrought free; Tas. Copper ore, ingots, sheets and plates of copper, brass, or bronze, brass cocks and tubing for engine fittings, copper or yellow metal, rod, bolt, sheathing, and nails, ships' blocks, binnacle lamps, signal lamps, compasses free, agricultural machinery, cart and carriage axle boxes 5% a v, other brass and copper ware 10% av: Tr. Machinery, &c., for manufacture of produce and parts thereof free, other kinds 4% av; WA.Copper sheet and rod 10% av, machinery, apparatus, &c., fire-engines, machinery for boring for water and coal, immigrants' tools and instruments of trade not exceeding £10 in value, musical instruments, and parts for places of worship, and for volunteer force free, metal sheathing and rails, gas pipes, parts of steam engines, brewery and distillery plant, wire cloth for quartz crushing machinery, and work for patent slips and docks 5% a v, pumps and metal piping for raising water, telegraphic instruments, and wire 10% a v, brass, sheet, or rolled copper, rod, sheet, and

wire 5% a v. Bread.-Tr. 1/6 per barrel ; Ja. Per roolbs 6/; NF. Bread 20% a v, sea biscuit

200 per quintal. Brewery Plant.--See Brass, Copper, Lead, &c. Bricks.-See Earthenware. Brimstone.-B. 4% av; BG. 7% a v; CGH. Flowers of sulphur free, other 15%

a v; C. 65% a v; 1. Free ; Ja. 12% a v; M. 60% av; N. 5% av; NF. 13% a v; NSW. Free; NZ. Sulphur i/ cwt. ; Q. 71% a v; SA. Brimstone,

crude for manufacturing free, other 10% a v; Tas. Sulphur free ; Tr. Free; WA. 10% a v. Bronze. -See Brass and Copper. Building Materials.-See Lead, &c. Burr Stones. -See Grindstones, Butter, per cwt.-B. 7,6; BG. 9/4; CGH. Butter, including butterine, or any

substance for use as, or mixing with, butter, 14/; C. 5/71: Hon. Per lb id; 1. Free ; Ja. 18 8; M. 4'53; N. 28/; NF. 8/4; NSW. id per 16; NZ. Free; Q. 18,8; SA. 18/8, butterine 37/4 per cwt,

(NT.) butier free ; Tas. 18.8 ; Tr. 9/4; WA. 18/8. Buttons.--See Cottons, &c.; also Glass : also Gold and Silver Ware ; also

Lead, &c.; also Linen, &c. ; also Woven Manufactures. Cabs.-See Carriages. Candles, per cut.-B. 94; BG. Tallow 4/8, other 61 38 4d ; CGH. 9/4 ;

C. 61% a v; Hon. Per lb 11d; 1. Free; Ja. Tallow 77, composi-
tion wax or spermaceti 18.8; M. 63% a v; N. 9'4; NF. 20° a v;
NSW. 9'4; NZ. Tallow 4/8. other 14'; Q. 188; SA. 18/8, (NT.)

9/4 ; Tas. 18/8; Tr. Free; WA. 18'8.
Canvas.-See Linen, &c.
Caoutchouc.-See Indiarubber, &c.
Cards.-See Paper, &c.
Carpets.-See Linen, &c. ; also Woven Manufactures.



Carriages.-B. 47, a v; BG. 7% a v; CGH. Railway materials free, carriages,

carts, and wagons, and other wheeled vehicles, including wheel. barrows 5% a v, axles, springs, and lamps, for carts and carriages 10% a v; c. 63% a v; Hon. Carriages and horse cars, cars (railroad, steam), free; 1. Free; Ja. Carriages, carts, and wagons agricultural, free, other kinds 121% a v; M. 61% a v; N. railway carriages free, other kinds 5% a v; NF. 25% a v; NSW. Free; NZ. Carriages, carts, drays, and wagons, 15% a v, railway carriages and perambulators free, detached parts of carriages, carriage and cart wheels 15% a v, other free; Q. 75% av; SA. Tilburys, dog. carts, gigs, Boston chaises, and other two-wheeled vehicles, on spring or thorough braces bio each, express wagons and wagons for carrying goods, and single or double-seated wagons and four-wheeled buggies, without tops, mounted on springs or thorough braces £15 each, hansom cabs, safety, single, and double-seated wagons, wagonettes, and four-wheeled buggies, with tops £20 each, omnibuses and coaches, for carrying mails passengers £40 each, barouches, broughams, mail phaetons, drags 650 each, enumerated 25%, (NT.) Carriages, carts, wagons, and vehicles of every description, and wheels 10% av; Tas. Traction engine carriages, carriage shafts, spokes, naves or felloes free, carriages on two wheels and springs intended to be drawn by cattle on ordinary roads £6 each, carriages on four wheels ditto £12 each ; cart and carriage axles, arms and boxes 5% a v, other kinds 10" a v; Tr. Carriages on springs, four-wheeled

47 each, ditto two-wheeled £4 each, other kinds free ; WA. 20% a v. Carts. -See Carriages. Cement.-B. Pozzolano, building and temper lime, free, cement 1/3 per barrel ;

BG. Lime and plaster of Paris free, other 74 a v; CGH. Barrel of 400 lbs 1/6; C. 3d per cwt; Hon. Free ; 1. Free ; Ja. 12}% av; M. 61% av; N. Portland and Roman 2 per barrel of 400 lbs, other 5% a v; NF.13% a v; NSW. 2 per barrel; NZ. il per barrel ; Q. 2/ per barrel; SA. 2/ per barrel ; Tas. Mineral od per cwt; Tr. Free ; WA.'2'

per barrel. Chains. See Gold and Silver Ware. Cheese, per cwt.---B. 8/44; BG. 94; CGH. 18/8; C. 5.'7; Hon. Per lb. fd;

1. Free; Ja. 18/8 ; M. 4/51; N. 18/8 ; NF. 10'5; NSW. 188; NZ.

Free ; Q. 28/; SA. 37/4, (NT.) 18/8; Tas. 18 8; Tr. 914; WA. 28/. Chemicals. - See Barytes, China.-See Earthenware. Chocolate and prepared Cocoa, per cwt.-B. Cocoa 2/4, other 4% a v; BG.

18/8; CĠH. Confectionery and manufactured sweets 18/8. plain chocolate 4/8, cocoa 9/4 ; C. 61%, a v; I. Free; Ja. Cocoa 112), other 121% a v; M. 61% av; N. id per Ib; NF. 28/; NSW. Raw cocoa 28/, all others £1 175 4d ; NZ. £ 18s; Q. 41 175 40 ;

SA. 8s; Tas. £ 1 8s; Tr. Free; WA. £ 1 8s.
Cigars and Cigarettes, per lb.-B. 51; BG. 5; CGH. Cigars 4/ with 10%

a v, cigarettes 3/; C. Cigars and cheeroots 1/10); Hon. Cigars
Govt. monopoly, cigarettes 2/8 per Ib; I. Free ; Ja. Cigars 5! :
M. Cigars 1/11; N. Cigars 4'; NF. Cigars 16'8 per_M with 10
a v; NSW. 6'; NZ. 61; Q. Cigars 5/; SA. 6/3, (NT.) Cigars 5/;

Tas. 5); Tr. 2'; WA. Cigars 5..
Cinders.--See Coal.
Clocks and Watches, a v.-B. 4%; BG. 7%; CGH. 15%; C. 61%

Hon. Per lb, clocks ofd. watches 5/; . Free ; Ja. 12% M. 61% ; N. 5%; NF. 13%; NSW. Free; NZ. Movements for watches and watchmakers' materials free, other 15%; Q. 71%; SA. 15%, (NT.) 10%; Tas. Clocks for churches free, other 10%, watches

121%; Tr. 4%; WA. 121%. Clothing.-See Cottons, &c.; also Linens, &c.; also Woven Manufactures, Coaches.-See Carriages. Coal, Cinders and Patent Fuel, per ton.-B. Fuel, coal and mixed prepara

tions thereof and coke 2/6; BG. Coal (including the package) 1 4 per hhd ; loose, per ton 2', other 7% av; CGH. Coal, coke and patent fuel 1/ per ton; C. Free; Hon. Coal free; 1. Free; Ja. Free ; M. Free; N. Cinders and patent fuel 3/ ; NF. At St. John's, Harbour Grace, and Carbonear I 3, other ports free ; NSW. Free ; NZ. Free; Q. Coals 2/ per ton; SA. Free; Tas. Coal and coke 1/, other 10% av; Tr. Free ; WA. Free.

Cocoa.-See Chocolate.
Coffee.-B. 2/9) per cwt ; BG. 7/ per cwt ; CGH. 4/2 per 100 lbs; C. Free;

1. Free; Ja. British colonial 22/47 per cwt, other 121% a v; M.
4/54 per cwt ; N. d per Ib; NF. Green 22'6 per cwt, roasted 32/8
ditto; NSW. Raw 28/ per cwt, roasted 56/; NZ. Raw 28/ per cwt,
roasted £. 2 65 8d ditto ; Q. Raw {1 175 4d per cwt, roasted 2 165
ditto; SA. Raw, 28 per cwt, (NT.) Raw free, roasted i 178 4d
ditto ; Tas. Raw 28) per cwt, roasted 41 175 4d ditto; Tr. Free;

WA. Raw 18/8, roasted 28/ per cwt. Confectionery (see also Chocolate), per cut:-B. 4% a x;BG. 61 35 4d; CGH.

14/ ; c. 61% a v; Hon. Biscuits per lb fd; 1. Free ; Ja. 121% a v; M. 61% a v; N. 18 8; NF. 22), jams and preserves id per lb; NSW. (and fruit) 18/8, jams 9/4; NZ. Almonds used in confec. tioners' manufactures free, other almonds shelled and plain and unshelled, and biscuits 3', fancy biscuits, confectionery (boiled sugars, comfits, lozenges, &c.), 18 8, bottled fruits (except syrup or spirits) 1 per doz., dried fruits 18,8, candied peel 61 8s, jams, jellies, marmalades and preserves 14/, other kinds 15% a v; Q. 37'4, biscuits 18/8, jams and jellies per doz reputed pints or lb jars 2; SA. 28, biscuits 18/8, (NT.) 18/8 ; Tas. 9/4, almonds 18/8, biscuits plain 9/4, fancy 18/8, candied fruits 28), honey 18,8, confectionery 18/8, preserves, jams, jellies, &c. 9/4 ; Tr. Free; WA. 61 175 4d

per cwt, biscuits 9/4. Copper Wares.-See Brass and Copper. Copperas, a v.-B. 4%; BG. 7%; CGH. 15%; C. 61% : I. Free; Ja. 121%;

M. 61%; N. 5%; NF, 13%; NSW. Free; NZ. As drugs, druggists' sundries and apothecaries'_wares 15%,_other free ; Q. 7%;

ŠA. Bluestone free, other 10%; Tas. Free ; Tr. Free ; WĂ. 121%. Cordage and Twine. --B. Cordage 187 per cwt, twines 4% av; BG. Cordage

including gasketing 4/2 per cwt; CGH. 15% av; C. Coir yarn, rope, fibre, and twine and strands, free, other kinds 61% a v; I. Ali kinds free; Ja. 12% a v; M. 61% a v; N. 5% a v; NF. Twine to be used in manufacturing net in Colony free, cordage, viz., rope and hemp, coir and manilla cables, and fishing tackle 10% av; NSW. Cordage and rope a/ per cwt, other kinds free ; NZ, Coir yarn, twine tor harvesters and binders, fishing nets and sailmakers' seaming and roping twine free, twine not otherwise enumerated 15% a v, cordage and rope 5/ per cwt ; Q. cordage and rope 8/ per cwt, twine 94 per cwt; SA. Cordage, coir rope 5/ per cwt, other (except galvanised and other iron and steel cordage) 11/ per cwt, galvanised and iron 3/ per cwt, twines and cord, including fishing lines (except sewing or seaming twines) 18/8 per cwt, (NT.) Cordage, rope, spun yarn (except raw yarn used for manufactures) and whipcord, 3 per cwt, cotton and linen cords 10% a v, twine free; Tas. Whaling gear, rope and cordage free, twine 94 per cwt, whip.

cord 10% a v; Tr. Cord, ferretings 4% av, others free ; WA.5% av. Corn (Wheat).-B. 6d per 100 lbs; BG. ad per bushel ; CGH. 1/4 per 100 lbs,

flour 1/; C. 6.d per bushel ; Hon. Free ; I. Free ; Ja. Od ; M. 60 per cwt ; N. Free ; NF. Free ; NSW. Free; NZ. od per 100 lbs; Q. 60 per bushel ; SA. 2/ per 100 lbs. (NT.) By sea 10% a v, other

free; Tas. iod per 100 lbs, flour 1,3; Tr. 50 per bushel; WA. 60 (Indian).-B. 6d per 100 lbs; BG. 5d per bushel; CGH. 1/ per 100 lbs

C. 64d per bushel ; Hon. Free ; 1. Free; Ja. 4d per bushel
M. 7 d per cwt; N. 1/ per cwt; NF. 121% a v; nsw. Free;
NZ. 9d per 100 lbs; Q. 6d per bushel ; SA. a/ per 100 lbs, (NT.)
By, sea 10%, other free ; Tas. 8d per 100 lbs, corn flour and

maizena id per lb; Tr. 50 per bushel; WA. 6d per 60 lbs.
(Wheaten).-B. 4/2 per barrel; BG. 4/2 ditto ; CGH. 3/6 per 100 lbs ;

C. 1/10$ per cwt; Hon. Free; 1. Free; Ja. 8/ per barrel; M. Old per cwt ; N. Free; NF. 1/0 per barrel; NSW. Free; NZ. I per 100 lbs ; Q. Free; SA. 2/ per ico lbs, (NT.) By sea 10%, other free;

Tas. 1/3 per 100 lbs ; Tr. 34 per barrel ; WA. 20/ per 2,000 lbs. Rice).-B. 6d per cwt; BG. 1/2 per cwt; CGH. ud paddy, 1/4 per 100

lbs ; C. 6 per bushel, paddy 3d per cwt ; I. Free ; Ja. Undressed 1 per bushes, other 3/ per 100 lbs; M. 63d per cwt; N. 1/ per cwt ; NF. 121% a v; NSW. 3 per cwt ; NZ. 478 per cwt ; Q. 9/4 per cwt barley 9d per bushel, malting do. 1/6, maize and oats 8d; SA._3/ per cwt (478 per cwt in Northern Territory); Tas. 9/4 per cwt; Tr. 2/2 per cwt ;'WA. 2/ per cwt.

per 60 lbs.

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