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Iron and Iron Wares-continued.

and screws 62 per ton ; (NT.) Iron and ironwares free; Tas. Free: Tr. 4% a v; WA. Iron and steel wire, standards and staples for fencing 10 a ton, iron gates, hurdles, and wrought bars for fencing 1/ per cwt, iron and steel, unworked, bar, sheet, rod, plate and hoop

iron, pig iron free, other 5%. Galvanised and other kinds.-B. Nails 1/1) per cwt, other 8% a v; BG.

Part free, part 7% av; CGH. Galvanised 15% av; anchors and ship cables free, fencing wire and agricultural implements 10% av; other 15% av; C. Galvanised 28/1) per ton, angle and Swedish bar 9/4), corrugated iron 13/1), nails and rivets 23/7), other 5% a v;!. Free ; Ja. Part free, part 12% a v; M. 6% av; N. Galvanised s% a v, fencing and agricultural implements free, all materials for bridges, railways, or telegraphs free; NF. Part free, other 8% to 20% a v; NSW. Galvanised bars or sheets 40' per ton, manufactures 60), other kinds-wire 20), nails 401, other free ; NZ. Galvanised corrugated sheet 40 per ton, tiles and rivets £i, other 2 per cwt, other kinds-bolts, pipes, rails, wire-netting, &c. free, fencing-wire 1/ per cwt, other 15% a v, or 2 to 41 per cwt ; Q. Galvanised corrugated iron (pig, piping, and sheet) 2/ per cwt, iron ware 7% a y, other kinds-corrugated, wire, nails, castings 3/ per cwt, iron tanks 81 each, furniture springs 5%, boiler plates and iubes, buckles, cart and carriage springs, malleable iron and copper piping, steel rails, tools, portable engines, and machinery (except motive power) free ; 8A. Galvanised sheet (plain) and wire free, corrugated 301 per ton, manufactures 25%, (NT.) 15% av, other kinds ---rails, tanks, wire, fencing, &c., free, other 10% or 15% a v; Tas. Galvanised wire rope free, other 5%av; other kinds--railway rails, chain cables, engine fittings, &c. free, fencing od per cut, nails 2/6, castings 1/6, bolts and nuts 2/6, harrows, horse-hoes, horse-rakes, ploughs, and scarifiers 5% a v, iron bar.rod, plates, and machinery free, other 10% av; Tr. 4%'a v; WA. Galvanised, sheet, plain, free, other kinds--fencing-wire il per cwt, nails, pipes, wire netting

5% á v, other 10" or 124% av. Machinery.--8.8% a v; BG. Free ; CGH, Agricultural, mining and

sawing free, other 15% a v; C. Free; I. Free ; Ja. Free ; M. For manufacture or improvement of produce of the Colony free, other 61% a v; N. Part free, picks and hoes, each 6d ; part 5% a v; NF. Agricultural and other machinery free, steam and hydraulic machinery and propellers 10% a v; NSW. Free ; NZ. Free; Q. Free ; SA. Weaving, flour-milling, paper-making free, engines and parts (ex. gas, portable, and traction), icemaking, cooling, and punching machines 25% a v; other part 20% a v, part 15% av, (NT.) Weaving. flour.milling, paper-making free, other part free, part 5'; Tas. Part free, part 5% av; Tr. For manufacture of produce free, other 4% av; WA. For boring for water or coal free,

other 5% a v. Iron Wares.-See Iron, &c. Jams, &c.-See Confectionery. Jewellery.--See Gold and Silver Wares. Jute.-See Linen, Hemp and Jute. Kerosine.-See Oils. Lamps.-See Carriages. Lard. Tr. / Lead and Leadwares.--8. Lead, old free, sheet and pipe 1'i per cwt,

other kinds 4% av; BG. Printing type and material and pipes for gas works free, shot 94 per cwt, other kinds 7% a v; CGH. Printers' materials free, other kinds, unwrought and wrought 15% av; C. Printing materials free, lead, sheet, pipe, pig, and shot ud per cwt, other kinds 6% av; Hon. Per lb ind, manufactures 44d; 1. All kinds free ; JÁ. Pipes for conveying fluids free, other kinds 12% a v; M. All kinds 63% av; N. Printing type and machinery free, other kinds 5 a v; NF. Printing type and materials free, solder 8% a v, other kinds 13% av; NSW. Shot s/ per cwt, other kinds free; NZ. Pig, bar, or sheet lead, building materials not Otherwise specified, gas pipes and machinery, and all material specially imported for the construction of gas works, paints, wet or dry, unmixed, printing type or materials, pumps and apparatus for raising water, water-pipes not otherwise described, and all material specially imported for the construction of water works, free, shot

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