Sivut kuvina

soap 6/2


free, vegetable and perfumed 15%, other 6d ; Q. Castor, Chinese cod liver, colza, neatsfoot, linseed, and vegetable oils i, per gallon, mineral oils and turpentine 60; 8A. Sperm, seal and cod free, kerosine 3d, other 6d, salad oil 2 per gall, (NT.) 31 doz qts; Tas. Medicinal, fish and perfumed 10% a v, kerosine 1, Other 1/ ; Tr. 11;

WA. 6d. Olive Oil.-See Oils. Omnibuses.--See Carriages. Paints.-See Barytes, also Lead, &c. Paper and Stationery.-B. 4% a v; BG. Printing free, Other 7%; CGH.

Printing paper free, other 15%; C. Stationery 61%, paper free; Hon. Books, maps, engravings free, paper, manufactures, according, to quality, per lb, 14d, 3d, 4.d, 94d; 1. Free ; Ja. 12%; M. 61%; N. 5%; NF. 13%, printing and sheathing paper free ; NBW. Stationery and printing paper free, wrapping paper 3/4, writing paper 9/4 cwt ; NZ. Paper, printing and writing (uncut) free, wrapping 21 or 216 cwt, other and stationery 15%; Q Paper bags $ per cwt, printed paper 7/6, paper of demy size and above free: ČA. Paper bags, printed 15 per cwt ; not printed 10/ per cwt, ink, writing and printing paper free, wrapping, blotting and tissue paper 3/4 cwt, stationery, part 25%. (NT.) 10%, part free ; Tas. Stationery 10%, ink free, paper uncut 5%, other® 10%; Tr. Creosote %,

petroleum, cocoanut, and other kinds 1/ per gall; WA. 124%. Paper-making Machines.-See Iron, &c. (machinery). Parasols.-See Umbrellas and Parasols. Patent Fuel.-See Coal. Perambulators.--See Carriages. Percussion Caps.-See Brass and Copper. Perfumery.-B. Soap 1/4+ per cwt, other 4% a v; BG. perfumed spirits,

$2.50 per gallon ; CGH.' Spirits, perfumed 15 per gallon other 15% a v; Č. 64% av; JA. All spirituous compounds 10 per gallon,

per cwt, other perfumery 123% a v; M. 61% av; N. Spirits, perfumed 9/ per proof gallon, other perfumery s av; NF. Perfumed spirits 6/8 per proof gallon,* other 13% a v;

NSW. Perfumed spirits, do water 15 per gallon, other free; NZ. Essential oils free, toilet vinegar 14 per gallon, perfumed spirits and Cologne water £! is per gallon, perfumed oils 15% a 1, perfumery and toilet preparations not otherwise enumerated, including soap, scented and fancy 25% a v;Q. Perfumed spirits 10 per gallon, other 73% av; SA. 25% av; Tas. Soap, perfumed and fancy 21 8/ per cwt. spirits, perfumed 18. per proof gallon, other perfumery 10% a v; Tr. Perfumed spirits 3

per gallon, other perfumery free; WA. 20% a v. Petroleum.-See Oils. Phosphor Bronze.-See Brass, Copper, &c. Photographic Apparatus.--See Brass, Copper, &c., also Glass. Pianos, a v.-B. 4%; BG. 7%; CGH. 15%; C. Free ; l. Free; Ja. 12%; M..

Pianos for professional use, the property of a person coming to the Colony, and if arriving within three months before or after the proprietor free. Other 6%; N. 5%; NF. 13%; NSW. Free; NZ.

15%; Q. 71%; SA. 10%; Tas. 10%; Tr. Free ; WA. 125%. Pickles and Sauces.-B. 4% a v; BG. 7% a v ; CGH. 15% a v; C. 64% av;

1. Free; Ja. 121% av; M. 63% a v; N. Pickles, sauces 5% av; NF. 13% a v; NSW. 6d per dozen pints; NZ. Pickles od per dozen pints, sauces sd. per dozen pints; Q.1/6 per dozen reputed pints or lbs i SA. Reputed pints 1/ per dozen; Tas. Pickles 3 per doz quarts, 2 per dozen pints, sauces in bottles 4/ per doz quarts, 3/ per dozen pints ;

Tr. 4% a v; WA. 12}% a v. Pictures.--B. Free ; BG. 7% a v; CGH. 15% a v; C. Free; Hon. Per lb, bruto

weight 5/; I. Free ; Ja. Free; M. Free ; N. 5% a v; NF. When not intended for sale free, other 13% a v; NSW. Free; NZ. 15%

av; Q. 71% a v; SA. Free; Tas. Free ; Tr. Free ; WA. 10% a v. Pig Iron.--See Iron, &c. Pillows. See Household Furniture. Pipos.-See Brass, Copper, &c.; also Hides, &c.; also Indiarubber, &c.; also

Iron, &c.; also Lead, &c. : also Zinc, &c.

* No allowance for under proof spirits.

Pitch. --B. Free; BG. Tar and pitch 2, 1 per barrel ; CGH. 25% av; C. 61% a v;

Hon. Ad per lb ; !. Free ; Ja. 125% a v; M. 61% a v; N. 5% av;
NF.8% a v; NSW. Free; NZ. Free; Q. 71% av; SA. Free ; Tas.

Free ; Tr. Free ; WA. 5% av.
Plaster.-See Cement.
Plate.--See Gold and Silver Wares.
Plate Glass.--See Glass.
Ploughs.-See Iron, &c. (Machinery).
Porcelain.-See Earthenware and Porcelain.
Pork, Salted, per cwt.-B. 57); BG. Pork, pickled, $1.50 per barrel of 200

Ibs; CGH. 9/4; C. 24; 1. Free; Ja. 95/ per barrel of 200 lbs ; M. 2/0%; N. 9/4; NF. 2/4 ; NSW. Free ; NZ. Free; Q. 7}% av; SA. Pickled 28), (NT.) Pickled 10% a v, other 9'4 per cwt ; Tas. 10%

a v; Tr. Free ; WA. 10% a v.
Portable Engines.-See Iron, &c. (Machinery).
Printers' Materials. -See Lead, &c.
Printing Materials.-See Paper, &c.
Propellers.See Brass, Copper, &c.
Pumps.-See Brass, Copper, &c. ; also Iron, &c.; also Lead, &c.
Rails.-See Iron, &c.
Railway Materials.-See Iron, &c.
Reaping Machinery. See Iron, &c. (Machinery).
Ribbons.-See Woven Manufactures.
Rice.See Corn.
Rings.-See Gold and Silver Ware.
Rivets.-See Iron, &c.
Roofing Slates.-B. 4% a v; BG. 4/2 per 1,000; CGH. 15% a v; C. Free; I.

Free ; Ja. Free ; M. Free N. Free, NF. 13% av; NSW. Free ;
NZ. Free; Q. 71% a v; SA. Free; Tas. 10% a 'v; Tr. Free;

WA. 121% a v. Rosin.--B. Free; BG. 2'1 per barrel ; CGH. 5% a v; C. Free ; Hon. £d per lb i 1. Free; Ja. Free:

M. 68% a v; N. 7% a v; NF. 8% a v; N8W.
Free; NZ. Free; Q. 73% a v; 8A. Free ; Tas. Free ; Tr. Free;

WA. 5% av.
Rubber.-See Indiarubber.
Rum.-See Spirits.
Saddlery and Harness.-See Hides and Skins.
Sail Cloth.-See Linen, &c.
Sails, &c.-See Cottons, &c.
Sal Ammoniac.-B. 4% a v; BG. 7% a v; CGH. 15% a v; C. 63% a

a v;1. Free ; Ja. 121% a v; M. Ammoniacal liquors and salts free; N. 5% a v; NF. 13% a v; N8W. Free ; NZ. As drugs and druggists' sundries 15% a v, other free ; Q. 71% a v; sulphate ammonia free;

8A. 10% a v ; Tas. 10% a v; Tr. Free; WA. 121% a v. Salt.-B. Free ; BG. Free ; CGH. In bulk or bags of not less than 100 lbs 3d per cwt, all other free; C. 4/ per cwt, manufacturers

free; I, Imported into British Burma 28 d per cwt, other parts of British India 3/47 per cwt ; Ja. Rock salt free, other 1/1 per cut; M. 60% a v; N. Salt free ; NF. In bulk 1od per ton; NSW. 1/ per cwt ; NZ. Free ; 9. Free; 8A. Rock free, other 1/ per cut; Tas. 1/6 per cut; Tr.

Free ; WA. Rock free, other / per cwt. Saltpetre.-B. 4% a v; BG. 7% av; CGH. 15% av; C. Saltpetre refuse for

manure free, other ud per cwt ; 1. Free ; Ja. 12 % av; M. Nitrate
of potash and soda free ; N. 5% a v; NF. 13% av; NSW. 1 per
cwi : NZ. Free; Q. 4/ per cwt ; SA. 25/ per ton, (NT.) i per cwt ;

Tas. 1/6 per cwr ; Tr. Free; WA. 121%ay.
Sauces.--See Pickles and Sauces.
Sawing Machinery.-See Iron, &c. (Machinery)
Shawls.-See Cottons, &c.
Ships' Cables.-See Iron, &c.
Shot.-See Lead, &c.
Silk Yarns and Thread.-See Yarns and Thread (Silk).
Silk Woven Manufactures. - See Woven Manufactures (Silk).

Silver.--See Gold and Silver Wares.
Silver Leaf.-See Gold and Silver Wares.
Silver Wares.--See Gold and Silver Wares.
Slippers.-See Hides, &c.
Soaps (see also Perfumery).-B. 1'4 per cwt; BG. Common 2.4 per cwt, per

fumed 7% av; CGH. Common brown, blue, yellow, or mottled od
per 100 lbs, other 15% a v; C. 61% a v; Hon. Common d per lb,
scented 4$; I. Free; Ja. 6/2 per cwt; M. 61% av; N. 5% av;
NF. 13% a v; NSW. Free; NZ. Common 36 per cwt, scented and
fancy 25% a v, powder and washing powder 15% a v; Q. 10 per
cwt ; 8A. Fancy 37/4 per
cwt, other 9.4 per cwt, extract of soap

and washing powders 18/8, (NT.) Fancy 10% a v, other 1/ per cwt ; Tas. Perfumed or fancy 61 85 per cwt, other 9'4 per cwt ; Tr. a'r

WA. Toilet 12% a v, other 3' per cwt. Soda.--See Alkali. Solder. -See Lead, &c. Sowing Machines.-See Iron, &c. (Machinery). Sperm Oil.-See Oils. Spinning Machines.-See Iron, &c.(Machinery). Spirits (see also Perfumery) per proof gall. ---B. 4/ and 6), with 25% additional on

duty; BG. 10/5* ; CGA. 3d to 6d per gall; C. 8/51; Hon. Bruto weight, 3d per lb; 1.87* ; Ja. 10 (irrespective of strength); M. 24*, N. 9/* ; NF. From 49 to 10; NSW. 14/; NZ. 1470. 121*, perfumed 20, methylated 51; 8A. 14/,(NT.) 128 ; Tas. Spirits of any strength 151, methylated 3/, perfumed 614 ; Tr. Rumn 616, other (per liquid gallon) 8/; WA. 15/*, methylated and other spirits rendered unfit for human consumption / per gall, spirits of wine

(rectified, not medicinal) 20/ per gall. Springs.--See Brass, Copper, &c., also Carriages. Starch.-B. 1/1) per cwt ; BG. 7% a v; CGH. 15% a v; C. 61% a v; Hon. fd

per Ib; l. Free; Ja. 124% a v; M. 61% a v; N. 5% a v; NF. 13% å v; NSW. 24 per cwt ; NZ. 3/ per cwt ; Q. 9/4 per cwt ; SA. 18/8 per cwt; NT. 94 per cwt ; tas. 9/4 per cwt ; Tr. Free; WA.

121% a v. Stationery.---See Paper, &c. Stereotypes.-See Lead, &c. Stoneware.--See Earthenware, Straw Plaiting for Hats, a v.-B. 4%; BG. 7%; CGH. 15%; C. 61%; 1. Free;

Ja. 121%; M. 61%; N. 5%; NF. 13%; NSW. Free ; NZ. Free; Q.

71% ; 8Ă. Free ; Tas. 10% ; Tr. Free ; WA. 121%. Sugar.-B. Raw free, refined, vacuum, crystallised free other 11/2 per cwt; BG.

Raw and refined 18/8 per cwt ; CGH. 3!14 per 100 lbs; C. Raw 1 4. to 3/38 per cwt, refined 5/74; Hon. Sugar and molasses td per lb ; 1, Free; Ja. Raw 11/24, refined 18/8 per cwt; M. Raw 63% a v, refined 4'5$ per cwt ; N. Raw 3/6 per cwt, refined id. per Ib ; NF. Raw 12/6 per cwt, refined 18/9, bastard 14/7; NSW. Raw's/, refined 6/8, treacle 3/4 per cwt ; NZ. Raw or refined 4/8 per cwt; Q. Raw 57, refined 6'8 per cwt ; 8A. Sugar free, molasses and treacle 3/ per cwt, (NT.) Free ; Tas. Raw 6/ per cwt, refined, loaf and crushed 9/4, other 61 per cwt ; Tr. Raw or refined 10/ per cwt ; WA. Sugar, molasses and

treacle 4/ per cwt. Sulphur.-See Brimstone. Syrups.-See Sugar. Tallow. See Grease. Tar.-See Pitch. Tarpaulins.-See Linen, &c. Tea.-B. Per lb. 3d ; BG. 6d ; CGH. Id ; C. 5id ; !. Free ; Ja. I ; M. id; N. 6d; NF.

% a v; NSW. 3d ; NZ. 40 ; Q. 60 ; SA. 3d (6d per lb in Northern Territory); Tas. 3d ; Tr. 64; WA. 4d. Telegraph Materials and Apparatus.-See Brass, Copper, &c., also Earthen

ware, also Glass, also Indiarubber. Tents.--See Cottons, &c. ; also Linen, &c. Threads.-See Yarns.

per lb, with

• No allowance for underproof.

Tiles.-See Earthenware, also Zinc, &c.
Timber.-Tr. Sawn or hewn 8 3. per 1,000 ft super, staves 12

per 1,000, wood hoops 3/ per 1,000 ; N.S.W. (Ex-building and dye woods) dressed

per 100 ft super 31, rough 1/6, doors, sashes, &c., 2' each. Tin and Tin Wares.-B. All kinds 4% a v; BG. All kinds 7% a v; CGH. Plate

or sheet 5% a v, other 15% a v; C. Tin, cake or slab itd per cwt, tin plates 1.4i per cwt, all other 6!% av; Hon. Id per Ib; I. All kinds free ; Ja. Stills, and parts of, free, other kinds 125% av; M. All kinds 6% a v; N. Tin ore and tin plates free, other kinds 5% a v; NF. Sheet and block tin, and solder 10% a v, other kinds 13% a v; NSW. All kinds free ; NZ. Tin, pig, bar, sheet, foil, and tinsmiths' fittings free, tinware 15% a v; Q. Tin plates and block tin free, other kinds 74% a v; SA. Tubing 26 per cwt, tin ware and japanned ware, 25%, (NT.) 10% a v, other kinds, unwrought and wrought, free : Tas. Tin ores unmanufactured and plates free, other kinds 10% a v; Tr. Tin and tin ware 4" av; WA: Tin block,

plate, and foil 5% a v, all other 20% a v. Tissues.-See Woven Manufactures. Tobacco (Unmanufactured) per lb.-B. 1); BG. 13 to 1'101 ; CGH. 60 ; C.

2.7-10d; Hon. 18; I. Free; Ja. 60 ; M. 15;N 6d; NF. iod; NŚW. For manufacture in the Colony I', otherwise 3!, unmanufactured I', cigars 6), cigarettes 61; NZ. For manufacture in the Colony 2), otherwise 3/6; Q. 3/; SA. 1/7), snuff 6), (NT.) 1/; Tas.

2/ ; Tr. gd; WA. 1/, for sheepwash 3d. Tobacco (Manufactured), per lb.-B. 116; BG. 110$; CGH. 2'; C. std; I.

Free ; Ja. 1/ ; M. 1,98; N. 2/; NF. 1od, with 5% a v; NSW. 3';
NZ. 316; Q. cigars 5/6, cigarettes 6'; 8A. 29, (NT.) 2' ; Tas.

cigars and cigarettes ó', snuff 9!; Tr. 1'; WA. 3. Toilet Preparations.-See Perfumery. Toys, a v.-B. 4%; BG. 7%; CGH. 15%; C. 61%; 1. Free ; Ja. 121%; M. 6fd;

N. 5%; NF. Manufactures of wood 20%, other 137 ; NSW. Free;

NZ. 15%; Q. 75%; 8A. 10%; Tas. 10%; Tr. Free; WA. 124%. Tubing.-See Brass, Copper, &c.; also Indiarubber, &c. Turpentine.-B. 4% a v; BG. crude 2/1 per gallon, spirits of, od pe gallon ;

CGH. 110 per gallon; c. Free; 1. Free; Ja. 9d per gallon ; M. 61% a v; N. Imported in vessels of not less than half a gallon 6d per gallon, other 5%; NF. Crude 8% a v, other 13% a v; NSW.1/ per gallon ; NZ. 60 per gallon; Q. 6d per gallon; 8A. 6d per

gallon; Tas. 1/ per gallon ; Tr. 1/ per gallon ; WA. 6d per gallon. Twine.--See Cordage ; also Yarns. Type.-See Lead, &c. Umbrellas and Parasols.--B. 4% a v; BG. 7% a v; CGH. 15% a v; C. 61%

a v; l. Free; Ja. 121% a v; M. 61% a v; N. 7% a v; NF.13% av; NSW. Free; NZ. 15% a v; Q. 71% a v; 8A. 20%, parts (except

covers) free; NT. 10% a v;Tas. 10% a v; Tr. 4% av; WA. 12% av. Valves.-See Brass, Copper, &c. Vinegar.-B. 4% av; BG. 7% a v; CGH. Id per gallon ; C. Acids free, other

63% av; 1. Free ; Ja. 121% a v; M. 60% a v; N. 5% a v; NF. 74d per gallon; N8W. 6d per gallon; NZ. 60 per gallon ; Q. In wood od per gallon, in bottle 1/ per gallon; SA. acetic acid containing not more than 33% of acidity 2/ per gallon, every extra 10% or part 8d per gallor, vinegar containing not more than 5% acidity od per gallon, for extra 1% or part 2d per gallon, (NT.) od per gallon ;

Tas. 6d per gallon ; Tr. Free; WA. &d per gallon. Wagons.--See Carriages. Watches.-See Clocks and Watches. Waterproofing.-See Indiarubber, &c. Weaving Machines.-See Iron, &c. (Machinery). Wheat.-See Corn. Wheels.-See Carriages. Wheelbarrows.-See Carriages. Window Sashes.--See Zinc, &c. Wines.-B. od per gallon in wood, in bottle, sparkling 2', other gd per gallon,

with, in each case, 25% additional on duty; BG. Wines not exceeding 8/4 in value, in wood, and containing less than 26% proof spirit 2 i per gallon, bottled 4/2 per dozen quarts, 2/1 per dozen pints;


CGH. In wood 6d per gallon, in bottle i per dozen quarts; C. In wood, claret ind, other I 10per gallon, in bottle, claret 4/8), other 5.75 or 7/6 per dozen quarts; 1. In wood, sparkling 2', other 5 per gallon, in bottle, sparkling 4', other 10 per dozen quarts : Ja. In wood 2/6 per gallon, in bottle 5/ per dozen quarts; M. Wine in barrel 2 6 to 21 6 per Maltese barrel according to strength, in bottles or jars 3 per doz; N. Claret 1/6, pontac 21, sparkling 5/; other .' per gallon, NF Champagne 126 per gallon, claret 18, hock, Burgundy, and light Rhenish 36, Malaga and Montilla costing at port of shipment 3/4 per gallon, and any other above that price 42 and 123% a v, ditto costing under 34 per gallon 15, port and Madeira 6/8, sherry and Manzanillo 4 2, Spanish, red Denia, Sicilian, Figueira, red Lisbon, Cape and Lisbon coinmon 1/5), all other 42 and 124%av; NSW. In wood 5 per gallon, in bottle, sparkling 10', other 5) per dozen quarts; NZ. In wood 46 or 56 per gallon, in bottle, sparkling 13', other 9 or u! per dozen quarts; Q. Sparkling 10 per gall, other sorts 6/; SA. Sparkling 10, (NT.) 6', and sparkling 20), other 12/ respectively; Tas. In wood 6 per gallon, in bottle 3), sparkling 10 ; Tr. In wood, per gallon, 22 deg. 8d, to 42 deg. 2/6, in bottle, per dozen, 42 deg. or lower 2/6, and 3d per gallon additional per degree above

this strength ; WA. Sparkling 76, other s/ per gallon. Wire.-See Brass, Copper, &c. ; also Iron, &c. Woollen and Worsted Yarns and Thread.-See Yarns (Woollen and

Worsted). Woollen and Worsted Woven Manufactures.-See Woven Manufactures

(Woollen and Worsted). Woven Manufactures (Cotton). --B. Tissues 4% a v; BG. Tissues 7% a v;

CGH. Tissues and manufactures of 15% a v; C. Tissues 5% a vi Hon. 4$d to old per Ib; I. Free ; Ja. Tissues 121% a v; M. Tissues 61% a v; N. Tissues, cotton blankets or sheets, pure or mixed, in piece or in pairs 15% a v, other kinds 5% a v; NF.13% to 20% a'v; NSW. T'issues and manufactures of free; NZ. calicoes, and dress prints in the piece (value not exceeding sd per yard) free, other 15% av: Q. Shirtings, cotton piece goods, calicoes, prints, muslins, sheetings, and cotton ticks 5% a v, tissues 73% av; SA. Free; Tas. Cotton, hemp, and jute bags id each, wool packs 4d each, gunny bags and corr. sacks free, other 10% av; Tr. 4% a v:

WA. Tissues 121% a v. Woven Manufactures (Linen, Hemp and Jute).-B. Tissues 4% a v; BG.

Tissues 7% a v; CGH. Tissues and other manufactures of, 15% av; C. Tissues, gunnies free, other kinds 61% a v; Hon. sd per lb, manufactures 5/; I. Free; Ja. Tissues 121% a v; M. Tissues 61% av; N. Bagging free, other kinds 5% av; NF. Canvas, sailcloth and bagging 10%, ready-made clothing 20% a v, other 13% NSW, Tissues, bags and sacks i per dozen, gunny bags 6d per dozen, woolpacks 31 per dozen, other tissues, made up or not, free;' NZ. Brown holland, Forfar sheeting, sailcloth, duck, &c. (in the piece) free, other 15%, flour, gunny and hessian bags free, woolpacks 2/6 doz. ; Q. Tissues and piece goods 5% av; SA. Sails (new) 25%, tents and tarpaulins 20%, other (and NT.) free; Tas. Tissues, com sacks, gunny bags free, woolpacks 4d each, other bags of hemp or jute id each, other kinds 10% a y; Tr. 4% av; WA. Piece goods 124%, canvas 5%, wool bales 4d each

corn sacks I doz, other 6d. Woven Manufactures (Silk).-B. Tissues 4% a v; BG. Tissues 7% a v; CGH.

Tissues and manufactures of 15% a v; C. Tissues 61% a v; 1. Free ; Ja. Tissues 121% a v; M. Tissues 61% a v; N. Tissues 5% a v; NF. 13% a y; ready-made clothing 20% ;. NSW. T'issues, and manufactures of, free; NZ. 15% av; Q. Tissues 74%, silk mixtures 5% a v; 8A. 15%.(NT.) 10% av;' Tas. 10% av; Tr.4%

av; WA. Tissues 12% a v. Woven Manufactures (Woollen and Worsted).-B. T'issues 42 ay; BG. Tissues 7% a v; CGH.

Tissues and manufactures of 15% a v, blankets and rugs 10% a v; C. Tissues 6% a v; I. Free: Ja. Tissues 125% a v; M. Tissues 6% a v; N. Blanketing 15% a v, other kinds 5% a v; NF. Tissues 13% a v, ready-made clothing 20% a y; NSW. Tissues and manufactures of, free ; NZ. Tissues and manufactures of, 15% a v; Q. Tissues 71% a v, alpacas, zanellas, and bunting 5% av; SA. Hosiery (knitted) 20%, (NT.) 10% a v; Tas. Unmanufac. tured free, other 10% a v; Tr. 4% a v; WA. Tissues, 12 a v.

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