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45. 12S.

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28. 6d.

Slippers, Nos. 7

doz. pairs 98.
not otherwise mentioned
of straw only

Shoes, spiked

.doz. pairs Goloshes or overshoes

Boots and shoes of india.rubber
Boot and shoe uppers, viz. :-
Leatber, closed, men's.
women's and children's...

Wellington fronts and grafts

6s. Cashmere, lasting, or stuff.

3s. Boxes, cardboard or paper, including paper or cardboard

(with or without printing), cut into shapes for wrapping or boxing

25 P.C., a.v. Boxes or cases, viz. :-dressing, glore, handkerchief, jewel, scent, work, and fittings

25 p.c., a.v. Boxes, cardboard, containing non-dutiable goods, ordinarily imported therein.

Free. Bottles, glass or stone, containing a reputed quart or any less

quantity of spirits (not perfumed), wine, ale, porter, or other beer, and bottles containing aërated or mineral waters, doz.

6d. Bottles containing pickles

3d. syphon for aërated waters

Free. Bricks, fire ......

1,000 61 Brownware and tiles

20, a.v. Brushware (except artists' brushes)

35 p.c., a.v. Buckets and tubs

25 p.c., a.v. Butter


ad. Buttering and oleomargarine. Candle nuts

Free, Candles

ad. Caps. (See Hats.) Cards, playing

.doz. packs in sheets Carpeting and druggeting

20 p.c., a.v.
being printed felt

Carriages,* carts, and conveyances, including second-hand,
viz. :
Boston chaises, dog-carts, gigs, tilburys, and other two

wheeled vehicles on springs or thorough braces, cach 410
Buggies, four-wheeled Without tops,
Waggons, for carrying goods mounted
Waggons, single or double springs


horough Waggons, express

braces Hansom safety cabs

620 Single and double-seated waggons Waggonettes

420 Four-wheeled buggies Omnibuses and coaches for carrying mails or passen. gers



Mail phaetons
All carts and waggons, without springs and spring
carts and spring drays with two wheels..

20 p.c., a.v.
All carriages or conveyances not otherwise enumerated

25 p.c., a.v.
Bicycles, tricycles, and similar vehicles, perambula.

tors, children's carriages whether wholly or partially
made up, or part of same..

25 p.c., a, v. Parts of carriages:

Sets of wheels (unbored and untried)


Shafts and bars,
Under gear (including axles and arms).
Buggy tops (if composed principally of leather) ..each 65

Any separate parts of carriages not specially, enumerated as dutiable or free are chargeable with such duty as the Commissioner may determine under section 5 of the Duties of Customs Act, 1883.

on or

With tops »



... set


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Buggy tops (if of any other material) ...... each
Carriage bodies in the white...
Carriages and other vehicles used in the conveyance of

passengers or goods across the frontier which have
been registered with the officers of Customs nearest
the place where such carriage or other vehicle may
ply or pass, and in such manner as the Commissioner

may by any order from time to time approve.
Casks or shooks, new or second-hand
Charcoal and coal (ground)..
Charcoal, animal (ground).
Cheese ..
Chinaware and porcelain (except photographic, scientific,

and telegraphic materials)
Clocks, and all parts thereof whether wholly or partly

made up Clogs and

Clothing, horse. (See Rugs.)
Cloths, oil and other floor.
Coffee, cocoa, chicory, chocolate.

. Ib.
Coffee, raw

"} Combs, toilet Confectionery, comfits, succades, sweetmeats

.pint or lb. Cordage (except unserviceable, when cut into lengths of

not over 3 feet, metal cordage, coir yarn, reaper and
binder twine), viz. :-
Coir rope .......

.. cwt.
Other cordage, including engine packing (not being

sheet), housing and seizing lines and spun yarn, cwt.

Reaper and binder twine. (See Twine.)
Corks, cut ...::

Druggeting. (See Carpeting.)
Drugs, viz. :-
Ammonia, carbonate of.

.pint or lb.
Coculus indicus.

Glycerine, pure.

Nitrate of silver
Nux vomica

Earthenware, including packing (except photographic,

scientific, and telegraphic materials) measuring outside the package as imported

cubic foot Engines, portable, fixed on a locomotive boiler horizontally,

and fitted up with wheels and shafts, suitable for trans

port on an ordinary road.. Engines, traction Eggs..

gross Explosives (except fine meal powder, not sporting, in bulk and in packages of not less than 25 lbs. each), viz. :Powder, sporting
Gelatine and gelatine dynamite

Other explosives
Fancy goods, except artificial flowers.
Feathers for ornamental purposes.
Fillets, line, for bookbinders
Fish. (See Meats and Fish; also Provisions.)
Fittings, ships
Frilling, ruftling, plaitings, yuchings
Fruits and vegetables, dried or preserved..
preserved (not dried), packed in bottles, jars, or

other vessels, as under :-
Quarts and over a pint

Pints and over half.pints
Half-pints and smaller sizes
Over a quart and not exceeding a gallon


ad. 25 P.C., a.v. IS.


id, IS. 6d.

6d, .


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6s. 35.

IS. 6d.


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Fruits, boiled or partly boiled or pulp

.. lb. green, being oranges or lemons

bushel n.o.p..


Fur, hatters (except mungo)

„skins, dressed or prepared for making up...... per lb.
Furniture (including second hand)

second-hand, accompanying and in passenger's own use, up to £50 in value, and not imported for sale .. Furniture, cabin. (See Baggage ) Fuze, per coil of 24 feet or less, and in proportion for any

greater quantity
Glassware, including packing (except locket, brooch, watch.

glasses, and optical, surgical, scientific instruments, and
photographic and telegraphic materials, and syphon
bottles for aerated waters), viz:-,
Cut, engraved, etched, frosted, ground, sand-blast,

and not otherwise enumerated (measuring outside
the package as imported) ...........per cubic foot
Bottles for aerated waters (measuring outside the
package as imported),

.::per cubic foot Bottles for medicines (measuring outside the package as imported)

...per cubic foot Other (measuring outside the package as imported) ,, Glass, viz.

Bent, over 6 inches square
Bevelled, over 6 inches square

Corners, cut, bevelled, or engraved
Globes, school, mounted

other than kid or leather
Glue, liquid, and liquid gum and cements..
Goods imported for the use of H.M.'s"Government.:
Grain, viz. :-
Oats and barley

per cental
Maize, peas, beans, wheat.
Prepared, viz. :-

Barley, pearl and Scotch
Maizena, maize flour, or corn flour .. reputed pt. or lb.

Grain and pulse of every kind, n.o.p. or manufactured

per cental
Grease, anti-friction..
Hair, articles of artificial human hair, manufactured, viz. :-
Head-dresses, hair plaits, hair plait stems, side pads,


Handkerchiefs (except of cotton or linen only) made up or

Free. 20 p.c., a.v.

Free. 20 p c., a.v.

2d. Free.

.. per lb.

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..per bushel

45. 60.


..per ton

25 P.C., a.v.

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in piece....
Hats, caps, and bonnets (except of braid, chip, straw, tape,

willow, untrimmed, and all such being both untrimmed
and unlined, pa per or glazed calico not being considered
lining), viz. :-
Hats and caps, cloth, sewn or not, upon any foundation

or frame..
Hats, children's, boys', men's, women's felt and pith

hats or helmets.. Hats, with foundation or frame and covered ..


caps, and bonnets, all other Honey.... ..(or reputed pint or lb.) per pint or lb.



10 pc., a.v.

per doz,


.. per doz.

£10 o Ci 10 0 43 o

o 25 p.c., a.v.





per lb.

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... per lb,

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Hoods, selt pull-over hoods and felt for the manutacture of hats...

....... per doz, Hosiery (except of cotton, linen, and elastic silk stockings

for surgical purposes or otherwise specified)
Note.-Hosiery means stockings, socks, and other

machine or hand-knit covering for the feet or legs, and

no other articles (sec. 7, Act 769). Implements, agricultural, including chaff cutters, cleaners,

corn screens, corn crushers, cultivators, drills (seed), harrows, hay presses, hay rakes, horse rakes, horse hoes, maize shellers, mowers, ploughs, reapers, rollers (field), root cutters, seed sowers, smutters, strippers, stump

extractors, threshers, wheat cleaners, winnowers.. Implements, agricultural, known as reapers and binders Ink, burnishing. See Blacking. .). printing (coloured) Inks, writing, liquid, or powder. Instruments, musical (except action work in separate pieces, including rails and keys), including second-hand : -Pipe organs and all parts thereof, including pianoforte

action, made up..
Pianos, upright

square, grand, or semi-grand
Harmoniums and cabinet organs,


.each Jåms and Jellies

... per pint or lb. Jewellery (except cameos and precious stones unset), viz. :Rings of gold, finished or unfinished, but without

cameos or precious stones set therein .. per dwt. troy

All other, including imitation, also cases and pencil cases
Jute piece goods :-
Not exceeding z ft. in width

·per yard
Exceeding 3 ft. in width
Jute piece goods....
Lamps, lampware, and lanterns (except electroliers and

gasaliers, otherwise dutiable as manufactures of metals).. Lead, sheet, and piping

per cwt. Leather (except crust or rough tanned, viz. :-Calf, goat,

hogskin, sheep, or kangaroo, when not exceeding seven
pounds each skin; and English bend, sometimes called

Do., viz. :-Kid, calf kid, mock kid, and patent calf
Do., being furniture and bookbinding Morocco, roan,

and paste grain skiver ...
Leatherware, harness, saddles, or articles made up of

leather, or any manufacture of which leather is the most
valuable part, including whips of any description, trunks,

and portmanteaus, and leather cut into shapes n.o.p.
Leather laces
Leaf, gold and silver
Luggage passengers'. (See Baggage.)
Macaroni and vermicelli (or reputed pint or lb.)..pint or lb.
Marble and stone, wrought (except slate slabs not wholly

manufactured, lithographic stones, and stones for milling

and grinding purposes)..
Matches and vestas :--
Wax vestas:
For every gross of metal boxes n.o.p., containing in

each box :
100 vestas or under
Over 100 and not exceeding 200 vestas
And so on per gross of metal boxes, for each addi.

tional 100 vestas or part thereof.. .. Additional
For every gross of paper, small round tin or other

boxes, containing in each box:
100 vestas or under.....
Over 100 and not exceeding 200 vestas
And so on per gross of boxes, for each additional
[oo vestas or part thereof.


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.... per lb.

6d. Free

... per lb.


per lb.

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20 p.c., a.v.

Wooden matches :
For every gross of boxes, containing in each box:

100 matches or under
Over 100 and not exceeding 200 matches
And so on per gross of boxes for each additional
100 matches or part thereof..

. Additional
Wood, safety
Matting, coir, jute...
Meats and fish, potted ; and meats, fish, soups, and

vegetables, extracts of, or concentrated
Meats and fish, preserved, not salted, or dried, or preserved
in brine (or reputed pint or lb.)

.pint or lb.
Medicines, consisting of two or more ingredients mixed
ready for use, not being in chemical combination, drugs
and chemicals, packed ready for retail sale or for con.
sumption, including medical compounds containing spirits
not exceeding the strength of proof by Sykes' hydrometer;
and all preparations recommended as beneficial for any
portion of the human or animal body, or the cure or
the treatment of any disease or affection whatever, and
medicine chests or cases, with or without fittings
Metals, manufactures of, and machinery, n.o.p. (except
portables engines)
Rolled girder and channel iron castings, viz. :

Bars, fire
Cylinders, hydraulic
Pipes and connections for same
Plates, tanks
Weights, sash

Wire barbed.
Metal ware, plated and mixed (except door handles, locks,

shalt tips, stump and finger joints, and slot irons used
in carriage building, harness mountings, and plated
Metals, manufactures of, and machinery, viz. :-

Anchors. Anvils. Balances, spring to weigh up to 3 cwt. Bands, curtain. Bars, not machined and in the rough. Bell fittings. Bells, 6 inches and under. Bits (for harness). Blocks and types, printers'. Blowers for ventilating mines. Boilers, oval (cast-iron). Brassfoundry used in the manufacture of furniture. Bushes, patent roller, for blockmaking. Buttons. Caps, per cussion. Cast-irop, being oval boilers, camp ovens, digesters, kettles, brazing, fry, maslin, preserving, sauce, or stew pans; Danish, French, glue, oval, plumbers', stock, and three-legged pots; tea kitcheners or fountains. Chaffcutter knives. Chains. Chains, curtain. Cloth, wire over 36 mesh. Concentrators, Frew's (for mining purposes). Conductors, lightning. Copper and copper. ware, being, prepared plates for engravers and litho. graphers, silver.plated sheet, perforated sheet, rivets, washers.' Cornices in piece. Crucibles. Cutlery, iron or steel.

Detonators. Ligesters (cast-iron). Door fittings (except handles and plates). Fire-arms. Fittings (see bell, door, meters, pipes, tubes, window). Fittings, electric, viz., arc lamps without globes, carbons, incan. descent lamps, automatical resisters, transmitters, or transformers, and storage batteries. Fountains, tea (cast. iron)Furniture, brassfoundry used in the manufacture of. Hames. Handles, trunk. Hinges, except hook and eye and T. Hooks (brass). Hooks, cornice. Hooks, curtain. Hoop, not machined and in the 'rough. Iron, angle and T. Iron, sheet, corrugated. Irons, box and sad. Irons, stirrup.. Kettles (cast-iron). Kitcheners. Tea (cast-iron). Knives, chaffcutter. Knives, reaping machine. Latches. Locks. Lightning conductors. Machinery for carding, spinning, weaving, and finishing the manufacture of fibrous material, and cards for such machinery Machinery for telegraphic purposes. Machinery used in the manufacture of paper and for felting, including wire cloth and felts. Machines, viz.,

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