Sivut kuvina

button-making, eyelet, knitting, sheep-sbearing, stitch. ing, dairy refrigerators and separators. Machines, printing. Machines, sewing. Machines known as centrifugal cream separators. Note.-Exemption of machines does not apply to the motive power thereof (if any). Meters, gas, internal fittings of, when imported in parts not put together. Mortars and pestles. Netting, wire, galvanised, machine-made. Ovens, camp (castirons). Pans (cast-iron). viz., brazing, fry, maslin, preserving, sauce, stew. Pestles and mortars. Pig. Pins, gimp. Pipes and cubes, viz., brass-cased, brazed copper, solid drawn, welded, and fittings for same, except cocks. Plate not machined and in the rough. Plates (copper) prepared for engravers and lithographers. Plates, decorated tin, for manufacturing tinware. Pots (cast-iron), viz., Danish, French, glue, oval, plumbers', stock, threelegged. Presses, printing. Primers. Pulleys under 4 inches. Rail, tram and railway. Reaping machine knives. Rings, curtain. Rivets, copper: Rod, not machined and in the rough. Saws of all kinds, but not the machinery connected there with. Scales to weigh up to 3 cwt. Scrap. Screws, cork, galvanised, hand, table, wood Sheet, not machined and in the rough, Sheet (copper), silver-plated. Sheet (copper),, perforated. Slides, cornice. Spoke, not machined and in the rough. Spoons, iron or steel. Springs, buffer. Steelyards to weigh up to 3 cwt. Tacks, 1 inch and under. Tires of steel in the rough. Tools of trade, not being machinery (except napping spalling, and quartz hammers, picks, mattocks, gas and blacksmiths' toogs, crowbars, mauls, wedges, soldering irons). Traps, vermin. Tubes and pipes. viz., brass-cased, brazed copper, solid drawn, welded, and fittings for same, except the cocks. Types, printer' and brass. Washers (copper). Window fittings (except shutters, blinds, poles, and cornices).

Wire not machined and in the rough.. Milk, preserved

..pint or lb. Mustard ...

. Ib. Nails, horseshoe.

iron and steel (except for trunks and grindery) Nuts (except cocoanuts and candle-nuts)

b. Oil and paste, furniture Oils, in bulk (except cocoanut, fish of all sorts, mineral,

refined, of which the point of ignition is below 80° Fahr., kerosene, palm, lubricating, of which the chief com ponent part is mineral : and resin)

.gall. D., viz., resin Do., kerosine

gall. Do., packed in tottles, jars, or other vessels not exceed.

ing one gallon in size, as under :-
Quarts and over a pint

Pints and over half a pint
Half pints as smaller sizes

Over a quart and not exceeding a gallon
Oilmen's stores (except essential oils and essences not

containing alcohol) packed in bottles or jars not exceed.
ing one reputed quart in size, or in canisters or vessels

not exceeding one quart in size
Do., not otherwise enumerated (except isinglass, uncut) ..
Oleomargarine. (See Butterine.)
Opium, including all goods, wares, and merchandise inixed

or saturated with opium or with any preparation or solu-
Lion thereof, or steeped therein respectively.

Ib. Packages in which goods are ordinarily imported not

otherwise enumerated Packages, second-hand, in which ships' stoies have been

Paints and colours (except artists' colours) :-

Ground in oil, including patent dryers and putty .ton
Mixed, ready for use, of any subst ince.




2d. I2S, 58.

2d. 20 P.C., a.v.

6d. Free,


45. 28.

IS. 12s.

20 P.C., a.v. 10 p.c., a.v


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.. lb.




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Paper (except writing and printing, in original wrappers

and uncut edges, as it leaves the mill, paperhangings,
and millboard):

Advertising matter, printed or lithographed, or any

printed plates, lithographs, pictures, cards, or matter
of a similar description used or capable of being used
for advertising purposes

Do., other...
Do., bags ..

Do., cardboard, pasteboard
Parasols, sunshades, and umbrellas, with or without covers,
made up wholly or in part, viz. ;-.
From materials not containing silk

From materials containing silk
Parasol, sunshade, and umbrella sticks when wholly
or partly fitted with frames.

Paste, furniture. (See Oil.)
Pattens. (See Clogs.)
Peel, candied, drained or preserved..

Pickles (packed in bottles, jars, or other vessels not exceed.
ing one gallon in size) as under :-
Quarts and over a pint ..

Pint and over half a pint..
Half pints and smaller sizes
Over a quart and not exceeding a gallon

Do., all other
Pipes :

Iron. (See Metals.)
Smoking, clay

Do., all others, and cigar and cigarette holders

Cases for pipes, cigar and cigarette holdórs
Plaitings. (See Frillings.)
Plate of Gold...

.oz. troy

......ton Powders, baking, seidlitz, washing Provisions (including vegetables), salted, dried, or preserved in brine (except fish n.o.p.)

.....cwt. Quilts, sewn, cosies, and cushions Rice

...cental Undressed, imported into any bonded warehouse, and

dressed therein.

Rice, imported into any bonded warehouse and manufac-

tured into starch therein
Rolls, ornamental, for bookbinders
Ruchings. (See Frilling.)
Rufflings. (See Frilling.)
Rugs, waterproof, and horse-clothing
Saddle-trees :

Salt (except rock salt).

..ton Sauces, packed in bottles, jars, or other vessels not exceed. ing one gal. in size, viz,

Quarts and over a pint
Pints and over a half-pint..
Half-pints and smaller sizes
Over a quart and not exceeding a gal.

All other
Seeds, canary
Silks (except hatters' silk plush, umbrella silk, silk for flour
dressing, silk flags, oil silk, fringes, tassels, and gimp for
furniture, reps, damasks, and other materials for covering
furniture) in the piece, or piece goods containing silk,

whether cut into lengths or shapes or not Soap, perfumed, and toilet

...... per Ib. other

per ton


20 P.C., a.v.

55. 30 p.c,2.V.



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per doz.

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per lb.

20 p.c., a.v

4d. 2d.

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Soda crystals



61 45.

per lb.

Spices, ground ...... (or reputed pint or lb.) per pint or lb.

2d. Spirits or strong waters of any strength not exceeding the strength of proof by Sykes' hydrometer, and so in pro.

portion for any greater strength than the strength of prouf

·per gall. Spirits, cordials, liqueurs, or strong waters, sweetened or mixed with any article so that the degree of strength cannot be ascertained by Sykes' hydrometer (including all alcohol diluted or undiluted with water or other men struum and containing in solution any essence, essential oil, ether, or other flavouring or other substance whether of natural or artificial origin)

per gall. Spirits, methylated.

per liq. gall. perfumed

per gall. mixed with essential oils, so as to be unfit for human consumption, to be used in the manufacture of soap, under Commissioner's permit, provided the mixing is performed in the presence of an officer of Customs.

Free. Springs, sofa, chair, and other furniture....

10 P.C., a.v. Starch

ad. Stationery manufactured as under :

Albums of all sorts..
Blotters, blotting cases, blotting pads, bill-heads, and all

other printed, ruled. or engraved forms, or paper, bound or unbound, including printed or lithographed advertisement or posters of all kinds when framed Books :- account, betting, cheque, copy, diary, draw.

ing.. exercise, guard, letter, music, memo, pocket, receipt, sketch. Bill files and letter clips Cards :--printers', visiting, funeral, menu, programine, wedding, in sheet or cut

20 P.C., a.v. Card cases, not being of gold or silver. Date cases, cards, calendars Envelopes.. Ink bottles, inkstands, ink wells Labels, luggage and other Memo slates and tablets Mounts or stands for pictures.. Parchment, cut Sketch blocks Wrappers, fancy, for writing paper

Writing cases, desks, and stationery cases Stearine..

2d, Stone. (See Marble.) Sugar, the produce of sugar cane

· per cwt.

38. bonded on and after 27th day of July, 1887, and refined in Victoria in a bonded warehouse, under regulations to be framed by the Gover. nor in Council

.. per cwt. Sugar, the produce of beetroot, and all other sugar

6s. candy. (or reputed pint or lb.) pint or lb.

2d. molasses (except unrefined)

per cwt.

3s. Tea...

id. Tents and tarpaulins...

29 p.c., a.v. Tiles. (See Brownware.) Timber and building materials (except ash, Australian and

New Zealand pine, blackwood, cedar, hickory, oak, posts and rails, staves, sycamore, walnut, whitewood-un. dressed. Hardwood, undressed logs of the size of 9 ins. square or larger. California redwood, sugar pine. American white pine, undressed, 1 in. and over.

AU undressed of the size of 7 ins. by 21 ins. or larger. Spokes and felloes of hickory in the rough. Spars in the rough) :Architraves and mouldings of all sorts, wholly or partly prepared, under 3 ins....

per tooft. lin. Architraves and mouldings of all sorts, wholly or partly prepared, 3 ins, and over..

...per 100ft.

75. Or 245. for each reputed 2-gallon case, or 48s. for each reputed 4-gallon case, when the said cases respectively do not contain more than the reputed contents; and so on for each reputed gallon or part of a gallon.

per ld.

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per Ib.

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Boards-flooring, lining, weather, dressed or planed

per rooft. sup. Doors not exceeding of in. in thickness ...each

over acin, and not exceeding itin, in thickness ,

» Itin, in thickness Frames-door, window Hardwood

per rooft. sup. Laths..

per 1,000 Palings.

per 100 Pickets, dressed

Sashes-window, unglazed

per pair

per 1,000 Skirtings, wholly or partly prepared. per rooft. lin. Spokes and felloes in the rough

per too
Staves, shaped or dressed
Timber, of sizes less than 7 ins. by afins.per rooft. sup.

cut into shapes, for making into cases, boxes,
or similar articles

....per cubic foot Tobacco (except sheepwash, including tobacco soaked on

the landing thereof from the importing ship, or on delivery from the warehouse, in turpentine, oil, or other fluid in the presence of some officer of Customs, so as to render it unfit and useless for human consumption):Manufactured..

Tubs. (See Buckets.)
Twine (except sewing or seaming of hemp, cotton or

Twine, reaper and binder, and yarn made from jute,
hemp or flax..

Type holders for bookbinders.
Umbrellas. (See Parasols.).
Varnish, including lithographic..

Vegetables. (See Fruits, meats, and fish; also Provisions.)
Vermicelli. (See Macaroni.).
Vinegar, not being acetic acid or crude vinegar, aromatic
or raspberry

Watches, and all parts thereof, wholly or partly made up..
Waters, aërated or mineral.
Wine, sparkling

Note.-Wine containing more than 25 pc. of alcohol'of

the S.G. 825 at the temperature of 60° F. is charge..

able with duty as spirits. Woodenware, including beehives, bellows, picture frames,

and wooden hames, turnery (except billiard balls in the rougb), staves, shaped or dressed, and finished timber not otherwise enumerated (except artists' materials), engravers' bookwood, shafts and poles in the rough, ash

Woollen manufactures or manufactures containing wool
(except printers' blankets and collar check), viz. :

Blankets, blanketing, rugs and rugging
Piece goods, whether in the piece or cut into lengths

[merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small]

or shapes, being vestings, trouserings, coatings,
shirtings, broadcloths, witneys, na flannels, mantle
cloths, cloakings, ulsterings, kerseys, serges, costume

cloths, Melton cloths, and tweeds...
Woolpacks. (See Bags.)
Wool piece goods, being collar and check

25 P.C., a.v.

30 P.C., a.v.



For the United States Tariff, see page 582.

A = Austria.

table and stone), gold, silver and Ar. - Argentine Republic. Articles not bullion (bars or money), are admitted

specified pay 25% av; i peso = 100 free of duty. The rates are given in centesimos (cts)=4/2 kilo. 2*2041bs. pesos. : 1 peso = 100 centavos = 3/9. B. = Belgium.

Duty, per 100 kilogs is levied on Br.= United States of Brazil. The the following articles when

additional import duties are denoted ported from PR. :--namely, sugar, by an asterisk (*) The rates are all kinds, 22 cts; coffee, 54 cts; given in milreis per kilog. (2'2041bs.) wood, all kinds bu cts, honey, 5 cts; where not otherwise stated. Milreis tobacco, 22 cts. Kilog. = 2'204 lbs. = 1000 reis = 2/1.

P.= Portugal. C.=Chili. Articles not specified pay R.=Roumania.

25% a v. Commencing on January ist, Rus.=Russia.* After various Russian 1889, a surtax of 50% will be levied duties denotes that the articles so on all duties payable.

marked are subject to a duty of 10% Ch. = China. i pecul = 100 catties = on each rouble of duty leviable.

133} lbs avoirdupois; ! chang = 10 + 20% ditto. 30% ditto. Pood Chinese ft. = 141 Engl. ins., 1 changi 36lbs, rouble 3/2. =-3 yds 9 ins.; tael=10 mace, Sal. = San Salvador.

The present i mace = 10 condareen, 1 condareen tariff is fixed at 80%, say 60% payable =10 cash. The value of the tael in cash and 20% in Government varies at different ports in China Bonds. A new tariff has, however,

from 5/9 to 6/8: t.m.c.c. o'o'o'o been passed, and when it comes into Cor.=Corea. All irnport duties are operation the maritime duties will be ad valorem.

collected upon the gross weight of D.=Denmark.

imported articles. During the first E. = Ecuarior. A municipal tax in ad- six months duties will then be charged

dition to tariff is levied on all imports. at the rate of 110%, payable 80% in F.= France

cash, and 30% in Government Bonds; G.=Germany.

afterwards the rate will be reduced to Gr.=Greece. Oke = 258 lbs ; lepta 100% : 70% in cash, and 30% in bonds. =94d.

Siam. The import and export duties HI.= Hawaian Islands.

are fixed at 3% av; and are returned Hay. = Hayti. A surtax of 50%, and if the goods are re-exported. Arms

an additional 331% is levied upon and ammunition are imported only

the established duties in this tariff. by special permit. Bullion and H. = Holland.

specie, wearing apparel and pro. 1. = Italy. Quintal 220'4lbs; lire 91% d. visions, intended for personal use, are J. = Japan. Catty=flv, cent=ida of imported and exported free of duty. a boo, I boo=sii of a dollar.

S. = Spain. The conventional tariff only M. = Mexico. The rates are given in Sn. =Sweden.

dollars : 1'00=42, 1 kilogramme= Sz.=Switzerland. Quintal 220'4lbs, 2'204 lbs avoirdupois. NOTE.-By franc 97%d. n.w. (net weight) the actual weight

T.=Turkey. of the merchandise is understood; USC.=United States of Colombia. by I.w. (legal weight) that which Ur. = Uruguay. Kilo 2'2041bs, peso includes, besides the net weight," fuerte 4/2. that of the interior bottles, .boxes, V. = Venezuela. All foreign merchant winders, wrappers, &c., in which the dize is divided into nine classes, on articles are imported ; and by g.w. which duty is collected as follows:(gross weight) the total weight of ist class, free. 2nd class, 10 C. of a the packages. When merchandise, bolivar per kilo. =37) English cur. which pays according to the legal rency per 100 lb. 3ra class, 25 C. of weight, has no other covering be- a bolivar per kilo=9'1 English cursides the one which forms the out. rency per 100 lb. 4th class, 75 c. of a side package, the actual weight of bolivar per kilo. = {1 75 31d English the nierchandise will be considered currency per 100 lb. 5th class, I boli. to be its legal weight.

var and 25 C. per kilo. = £25$ 5d Eng. NI.= Netherlands East Indies. Florin lish currency per 100 lb. 6th class, 2

=1/8, kilogramme = 2*204 lbs. Arti. bolivars and soc. per kilo. = £4 10 od cles not specified pay 6% a v.

English currency per 100 lb. 7th Nic. = Nicaragua.

class, 5 bolivars per kilo. = £9 is 8d N. = Norway. Kilo=2*204lbs, krone English currency per 100 lb.

8th =100, ore=1'1 d.

class, to bolivars per kilo. = £18 3s 4d Per.= Peru.

English currency per 100 lb. PR. = Porto Rico. Agricultural im class, 20 bolivars per kilo. = 436 6s 8d

plements and machines, coal (vege. English currency per 100 lb.


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