Sivut kuvina


salted zob, sardines salted gid, shell-fish 48d; sardines, anchovies, 8n. in oil ajd per kilo; Sn. Fish fresh free, salted or preserved anchovies

and sardines, funny fish 11/4, salted or preserved other kinds free; 8z. Sz. Fresh 10%, salted, smoked, dried or prepared in any other

manner, in cases of ş kilos or more in weight 9jd, ditto in cases

or packages of less than 5 kilos in weight 616, oysters, lobsters, T. UR. mussels, &c., fresh 12/2; T. All kinds 8%, a v; UR. Fish in brine

USC. per case or barrel 0'10 per kilo, dried 0.05; USC. In pickle,

Ven. other, per kilo, 2}d ; Ven. 3rd class fish, salt or smoked, sardines. Flannel.--See Woven Manufactures. Floor Cloth.-See Indiarubber and Gutta Percha, also Woven Manufactures. Foulards.-See Woven Manufactures. Fringes.-See Woven Manufactures. Furnaces.-See Iron and Steel. Furniture. -See Household Furniture. Fustians.-See Woven Manufactures. Galloons.--See Woven Manufactures. Galvanised Iron. --See Iron and Steel. Garden Seats. - See Iron and Steel. Gauzes.See Woven Manufactures. Gin.--See Spirits. Girths.-See Woven Manufactures. Glass and Glass Wares, per cwt.-A.-Hollow wares of natural-coloured glass,

but not white, not pressed, not polished, figured or ground 20$, mirror glass, rough and unpolished, also glass in rough masses, cast sheets, rough and ribbed, tubes, rods and plates without distinction of colour, for blowing or making beads or buttons, glaze and enamel in masses, optical glass, not cut in lenses, rough, unfinished 1,61, white hollow glass, transparent, not figured, pressed, ground, or polished, and hollow glass of natural colour, or white with ground stoppers, bottoms, or rims 4/01, pendants, buttons, coral, pearls, beads, &c., coloured or not 204, window glass in natural tints (green or half or wholly white), not polished or figured 4/0), white hollow glass, transparent, pressed, polished, ground, cut, figured, or engraved, also heavy white glass not specially enumerated 8/2, glass, coloured, not otherwise specified, painted, gilt, or silvered, false jewellery, not set, all polished, silvered, or figured plate-glass and mirrors framed 122, glass and enamel wares not otherwise specified, combined or not with other materials, provided they do not come

under the head of small ornamental wares, 12/2, optical and watch B.

glasses finished and polished, £2 10$ rod; B. Common bottles, &c., Br. 41d, other kinds 10% a v, broken glass free ; Br. Children's toys

1,000 to 3,200 r, mirrors, with frames, small, from 450 r to 3,200 r,

other, not distinguished 48% a v, bottles, glasses, and graduated C. measures for use in pharmacy 350 r ; C. Looking-glasses 25% and Ch. 35% a v, bottles, jars of all kinds 15% a v; Ch. Glass and

crystal ware free, glass, window, per box 100 sq. feet oʻ1:5*0,

glass armlets, beads, and vitrified ware 100 catties o*5o*o ; Cor. Cor. Window 7%, plate and manufactures 10%, beads 30% av; D. D. Glass, unpolished, in sheets or panes, window glass, patent

or skylight glass, common green or brown hollow ware, as bottles, milk.pans, or retorts, and rough, unpolished plate-glass 3'6}, polished plate-glass, unsilvered, in sheets measuring up to 8oo Danish square inches 18 10, ditto from 800 to 1,800 Danish square inches £1 8s 3d, ditto 1,800 Danish square inches and above 41 975 8d, silvered plate-glass, polished or not (including weight of frames) 25% above the duty on unsilvered, glass wares, combined with metal, also polished glass-flux drops, beads, &c.

61 178 8d, other kinds 16/6 ; E. Glass 6d, bottles id, all other manu. F. factures 6d, eyeglasses of all descriptions 4 2 per kilo; F. Bottles,

full or empty, all kinds 1 2], window glass 1.5, ditto coloured, polished or engraved 61, watch and optical glasses, rough 6'1, ditto cut or polished 63. oszd, table glass, white or of one colour, plain or moulded 1/5, ditto cut or engraved 4'07, ditto decorated with gold or colour 1o'a, plate-glass of less than square metre, polished, silvered or not 82, ditto of square metre or more, unpolished , 8d per square yard, ditto of ļ square metre or more, polished or silvered 2 per square yard, vitrification and enamel, in masses or tubes 1/61 per cwt ditto in beads, cut and pierced imitation jewels, &c. 4 101, spun glass and imitation coral 4 10$, broken glass or cullet free, 3 2 NOTE:---Looking-glasses with frames are chargeable with double HI, Hay, Duty: HI. 10% Hay. Tumblers, fine, with covers Ios each, large 21

Glass and Glass Wares--continued.
G. other kinds of glass or glass wares 7/6; G. Glass and glass warus (2)

green and other naturally coloured hollow-glass, not moulded, cut,
nor ground, also with common basket covering, glass mass, rough
optical glass, rough cast sheets of ribbed glass (for skylights), enamel
and glazing in the lump, glass tubes and rods without distinction of
colour, such as are used for glass blowing and bead-making 1 61,
(6) white hollow glass, not figured, cut, ground, nor moulded, but
with cut or ground stoppers, bottoms, or rims 4/0) per gross cwt,
(c) window and plate-glass in its natural colour (green or partly or
wholly white), not cut or figured, when the height and breadth
together are not more than 120 centimetres, 3/04 per cwt, from
120 to 200 centimetres 4/0%, over 200 centimetres 51, (d) 1, mirror
glass, rough, uncut 164 per cwt, 2, plate, window, and mirror glass,
cut, polished, figured, frosted, or coloured, silvered plate-glass of all
kinds 12 2 per gross cut, (e) pendants to chandeliers, glass buttons,
coloured or not, massive white glass not otherwise mentioned,
moulded, pressed, cut polished, ground, engraved. or figured glass,
not included in d and 12'2. (NOTE.--Small glass plates, pearls,
bugles, and drops of glass, coloured or not, 2 o.) Coloured, not
included in a, d, and e, painted or gilt glass, paste imitation jewels),
not set or cut, glass and enamel wares, in combination with other
materials, provided they cannot be classified under the head of
small ornamental wares 15'3. Opal and alabaster glass, not

figured, cut, ground, painted, nor moulded, with or without cut Gr. or ground stoppers, bottoms, and rims 5/1, broken glass free ; Gr.

common bottles, not white, 1/11, window glass, common, 6/41, col.
oured, polished, or engraved 9/7k, glass wares not specially mentioned
white or moulded of one colour 9/71, ditto, turned or cut 16), ditto,
gilt or coloured, including crystal not otherwise mentioned, £i 5s 7d,
plate-glass 12/9, watch glasses, glasses for optical instruments
64 165, beads, stones for jewellery, pendants for lustres, &c.,
Li !2s, articles of glass, in combination with other materials not
specially mentioned 20% a v, small looking-glasses for soldiers,
peasants, &c., framed in common wood, brass, or other common
metal. 16', ditto with gilt or other frames &1 125, looking.glasses
unframed :-
With surface up to square metre

£1 12 0
I 18 5
2 4 10

2 11

2 17 7 3

3 4 0

3 10 5
3 16 10

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per doz, medium 1 os, small 6d, common 1'ol, goblets, fine 3/1}, chimneys 1/0), watch glasses 10/5 per gross, spectacle glasses 6/3 per gross, shades for chandeliers, fine 6/3 per pair, common 2/1, for

candlesticks 21, vases for flowers, ornamented 6/3 per pair, plain H 2/1, window pictures, &c., 20%, a v; H. Glass and glassware

all kinds, and mirrors silvered or not 5% a v. (Note.-1) glass shades for clocks, artificial flowers, &c., and globes for lamps, &c., are not charged with the duty on glass when imported with the articles to which they belong, (2) wine bottles may be imported

free of duty in bond, to be filled for re-exportation, broken glass 1, free.). ! Sheet glass or crystal (a) not polished: Common glass

for windows, measuring in length and breadth united : (I) less than 120 centimetres 3/38, (2) from 120 to 200 centimetres 4/5), (3) more than 200 centimetres 5/3, other, including roofing and paving glass even when not entirely opaque 3/3, (b) polished: not silvered, measuring in length and breadth united : (1) not more than 160 centimetres 8/11, (2) more than 160 centimetres 11/4), mirrors, framed, and sheets of mirror glass polished and silvered (including weight of case) measuring in length and breadth united : (1) not more than 160 centimetres 16/3, (2), more than 160 centimetres Ar os 3d, glass and crystal wares : simply blown or moulded, not coloured, ground, or cut 3/44, coloured, tinted, cut, or ground 6/1 enamelled, painted, gilt, silvered, or otherwise decorated 7/31, marked to indicate measures or degrees 122}, bottles, common 1/8), demi

above 4


Glass and Glass Wares-continued.

johns 2/5, broken glass free, glass, crystal and enamel, in form of pearls, cut as gems, or in pendants for chandeliers and other similar

wares 12/2}, vitrifications and enamel in cakes, sticks, or powder 2 05; J.

J. 53 cents per box of 100 sq feet ; NI. Glass and glass work of all de. Nic. scriptions 10% av; Nic. In sheets, bottles, drinking glasses, and lamp

lubes ad per Ib., candelabra, lustres, lower vases, and the like 4d, physical, chirurgical, and chemical free, looking glasses, all kinds

sd, cye-glasses, spectacles, &c 6/3, ditto mounted in gold or silver N.

31}; N. Common bottles or flasks not cut or ground free, plate or sheet glass silvered, including mirrors 13), not silvered, but cut and painted, gilt, varnished, engraved, polished or figured 7/4, other kinds 3.4, patent and skylight glass free, milk-pans, pickle.jars, retorts, and telegraph insulators free, optical and burning glasses,

unset enamel ditto free, other glass wares, including flasks covered Per, with wicker work 15/3; Per. Glass 45%, manufactures 45% av; PR. PR. Glassware, hollow, common, or ordinary 4 peso 60 с per 100 kilos,

crystal, hollow, and glass imitation 8 peso 05 C, window and plate

glass 3 peso 91 c, glass and crystal, quicksilvered, and crystals for P. spectacles and watches 18 peso 40; P. Glass vessels, common,

of any colour 20r per kilo, glass and crystal in polished sheets,

with or without frames 27% a v, glass and crystal, manufactured, R. not otherwise classified nor per kilo; R. Enamel, glass mass,

glass in rods, stems, or unshapen pieces, and in the rough 4'1, window glass or glass in sheets, green, half white, or entirely white 20!, common, i.e., sheet glass of natural colours, green, white or hair white, ground or not, engraved, ornamented, cut or painted, coloured, engraved, ornamented, cut, painted or not ks os 5d, mirror glass not exceeding thirty centimetres in either breadth or length 16/4, mirror glass exceeding either in breadth or length thirty centimetres £r 12s 6d, table glass of natural colour, black, yellow, half white or entirely white, neither ground, moulded, engraved, ornamented, .cut, painted, gilt, nor silvered, nor combined with other materials 6/1, glass moulded, ground, engraved, figured, but not coloured or cut 8/2, various articles (except those enumerated under the heading of sancy articles, &c.) of glass of any colour, but neither ground, engraved, moulded, ornamented, cut, painted, gilt, silvered, nor combined with other materials, such as tubes, cylinders, globes and shades for lamps, drops, imitation pearls, bracelets, rings, buttons, &c. 16'3, articles of coloured glass, such as imitation pearls, corals or jet 15 5, glass moulded, ground, engraved, figured, but not coloured or cut 8.2, glass, cut, coloured, painted, gilt or silvered, and pendants for !ustres fios 4d, fancy articles of all kinds of glass, such as statuettes, inkstands, toilet articles, candlesticks, lamps, and similar articles,

combined or not with other materials, except precious metals Rus. 64 is 6d; Rus. Manufactures of green bottle-glass, plain, with

moulded patterns or letters, but not cut or ground 5/5.* Note.-
Wine bottles are admitted duty free at the ports of the Black Sea
and Sea of Azov, and at the custom-houses of the Bessarabian
frontier. Window glass of all kinds, green, half white or white
11/10,* ditto coloured (dyed in the paste), milk white, dull or reti-
culated Li is 8d,* articles of white or half white glass, plain or with
patterns, not cut nor ground, but with or without ground bottoms,
stoppers, &c. 1 10,7 articles of coloured or double glass, of glass
milk white, dull or reticulated, plain not ground or cut, and with or
without ground stoppers, &c Li is 8d,* cut and polished, or painted,
gilt or silvered, with cut or engraved patterns, or with bronze or
other ornaments 64 6s 8d,* of white glass or crystal cut or ground,
but without ornaments 62 35 40,* mirrors or silvered plate glass for
mirrors having a superficies of 100 square vershoks or less
41 39 801 :--
From 101 to

200 square vershoks 1'1! square foot i


601 800

&or 1,000
+ 1,001

► 1, 201

4 10 211, 101 1,600

5/21 with an addition of cop per square vershok (4d per squore fout)

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Glass and Glass Wares-continued.

for each additional 200 square vershoks. NoTE.-Mirrors, &c., broken in transit, will be charged duty on each piece separately that measures more than 25 square vershoks, calculating the measurement according to the largest rectangular piece that can be cut out of cach fragment; broken pieces of 25 square vershoks or less are admitted duty free, glass or mirrors without amalgam are charged 30% less duty than the above, according to size ; bugles and beads on

strings 17/9 per cwtt bugles in articles and set 47 55 1od, t buttons Sal. 63.757 ; Sal. Beads, gw 1,6% per lb, coloured or ornamental, & w

ald glasses, cups, vases, etc., 444, sheet, 8 w id, for watches 1/6 per S. dozen ; 8. (Common hollow wares 2/7%, glass and crystal wares 14/1,

glass and crystal in plates and sheets 6/6, ditto silvered, also glasses for Sn. spectacles and watches 41 85 ad ; Sn. Bowls, jars, and Basks entirely

uncut 1'is, bottles ditto l'il, or '13d each, for bottles full or empty (*at option of importer), jars and flasks with cut stoppers, but not otherwise cut, also apothecaries' vessels with embossed marks 5/8 per cwt, all kinds of glass for chemical purposes, all kinds of optical glasses, patent or skylight glass free, rough unpolished window or mirror glass 3'n polished, not silvered, of square metre and less in size 8/6, above s square metre 14/1, silvered of

square metre and less in size 14/1, above s square metre 61 29 7d, glass vitrifications, polished or not £3 19s, other kinds of glass. wares, including decanters and pressed and polished flasks 19'9; Sz. Glass for roofing, glass tiles, skylights 2'101, window glass, common white 2/10), ground 3d, coloured 6,6, with designs or ground 10/2, blown glass and glasswares, glass rods for industrial purposes, com mon boules, &c. of brown, black, or green glass 7}d, common glasswares, half white alo), ditto white not polished, or with bottoms or rims slightly polished, and bottles with ground stoppers 3/3, fine glasswares ground, painted or gilt, and all other glasswares not otherwise mentioned 12, 2, ditto of coloured glass, polished, cut or engraved, and watch glasses 6,6, enamel and vitrifications 1'71, glass beads 1/7), plate glass not silvered, without regard to dimensions 6 6, ditto silvered mirrors and looking-glasses less than 18 square decimetres, including frames 6'6, of and above 18 square decimetres 12'2, carboys of common glass, brown, black, green, or greenish.coloured (semi - white), covered with wickerwork of osier, barked, split, &c. 3.27 per cwt, covered with plaits

of straw 15, glassware engraved with the aid of acid 6:4; T. USC. T. Glass and glasswares of all kinds 8" a v; USC. Common

demijohns and bottles of black or transparent glass for filling d per kilo,, empty.common flasks and small flasks of glass, plate glass without quicksilver 24d, looking glasses up to 25 centimetres size rod, of more than 25 centímetres 1/8, beads, pearls, avalorios,

beads in form of stones and jewellery, glasses for watches and Ven. lenses, and the like 26, other rod; Ven. 2nd class, bottes

(demijohns), 3rd class, flat, unsilvered. 4th class, flat, unspecified, alembics, cruets, candlesticks, flower stands, globes, lamp chimneys, lamps, lanterns, levels, syphons, manufactured (not specified), 5th class, alcoholometers, areometers, liquid measures, cameras, cupping glasses, mirrors, images, inkstands, paper weights, retorts, nursing bottles, plain stereoscopes, 6th class, binoculars and eye glasses (not specified), barometers, beads, artificial eyes, hydrometers, thermometers, hour glasses, microscopes, jet imitations, spangles, spectacles, and telescopes, not containing gold or silver, 8th class, binoculars, eye glasses, spectacles, stereoscopes and telescopes,

gold or silver mounted. Gloves.-See Hides and Skins, also Woven Manufactures. Goat Skins.-See Hides and Skins. Gobelin Tapestry.--See Woven Manufactures--Silk. Gold and SilverWares, per oz troy:-A. Gold and silver wares, plain or combined

with other materials and jewellery 2'24d, gold and silver leafand filigree Ar. work 1•49d, plated wares o 750 ; Ar. Jewellery, gold and silver wares B. 5% a v, precious stones 2%, quicksilver free; B. Jewellery free, other Br. gold and silversmiths' work, all kinds 5% av; Br. Gold and silver

in bars, powder, or raw state, or broken articles (useless) free ; C. C. Gold in powder or paste free, in plates for dentists 15% a v, manu. Ch. factured as plate 35% a v, in lumps, unwrought, free ; Ch. Bullion,

gold and silver free, imitation gold thread o 'o*3*o per catty, ditto real Cor. 1'6'o'o, gold and silver wares 10'o'o'o 100 catties; Cor. 20% av; D. E. D. Wares of gold or silver -2d; E. Jewellery, false, of all kinds P.

Gold and Silver Wares-continued.
F. except gilt or plated 2/1 per kilo; gilt, plated, or metal 42; F. Gold

leaf 7°46d, silver leaf 5-97d, gold and silver wire 1'49d, gold and
silversmiths' wares, all kinds and imitation jewellery 1 49d, plated

wares zod, excise duty in addition, on silversmiths' wares 5*97d, G. on goldsmiths' wares 9/4; G. Wares of gold or silver, plain or in

combination with other materials, also gold and silver leaf 2'24d; Gr. Gr. Gold wares (of all kinds 3/2, silver wares not gilt or enamelled HI. H. 7 bod, ditto gilt or enamelled 11*40d; Hl. Jewellery, 10%; H.

Gold and silver leaf and wire 3%' a v, gold and silversmiths' I.

wares 5%;,l. Gold in ingots, dust and scrap free, rolled, in sheets and spangles. and drawn in wire 3d, wound on silk 3d, in leaves, including the weight of the books, 5'4d in money free, silver in ingots, dust and scrap free, rolled, in sheets and spangles, and drawn in wire ild, wound on silk 3d, in leaves, including the weight of the books Ild in money in coin of the Latin Union)

free, goldsmiths' work and gold plate 3/5*80, silver wrought, also gilt or

silvered wares 2*7od, jewellery of gold 3/5*80, of silver or silver NI. gilt 6d ; NI. Gold and silver leaf, gold and silver in

bars, ingots or pieces, coined and gold dust free, gold and

silver work galloon trimming and thread 10% a Nic. Nic. Per lb, Jewels of any kind, imitation gold and silver 10, 5,

fancy articles of gold 42 18 8d, ditto of gold or silver with precious stones 63 as 6d, silver of any kind £5s, watches of gold £2 ss 8d, silver £1 5s, cloth of gold 21 os rod, ditto of silver 8'4, pearls real

not mounted ! os rod, diamonds polished or not t5 4$ ad ; N. N. Gold and silver leaf free, wire-drawers' work, of gold or per. silver, also wire, spangles,

cords, &c., real or imitation '97d; Per: PR. Jewellery, fine 10% a v, imitation 45% a v; PR. Gold jewellery with pearls or stones 9 pesos per hectogramme, silver do., do. i

peso 35 cts, gold and silver in other articles 84 cts; P. Gold in bars and in specie, silver in bars and in specie free, gold in leaf for gilding including the books). 3,200 reis per kilo, gold not otherwise distinguished, in wire or manufactured 31,800 reis, silver in leaf for silvering (including, the books) 1,300

reis, silver or platina not otherwise mentioned, or in wire R. 6,000 reis, silver and platina manufactured 10,960 reis ; R. Gold

in bars and ingots, broken articles of gold and gold dust, gold leaf for gilding free, gold hammered and wire 11994d, goldsmiths' wares of gold, platinum or silver gilt 8d, jewellery of gold or platinum with or without precious stones 2/3), silver unwrought in pieces, broken articles of silver, silver leaf free, silver hammered

and wire zid, silversmiths' wares 8d, jewellery of silver, with or Rus. without precious stones 1'4; Rus. Articles of gold of all kinds,

gold jewellery, &c., not otherwise enumerated 8/81,+ articles of silver or of silver gilt, of all kinds, silver jewellery, &c., not otherwise enumerated 6.98dt, gold and silver lace, silver drawn and spun, spangles, and other ornaments, and gold and silver ribbon 1/5 31,

gold and silver leaf, single or double, including the weight of the 8. books 3-4601 ; S. Gold jewellery, or gems set in gold, of whatever

kind 6265, silver jewellery or gems set in silver, of whatever kind Sn. 10'45d, all other gold or silver wares 7'76d ; Sn. Gold wares 4'85d,

gold leaf, real or false (including the weight of book or wrapper),

also gold dust 97d, gold and silver wire, lace, fringes, braid, &c., Sz.

*97d, silver wares, gilt or not, 2 god, silver leaf, real or not, *58d; Sz. Gold and silver leaf 'osd, gold and silver rolled, in plates or bands

'o6d, wire '15d, jewellery and gold and silversmiths' work, real T or plated 'ood; T. All kinds of gold and silver wares 8%. a v; USC. USC. Ia bars 1id per kilo, other form 5', coins pot inferior to Ven, standard 900, fines, free : Ven. 6th class, imitation jewellery, 8th

class,gold and silver, precious stones, watch, jewellery, and card cases. Gold Leaf.-See Gold and Silver Wares. Grease, per cwt.-A. 1'ot; B. Free; Br. Tallow, raw or rendered 70

per k., in candles and purified for pomades 320 per k.; Ch. Animal tallow, oʻ200 100 cartieş; vegetable o 30o, varnish or crude liquors o'g'o'o; Cor. Varnish 89 av; D. Refuse of fat or train oil, also carriage grease 2/41, tallow 48}; F. Grease of fish 2's), ditto other kinds free; G. Animal fat (other than lard) 10 carriage grease 1/61; Gr. 647; Hay. tallow 4/8; H. Free. (Note.-Cart grease in boxes, pots, and cases, &c., of one Lilogramme pays a duty of 5% a v); 1. Varnish made with spirits 12's, with addition of 36 lire per luetol. of alcohol contained on


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