Sivut kuvina


Household Furniture--continued.

furniture not otherwise specified, combined or not with common metals, glass, leather or other similar materials 5/1, fine inlaid or

carved 15/3, furniture stuffed uncovered 15/3, covered £r os 4d; Qr. Gr. Of common wood, plain, not upholstered 12/91, ditto upholstered

19/2, of common wood, gilt, carved, inlaid and ornamented with metal, but not upholstered 12/91, of other wood, plain, not upholstered 41 58 7d, ditto not wholly or partially upholstered with rich material Arras, ditto upholstered wholly or in part with rich material L2 11s 2d, ditto gilt, carved or ornamented with metal, but not upholstered 63 4s, ditto pot wholly or partially upholstered with rich

material £4 16s, ditto upholstered wholly or in part with rich material H. I. 46 8s; H. 5% av; I. Not upholstered, of common wood, bent 3/1 per

cwt, other 3/3, of fancy woods, veneered, carved, or inlaid 24/45.

Upholstered, of common wood 16/3; of fancy woods, veneered 24/41 Nic. per cwt ; NI. 6% a v ; Nic. Iron wood 4d per lb, office furniture 4d; N. N. Furniture and joiners' work, with cushions or seats covered or

not, except with silk, of walnut, mahogany or other foreign woods, solid or veneered and furniture ornamented with real or imitation gilding 14/1, of fir or pine, plain or with small parts of other indi. genous woods, but not veneered 2/3. (Note.-Furniture of fir or pine, with larger admixture of other woods is charged the duty on the

most highly taxed material.) of beech or other indigenous wood, plain or veneered with such woods 5/8. (NOTE:-- Furniture with

coverings, hangings, &c., of silk, plain or mixed with other materials Per. PR. will be charged 10% additional duty.) Per. 50%; PR. Per 100 kilos.

Furniture, fine, turned, carved, polished, and varnished; ordinary, veneered with fine ; upholstered, except with silk, and other with moulded borders or varnished 27 pes 80 c, gilt, inlaid work, orna.

mented with mother-of-pearl and other fine materials and metal P

mouldings, and upholstered with silk, 43 P 50 cts. ; P. Furniture R. of any material, other than metals, upholstered or not 27% a v; R.

Plain' 3/8, upholstered, also gilt, inlaid, &c. 12/2, furniture of

iron, upholstered or not but not gilt or silvered 12/2; Rus. Rus. Basket work furniture 1/ut,+ joiners' and turners' work

of common wood, not varnished, polished or veneered 2/11), polished, varnished, lacquered or veneered, also gilt or silvered or with gilt or silvered ornaments and all small turned articles weighing less than one funt or o‘g lb 11/10.1 (Note.-Stuffed and covered furniture is charged 25% additional on the above rate.) Joiners' or turners' work with inlaid ornaments of bronze, copper. steel, mother-of-pearl, ivory, tortoise-shell, wood, &c. (except such

articles as come under the head of small wares) £3 5s, carved work Sal. of all kinds, including frames £2 iost, boards and brackets of

wood polished and varnished for telephones 4/8 per poud, other parts of telephones £! 25 ud per poud; Sal. Sofas, fancy wood, each 63.175 2d, plain Er ios 101d; dressing-tables, fancy, each 44 128 71d, plain £2 6s 31d; beds, fancy, each £3 is gd, plain Li 4s 8d; trunks, fancy, each 18/6), plain 6/3; tables, fancy, each 23 is gá, plain fr 4s 8d; billiard-table, with fittings, each 446 55 11d; cupboards or wardrobes £3 175 2}d, ditto with glass

26 3s 54d; chairs, painted, per dozen El ios 10d, cane hottomed. 8. ditto 3 18 9!d, fancy wood, ditto 63 175 21d; 8. Of common wood

turned, painted, varnished or not 77), of finer woods carved polished or varnished, also of common wood veneered with finer woods, furniture covered, except with silk or leather, and not gilt or inlaid with metal ornaments 1381, gilt or inlaid with mother-of-pearl and other similar

substances, also furniture with metal ornaments or covered with Sn. silk or leather 62 is 8}d; Sn. All wood, more or less wrought,

including cabinet or chairmakers' work, of fir or spruce, not stained, painted nor varnished 1/1), ditto stained, painted or varnished 23, of elm, ash, birch, beech, oak or other Swedish indigenous woods polished, painted, varnished or not or veneered with the above-mentioned kinds of wood 4/61, of mahogany, rosewood, pear, walnut or other foreign woods, solid or veneered, also ornamented with real or false gilding 8/6. (NOTE.- Furniture stuffed

but not covered will be charged an additional duty of 20% furniture 8z. covered of 40%.) Sz. Carpenters' work, furniture and parts of

furniture, of common wood, painted, varnished, veneered, mould

ings, varnished, also ditto polished, carved, upholstered, etc., frames T. Usc. plastered or varnished 6/6; T.8%'av; USC. Beds, large tables for

dining-rooms, presses or large chests of drawers for linen and other Household Furniture-continued.

uses, without looking-glasses, sculpture, carved, or adornments add

per kilo, all kinds of furniture with looking glasses, sculpture, Ur. carved, or upholstered with wool or silk 1/3, other iod; Ur. 48%a v. Ven. Ven. 4th class, furniture, common, of wood, cane, or straw; 5th,

class, furniture, upholstered or of fine woods (rosewood, mahogany,

walnut, &c). Imitation Jewellery --See Glass and Glasswares. Indiarubber and Gutta Percha, per cwt.-A. Indiarubber and gutta percha

raw or refined free, indiarubber, dissolved, threads not combined with other materials 16}, indiarubber, hardened, polished or not, not further wrought (sheets, bars, tubes) 6/1, indiarubber or gutta percha wares, (1) hose and machine bands 12:2, (2) wares of soft indiarubber not otherwise specified £i os 4d, (3) hardened ind a. rubber wares combined or not with other materials, children's toys, shoemakers' wares, wholly or partly of indiarubber, not being suba ject to a higher duty under the head of leather or small wares 21 10s 60, (4) tissues coated or impregnated or incorporated with layers or threads of indiarubber 62 55 od, (5) elastic tissues, hosiery and fringe-makers' wares wholly or partly of indiarubber threads, also with

appurtenances of other materials 63 us id, (6) ready-made clothing and other wares of tissues enumerated under No. 4

42 ios rod. (Note.--Artificial card leather and indiarubber printing B. cloths 304.) B. Indiarubber and gutta percha unmanufactured, in Br. sheets or threads free, wares all kinds 10% av; Br. Belts, suspenders

and garters, covered with silk, or silk mixed with other materials 15,000 r, covered with any other material 3,200 r; cords and plaits, covered with silk 15,000 r, covered with any other material 3,200 r; tissues of caoutchouc for machines soor, fans, each 1,600 r, prepared or in lump for dentists, vulcanite, 1,600 r, tubes, thread, leaves, or sheets 600 r, not otherwise distinguished 48 a v; boots

and shoes, '800 and 30% per kilo, combs 1'200 r, tubes, hoses 30% av; Cor D. Cor. Manufactures 10%, a v; D. Indiarubber and gutta percha

sheets, bands, rings, tubes, &c. 11/9, other articles 61 175 8d.

(NOTE.- Indiarubber tissues are charged as tissues according to E. kind, see "Woven Manufactures.") E. Manufactures 1/of per kilo, F. hose for engines free; F. Indiarubber and gutta percha, rough or cast

in lumps free, indiarubber manufactures pure or mixed 8 2, applied upon tissues, in pieces, or upon other materials La os 8d, made-up wearing apparel £2 8s gd, in elastic tissues of any dimensions 3.18,

boots and shoes &1 4s 5d, combs £2 os 8d, other fancy indiarubber G. manufactures, "tabletterie " 63 is; G. indiarubber and gutta

percha, raw or refined, vulcanised indiarubber, polished or with impressed designs in sheets, bars, tubes, &c. free, indiarubber threads not combined with other materials or with slight covering of unbleached and undyed cotton, linen or woollen yarn 1/6, indiarubber plates and dissolved indiarubber 1/6), coarse wares of soft indiarubber, not lacquered, dyed or printed, vulcanised wares, all these wares in combination with other materials, elastic 'threads £l os 4d, fine wares of soft indiarubber, lacquered, dyed, printed or with impressed designs, combined or not with other materials, provided such articles cannot be classified under the head of small ornamental wares 61 105 6d, waterproof tissues of all kinds coated or saturated with indiarubber, tissues of indiarubber threads in combination with other materials, hosiery and fringe wares in combination with indiarubber threads £2 ss od. (Note.

(1) Indiarubber printing cloths and cards for manufactories, &c., with certificates of entry under control free, (2) hempen hose, machine straps and carriage covers of coarse stufis combined with indiarubber 12/2, ready-made clothing combinedwith indiarubber 636s,

small ornamental wares of indiarubber or gutta percha 63 os rd.) Gr. Gr. Indiarubber and gutta percha, raw or refined, ditto in threads,

sheets, bands, pipes, hose, &c. free, indiarubber wares, elastic for shoes mixed with cotton, silk or other similar tissues 468s, elastic

tissues, made-up clothing and other manufactures of indiarubber of HI.

gutta percha not separately mentioned £8; HI. Manufactures 10%, H. boots and shoes free; H. Indiarubber and gutta percha, untanu

factured, plain or vulcanised free, manufactures all kinds 5% av; 1. Per cwt., raw, solid or liquid, free. Manufactured in braids, ribbons, and elastic tissues 62 163 10d, sawn in sheets and in articles made of sawn sheets 24/41, in threado £1 ios sid ; in other articles including ebonite, but excluding articles of caoutchouc combined


Indiarubber and Gutta Percha-continued.

with tissues or metals 20/31, in tubes and in sheets containing metallic wires and gauzes 16/3, mixed with tissues in all kinds of articles, except tissues waterproofed (gommati) in the piece and articles of clothing 24/4*, tissues waterproofed in the piece

and articles of clothing as the tissues of which composed ; M. M. Indiarubber belting, imported separately from the machinery,

& w.oʻ10 per kilo, indiarubber shoes of all shapes and sizes, fabrics and cushions for billiard tables g w o'48, indiarubber covered

fabrics, suitable for clothing, or any other similar use g w o'80; Nic. Ni. Made, no admixture of any kind, and boot elastics 1/41 per Ib;

mixed with linen, cotton, or hemp, table-covers and indiarubber overN. coats 8fd per 1b; N. Indiarubber and gutta percha unmanufactured

free, manufactured, sheets, boot-soles, cords, thread, straps, pipes, hose, rings, buffers, rollers and matting, plain or in combination with other materials free, floorcloth of textile material, mixed with india. rubber 7/4, tissues, tapes and bands mixed with indiarubber 63 as id,

ready-made clothing, waterproof, of silk £8 55 5d, of other Per, materials 62 is ad, other kinds £2 12s 6d; Per. Manufactures PR. 45% a v; PR. Indiarubber and gutta percha in sheets, threads,

tubes, hose, shoes, life-preservers, and like goods, per kilo

cts, other 89 cts; textiles mixed with other materials P. per kilo 9 p 92 cts; P. Indiarubber and gutta percha un.

manufactured free (tax of 2% a v,) indiarubber manufactures,

tissues, with silk 617.135 3d, ditto other kinds 68 16s 8d, bottles, R. tubes, &c. free, other kinds 63; R. Indiarubber and gutta percha,

unmanufactured free, not varnished, dyed, or printed, combined or not with other materials, except precious metals, stones, coral, pearls, amber, jet, and tortoiseshell 18/3,, varnished, dyed or printed,

combined or not with other materials except precious metals, &c. Rus. 61165 60; Rus. Indiarubber and gutta percha unmanufac

tured 3/3, manufactured articles of indiarubber or gutta percha (except boots or shoes) without admixture of any other material fr 155 ud, tissues of indiarubber thread covered with other materials (elastic) and all manufactures thereof, indiarubber ready. made clothing, &c., 411 18s sd, boots or shoes of indiarubber or gutta percha, plain or in combination with other materials £5.88 4d,

all other articles of indiarubber or gutta percha, combined with Sal. other materials 63 58; Sal. Manufactures,

1/61 per S. 8. Indiarubber and gutta percha unmanufactured 1,2), india.

rubber wares, sheets, thread and tubes Er os 4d, tissues of

indiarubber mixed with other materials L5 IIS '8d, all other 8n. manufactures 63 iş; $n. Indiarubber and gutta percha, un

manufactured or vulcanised free, manufactured, rolled in sheets of 1-25th in, or more in thickness, with or without mixture of woven materia free, in sheets of less than 1-25th in. in thickness, without mixture of woven materials 42 rós 6d, waterproof tissues and clothing. 64 185 1od, tapes and bands of woven materials, mixed with indiarubber or gutta percha £3 2s id, parts of machinery, gas

and water pipes and hose free, shoes and manufactures of india. Sz.

rubber or guita percha not otherwise specified £2 16s 6d; Sz. Caoutchouc and gutta percha, applied to tissues and other materials, shoes without needlework, and other manufactures not distinguished 6/6, elastic tissues of every kind, of caoutchouc, mixed with cotton,

wool, silk, &c., bros. 41d, clothing, underclothing, and other articles T ready-made, with needlework 122 ; T. Indiarubber and gutta USC. percha and wares thereof, all kinds 8% a y; USC. Not manu

factured 1/8 per kilo, shoes, boots, and all kinds of shoes, life-preservers, and fabrics for leggings, ruanas, not containing wool or silk 3/4, tubes, hose, and pipes for pumps, drains and roofs, and indiarubber prepared for machinery and flooring (except hose for fireengines, which pay only 1 c, per kilo) 24d, covers or stoppers for

bottles 5d, elastic cloth for books 26, buttons, not covered 1/8, manuVen. factured in other form 4/2; Ven. 4th class, pipes, conduits,

machinery bands, sth class, erasers, pencil holders, 6th class, boots,

shoes, cloaks, combs, elastic for shoes, manufactured (not specified) Indigo, per cwt.-A. By sea free, by land 3.405, hydrosulphate of, 7/8 per 100

kilos; B. Free; Br. 500 and 20% per kilo; Ch. liquid per 100 catties, oʻI 8 0; D. £i 12s ud; F. Free; G. For dyeing 4d per 284 lbs; Gr. Free; H. Free; I. Free; J. Liquid 75 cents per ioo catties, dry 3 boos 75 cents ditto; N. 14/1; P. Free; R. Free , Rus. .1 128 6d ; 8. 4/1; Sn. 11/4; Sz. 1/72; T. 8% a v.

1b ;

Ink (Writing and Printing).-See Paper, &c.
Insulators. -See Glass and Glasswares.
Iron and Steel, per cwt.-A. Iron and steel unmanufactured, old, broken and

refuse and raw iron gid. (NOTE.(1) With the special sanction of the
Government old and broken iron, except cast-iron, may be imported
for manipulation in certain ironworks at a duty of 6d per cwt, (a) iron
filings and hammer slag free.) Bloom-iron and ingots 1/7, iron and
steel in bars, wrought, not shaped 2/91, shaped 367, rails for rail.
ways 2/9), plate sheet and wire, 1 millimetre thick and above 4/08,
less than 1 millimetre 5/1, polished, varnished, coated with copper,
tin, zinc, lead or nickel 8/2, iron and steel manufactures, common
cast-iron wares, rough unfinished goods 205, scoured or coarsely
painted, perforated or polished, turned or planed in some few places
4/04, polished, turned, planed, coated with copper, tin, zinc, lead,
enamelled or finely painted 8/8. (Note.-The above wares of the
two first-named descriptions combined with wood or with joining
parts of raw iron pay the same duty.) Common iron and steel wares,
viz., wares of malleable cast-iron, cast-steel, wrought-iron or steel
not otherwise specified, rough or scoured 4/0, coarsely painted, per.
forated or polished, turned or planed in some few places or with
screws, wrought pipes and joints 5'1, polished, turned, planed, coated
with copper, tin, zinc, lead or finely painted 8/8. (Note.-The
above wares in combination with wood or iron pay the same rates.)
Wrought-iron kettles and boilers, perforated or hollowed plate and
sheet iron and wares of sheet iron, wheels for railways with or with
out axles 6/1, nails, wire tacks, carriage springs, pitchforks, shovels,
rough, scoured or polished in some few places, scythes, sickles and
chaff-cutters with or without wood in combination 6/7, wire rope,
wire brushes, sieve bottoms and other coarse manufactures of iron
wire 8/2, common edge tools, saws, plane-irons, awls, gimlets, files,
rasps, &c., cutting pliers, coarse knives and scissors for industrial
and agricultural uses, screws and locks, the same polished, turned,
painted or coated with copper, tin, zinc or lead or in combination
with wood 10/2, fine iron and steel wares (not coming under the head
of "small wares") (1) polished, lacquered, nickeled, enamelled not
specified above, (2) art castings and other ornamental cast wares, (3)
articles of wire not otherwise specified, pins, crochet and knitting
needles, hooks and eyes, buckles, fish-hooks, thimbles and similar
small wares, toys, skates, strings for musical instruments, cards of
all kinds for carding machines, weavers' reels and dents and springs,
except watch and carriage springs 15/3, (4) arms and parts thereof,
except firearms, common cutlery not otherwise specified, (s) furniture
stuffed and covered or with fine ornamentations, manufactures of
iron and steel combined with other materials 15/3, fine cutlery not
combined with ivory, mother-of-pearl, &c., pens, wire covered with
thread, gun barrels and wire gauze &t nos 6d, cutlery with handles
of fine material ş is 8d, saws unpolished 10'2, ditto polished,
scissors and finished tools weighing less than 100 grammes 1'04, all
other cutlery £2 ios rod, surgical instruments free, fire-arms, sewing
needles, steel beads and fancy articles of iron and steel 62 Tos ,
railway engines, portable steam engines, and tenders 8/2, sewing and
knitting machines 8/6, machines for the preparation and working of
spinning material 3/01 and 4/6, filters and cooling apparatus for
breweries, &c. 10/2, thrashing machines 7/1, machines not otherwise
mentioned, made of 75% or more of wood, S/1, made of base metals, the
latter constituting more than 50% of the whole, 15/3, machines and
apparatus not otherwise provided for 8/8, instruments, optical,
mathematical, surgical, &c. free, arms and ammunition, arms (see fine

iron wares), gunpowder £2 135 4d (gunpowder can only be imported Ar. into Austria by special permission), percussion caps 21 45 5d; Ar.

Ungalvanized iron and steel in plates, ingots, bars and hoops 10% a y, tin-covered iron 5%, firearms of all kinds, gunpowder, ammunition 50% a v, fireworks 40%, iron in sheets, bars, rods, hoops 10%, instruments, utensils in combination with silver and gold 5%, ploughs, iron and steel wire up to No. 13 free, telegraph materials, agricultural machinery 5%, machines and engines for industrial establishments and steamboats free, iron rails, Iron and Steel-continued.

bolts, nuts, screws, locomotives free, iron pipes, tubes exceeding B. 75mm in diameter free, fuzes free; B. Iron and steel, anchors,

anchor chains and capstans for ships free, pig and old iron 2d, iron and steel, hammered, drawn or rolled 41d, steel, rough çast ad, tin plate not manufactured 1/21, iron and steel wares

cast-iron wares gid, wrought-iron wares 117, steel wares 1/74, furniture and household articles of iron or steel, tin-plate manufactures, cutlery, pins and needles and other small'articles or steel 10% av, instruments, surgical, mathematical, &c. free, machinery, machines and detached pieces thereof of cast-iron gid, of wrought iron or steel 3/74, of other

metals 4tod, arms and ammunition, arms free, shot 10% a v, gunpowder 6/1. (NOTE.--- Pig iron for the manufacture of machines, utensils, &c., cast-steel and wares thereof, hardened iron for manufacture of screw-plates of firearms, iron wire for the manufacture of nails, parts of machinery unfinished, as fire-boxes for locomotives, boiler bottoms of copper for sugarrefining, copper tubes for locomotive boilers, iron tubes for steamboat boilers, steel springs for railway carriages and rough wheels, tires

and axles for locomotives, are admitted temporarily free of duty, to Br. be re-exported after completion of manufacture.) Br. Iron in

ingots or pigs 5 r, iron in bars, plates, and hoops for casks, pipes, barrels, bales, &c., and, generally, in sheets of every description 0915r, iron filings, common, 5or, steel in bars or rods 40 r. Needles of iron and steel, small, for sewing, machine, crochet, &c., 2,400 r, not otherwise mentioned 2,000 r, door-bolts, cased bolt locks, and latches for doors 350 r, curry combs 250 r, cables 130 r, anchors and grappling-irons 100 r, fishing-hooks 1,600 r, saddle-bows 800 r each, rings for keys 3,000 r, for any other uses, with or without shanks or screw 350 1, trays, painted or varnished, with or without gilding or ornaments of mother-of-pearl 800 r, curbs 1,000 r, cradles, plain 2,500 r each, ornamented 5,000 r each, gas-burners 1,200 r, jewellery of steel 4,000 r. (Note. In this category are included ornaments, ear-rings, bracelets, watch-chains, &c., with or without imitation stones.) Jews'. harps 650 r, bits for bridles 250 r each, buttons, perforated 500 r, not otherwise mentioned 1,300 r, scale-beams 500 r, snaffle-bridles, plain 500 r each, with ornaments of white or yellow metal 1,000 r each, safes up to 50 centimetres high 32,000 r each, more than


and up to 75 centimetres high 64,000 r each, more than 75 and up to 100 128,000 r each, more than 100, and up to 125 192,000 r each, more than 125, and up to 150 260,000 r each, more than 150, and up to 175 320,000 reach, more

400,000 reach. (Note. - The duties include those on the pedestals stands of common wood which accompany

the safes ; pedestals of iron or fine wood pay duty separately.) Muzzles (for animals) 350 r each, padlocks, plain or common 480 r, pump, secret, letter, and any other description 1,600 r each, chairs and stools, plain 2,000 reach, worked or with ornaments 3,000 reach, rocking and those not otherwise mentioned 9,600 r each, beds, plain, single 4,000 r, each double 7,500 r each. cots (for children) 2,500 r each, worked, single 8,000 each, double 15,000


(for children) 5,000r each. (NOTE.-Beds which do not ceed 1 m. 10 in width are considered as single.) Plates and ribs for corsets, &c., plain, or covered with cloth or fine skins 1,600 r, engraved, or with inscriptions for letters, and other commercial papers or documents, &c. 12,800 r, ditto, ditto, for the manufacture of printing presses 3,200 r, galvanized, for roofs 40 r, not otherwise mentioned 1,200 r, keys not otherwise mentioned 500 r, collars for animals 1,000 r, plates for scales, with or without chains 500 r, chains for scales, with rings, for animals, &c., in pieces or in works of any kind, plain, tinned, or varnished 200 r, not otherwise mentioned 650 r, nails for shoeing animals 240 r, thimbles 650 r, hinges, hinge-pins, and similar articles for doors and windows, and for other uses 1oo r, tenter-hooks with plates or fancy-work, 650 r, plain, or any description not otherwise distinguished' 240 r, spurs, farge, known as "Chilian," &c. 6,000 r per dozen pair, not otherwise mentioned 4,000 r per dozen pair, stirrups, filed, tinned, or varnished 2,000 r ditto, polished with spring 10,000 r, ditto, without spring 6,000r per dozen pair ditto, for side-saddles 3,000 r per dozen, known as cacam. bas 10,000 r per dozen pair, locks with a single turn, with or without gudgeon 320 r., with two turns, pump, secret, latch, and those not otherwise mentioned 1,000 r, bolts (fichos pedrezes) of half-wire and any other quality 200 r, wire of any quality, thick and plain 50 r, covered with paper, silk, or cotton 600 r, galvanized, including nails for walls 80 r, manufactured pins, plain or with head of glass or porcelain, varnished or galvanized 800 r, hooks and button-shanks, varnished or galvanized 500 r, cordage (for ships) 100 r, cages

than 175





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