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Iron and Steel-continued.

also skates, hammers, axes, common locks, coarse knives, scythes, &c., s/1, (c) handfiles, sword blades, planing irons, chisels, saws, gimlets, &c. 77, (3) fine (a) of fine cast iron, as light ornamental castings, polished and art castings 122, 5 of wrought iron, polished or lacquered, knives, scissors, knitting and crochet needles, swords, &c., plain or in combination with wood and other materials, provided they cannot be classified under the head of small ornamental wares 12:2, (c) sewing needles, pens of steel, clock works, &c., fire-arms of all kinds i tos 6d, instruments, surgical, mathematical, &c. free, machinery locomotives and locomobiles 4/0), other machinery chiefly of cast iron 1/61, ditto of wrought iron 2 64, ditto of other common metals 4/od, steam engines and boilers for use in shipbuilding free, cards 18/3, small ornamental wares 15 is 7d, arms and ammunition,

swords, &c., 122, sword blades 717, fire-arms £1 jos 6d, shot 3 of, Gr. gunpowder free ; Gr. Iron pig free, cast or wrought in bars, plates

of all dimensions and for all purposes, angle iron, sheet iron, hoop iron free, and T iron of all dimensions free, rails for railways, points, bridges, bolts, chairs and other railway iron, tinned plates, iron wire, unwrought iron not specially mentioned free, iron wares, articles of iron for use in the construction of ships, such as plates, bolts, rivets, chains, pumps, anchors, windlasses, iron bands for masts or yards, &c. free, iron safes 6 5, agricultural implements of iron in combination with wood or not free, nails and screws. 4'94, springs for furniture free, wire gauze 971, bird-cages and similar articles of wire gauze k3 4s, small articles of cast iron, such as brackets, &c., for use in the manufacture of tables, desks, &c., buttons and buckles, gas fittings of cast iron 12'9), cast-iron wares not otherwise mentioned, painted, polished, varnished, &c., or not 3/2), needles for knitting or sewing not polished or gilt 8), ditto polished or gilt 16, padlocks and common locks of iron with or without ornamentation of bronze 19'21, lamps of all sorts £! 128 articles of wrought or sheet iron or tinplate for buildings, bridges, railways and similar uses, filed, plated, tarred, painted, varnished or not, but not polished or gilt 8, similar articles finely polished, gilt, or galvanised 16), tinplate wares not otherwise mentioned 1291, steel in pigs or blooms, plates, bars or sheets, steel rails and points for railways, steel wire, free, steel wares, agricultural implements of steel in combination with wood or not free, files 16', springs for carriages, railway and other 3/2}, packing and knitting needles and crochet hooks 16, needles for sewing in packets or cases (without allowance for the weight of the packets or cases) 63 4$, all articles of steel not classed as fine wares not otherwise mentioned 16', fine steel wares not otherwise mentioned £3 4s, instruments, surgicai, mathe. matical and anatomical free, cutlery, knives (common) of iron with handles of wood, iron, common bone or composition 16', ditto with handles polished or gilt £ 1 12s, knives with steel blades and handles of wood, iron, bone or other common materials 16', knives forks and razors with handles of bone, horn, wood or composition ornamented with plated silver with or without cases £1 128 ditto with handles of ivory, tortoise-shell, mother-of-pearl or coral with or without ornamentation of gold or silver plate £12 16s, penknives with handles of wood, composition, common bone or metal £6 8s, ditto with handles of ivory, coral, tortoise-shell, mother-of-pearl or precious metal 616, swords and sabres gid per cwt, foils, daggers, &c 2/4, surgical instruments free, motive machinery, boilers of all kinds, sucking and forcing pumps, agricultural machinery, such as reaping machines, thrashing machines, &c., fire engines and machinery of other descriptions with the exception of those specially mentioned, detached parts of machinery free, mincing machines, roasting jacks and other mechanical appliances for household use £1 12s, coffee mills of iron or steel, polished, gilt, enamelled or not, scales of all sorts with their weights 12/91, sewing machines and other machinery for use in domestic industry free, velocipedes 8/ each, apparatus for watering streets, &c. 12/95 per cwt, arms and ammunition, side arms 91d each, yataghans, handjars, &c. 2/5 per cwt, foils, daggers of all kinds 18, fire-arms for the army with or without bayonet free, others, single-barrelled muzzle-loaders 1/77 each, ditto double barrelled ditto 9/74, ditto single-barrelled breach-loaders 8), ditto double-barrelled ditto 16, pistols 4l per pair, revolvers 6/5 each, detached parts of fire-arins, such as barrels, screw-plates, &c., for

Iron and Steel-continued.

pistols, revolvers and other fire-arms, bullet moulds and similar

articles not specially mentioned 19/24 per cwt, gunpowder for fireHI. arms £1 185 5d, ditto for mining purposes 6/5; HI. Manu.

factures free, medical instruments 10%, agricultural implements Hay. free ; Hay, Bar 2 6 per ewt, sheet 2/1, galvanised 3/1), sadirons 4/2

per doz pairs, tailors' irons 5/2} do, hoes 4/2 do, horse shoes 4d set of four, plane irons nod per doz, shovels 3/4 do, knives and forks, cutlass, and do. agriculture, from 4d to 8/4 per doz, pots 3/15 hammers, assorted 1/8, braces and bits 4/2, bits without brace ali, gimlets 104, horse bits 1/01, plated 12/6, ordinary 10/5, common 8/4, all per doz, mortars and pestles ad per lb, moulds for bullets 3/14 per doz, mills, coffee 3d each, tobacco 4/2 each, pincers, jewellers' and shoemakers', and crowbars 7/8 per doz, platines, for baking cassaves iod each, stoves 3/15 per cwt, furnaces i/of do, hinges 1/2 per doz pairs, frying-pans 6/3 do, rivets 6/3 per cwt, castors for tables i/os, rat traps, garden rakes, adzes 2'1, axes 4/2, hatchets 3/1), curry combs 4/2, all per doz, springs for carriages and watches 20% a v, hinges for trunks and chests zin to fin 1/8, zin to Izin 3/15, 13 upwards 4/2, all per doz pairs, swords, cavalry free, officers' plain 4/2 each, fine do 6/3, ordinary brass sheath 2/1, ordinary leather sheath 1/8 each, grass scythes per doz, 1/8, locks, door, assorted sizes 42 do, trunk 1/of do, bolts for doors 1 of do, large 2/1, saws, large and medium, unmounted 814 do small, unmounted 6/3 do, augers, assorted 14 do, corkscrews 1/8 do, trowels 2/1 do, pipe for water 4/2. per cut, sneedles, sewing sd per 1,000, sail 1/0), awls, without handles i/of per doz, with handles 6d do, rings for awnings, tents 1/0$ per gross, railings 4/2, railings, gates, and balconies 8/4 per cwt, chain for cables 4/2, do, other 9/4, do, chisels, masons', joiners', 1od per doz, scissors, tailors', over in rod do, ladies' fine 2/1 do, do common rod do, bed keys 2/1 do, bed screws 3/14 per gross, nails 3/15, screws under zin zd per gross, over zin 1/8 per doz, squares 3d

cach, axles free, wire 4d per 16, bedsteads 126 each, gunpowder ald H. per lb, medical instruments 20% a v; H. Iron, raw, old iron,

broken pieces and filings of all sorts, iron cast in rough blocks or pieces, bar, hoop, rod, sheet, angle or T iron galvanised or not, rails, chairs for rails, cast and wrought water and gas pipes and iron and steel wire free, anchors, chains, and capstans for ships free, tin-plates, nails and iron-wire ropework free, iron wares cast or wrought 5% a v, tin-plate wares not varnished nor painted 5%, instruments, mathematical, surgical or physical, 5% a v, steel in bars, sheets, rails or chairs for rails, free, steel wares, small wares, 5%, machinery and steam engines, &c. and tools for agriculture and manu. factures, cards of iron wire free, arms and ammunition, guns, pistols, swords, sabres and other war implements mounted or not and bullets for guns or pistols 5% av, cannon of mixed metal 6/4 per cwt,

ditto of iron 1/of ditto balls 7£d, gunpowder 4/23, shot free; I. !. Iron ores, slag free, iron scrap, scalings and filings of iron, cast

iron, and stee! 410, cast iron : pig, 4fd, manufactured in rough castings: (1) in articles of furniture for ornament or for domestic use 33, (2) in other articles 2/04, drain pipes 7/3, cross-pieces of iron moulded and bent into a circle 6/10$, manufactured in cast. ings, planed, turned, or worked in any other manner : (1) in articles of furniture for ornament or for domestic use 4/04, (2) in other articles 2/10, manufactured in castings, garnished with other metals, tinned, enamelled, &c. (1) in articles of furniture for ornament or for domestic use 7/41 (2) in other articles 4/10), raw iron in blooms (maselli) and steel ingots 1/77, iron and steel, wrought : (a) rolled or hammered in bars of any section : (1) having a dia. of more than 7 millimetres 2/72, (2) having a dia of 7 millimetres and less but more than 5 millimetres 3/04, (3) having a dia of 5 millimetres or less (excluding wire) 3/78, (b) rolled or hammered in wire: (1)

Under this heading are included iron and steel simply rolled or forged, every subsequent operation causing the iron and steel to be classed as manufactured (di seconda fabbricazione) to which category iron forgings of less than I kilo in weight are referred if they have received any finish which justifies this treatment. Rolled or wrought iron, for the construction of wagons, bridges, machinery, or buildings, when not drilled or otherwise worked, is classed under the present heading, in which annealed plates are also comprised. Plates cut (not simply filed) for a special use pay 1 lire of duty more than uncut plates.

Iron and Steel-continued.

having a dia of from af up to 5 millimetres 4/101, (2) having a dia of 1 millimetres or less 6/1, (c) in plates and sheets:

(1) of 4 millimetres and above in thickness 2/10, (2) of above if millimetres and up to 4 millimetres in thickness 4/08 (3) of 14 millimetres in thickness and less 4/101, (d) in tubes (1) of plate iron of the thick. ness of 4 millimetres and above 4/10), (2) of above 1 millimetres and up to 4 millimetres in thickness 61, (3) of 4 millimetres in thickness and less 6/10$, forged or cast in anchors, axles, anvils, and other rough manufactures : (a) weighing 50 kilo or more 4/04 (6) weighing less than 50 kilo 4/104, rails of iron and steel 25), railway carriage frames 66, wire gauze, as the wire of which composed with 15 lire per 100 kilo additional, iron and steel of second fabrication (manufactured articles) (a) made principally of thick iron and steel : (1) in articles planed, filed, turned, drilled, &c., on a small part of their superficies only 4/3), (2) in articles planed, filed, turned, drilled, &c., on the whole or a large part of their superficies 5,64, (3) in articles tinned, coated with lead or zinc, and varnished 6/34 (4) in articles oxidised, enamelled, nickelled, or lacquered, garnished with other metals, or combined with glass or ceramic products 8/1}, (b) made principally of thick iron and steel : (i) in articles planed, filed, turned, drilled &c., on a small part of their superficies only 6/34, (2) in articles planed, filed, turned, drilled, &c., on the whole or a large part of their superficies, and in articles tinned, coated with lead or zine, and varnished 7/13, (3) in articles oxidised, enamelled, nickelled, or lacquered, garnished with other metals, or combined with glass or ceramic products 12/38, iron plates or sheets, coated with zinc, lead, or simply, galvanised ; (a) plain : (1) above is millimetres in thickness 5/31 (2) 14 millimetres in thickness and less 6/1, (6) worked (lavorate): (1) in plain articles made of plates above i} millimetres in thickness, 7/831 (2) ditto of 1} millimetres in thickness and lesst 8/64, (3) in articles combined with other materials, the plates being above if millimetres in thickness 9/4, (4) ditto of if millimetres in thickness or less 102], iron plates or sheets coated with tin, copper, or only oxidised : (a) plain : (1) above if millimetres in thickness 5/10, (a) y millimetres in thickness and less 7/34, (b) worked (lavorate): (1) in plain articles made of plates above 14 millimetres in thicknessť 8/15, (2) ditto ry millimetres in thickness and less 8/114, (3) in articles combined with other materials, the plates being above 15 millimetres in thick. ness 9/9, (4) ditto of 1 millimetres in thickness and less 1061, steel : tempered in bars and rods 4/10$, tempered in wire 6/13 springs of any kind 7/31, other manufactures 1021, tools and imple. ments: (a) common: (1) hatchets, ploughs, ordinary agricultural implements, spades, &c. 56, (2) ditto polished, varnished, coated with zinc, lead, galvanised, coppered, tinned, even partly garnished with other metals, but neither lacquered, enamelled, nor burnished 6/3),(3) ditto enamelled, lacquered, oxidised, but not burnished, hard. ware (mercerie) excluded 8/1), (6)fine: (1) burnishing sticks, chasing tools, gilders', carpenters', farriers', hairdressers', printers, and other artizans' tools, &c. 7/11, (2) ditto enamelled, lacquered, oxidised, but not burnished, hardware (mercerie) excluded 8/u}, (c) files and rasps : (1) having from 1 to 10 cuttings measured at right angles (normalmente) to the cuttings 3/10, (2) from 1 to 20 cuttings measured as above 6/75, (3) having 21 or more cuttings measured as above 8/16, guns, complete £32 per 100, parts of £6 is 11'04d per cwt, pistols and revolvers, complete 614 per 100 parts of 614 4s 5-76d per cwt, sabres and swords, mounted £8 per 100, gunpowder, blasting, 63 Os 11°52d, sporting 15 Is 7*14d, all other explosive material 46 is 11'04d, empty cartridges, without caps 61 4$ 4'608d, ditto with caps 3 os 11'52d, ditto loaded, also per. cussion caps 65 is 7*14d, shot, &c. 20:384d, articles of iron and steel, burnished £r 12s 6d, needles and pins 2 os old, machinery: (a) steam engines, fixed or semi-fixed, with or without boilers 4/101,

boilers : (1) multitubular s/10, (2) all other 4/101, (c), prime motors by water or wind power and hydraulic machinery 4/01, (d)

Only iron shaped in sections adopted by railways can enter as rails; and, further, the section must be the same throughout for the whole length of the bar (sbarra).

+ Corrugated sheets are included under these headings.

Iron and Steel-continued.

locomotives without tenders 5/10, (e) traction engines, marine
engines 4/10%() agricultural machinery of all kinds 3/7), (4)
spinning machinery, (i) machinery and looms for weaving 4/1,
machine tools for working wood and metals 3/78, (!) dynamo-
electric 12/at, () sewing machines: (1) without stand and hand
machines 12/24, (3) others with stand 10/2, () parts of 12/2}, (m)
machinery not otherwise described 4/01, (n) detached parts of ma.
chines 4/51, gasometers and their accessories, 3/3. apparatus for
heating, distilling, refining, &c. 8/1), scientific, optical, chemical,
physical, and surgical instruments: (a) optical, constructed in
bronze, brass, and steel, for purposes of measurement and
observation, telescopes, lenses, &c.* £2 ros gid, (5) physical,
chemical, mechanical, not furnished with any optical instruments,
or with graduated circles, &c., &1 ios 51d, (c) instruments included
in the two preceding categories, but in which iron prevails
122, carding apparatus 61 los sid, railway, wagons and
tenders : goods trucks and tenders 4/0}, third class carriages
5/10, second class 6/6*, first class 7/8}, parts of railway carriage
frames 6/6, tanks for locomotive tenders 12l, Saxby & Farmer's
mechanism for working signals on railways 311, trays, plaques,
Saucers, &c., made of plain metal sheets £ 1 4s 4 608d, cutlery, kitchen
and pocket knives, curriers' knives, hand saws, saw blades, &c., with
handles of common wood 7/14, table and pocket knives with finer
handles or with common wood, ornamented with “rackfong, " &c.,
common £2 os 8d, do. do. fine 24 18 3d, do, with handles of horn or
bone without ornament 6! 125 6d, with ornament £2 os 8d, fine do
£4 is 3d, table knives with handles of silver £18 55 9d, table and
pocket knives with handles of mother-of-pearl, tortoise shell, or ivory
63 is, cutlery of all kinds, plated or ornamented with metal £4 is 3d,
surgical instruments El ros 6d; J. Iron in rods, bars, plate, sheet,

nails, hoop, and band 30 cents per 100 catties, in pigs 15 cents, M.

kentledge 6 cents, in wire 80 cents, steel 60 cents; M. Steel in the rough, excepting, mining, bars & w 0'05, manufactures of iron, steel, or tin not otherwise distinguished gwo 20, manufactures wholly of iron or steel exceeding 20 kilos in weight g w oʻro, iron nails, wire nails, screws, nuts, and rivets o 10, iron in the rough, round, flats, stamps, dies, sledges, and anvils of different shapes gw0'05, iron furniture of all kinds, with or without marble tops or mirrors g w o'zo, barbed iron wire for fences, with staples for fixing it free, steel bars for mines, cylindrical or octagonal free, iron or steel wire cables of any thickness free, iron or lead piping of all sizes free, hoes, common cane knives, without sheaths, scythes, sickles, harrows, rakes, shovels, pickaxes, spades and mattocks for agricultural purposes free, machinery and apparatus of all kinds, not otherwise distinguished, for industrial, agricultural, inining, artistic and scientific purposes, and detached part of the same, if not

liable to be used otherwise than as machinery free; empty iron NI. iron barrels free; NI. Factory and steam machinery, engines,

machinery, apparatus and tools for agricultural purposes, factory and steam work, for mining purposes and artizans' work, also portions thereof as recognised by the officials free, iron in bars, pieces, rods, or plates, railway rails, joint and binding plates for railways, water pipes, iron gas pipes, axles, floes, and wheels (4) cast or wrought iron cargo boats, frames of iron buildings, sheds, or warehouses, iron bridges and parts thereof, iron roofs and gutters, whether galvanised or not, bolts and nails, iron wire, ships' anchors, chains, capstans, and tackle, telegraph wire and cables free, iron and ironwork, cast, wrought, rolled, &c., not separately mentioned

10% a v, steel in bars, sheets, or plates free, other 10% av; Nic. Nic. per Ib. Steel in bars or plates id, iron in bars or plates fd,

sewing needles of steel or other metals with the exception of gold or silver 21, ditto large for sacks 2/1, pins, hooks, eyes, hairpins, clasps for the hair and fish-hooks 2/1, metallic thread of any thickness, gal. vanized or not ad, side-arms such as swords, daggers, rapiers, sabres, sword or dagger sticks 3/14, fire and percussion arms, guns in separate parts or finished ,d, revolvers or pistols 6/3, fire-arms of precision (by special authority of the Government) 6/3, fire-arms of war, carbinés, cannons prohibited, hatchets, gimlets, borers, com

• Composite carriages pay the duty of the highest class.

Iron and Steel- continued.

passes, incision knives, chisels, double-bevelled chisels, axes, files, hammers,

poles, punches, corkscrews, pincers, monkey and other - screw wrenches, planes, hand-saws and tools of any kind for work.

men or artisans ejd, anchors, chains for ships, machines or waggons, tyres, nails, screws, rivets, round-headed nails, bolts, balconies and grates of cast-iron or not id, lustres and chandeliers of any kind of metal with the exception of gold or silver 61d, buckets, ewers, axletrees, springs for carriages, kitchen utensils of any kind and similar articles ind, cables id, chains for dogs and for horses afd, boxes or cases for keeping silver or valuable articles id, bedsteads, camp bedsteads and cradles with or without springs of metallic wire, armchairs, chairs or similar furniture id, camp bedsteads and cradles with bronze mounts with or without springs, armchairs, chairs and similar furniture with ornaments or parts of bronze 24d, bells, discs, pulleys or blocks, castors for furniture and similar articles 14d, smali bells of any metal 64d, padlocks, locks, hinges, door-knockers, bolts, latches, sash-bolts, knobs and any other articles and handles for doors and windows 2d, pitchers and saucepans of galvanized iron 2d, wire ribbon excepting ribbon of gold and silver 1/3, capsules of metal for bottles ald, hawks' bells of any metal except gold and silver rod, sieves or strainers and articles of steel or iron wire cloth 2d, tapestry nails, plates, kettles, basins and similar articles 4d, tubs, picks, harrows, shovels and other utensils for agriculture ind, table services sd, spoons, forks of iron plate, zinc, tin, Britannia metal, &c, iod, thimbles of any metal except gold and silver 1/of, tinder and match boxes or any kind of metal except gold and silver 77d, enamel, imitation gold, latten, wire-ribbon 2/1, bits, curbs, muzzles, spurs, stirrups, curry-combs, buckles and rings for saddlery and similar articles 2d, pegs for wardrobes and any other purpose of any kind of metal 2, axes 2d, buckles of every kind for trousers and coats except those of gold and silver sd, buckles for ornaments of any metal except gold and silver for wristbands, braces, shoes &c. 1/01, articles of cast-iron of any kind such as rails, boilers, smoothingirons, posts, pieces for building, axle-boxes, ovens, &c. &c. rd, iron enamelled, coloured, such as cups, basins, plates, jugs, pots &c. ald, wrought iron not distinguished 2d, cast-iron not distinguished id, iron cages, traps, &c. 2d, lamps of iron and other metal and lighting apparatus 5d, tinsel of any metal 2/1, watch-keys ion, hunting knives, daggers and knives for artistic works and for industrial purposes 5d, frames of metal, painted, enamelled, silvered, gilded 5d, metal silver-plated, electro-plated or nickel-plated, manufactured for table use, plates, trays, spoons, forks, pots, basins, cups, jugs, cruets, &c. 3/1), pocket-knives, pen-knives, scissors, &c 1151

watches of any metal, clocks of all kinds 7d, velocipedes of N. any kind 64d; N. Pig and ballast iron, bar, bolt, and

hoop iron, axles, crowbars, ships' knees, angle and Tiron, and other rolled and shaped iron and smelted pieces, and rails, plates, &c., for railways, steel, ships' anchors, chains, cables and iron links, all kinds, plates of all kinds, and shaped plates, of millimetres or more in thickness, for steam boilers and other purposes, wrought pipes, flues, and fencing posts, nails, spikes, bolts, screws, nuts, clinch-nails, and rings, coated or not with tin, copper, or zinc, wire, iron or steel, plain, coated or not with copper or zinc free, cast iron wares, fine, polished, painted, bronzed, varnished, galvanised or not, weighing 5 kilogrammes or less each, 19/9, over 5 but not over 25 kilogrammes each 11/3), over 25 kilogrammes each free, coarse, tubes or retorts, pots or kettles, with or without covers, and cast wares not otherwise mentioned, wrought iron and steel wares, bedsteads, fireproof chests, and copying and stamping machines, manufactures of iron or steel wire, ropes and chains, and wire gauze free, all other manufactures of iron or steel wire 5, 8, door handles, fire-irons, hinges, garden-shears, hand-mills, &c., knobs, door bolts, scissors (unpolished), knitting-needles, chopping knives, clasps, &c. 8/6, thimbles, steels, corkscrews, scissors (polished), locks, snuffers, skates, spurs, swords and sword blades 19/9, knives and forks with silver or plated handles, penknives and razors, with or without cases £2 5s 2d, other knives and forks 1979, articles of plate or sheet iron under 34 millimetres in thickness, trays, bread-trays, and dishes of all kinds 19/9, other lacquered, varnished, enamelled, glazed, bronzed, or painted wares 8/6, other kinds, including articles coated with zinc 5/8, wrought iron wares

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