Sivut kuvina

from 20


(6) of a density of 830? and less 2/0), raw and fit for lighting purposes without refining or purifying 10 2*, refined or half refined (a) of a density exceeding 870° 1/111,* (6) of a density of 870° and less 102, refined of a density' of less than 770° for industrial purposes and

not intended to be used for lubricating purposes or for lighting Ar. (under special conditions) free (*consumption duty included); Ar.

B. Parafline and stearine per kilo 15 c. kerosine 5 c. ; B. All kinds Br. C. D. free; Br. 80 to 1'000 per kilo; C. Petroleum, unrefined 15% a v; D. F. 48;F Or British origin, raw 7'4, refined 10/2, of other than British

origin, or British refining, but imported from England, raw 94, G. refined 12 2; G. All kinds 3'04. (NOTE.- Mineral oil not intended

for lighting purposes may be admitted free by special permission.) Gr. H. I. Gr. 139; H. All kinds 5ld; 1. In demijohns or other similar

vessels :-raw 16 71,* refined 20 81,* in other vessels :-raw 155), refined 19'1}, (Mineral and resinous oils imported in demijohns or similar vessels, barrels, casks, or tins, pay on the net weight; when in other vessels, on the gross weight; but when in bulk, on the actual weight of the oil. Heavy oils distilled to the temperature of 310 de. grees :-(1) containing less than 20 of light oil 2 54+ (2) containing

10 30 of light oil 4 10}. Heavy oils imported in bulk pay NI. additional to these duties.) NI. 6 a v. (NOTE.-As soon as

an excise duty on petroleum shall be levied to an amount of 1fl 750

per hectolitre, the import duty on this article will be at the rate of Nic. N. 25€ per hectolitre.) Nic. All oils 1}d per Ib; N. Refuse refined

and unrefined 23), oil of resin and residue from the preparation

of mineral oil, unrefined and refined (including, vaseline and wagon P. R. Rus. grease) ? 3}; P. 126; R. Free; Rus. 9.9. oil of bitter almonds 8. Sn. 22 9s 10 d per poud; S. 8/6), refined 13/; Sn. Raw free refined Sz. T. 11; Sz. 60, aniline oil 4 d, cocoa oil 41d, animal oil 4d; T. 8% USC. Ur. av; USC. Petroleum 5d per kilog; Ur. Not refined 20 per litre,

not refined, in casks ic per litre, refired 20%. Photographs.-See Paper, &c. Pianos.-A. 102 per cwt; B. 6. av; Br. cottages i 20'coo each, grands 180'000

and 30 . ; C. Pianos and musical instruments of all kinds 35.av; D. 10; F. Collage 62 each, grand £3; G. 153 per cwt; Gr. Cottage 63.45 each, grand 65 48; H. 5 av;!. Cottage £2 8s each, grand 63; N. Cottage {2 45 5d, grand 63 6s 8d; P. 30,000 r each; R.6" av; Rus. Cottage £10 gs cach, grand £17 85 4d; S. £6 195 4d each; Sn. Cottage 63 66 8d, grand 65 is id;

Sz. 66 per cwt, pedals for pianos 6,4 ; T.8% a v. Pickles and Sauces, per cwt.--A. In bottles or jars £2 85, in casks 1 61; B.

Pickles 4 01, Sauces 15 a v; Br. .200 and 30% per kilo; D. Sauces 16 6 per cwt, pickles 2 41; F. Pickles 1 21, sauces ro 2; G. £1 ios hd ; Gr. Pickles Li 12s, sauces £ 3.45; H. Sauces ku s 2d, pickles 5. av; 1. Pickles 33, sauces 112; M. Preserves, pickles, mustard, and sauces, not otherwise distinguished, I w 0°23; N. Sauces, including weight of bottles 137, pickles 11 4; P. Sauces £ ! 45.1d, pickles 8 84; R. Sauces 62 Os 3d ; Rus. Liigs sd, with an addition of 20% on each rouble of doty leviable; S. (1 1657d : Sn. Sauces £185 zd, pickles 16 !! ; Sz. Pickles in jars exceeding 5 kilos in weight 2 10), ditto, in jars or

bottles of 5 kilos or less in weight 66, sauces £1 Os 461; T.8 a y. Pictures.-A. Free ; Ar. Works of art 40% a v; B. Free; Ch. Paintings

o'r'o'o each, pictures on pith or rice paper o'r'o'o per 100; Cor.
Works of art 20 a v, paintings 25%, pictures framed or not 257;
D. Free ; F. Free; G. Free; Gr. Free; HI. Prints, &c., on paper
free, all other 10 ; Hay. Art works 20 av; H. Free; I. Free;
NI. Free ; Nic. Per lb, art work, stationery 3d, paintings, litho.
graphs or photos, loose or in frames, with or without glasses 1 8},
pictures on paper (saints, &c.) 5d ; N. Free ; Per. Works of art
456 a v; PR. Pictures or paintings, oil 1p 46c each ; P. 5'45% a v;
R. Free ; Rus. Free ; S. Oil painting, 81d each ; Sn. Free ; Sz.
410 per cwt; T. 8 av; Ur. Monuments, statues, &c. (marble)
30$c; Ven. Fifth class, paintings and portraits on canvas, wood,

paper, stone, or metal, 1st class, monumental.
Pig Iron.-See Iron and Steel.
Pin-books.-See Paper, &c.
Pipes (Iron).-See Iron and Steel.

Pitch, per cwt.--A. 60; B. Free ; Cor. 5% a v; D. 60; E. Per kilo id;

F. Free ; G. Free; Gr. Free ; HI. Free ; Hay. Per barrel 2/1; H.
Free; I. Free ; Nic. Per lb (d; N. Free; Per. 20%; P. Free ;
R. 4/1; Rus. 6d per cwt gross, with an addition of 20% on each
rouble of duty leviable; Sal. Per lb g w d; S. 2d; Sn. Free ;
Sz. id per cwt; T. 8% av; USC. Per kilog, block used in con-

structing vessels 2}d; Ven. Second class.
Pitchforks.-See Iron and Steel.
Plate Glass.-See Class and Glass Wares,
Playing Cards.-See Paper, &c.
Ploughs and Ploughshares.-See Iron and Steel.
Plush.--See Woven Manufactures.
Polish.See Grease.
Pomades.-See Perfumery.
Porcelain.-See Earthenware and Porcelain.
Porcelain Plaques.-See Earthenware and Porcelain,
Pork (Salted), per cwt.-A. 3'0}; B. Free ; D. Free ; F. 1/10; G. 10'2; Gr.

Free; H. Salted 10fd, smoked or dried 1/0]; I. 82; N. Smoked
114, other kinds free; PR. Per 100 kilos, 4 p 6 cts; P. 188; R.
Salted 12/2, smoked £2 os 8d; Rus. 7'11*; 8. 61; Sn. Free ;

Sz. 117} ; T.8% av. Portmanteaux.-See Hides and Skins. Printing Type.-See Lead and Lead Wares. Quiltings.-See Woven Manufactures, Rails, Railway Carriages, Railway Points, Railway Wheels. - See Iron and

Steel. Ready-made Clothing.-See Indiarul ber and Gutta Percha, also Woven

Manufactures. Red Lead.-See Lead and Lead Wares. Ribbons.See Woven Manufactures. Rivets.-See Iron and Steel. Rock Oils.See Petroleum. Rock Salt.-Sec Salt. Roofing Slates.-A. Free; B. 171,000 ; D. Free; F. 171,000 ; G. 4 per

cwt, entering by sea 3d ; Gr. Free; H. Free ; 1. Free; N. Free; P. Frce ; R. Not specified ; Rus. 3d per cwt; S. 6d per ton; Sn.

Free ; Sz. 97d per ion; T.8, a v; US. 256. Rosin.-A. Common 6d per cwt, refined 1/6, B. Free; Cor, 7%; D. Brown

and yellow rosin 61d, other kinds 19; E. Per kilo io!; F. 94d ;
G. Free ; Gr. Free ; Hl. Free; Hay, Per barrel 21; H. Free ;
1.1}; Nic. id per ib; N. Free ; Per. 10%; P. Common free, other
kinds 5'457 av; R. 4'1 per cwt; Rus. White rosin 1'1,+ other kinds
33; Sal. d per lb. g w; 8. Pine rosin 2d, other kinds 4/07; n.

Free ; Sz. Raw id, refined 7.!d; T.8av; USC. Per kilo.
Rouge.-See Perfumery.
Rugs.-- See Woven Manufactures.
Rum.-See Spirits.
Russia Leather.See Hides and Skins.
Sacking.-See Woven Manufactures.
Saccharine.---B. 140 francs per kilo ; P. 63 6sed per kilo; S. Prohibited for

purposes of food; Sz. 41 per cwi.
Saddlery and Harness.-See Hides and Skins.
Sailcloth.--See Woven Manufactures.
Sails.-See Woven Manufactures, Linen (Hempen and Jute).
Sal Ammoniac, per cwt.-A. 161; B. Free; Br. *150 and 30 per kilo;

D. Free; F. Raw 3'3, refined 4 10): G. Free ; Gr. Free ; H. Free ;
1. 171; N. Free ; P. 5% a v; R. Free ; Rus. 22; S. 480 ; Sn.

Free; Sz. 5d ; T.8% av.
Salmon.-See Fish.
Saltpetre, per cwt.-A. Raw (nitrate of soda) free, refined all kinds 1'6}; B.

Free; D. 12; F. Free; G. Free ; Gr. Free; H. Free; I. Nitrate
of soda raw free, ditto refined, and nitrate of potash 1 21; N. Free ;
P. Nitrate of potash 76, nitrate of soda free ; R. Free ; Rus.
41 4s 8d, S. Nitrate of potash 7d, nitrate of soda id; Sn. Free
Sz. Unrefined id, refined 5d; T.8% a v.


Salt, per cwt.-A. sold. Salt can only be imported into Austria by special per

mission, and is subject to a licence duty in addition of 9/6 per cwt.
Under certain conditions salt may be imported free for chemical works
and other industrial purposes; Ar. 10% a v; B. Salt refined and
unrefined free ; D. Rough rock salt in blocks in d, other kinds 1/2;
F. Salt unrefined or refined, if European 1/ per cwe, from Senegal
free ; G. By land frontier 6, 6, by sea 61; Gr. Prohibited; H. salt.
unrefined free, ditto refined 102, excise duty on unrefined salt 7'7 ;
Sea and rock salts prohibited. Every mixture of soluble salts is con.
sidered as salt in which “clora" exists in proportion greater than
15-2%, and “sodium" in greater proportion than 98%; M. Salt
common or for table use g w o'03 ; NI. 2fl per 100 kilos; N. Rock
salt 2d, refined salt in blocks and lumps i no), other cooking salt (at
the Custom Houses of Hammerfest, Vardo, and Vadso) 870 per
bushel, other cooking salt (at other places) 11d; P. 1/5 per bushel ;
R. Prohibited ; Rus. Into pores of the White Sea ud per cwt,
into ports of the Black Sea and Sea of Azov prohibited, on any other
frontier i'u], imported for the manufacture of soda free; S.
244, Vichy salts in powder and doses £3 zs 4d per poud gross;
Sn. Free; Sz. Common iad, table salt in packets 4:07. (Note.-Salt
can only be imported into Switzerland by special permission of

the Cantonal authorities.) T. Prohibited.
Salted Beef.-See Beef Salted.
Sardines.-See Fish.
Sauces.-See Pickles.
Scarves.- See Woven Manufactures.
Scented Soap.-See Perfumery, also Soaps.
Scented Waters.-See Perfumery.
Scissors.--See Iron and Steel.
Scrap Iron.-See Iron and Steel.
Scythes.-See Iron and Steel.
Sealing-Wax.-See Paper, &c.
Seed Oils, per cwt.-A. In casks, skins, and bladders 16), in bottles and jars

10'2; B. Free ; Br. per kilo, 70 to 3.500; C. Oil of every kind
25% a v; Ch. Hemp seed and cotton, 100 catties oʻz'o'o, Cor.
Rapeseed 8% a v; D. 48; F. 2/5}; G. In bottles or jars 10/2, in
casks 204 ; Gr. 647; Hay. Linseed 6d per gallon ; H. 5 d ; l. 511;
N. 231; PR. Per 100 kilos 6 pesos 75 C; P. Linsecd oil 9. u7, other
kinds 17'5; R. 82; Rus. 3/4 ; Sal. Linseed 2 4 per gallon; 8.
9.5: Sn. 3.111; Sz. 4;d; T. 8 a v: USC. Per kilo. Linseed
oil for preparing paint se; Ur. g w lin-ced per litre 5c; Ven.

4th class linseed.
Sewing Machines. - See Iron and Steel.
Shawls.--See Woven Manufactures (Silk).
Shears.-See Iron and Steel,
Sheep Skins.-See Hides and Skins.
Sheet Iron.-See Iron and Steel.
Sheets.-See Woven Manufactures.
Shell Fish. See Fish.
Ships and Boats.-A. Of wood, with or without sheathing of iron or copper

od per ton measurement, of iron or other metals, and steam vessels
of all kinds 10. (Nore.— The engines of steam vessels are charged
separately.) B. Free ; D. 3% av; F. Sea vessels of wood or iron
17. per ton burden, river boats of wood 8', ditto of iron LI 128 ; G.
Tree; Gr. Free; H. 1% a v; I. Free ; N. Free; P. New or naviga-
ble exceeding 200 cubic metres, and steamtugs with a gross tonnage
exceeding 300 cubic metres, a tax of 2% a v, sailing or steam ships,
new or ready for use, up to 200 cubic metres 127 a v, vessels con.
demned as unseaworthy (on the sale price) 7 a v; R. Steamships of
all kinds 17. per ton registered, sailing ships of all kinds 90%,d,
dredgers 9%,d per ton gross, boats common of wood 8 each, ditto
gauging up to two tons included 16. ditto from two to five tons £2,
ditto from five to ten tons £4, barges and luggers of deal 4/97 per
ton gross, of oak 8,0, ditto pleasure boats of wood or metal, or of
wood and metal combined £7.45 each ; Rus. Sea and river-going
vessels of every description, with or without rigging (1) iron-built,
per con displacement, first 100 tons 38 roubles per ton, above 100 and

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Ships and Boats-continueit.

not exceeding 1,500 tons 20 roubles per ton, above 1,500 tons 10 roubles per ton, (2) wooden vessels, per ton displacement, first 100 tons 12 roubles per ton, above 100 tons 12 roubles per ton: iron-built vessels, imported in parts, with or without engines, shall pay duty on each part according to their corresponding sections; all articles entered in a ship's inventory shall also pay duty under correspond. ing heads of tariff, except such articles as are necessary for the safe navigation of the ship or may be permanently fitted to her hull ; S. Wooden ships and boats up to 50 tons register £1 12s per ton registered, wooden ships from 51 to 300 tons register ki os rod, ditto of 301 tons register and above 112, iron ships of all kinds 10/; Sn.

Free ; Sz. 8% a v; T.8% a v. Ships' Cables.-See Iron and Steel. Shot.-See Iron and Steel. Shovels.-See Iron and Steel. Silk Yarns and Thread.--See Yarns (Silk). Silk Woven Manufactures.-See Woven Manufactures (Silk). Silver,--See Gold and Silver Wares. Silver Leaf.-See Gold and Silver Wares. Silver Wares.-See Gold and Silver Wares. Silver Wire.--See Gold and Silver Wares. Skates.-See Iron and Steel. Slag.-See Iron and Steel. Sledges.-See Carriages. Snuff.-See Tobacco, &c. Soaps, per cwt.-A. Common 261, fine soap in cakes, lablets, cases ard jars, and

scented soap 153, solutions in coal tar in casks 9 7, fancy and creoline 618sgd per 100 kilos; B. All kinds 2 5} ; Br. Not perfumed, black or brown 60 per kilo, yellow '150, white •300; Ch. Free; Cor. Common 5% a v, superior 10% a v; D. Scented soap, soap in tablets and soap powder Ci 175 8d, other kinds 241; E. Per kilo 1'ot; F. Scented 3/3, * other 2 51,(*exclusive of excise duty on transparent soap, see Perfumery); G. Soft soap 2 61, hard soap not otherwise specificd, in bars, &c. 5. 1, soap in tablets, balls, boxes, jars, pots, &c, perfumed soap of all kinds 15 3; Gr. Common 6/48, other, not scenied 1994, scented 68; Hl. Free; Hay. Per cwt 4/2, toilet per dozen 8d; H. Scented soap 511, excise duty in addition 86, other kinds 391, excise duty in addition 86; 1. Common 3 3, perfumed 15!3, gly. cerine 24 4), (*Soap in tablets, balls, or boxes is subject to the same duty as perfumed soap); J. Soap bar 50 cents per 100 calties ; Nic. d perlb, perfumed 4d ; N. Soft soap 1/10), transparent soap 16 11, other kinds 5/8; Per. 70%; PR. Per 100 kilos, common 3 pes 75c15: P. 50 r per kilo; R. Soap except perfumed 12'2, toilet £3 135 2d ; Rus. Soap of all kinds not perfumed 14'9,* ditto scented in cakes, in powder or liquid 62 195 id ; Sal. Common 3d, fancy o per lly, g w; S. Common 6'5, scented 63 us; Sn. Soft soap 2 10, other kinds not perfumed 5 8, perfumed 15.10; Sz. 7]d; T. All kinds 8 a v; USC. Per kilo, common, of oil rori, of rosin, or

tallow 24d, perfumed 5/; Ven. 5th class, common, Ca-ile, perfumed. Soda, Carbonate of, Bicarbonate of, Caustic, Crystals of, and Soda Ash. - Sec

Alkali. Soda, Sulphite and Hyposulphite of.-Sce Bleaching Materials. Sole Leather.-See Hiles and Skins. Spirits, per cwt.-A. Spirits, plain, of all kinds 63 is od liqueurs, punch, arrack,

ium and other sweetened spirituous liquors 63 175 3d. (Note.-ConAr. sumption duty is included in the above rates.) Ar. Of all kinds 45%

a v, wine, common, in casks 8 cts per litre, ditto fine, in casks 25 cts, ditto of all kinds, in bottles not more than 1 litre 25 cts, beer or cider 15 cts, spirits of wine in casks not exceeding 30 degrees 15 c. per kilo, brandy, gin, anis, cherry brandy, bitters not above 25

degrees 20 c, boiiled spirits of wine not above 25 degrees per litre 200, B.

liqueurs, sweet or bitter up to 25 degrees 25 c per litre; B. Spirits for drinking and liqueurs of all kinds, import duty, in casks of 50 degrees strength or less 377 (per gallon), diito for every degree above

50 degrees '87d, in bottles of whatever strength 7'3t, excise duty in Br. addition 5% of the above duties, other spirits 4/10); Br. Per litre,

absinthe, Kirsch Wasser '900 and 40%, alcohol, brandy, cognac, rum, whisky 600 and 40%, Geneva '220 and 40%, all other kind: 400 and 40%, mineral water *100 and 30% per kilo; C. 42 cts per litre, Geneva 32 cts, rum 42 cts; D. Spirits, plain, in casks or boitles 274, in casks, of 8 Danish degrees of strength and less 1/21 (Note,








An additional duty of Id per gallon is levied for every } of a degree

of strength above 8.) Spirits, sweetened, in flasks and bottles 27!

per cwt, in casks ini} ; E. Per kil, 6d ; F. Import duty, brandy and
liqueurs in bottles 1/1 per gallon, brandy in casks 1'i per gallon of
pure alcohol, other kinds, except absinthe, in casks or bottles i'r,

ditto excise duty in addition, brandy, liqueurs and absinthe 58 G. Gr. ditto; G. All kinds £z os 80 per cwt; Gr. Rosoglio and other

liqueurs 63 4s, all other spirituous liquors up to 70 degrees of the

arcometer (centigrade), including brandy, 111 per gallon, over 70 HI. degrees 2/94 ; HI. Alcohol and others of same strength, per gallon

62 is 8d, alcohol for mechanical and scientific purposes, per gallon Hay. 21; Hay. Brandy, per gallon 2/1, per box of 12 botiles 42, per box,

quarts, 12 bottles 6:3; spirit of wine per gallon 2/1; gin ditto io, H. ditto box of 12 Masks 3/1), ditto ditto pints 2'1; H. Spirits of all

kinds (50% alcohol), import duty 3d, excise duty in addition 4:61.
1. (Note.-Methylatcd spirits are exempt from excise duty.) I. Pure in

casks, &c, (casks, &c., included) 9.6 per hectolitre, sweetened or
Navoured in casks, &c, (casks, &c, included) 48 per hectolitre; all

kinds in bottles, from į to litre in capacity 5.764 per bottle, $ litre M. or less 4'32d per bottle; M. Spirits of all kinds, in bottles, without

allowance for breakage or leakage, n w 0-50, ditto in wood n wo 40; NI. Per hectolitre of liquid containing 50 litres of alcohol at a temperature of 15 deg. of the cent. thermometer 63 16s 8d, or in

case the excise duty on native spirits levied in N.I. is higher, so Nic.

many florins more as shall be fixed by Colonial ordinance ; Nic. Per lb. Foreign spirits more than 12 degrees up to 25 inclusive, by the Carthier alcoholmeter bottle 18, ditto more than 25 degrees (with special authority of the Government) same duty, with an in.

crease per degree in excess of ild, all kinds in casks 1.d, ditto N. sparkling 2hd; N. Spirits, in flasks or bottles 6, 10, in casks, &c. (of

proof strength) 65 15 Bd per cwt. Note.-For every degree below
proof, deductions of duty are made as follows below :-
100 to go deduction of

8'12d per cwt.
90 85

85 , 75
75 )

6 4 3d

6'001 45 , 25

4'41d 25 (2) Sweetened spirits, or spirits mixed with any substance affecting Per. the alleged strength pay as spirits of 100 degrees strength ; Per, PR. 70%; PR. Per hectolitre, brandy, common, and aniseed 4 p 06 c;

gin 4 p 64 C; cognac brandy, and rum 13 p 85 C; liquors, per P. litre


P. Brandy and alcohol pure, in casks and demijohns, per decalitre of

spirit 1'500

ditto in bouiles, &c., liquids not otherwise distinguished, per decaR. Rus. litre ot liquid 1900 r; R. All kinds 10 2 per cwt; Rus. Arrack, rum

French brandy and spirits distilled from plums, in barrels or casks £5 85 4d per cwt gross, in bottles 2:47 per bottle, gin, whisky, liqueurs, Kirsch Wasser, spirituous infusions and corn spirit, in

bottles 2 4*. (Note.-The importation of corn spirit in casks is proSal. S. hibited. Sal. 1 ios 10 d per dozen ; S. Brandy, &c. 7!d per

gallon, transitory duty in addition to above id per gallon, liqueurs Sn. 2/93.) Sn. Per gallon, brandies and spirits, in casks or barrels, of

corn, potatoes, and other agricultural products (of the strength of 50% of alcohol weighed at the temperature of 15 Celsius) 3/91 of rice (arrack), also of sugar (rum) 3'97 ; of the grape, when manufac. tured in France and imported direct by sea ofd, ditto when otherwise manufactured or imported, also of other fruits 3/91, in other receptacles

of any description (without regard to alcoholic strength)1 2), liqueurs 8z. T. 1/7:99; Sz. Currant wine in casks 241; T. All kinds 8% a v, empty

USC. casks for exportation of native wine 1%; USC. Per kilo, brandy, rum,
Ur. gin, whisky, &c., and the essences for making same, 1/8: Ur. Cognac,

anise, bitters, rum, whisky, absinthe, and other alcoholic beverages,

and in casks up to 20° per litre 15 cts, in bottles 25 cts; liqueurs Ven. and syrups 26 cts per litre ; Ven. Cane rum (importation prohibited)

3rd class, red Bordeaux wine, all wines except Spanish in pipes, kegs or barrels ; 4th class, all wines except Spanish and Bordeaux in demijohns and bottles; 5th class liquors (sweet) not specified ; 6th class Spanish wine; 7th class brandy, gin, spirits of wine, and all liquors to 22° Cartier's scale,



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