Sivut kuvina

Paper, &c.--continued.

ordinary packing, and sand paper ditto 2 p 90 C, other 20 P 30C cardboard in sheets and boxes, lined with ordinary paper and articles of cardboard, paste or cardboard store, unfinished, ditto 3 P 91 cts,

ditto finished, and cardboard boxes ornamented or lined with fine P. paper, or other materials per kilo 46c;P. Paper, writing, orall qualities

and colours 61 4s 11d, painted paper 12, 6, pasteboard and cardboard 1/10), other kinds of paper 3 64, paper paste for the manufacture of paper, free, playing cards Ki 4s id, cardboard wares £2 75 id, prints, engravings and lithographs, also niusic, free, maps and atlases free (tax of 2% a v), ink, writing 12,6, pripting and lithographic 14u (gross weight), sealing-wax, pencils, blacklead, &c. 42 75 qd, books in a foreign language or in Portuguese when the author resides abroad, unbound or in paper covers free (tax of 2% a v), in Portuguese, if the author resides in Portugal, reprints of Portuguese works 41 4ş ud, blank books, stitched or bound £i 175. 5d, bound printed books 126, rags and materials

for paper-making free, manufactured articles of card or pasteR. board 1'o6d. per kilo; R. Paper, common, grey or other packing

paper, tarred" or not, pasteboard, glass paper, emery and other similar paper 3/3 paper not specially mentioned 7/9, fancy paper, gilt or silvered, ornamented in relief, note paper, with monograms or other designs, and envelopes to match, china paper, as well as all manufactures of paper, plain or combined with common materials 61 4s 5d, paper-hangings of all kinds 16'3, pasteboard 3:3, tickets, accounts, invoices, bills of exchange, &c.; cartes de visite, &c., almanacs pasted on card or not, patterns for embroidery, &c., all the above printed, engraved or lithographed, but not gilt or silvered 65, all other paper wares, such as playing cards of all kinds, shades, fans, even mounted or common wood, or simply varnished or lacquered, bouquet holders, &c. £6 2s, books of all kinds free, maps and atlases, photographs, engravings, lithographs, &c., and music lithographed and printed, albums, free, ink for writing 11 os gd per cwt, ditto printing 4 1, pencils, common, without cases 12 2, pencils, of ordinary or fine wood, varnished, with or without cases 61 5s

per lb, pens, metallic 44 is 3d per cwt, ditto quills 42 os 8d, sealing. Rus. wax Li 8s 5d ; Rus. Waste paper to jos per poud, paste

board not otherwise specified, paper bobbins for silk winding, tarred paper for roofing, &c. 411,4 papier mâché and carton pierre, not manufactured, and cardboard of wood pulp 3/2, articles of papier mâché and carton pierre, not polished or painted, 4/11, articles of papier mâché polished or painted (except small wares) La os ud,t unsized paper, white or coloured, without ornaments, ruled for music, and paper for embroidery, without patlern, also glazed pasteboard of all kinds kris 8d," sized paper, white or coloured, paper-hangings and borders thereof 42 gs 3d,t without ornaments, transparent and tracing paper Er 12s 6d,+ writing or printing paper, gilt or silvered or ornamented with pastings, borders, crests, cyphers, pictures, &c., envelopes, thin tablets of gelatine, imitation of paper, when for printing £1 145 4d per poud, similar tablets with ornaments LI 4s 8d per poud, lamp shades and artificial flowers £4 6s 8d, t paper ornaments used for sweetmeats 3/4,as well as engravings, oleographs, prints, drawings, &c, printed, lithographed or photographed 43 175 o]d, supplements 10 Russian journals of printed drawings and designs £15s old per poudt. paper for cigarettes, tissue paper also papers with ornaments and drawings for printers', bookbinders' and confectioners' work, paper for embroidery, with patterns, coloured or not, bookbinders' work, all kinds, and office and copying books, bound or not £5 195 2d,+ books and publications printed in foreign languages, including those containing in their text music, charts, plans, drawings or engravings, printed, oleographed or photographed, free, music, maps and drawings, printed, lithographed or photographed LI 198 gd, writing machines free, books printed abroad in the Russian language, unbound

98 7d, bound £2 45,4d, pens, pencils, &c. £6 ios 1d,+ ink and

ink powder 198,+ sealing.wax Li is 8d,+ rags, paper pulp of all Bal.

kinds free; Sal. Per ream, letter paper, ruled or not, toin. long 3/15, 15in long 5/5, plain white (crown brand) 2/6, ditto foolscap 3/8, linen, cigarette, thin for copying presses 6/3, coloured, for advertising 9'3, coloured China, for flowers, &c. 2{d, gold or silver gilt £29s ad, letter with printed headings 21 45 8d, letter, large size 63 55 toll, brown wrapping 2/3, printer's 12/4, drying 9/45, invoice, ruled 5/3, Paper, &c.---continued.

ticket or note 12/4, glazed 914), card, per lb. ordinary id, fancy 4d,

coloured wall, per roll 74d, ditto gilt 1/10), wall with landscapes, illumi8.

nation, &c. per tira 7/d; S. Paper, straw and common packing paper 4/5, endless, unsized or half-sized, for printing 401, for writing or lithographing or for prints, 11/2, cut paper, paper made by hand, ruled paper, also writing paper with lithographed headings 19:9, paper hangings, ornamented with gold, silver, flock or glass La 125 1od, other kinds 98, other kinds of paper 142, cardboard, in sheets and in lovxes lined with common paper, articles of paper mâché or carton pierre, not finished 2'91 articles of papier mâché finished and card. board' boxes adorned or lined with fine paper or other materials 42 145 gd, prints, maps, &c. £2 ios rod, ink for writing or printing

99, pencils 13/8, sealing wax 4/07, books, or other printed papers, Sn. bound or unbound, in Spanish 1571, in foreign languages 4'0}; Sn.

Paper, pasteboard for sheathing ships, and press, polishing, or emery paper free, ditto other kinds 2'10, cartridge, packing, blotting, or other similar papers un, gilt, silvered or glazed paper 11/4, other kinds, including ruled paper 5:8, envelopes and paper bags, 11/4, forms for bills, &c. 8,6, paper-hangings and borders 74, articles of paper or pasteboard, unlacquered 19/9, lacquered, and articles of papier mâché kr 13s urd, prints, engravings, lithographs or photo. graphs 8 6, playing cards id per pack, ink, writing 3/5 per cwt, printing 3/11, sealing-wax bi os 6d, pencils, blacklead 199, pens 41 135 ud, books, printed in the Swedish language, bound or unbound 14/1, other printed matter free, books, blank or merely

ruled, bound 20% above the duty on paper, albums 42 16s 6d, rags Sz. free ; Sz. Fibre for paper making 7'31d, grey packing and yellow paper

of straw paste, with wrinkled surface on both sides 1/2'63d, paper for printing and writing, sized or no“, drawing paper letter and silk paper, of one colour 2/10-13d, packing paper, not otherwise mentioned, cardboard for painters 9-101d, cardboard coloured in the paste 17, book covers and wrappers, printed tid, sheets of plaited reeds for making trunks 7/11, claseninlein, glue liquid, in casks 3d, in bottles of any size 2'91, glass, sand, and emery paper 4/0-77d, tickets, forms, wrappers, &c. placards, prospectuses, &c. railway tickets, printed 12/2*31d, paper collars, cuffs, &c.,

2041d, playing cards 48/9*24d., artificial knife-grinding mills T. of emery 121 per cwt ; T. Paper, stationery, &c., of all kinds USC. 3% a v; USC. Per kilog, paper in newspapers, pamphlets and

printed sheets #d, white, without glue and coloured, for printing, straw, or any other ordinary kind for wrapping up or packing, sand paper, cigarette paper 29d, writing paper, envelopes, and any other kind not mentioned, and office utensils not otherwise mentioned 1od, fine white paper (foolscap paper) 5d, ruled paper for music 1/3, blank books ruled or not, note books 18, paper and cardboard in sheets, maps and engravings of any kind, written or printed music, gilt or silvered entirely 18, tapestry paper, marbled or coloured,

for covers of books and other uses rod, cardboard for printing, book binding, lithography, and other industrial uses 21d, cardboard in any other form rod, playing cards 5!, pencils rod, inks for printing,

bookbinding and lithography, liquid or solid fd, black writing ink Ur. 2\d, coloured writing, ink 5d; Ur. Business papers, printed or

lithographed 48% av, printed books bound ditto, printing ink paper for newspapers, lithographic papers, not cut, or in sheets 87 by 54 centimetres 8% a v, ali books printed in native language, geographical

charts and globes 6% a v, playing cards 10 pesos per gross; Ven. Ven.

class, white printing, ungummed, 2nd class, cigarette, 3rd class, writing, paper, brown and others specified, sand paper, 4th class, painted wall

paper, 5th class, manufactured, not specified, 6th class, gilt or silvered, stamped in relief or flowered, 9th class, envelopes, ist class, books, unbound, or in rustiç binding, printed (treating of science, arts, or industries) catalogues, newspapers and periodicals, copy for elementary schools, 3rd class, pamphlets, volumes and books for primary schools not above comprehended, 5th class, blank, 4th class, books, bound, except those in the 8th class, 8th class, when bindings contain velvet, silk, mother-of-pearl, ivory, tortoiseshell, or gilt or plated ornaments, ist class, maps and globes, and class, sheet music, 5th class, chromos and drawings, 9th class, labels and circulars printed or lithographed; sth class, tlank, also engraved or stamped paper and portfolios.


not H.

Paper-hangings.--See Paper.
Parasols.--See Umbrellas and Parasols.
Parchment.-See Hides and Skins.
Pasteboard.-See Paper, &c.
Patent Fuel.-See Coal.
Pencils-See Paper.
Pens.--See Paper, &c., also Iron and Steel.
Pepsine.-I. Acidulated with hydrochloric acid £2 8s.
Perambulators.-See Carriages.
Perfumed Oils.--See Perfumery.
Perfumery, per cwt.-A. Perfumery wares made up, and rouge £2 ios rod,

scented soap 15'3,* non alcoholic scented waters 6/1, rosemary oil
6/1,* other perfumed oils, pomades, and aromatic vinegar 10/2,*

(*when these articles are imported into Austria made up as perfumery Ar. wares, they are charged £2 10s rod per cwi); Ar. Of all kinds 50% B. a v; B. Scented soap 2'5}, perfumery wares, as pomatum, perfumed

oils, scented waters, rouge, &c. 10% a v, alcoholic scents 5/11 per Br. gallon ; Br. Excluding essences and pure oil 1'000 per kilo, perfumes

ir pots, flasks, or vases of porcelain, gilded or ornamented, and of C. Cor. No. 2 glass, pay double the respective duties; C. 35% a v; Cor.

D. 20% a v; D. Scented waters, essential oils, and pomatum, scented

soap bi 175 8d per cwt, rouge £1 12s 11d; F. Perfumery mixed with
alcohol 143 per gallon of pure spirit, excise duty in addition 5/8,
ditto perfumery without admixture of alcohol, scented soap 3/3 per
cwt. (Note.- An additional excise duty is charged on transparent

soap manufactured with alcohol, at the rate of 19/1 per cwt.) Other G. kinds 4'10), essential oils other than of roses £2 os 8d; G. Pomatum

und scented oils, also scented waters not containing alcohol, in vessels

containing at least 10 kilos 10'2, rosemary oil 61, other kinds of Gr.

perfumery £2 ios 10d, scented soap 15/3; Gr. Perfumery wares, Hay. scented soap, pomatum, perfumed waters, &c. £9; Hay. Scented

waters in bottles 100 each, in phials or flasks 2'1 per doz; H. Scented waters, essential oils, Macassar oil and perfumery wares 5% a v, scented soap 5'ı, excise duty in addition 8/6, perfumery containing

alcohol, for each 50% of alcohol import duty 3d per gallon, excise 1. duty 4.6); 1. Per cwt (including weight of bottle or wrapper) alco

holic 62 os 7d, with addition of 144 lire for the alcohol contained, NI. non-alcoholic <2 os 7d ; NI. Scents and perfumery prepared Nic with alcohol same as spirits, all other 10% à v; Níc. Per lb.

Cologne water, Florida water 31d, aqua fortis, orange, and rose water N. 2!d, oils, soaps, powders 5d ; N. Scented waters not containing spirits,

including toilet waters 6d per kilo, perfumed waters and aromatic vinegar (weight of bottles included) £2 16s 6d, essential oils (weight of bottles included) 65 125 ud, hair oil (weight of bottles

included) 41 178 rod, pomatum (weight of interior package included) PR. 999, transparent soap 16,'11, other kinds of toilet soap 5/8; PR. Per P. fumery and essences 58 cs per kilog ; P. Perfumery ofevery description

(including bottles, but excepting the boxes of paper or wood) 220 per R.

kilo; R. Eau de Cologne, and all other scented waters, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, dentifrices, toilette waters, scents of all kinds and perfumed vinegars £2 os yd, toilet soaps, pomade of all kinds, and perfumed oil, powders of all kinds, perfumed or

not, cosmetiques, liquid or in tablets (almord paste and other) Rus. 13135 2d ; Rus. Perfumed waters without admixture of alcohol,

rose water, orange-flower water, cherry-laurel water, &c. £2 35 40,+ perfumed spirits eau de Cologne, des Alpes, de la reine de Hongrie, and eau de Melisse 45 8s 4d,+ perfumed spirits other kinds, also pomatum 216 5s id,t rouge, violet powder, pastilles, tooth powder, sachets, &c., and all other perfumery and cosmetics not otherwise enumerated (including the weight of

wrapper or case) 46 105 id,t scented soap 42 195 idt, olive oil in s.

half and quarter bottles 6'ns per poud; S. Perfumery, and Sn. essences, scented soap 63 135 60 ; Sn. Scented waters (weight of

bottles included) £2 i6s 60, pomatum 19/9, essential oils £2 16s 6d, Sz. scented soap 15/10; Sz. Scented soap 7d, essential oils and essences T. 16/3, perfumery wares 12/2, cosmetics Li 8s 5d ; T. All kinds 8%;

USC. USC. Florida water, divina, and kananag 1/3, essences, cream, &c) Ur. Ven. 5'; Ur. Perfumery 51% a v; Ven. 5th class, perfumery, essences,

and extracts. Petroleum, per cwt.-A. Raw and not fit for lighting purposes without refining

or purifying, (a) of a density exceeding 8300 at 12° Reaumur ii.





(6) of a density of 830? and less 2/0), raw and fit for lighting purposes without refining or purifying 10'2*, refined or half refined (a) of a density

exceeding 870° 1/11), (b) of a density of 870° and less 10'2, refined of a density of less than 770° for industrial purposes and not intended to be used for lubricating purposes or for lighting (under special conditions) free (*consumption duty included); Ar.

Paraffine and stearine per kilo 15 c. kerosine 5 c.; B. All kinds Br. C. D. free; Br. 80 to 1.000 per kilo; C. Petroleum, unrefined 15% av; D. F. 481; F Of British origin, raw 7'4, refined 10'2, of other than British

origin, or British refining, but imported from England, raw 9/4, G. refined 12'2; G. All kinds 3'0. (NOTE.-Mineral oil not intended

for lighting purposes may be admitted free by special permission.) Gr. H. I. Gr. 139; H. All kinds 54d; 1. In demijohns or other similar

vessels :-raw 16'71,* refined 20'8},* in other vessels :-raw 15 5, refined 19/1), (Mineral and resinous oils imported in demijohns or similar vessels, barrels, casks, or tins, pay on the net weight; when in other vessels, on the gross weight; but when in bulk, on the actual weight of the oil. Heavy oils distilled to the temperature of 310 de. grees :-(1) containing less than 20% of light oil 2'51+ (2) containing

from 20% to 30 of light oil 4.105. Heavy oils imported in bulk pay NI. 20% additional to these duties.) NI. 6% á v. (NOTE.-As soon as

an excise duty on petroleum shall be levied to an amount of if 750

per hectolitre, the import duty on this article will be at the rate of Nic. N. 25 € per hectolitre.) Nic. All oils iìd per Ib; N. Refuse refined

and unrefined 231, oil of resin and residue from the preparation

of mineral oil, unrefined and refined (including, vaseline and wagon P. R. Rus. grease) 2:3};' P. 126; R. Free; Rus. 99, oil of bitter almonds 8. Sn. £29s 10 d per poud; S. 8/6}, refined 13/; Sn. Raw free refined Sz. T. in; Sz. 6d, aniline oil 4 d, cocoa oil 41d, animal oil 4d; T. 8% USC. Ur. av; USC. Petroleum 5d per kilog ; Ur. Not refined 2c per litre,

not refined, in casks ic per litre, refired 20%. Photographs.-See Paper, &c. Pianos.-A. 102 per cwt; B. 6%, a v; Br. cottages i 20'coo each, grands 180 000

and 30%; C. Pianos and musical instruments of all kinds 35% a v; D. 10%; F. Cottage 62 each, grand L3; G. 15'3 per cwt; Gr. Cottage 63.45 each, grand L5 45; H. 5% av; !. Cottage £2 8s each, grand 43; N. Cottage £2'45 5d, grand 63 6s 8d; P. 30,000 r each ; R. 6% a v; Rus. Cottage £10 gs each, grand £17 8 4d; S. 46 198 4d each ; Sn. Cottage E3 6s 8d, grand 15 iis id;

Sz. 6 6 per cwt, pedals for pianos 64; T.8% a v. Pickles and Sauces, per cwt.--A. In bottles or jars £2 8s, in casks 1,61; B.

Pickles 4'08, Sauces 15% a v; Br. *200 and 30% per kilo; D. Sauces 16 6 per cwt, pickles 2 4}; F. Pickles 1/24, sauces 10 2; G. £i fos 6d ; Gr. Pickles L1 12s, sauces 63 4s; H. Sauces £1 is ad, pickles 5% av; 1. Pickles 3:3, sauces 11/2; M. Preserves, pickles, mustard, and sauces, not otherwise distinguished, I w oʻ25; N. Sarices, including weight of bottles 137, pickles 11'4; P. Sauces 21.45 ud, pickles 8'81; R. Sauces 62 os 8d; Rus. 6I 195 5d, with an addition of 20% on each rouble of duty leviable; S. Lr 16s 7d ; Sn. Sauces £18s 3d, pickles 16 11 ; Sz. Pickles in jars exceeding 5 kilos in weight 2,105, ditto, in jars or

bottles of 5 kilos or less in weight 66, sauces & 1 os 411; T. 8% a y. Pictures.-A. Free; Ar. Works of art 40% a v; B. Free; Ch. Paintings

o'r'o'o each, pictures on pith or rice paper o'r'o'o per 100; Cor. Works of art 20% a v, paintings 25%, pictures framed or not 25%; D. Free ; F. Free; G. Free ; Gr. Free; HI. Prints, &c., on paper free, all other 10%; Hay. Art works 201, a v; H. Free; 1. Free; NI. Free ; Nic. Per lb, art work, stationery 3d, paintings, lithographs or photos, loose or in frames, with or without glasses 18}, pictures on paper (saints, &c.) 5d; N. Free ; Per. Works of art 45%

a v; PR. Pictures or paintings, oil 1p 46c each ; P. 5'45% a v; R. Free ; Rus. Free ; S. Oil paintingi gid each ; Sn. Free ; Sz. 410 per cwt; T. 8% av; Ur. Monuments, statues, &c. (marble) 30$c; Ven. Fifth class, paintings and portraits on canvas, wood,

paper, stone, or metal, 1st class, monumental.
Pig Iron.-See Iron and Steel,
Pin-books.--See Paper, &c.
Pipes (Iron).-See Iron and Steel.

Pitch, per cwt.-A. 6d; B. Free; Cor. 5% a v; D. 6jd; E. Per kilo id;

F. Free; G. Free; Gr. Free ; HI. Free; Hay. Per barrel 2/1; H.
Free ; 1. Free; Nic. Per lb d; N. Free; Per. 20%; P. Free;
R. 4/1; Rus. 6d per cwt gross, with an addition of 20% on each
rouble of duty leviable; Sal. Per lb g w d; S. ad ; Sn. Free;
Sz. id per cut; T. 8% av; USC. Per kilog, block used in con-

structing vessels 2)d; Ven. Second class.
Pitchforks.-See Iron and Steel.
Plate Glass.-See Glass and Glass Wares,
Playing Cards.-See Paper, &c.
Ploughs and Ploughshares.--See Iron and Steel.
Plush.-See Woven Manufactures.
Polish. See Grease.
Pomades.-See Perfumery.
Porcelain.-See Earthenware and Porcelain.
Porcelain Plaques. -See Earthenware and Porcelain.
Pork (Salted), per cwt.-A. 3ot; B. Free ; D. Free ; F. 1/10; G. 10/2; Gr.

Free; H. Salted 10fd, smoked or dried 1/03; 1. 8/2; N. Smoked 11/4, other kinds free; PR. Per 100 kilos, 4 P 6 cts; P. 18/8; R. Salted 12/2, smoked £2 os 8d; Rus. 711* ; s. 61; Sn. Free ;

Sz. 1/7); T. 8% a v. Portmanteaux. -See Hides and Skins. Printing Type.-See Lead and Lead Wares. Quiltings.--See Woven Manufactures. Rails, Railway Carriages, Railway Points, Railway Wheels. - See Iron and

Steel. Ready-made Clothing.–See Indiarubber and Gutta Percha, also Woven

Manufactures. Red Lead.-See Lead and Lead Wares. Ribbons.-See Woven Manufactures. Rivets.-See Iron and Steel. Rock Oils.See Petroleum. Rock Salt.-See Salt. Roofing Slates.-A. Free ; B. 1'71,000 ; D. Free; F. 1711,000; G. od per

cwt, entering by sea 3d; Gr. Free; H. Free ; 1. Free; N. Free; P. Free; R. Not specified ; Rus. 3d per cwt; S. 60 per ton ; Sn.

Free ; Sz. 91d per ton; T.8% av; US. 25%. Rosin.-A. Common 6d per cwt, refined 1/6, B. Free; Cor. 71%; D. Brown

and yellow rosin 63d, other kinds 19; E. Per kilo 10!; F.gid; G. Free; Gr. Free ; Hl. Free; Hay, Per barrel 2/1; H. Free ; I. } ; Nic. Id per Ib; N. Free ; Per. 10%; P. Common free, other kinds 5*45% a v; R. 41 per cwt ; Rus. White rosin 1'1,+ other kinds 33; Šal. d per lb. g w; 8. Pine rosin ad, other kinds 4/07: Sn.

Free; Sz. Raw id, refined 75d; T.8% av; USC. Per kilo gd. Rouge.-See Perfumery. Rugs.-See Woven Manufactures, Rum.-See Spirits. Russia Leather.See Hides and Skins. Sacking.-See Woven Manufactures. Saccharine.--B. 140 francs per kilo; P. £3 6s 8d per kilo; S. Prohibited for

purposes of food; Sz. 4/ per cwt. Saddlery and Harness.-See Hides and Skins. Sailcloth.--See Woven Manufactures. Sails.-See Woven Manufactures, Linen (Hempen and Jute). Sal Ammoniac, per cwt.-A. 1,6}; B. Free; Br. '150 and 30% per kilo;

D. Free ; F. Raw 3/3, refined 4 '10); G. Free ; Gr. Free ; H. Free; 1. 17); N. Free ; P. 5% a v; R. Free ; Rus. 22; S. 4d; Sn.

Free; Sz. 5d; T. 8% a v. Salmon.-See Fish. Saltpetre, per cwt.-A. Raw (nitrate of soda) free, refined all kinds 1/6}; B.

Free; D. 1/2; F. Free; G. Free ; Gr. Free; H. Free; I. Nitrate of soda raw free, ditto refined, and nitrate of potash 12); N. Free ; P. Nitrate of potash 7/6, nitrate of soda free ; R. Free: Rus. 41 4s 8d, S. Nitrate of potash 7d, nitrate of soda id; Sn. Free Sz. Unrefined id, refined 5d; T.8% a v.

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