Sivut kuvina

Woven Manufactures-continued.

clothing and articles wholly or partly made up, 10% above highest G. rate chargeable on material of which composed ; G. Tissues of

cotton, pure or mixed with metal threads but not with wool or silk, (1) fishing nets 1/6) per cwt (2)very coarse textures made from unbleached yarn of cotton waste, in pieces not above 50 centimetres long, as grey packing cloth, press cloths, &c., also in combination with other weaving materials or with a few coloured threads 5/1, (3) unbleached, close-woven wares, except velvet, also tulle, unbleached and unfigured £2 os 8d, (4) bleached, close-woven wares, dressed or not, except velvet 42 10s rod, (5) velvet and all closewoven wares not included under 3, 4, and 9 63 os ud, (6) unbleached, open-woven wares (except curtains) not included under 3, hosiery, fringe and buttonmakers' wares, also tissues in combination with metal threads £3 os ud, (7) curtain stuffs bleached and dressed 65 165 rod, (8) all open-woven wares, such as jaconet, muslin, tulle, marly, gauze, so far as they are not included under Nos. 3, 6, 7, 45 Is 7d, (9) lace and embroidered wares

£8 178 rod, (10) ready-made clothing, under-linen 63 16s ad, other Gr. kinds 67 128 sd ; Gr. Cotton tissues unbleached, not classified, con

taining in the warp and woof per 5-1,000th square metre, not exceeding 36 threads 61d per 284 lbs, ditto 56 threads 7d, bleached, not classified, old, dyed and printed goods not classified, ud per 2.84 lbs,' lamp wicks and boot laces & 125, tissues of fine make, transparent, viz., batistes, gauzes, muslins, grenadines, tulles, dentelles, head-kerchiefs (kalemkaria) and any embroidered goods (with the exception of ready-made clothes) 9 125, velvet stuffs, garters, tapes, ribbons, laces, cords, edgings and haberdashery, lappets sancoulis (muslin), Spanish calicoes, pompadour and cretonne, calicoes exceeding 56 threads, underclothing, headbands (trembez) and remnants of cotton tissues 1 ó per 2 48 lbs. sail cloth 6/5, ready-made clothes for men and boys are subject to the duty upon the tissue of which made with the addition of 40%, ready-made

dresses for women and girls, without deduction for tare, and with or HI. Hay. without embroidery or lace £24; Hl. Free ; Hay. Per ell, cotton

prohibited, manufactures, bleached or unbleached cloth from fd to id according to width, fine, under join 2d, prints nļd and 2d, drills and ducks, mixed linen and cotton, up to 3oin 3d, ordinary 3d, pure cotton 2d, ordinary ifd, denims, blue, from id to ifd, according to width, pantaloon stuffs ad, sheeting sd, ribbons or tape, per dozen ells id, stockings, per dozen pairs 1'8, shawls, per dozen 4/2,

towels, coloured border, per dozen 1/8, common, per dozen rod, H. table-cloth, per ell 4d; H. Manufactures of all kinds 5% a v.

(NOTE.--Unbleached cloth to be printed or dyed in Holland, may be admitted free under special regulations.) !. Cotton tissues figured, embossed and damasked 8/1} additional to duty on un. figured, brocaded 16/3 additional to duty on tissues, embroidered in chainstitch 44 is 3d per cwt additional, embroidered in lockstitch .6 is uid per cwt additional to duty on tissue, tulle, unbleached 48 2s 7d, bleached or dyed 69 28 11d; unbleached tissues of cotton, with black bands in proximity to the selvage, £2 25 4d; gauze and muslin, unbleached 24 is 3d, bleached £4 175 6d, dyed £4 155 5d, printed £6 ros, figured 8/1} additional to those not figured,

brocaded 16'z additional to duty on tissue, embroidered in chainstitch £4 is 3d additional to duty on tissue, embroidered in lockstitch £6 is und additional to duty on tissue ; oil tissues, oil cloth, &c., floor cloth, tarred tissues 12/21, oil cloth £1 4s 4 d, emery cloth half duty on tissue without emery buttons 63 os udd; hosiery and knitted goods, plain 63 os uld, shaped £4 118 5d ; braids £3 os udd; curtains of tulle, anglais or torchon, nemmed with large cotton threads, £8 188 ld and 10% for sewing ; galloons, tapes, and ribbons £2 8s 91d ; lace £14 4s 6d; cotton velvets, common and plushes, un, bleached 62 8s 91d, bleached £2 163 10d, dyed £375 ofd, printed 4,4 gs 4d, fine--unbleached 62 16s 101d, bleached 13 9s id, dyed 24 18 3d, printed 65 is 6d ; mixed tissues, with less than 12% silk, according to quality of tissue with 16' 3 per cwt additional; with less than 50% silk, according to quality of tissue with 4/08 additional, with metallic threads of gold, silver, gilt, or silvered, 204 per cwt additional to duty on tissue ; of common metal 94d additional to duty on tissue ; ready made articles, sacks, bed and table linen, towels, taped curtains, and the like according to quality of tissue with 10% additional; collars, cuffs, and men's shirts, twice the duty on their Woven Manufactures--continued.

respective tissues; other articles 40% additional to duty on respective tissues; when the made up articles cannot be classed on the basis of weight to superficies and of the threads contained in a square of 5 millimetres, they are subject to the highest duty of the class to which they belong; in the case of mixed tissues, the duty on the tissue which predominates in weight or, when the weight of both tissues is equal, the duty of the most highly taxed material is paya'le ; cotton tissues unbleached, weighing. 13 kilogrammes and upwards per 100 square metres and having in warp and woof in the square


5 millimetres 27 elementary threads or less kr 5s 2d, more than 27 threads &1 ios id, weighing from 7 to 13 kilogrammes per 100 square metres and having in warp and woof in the square of 5 millimetres 27 elementary threads or less kr 175 id, more than 27 threads 62 os 88, weighing less than 7 kilogrammes per 100 square metres and having in warp and woof in the square of 5 millimetres 27 elementary threads or less £2 45 84d, more than 27 threads £2 12s 6d, bleached 20% above the duty on unbleached, dyed or woven in colours 14/3 above the duty on unbleached, printed, E! 108 6d above the duty on unbleached, small shawls of carded wool mixed with silk 46, 3% extra if sewn hems, small cotton shawls having the hems worked with woollen threads 63 rs 4d and 40% for sewing, of woollen net with fringe of wool and silk 8 8) per kilo and 50% for sewing, of black wool, embroi.

dered with silk on one corner only with a woollen fringe, £418s und M.

and 25%; M. Per kilo, cotton tissues, articles of cotton fabric of all
kinds, not embroidered and not otherwise distinguished 160 ( w),
ditto embroidered with any material other than silver or gold 2'25,
cotton lace and netting of all kinds, and all manufactures of
these materials, even though ornamented with silk or any metal
other than silver or gold 6'00, ruching of cotton muslín, with
or without cotton lace and small silk ornaments 4'30, cotton
yarn of all kinds and colours (n w) o'90, cotton thread of all
kinds and colours, including the cotton thread called “crochet
(I w) 1'20, shawl handkerchiefs or shawls, large or small, of cotton
of all kinds other than net, with or without bringe or embroidery of
cotton or wool (n w) 1'20, ditto, with or without embroidery of
wool or cotton, and with fringe of silk and wool or silk and cotton
(n w) 2'50, elastic web of cotton and indiarubber more than 4 centi-
metres wide (g w) 060, clothing of cotton stuff ready

cut in pieces for dressings of all kinds, except that elsewhere specified (n w) 1970, cotton tissues, unbleached or white of all kinds, plain, not exceed. ing 30 threads in a half-centimetre square o'90 sq m, ditto of more than 30 threads oʻ11, ditto, printed, dyed or stamped, of all kinds

not exceeding 30 threads, &c. 0'12. ditto, exceeding 30 threads o'15; Nic. Nic. Per lb. raw, with seeds d, without seeds 4d, sewing thread,

hand or machine, white or coloured 7d, cotton in skeins, raw or white 3d, ditto any other colour 4d, table linen, worked, damask, table cloths, serviettes and other damask tissues id, mats, towels, counterpanes quilted and other quilted tissue 7. , 'white cambric (coquillo), madapolan and similar bleached tissue 6d, flowered calico, plain or worked of any colour rod, shirts, shirt fronts, collars, cuffs, drawers, blouses, vests and similar articles, white or coloured, plain or worked, for men or women's wear 1/0), ditto with or without collars, cuffs and fronts of linen ilst, waistcoats, stockings, soks, night-caps, gloves, drawers knitted, and any manufacture or tissue embroidered rod, canvas 6jd, ribbons, laces for shoes, plain or worked 75d, corsets, finished or not 117, creas, petti. coats or ginghams, white gd, ticken, quilted, satinette, light stuffs for men's clothes 7jd, lace curtains and coverlets, lace or knitted tissues 2/1, counterpanes or horse-rugs and ponchos 6d, waistbands, braces and garters 1/58, fringes, ornaments, galloons, plain or worked, tufts, cords, &c. 1/5), gauze, muslin, printed, open-worked or embroidered, muslins for beds or curtains 110, ditto plain or figured, white rd, mantles (mantua), plain, unbleached, of any kind and size 31d, bed ticking. unbleached or bleached, ticking, blue, coffee, or other colour, and sail-cloth 4fd, wicks for lamps od, ditto for candles 2d, cloths, lawn, transparent tissues, cambric and other tissues rod, small wares not distinguished 2/1, lace, tulle, crape, white or coloured, plain 3/1, plush or satin, of cotton st. pocket. handkerchiefs and neckerchiefs, flowered calico, satinette, lawn, jaconas, chintz, white calico, imitating serge or embroidered 1/05/ Woven Manufactures--continued.

cambric muslin, plain or worked and quilted for ladies' wear 9d, satin, satinette, and poplin for ladies' wear 1/of. rebozos 1/3, rebozos trimmed with silk 2/1, sandaline, lustring, Hollands and other stuffs for lining clothes 7bd, carpet bags, bags, hammocks, and similar articles id, cloth for ladies' wear and estopillas, printed 111d, cloth for bed-coverings, bleached or unbleached 6d, neckerchiefs, embroidered 3/9, galloons and ornaments of any kind 1/5), chintzes

and jaconas, or tissues plain or worked, common, semi-fine, or fine N.

of any quality od ; N. Manufactures of pure cotton, sail cloth and other unbleached and undyed cloth weighing 6'3 oz to 2'7 square feet 3/115, cloth bleached printed, dyed or woven of dyed yarn weighing 3'5 oz to 27 square feet 13/3, ribbons or tapes, also ribbons and tissues mixed with indiarubber or gutta percha and waistbands of the same 63 23 rd, drill and damask also handkerchiefs not otherwise specified 21 13$ 110, knitted wares, dyed or not £3 25 id other cotton tissues, blonde, bobbinet, lace and talle £7 is 2d, other open or transparent tissues £4 1984d, close-woven printed £325 id, ditta dyed, of various colours, not printed bugs ird, ditto of one colour, even if applied by printing or rolling, also bleached 15/3, ditto unbleached 7/4, trim. mings, buttons, fringes, &c. 43 16s 3d, ready-made clothing as the predominating material of which made with an addition of 10%. (NOTĖ: --- Manufactures of cotton mixed with fax, hemp or other vegetable fibres pay as cottons, and those of cotton mixed with silk,

or of cotton mixed with wool, as manufactures of silk and wool Per. PR. respectively.) Per. Cotton 40%, manufactures of, 40% a v; PR. Per

kilo, textiles, closely woven, smooth, brown, white or coloured, as madapollams, calico, croydon, domestics, and like goods up to 10 threads 14cts, from 11 to 16 threads 20 cts, 17 to 21 threads 27 cts, 22 threads and upwards 43 cts, textiles, closely woven, smooth, printed, as regencies, chintz, and similar goods, up to 13 threads 23 cts, 14 to 17 threads 29 cts, 18 to 21 threads 49 cts, 22 threads and upwards 75 cts, textiles, transparent or light, smooth, plain or worked, white, coloured or printed, as muslin gauze, lawn, jaconet, organdies, poplins, vic. torias, cambrics and like goods, up to 12 threads 34 cts, 13 to 17 threads 43 cts, 18 to 23 threads 58 cts, 24 threads and upwards 95 cts, textiles, twilled, white, brown or coloured, as bed ticking, canvas, domestics, madapollams, towelling, and like goods 20 cts, textiles, { willed, superior to the preceding, and those printed, flowered, as germanic, drills, pique, damask, and like goods 56 cts, quiltings, blankets and muletouls 17 cts, corduroys, velveteens, and other double textiles for articles of dress 75 cts, tulles, edging, and lace crochet

I peso 45 cts, textiles knitted into undershirts, stockings, drawers, P. gloves, caps, and other forms 63 cts; P. Per kilo, cotton, raw 230 r,

thread, single, raw, fine red or stamped with more than one colour 150 ?, thread, white, single 235 r, ditto, coloured, single, not otherwise mentioned 270 r, ditto, twisted 370 r, lace and insertions 1,665 r, marly, tulle, ordinary canvas, crinoline, &c. 170 r, fine muslins, &c. 1,180 r, muslins and cambrics, unprepared 235 r, white muslins and cambrics, not otherwise mentioned goor, linseys, blankets, and moleskins 600 r, twills for printing or dyeing 220 r, canvas and saileloth for vessels 70 r, ditto, not otherwise mentioned, sackcloth and Holland, grey or bleached 120 r, tissues, closewoven, plain, not elsewhere classified, grey 160r, ditto, bleached 185 r, serges, damasks, sateens, transparent, grey, or bleached, not otherwise classified 330 r, ditto, transparent, dyed, or stamped, not otherwise mentioned 535 t, velveteens and bombazines 280 r, velvets, velvety stuffs and ribbons 600 r, shawls and handkerchiefs 649.r, carpets, druggets, and stair-carpets 260 r, candle-wicks 150 r, wicks not classified 570 1, knitted tissues and stuffs and stockings 1.095 ,

trimmings, galloons, bobbin work (including the tares, excepting R. boxes) 760 r; R. Common, viz., tissues not ched, dyed, dressed

or figured, woven wicks, nets and girths 8,2, middle-fine, viz., tissues, bleached, dressed, dyed (excepe printed), figured or not 10/2, fine, viz., printed, also velvety tissues 18/3, extra fine, viz., English tulle, bobbinet, muslin, lawn, gauze and other open-woven wares (except lace) 41 16 7d, haberdashery and fringemakers' wares EI 125 6d, hosiery of cotton, plain or trimmed with other tissues Et 128 6d, lace 5% a v, clothing made up or not from

63 135 2d to £20 according to sections of Tariff Act under which Rus. its composition falls; Rus. Tissues, unbleached, bleached, figured

or dyed (except those dyed Turkey red):

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Woven Manufactures-continued.
Up to 8 square arshinest to the funt* £6 2

2 per cwt From 8 to 12

8 5 6

10 16 9
or more than 16

23 12 II
Tissues, printed or dyed Turkey red :-
Up to 8 square arshinest to the funt

£10 16 9
From 8 to 12

12 to 16
of more than 16

Cotton tissues of every kind with applications of gold, silver tinsel

, straw or other ornaments and if cut out for ladies' dresses 626 os ad, velvet, plush and plush ribbons £9 17s, haberdashery (galloon or braid), hosiery, knitted wares, chenille and articles thereof and canvas with or without embroidery commenced on it 67 178 8d, * buttons £6 ros id, tulle (net) of every kind for furniture with or without designs and net or muslin curtains £8 178 4d,+ all other cotton tulle £4375, lace £65 os 5d,+ waxed and oil-cloth and manufactures thereof £2 75 3d, t ready-made clothing (1) made-up linen of all kinds, including underlinen, but exclusive of tablelinen, towels and hand kerchiefs and those coming under article 2 £35 78 9d,+ (2) made of lawn and batiste and all kinds trimmed with lace or embroidered 47 3s 8d,+(3) ready-made clothes for men £30 gs 6d, t (4) clothing for women and articles of all kinds not otherwise specified, untrimmed 653 is 8d,+ (5) the same trimmed with ribbon, velvet, silk, feathers, fur, embroidery and lace £82 us 5d.f (Note.-Caparisons, coverlets, curtains, blinds and similar ar. ticles, hemmed and stitched pay duty as materials of which

they are made.) Thread of silk and cotton per poud 63 75 6d ; Sal,

Bal. Raw, not rated, antimacassars, 3oin long, per doz 12:4, arabias, 36in, per yd 4d, artificial flowers, per lb 15/55, badanas, 36in wide, per yd 3d, bands, per doz pairs old, cloths, 45in long, per doz 6/3, white and cambric, z8in, per yd 1fd, ditto, zein ditto 2}d, ditto 4oin ditto 3d, canvas, join wide, ditto 190, carpeting, per square piece 1d, costumes 6/3 each, ditto, not made up, ditto 4d, ditto and for children, ditto 4/8, cuffs, shirt, per doz pairs 4/4), drill, zein, per yd 3d, ditto, linen mixed with cotton, zain, ditto 51d, ditto 'ditto, fine, 3zin, ditto 14d, drawers, per doz 12/4, dimity, 32in, per yd 6d, ditto, quilted ditto 1/3, damask, 28in width, ditto 5 d, ditto, mixed with wool, ditto 1/1, embroidery, per lb 4/8, frock coats, each 7/91, jackets, ditto 4/8, garters, per doz 22, ditto, children's, ditto 1/64, gauze, per yd 31d, holland, mixed with linen, 36in width, ditto old, handkerchiefs, 18in, per doz nd, 28in 1/64, 36in 24, lawn, join width, per yd 4d, bordered with wool or silk, ditto 5d, lace, 36in width, ditto 4d, bordered, &c., ditto 6d, muslins, 28in width, ditto ald, 36in 3d, niixed with wool 6d, padding, per lb 9]d, packing cloth, linen mixed with cotton, 36in, per yd 2}d, prints, 24in, ditto ind, 36in, ditto 3d, shirtings, 26in, ditto 11d, zoin, dittó 2d, 36in, ditto 2!d, drill, 36in, ditto 3d, shawls, lace, per doz 61 175 old, small size, ditto 61 4s 8d, ordinary, each 6/3, china silk, per doz 1/64, ditto large, ditto 15/55 china crape, each 4/8, sashes, &c, per doz 4/8, sashes mixed with wool, ditto 4/8, skirts, ditto 41 175 old, sailcloth, per yd 9ld, surplices, each 12/4, socks, men's, per doz 3/1), children's 1/61, mixed with wool 26, stockings, per doz, sewn 5/5), unsewn and women's 9'45, sewn 31), children's 1/6), shirts, per doz 15/5), ditto, with linen collars and cuffs, ditto £1 45 8d, scarves, ditto 12.15 61d, tassels, per lb 2/3), undershirts, per doz 9/4), ditto, mixed with wool,

ditto 135 rofd, vests, ditto £9 175 old, white spreads, 2 yds, each S. 1/6), 3 yds 3/1), wraps, per lb 6/3, wrapper, each 16/17 ; 8. Close

woven tissues, plain, unbleached, bleached or dyed in pieces or handkerchiefs, measuring up to 25 threads inclusive in the square of 6 millimetres £3 2s rod, of 26 threads and above 63 os ud, closewoven tissues, printed, twilled or figured in the loom up to 25 threads inclusive £4 178 8d, of 26 threads and above 65 is 2d, open: woven tissues, as muslins, batiste, lawns, organdines and gauzes, all kinds £4 us od, quiltings and piqués £4 5s 4d, corduroys, velve. teens or other double textures for wearing apparel 65 os 7d, net or tulle 68 gs rod, lace, crochet of all kinds, including crotchet edgings

£41556d, lace other than crochet £10 198 6d, knitted wares in pieces, = 409'5 grammes; 1 English Ib = 453*5 grammes. † Arshine =0*71 metre.

Woven 'Manufactures-continued.

shirts or drawers £3 195 5d, ditto stockings, gloves, &c. 45 zs 2d, fringes, galloons, &c. £t is zd, ready-made clothing, as material of which made with an addition of 30%, embroidered articles ditto, mixed tissues (1) tissues of cotton mixed with silk or wool-see silk tissues mixed and woollen tissues mixed respectively, (2) tissues of cotton mixed with linen as pure linen tissues, (3) tulle of cotton foundation, although embroidered with silk or other material will

pay duty as cotton tulle, when there is a mixture in the foundation Sn. duty will be payable on the predominating material ; Sn. Tissues

of pure cotton, sailcloth 7/11, bookbinders' cloth Er 8s 3d, velveteen, plush and fustians £2 10s rod, gauze, muslin and other similar openwoven wares, also close-woven wares containing at least 80 threads in the space of 1 square centimetre £4 18s rod, tulle 67 is ad, other kinds not bleached or dyed £r 8s 3d, bleached or dyed £2 ios rod, printed or stamped 63 as id, ribbons and tapes 63 as id, blinds, painted or printed 12 ios 1od, lace and blonde £6 12s 8d, fringes, galloons, cords, cording, &c. £3 as id, hosiery, gloves, stockings, &c. 43

6s 7d, ready-made clothing, sheets, towels, &c., hemmed or with needlework as material of which made with an addition of 20%,

embroidered articles as material upon which embroidered with an Sz. addition of 20%; Sz. Tissues, plain, twilled, bleached, dyed, printed

142694 quilted, figured, dimity, damask, brilliantés, figured 6/6, velveted, figured 2014, blankets, without needlework or trimming, unbleached, also ditto bleached, of dyed yarn, dyed, printed 1/7.5, blankets with needlework or trimming bros 4d, blankets of cotton waste 3'2 and £1 75 8fd respectively, felt tissues, not finished, for paper making 16/3'08, ribbons and haberdashery, also hosiery 61 Os 4d, embroidery and lace 62 os 8d, clothing, underclothing, and other articles ready-made with needlework LI 8s 6d ; pads of stuff for caulking of ships, impregnated or not 1/2), gun cotton for manufacture of collodion 15/10, sleeves of

plush (cotton, wool, jute, &c.) £2 195 4d; T. All kinds 8% USC. av; USC. Per kilo, unbleached cloth, without any white or

coloured part, and without figures or sewing 1/8, blue fulas or white cloth, or unbleached, with white parts, smooth, without colouring, figures, sewing or embroidery, as bogotanas, calicots, liencillos, mada polanes, croydons and others of the same kind a/1, drills and other white and coloured fabrics not otherwise mentioned 26, coverlets, Marseilles and figured, and damasked fabrics not comprised in other groups, and velveteen, tape and ribbons 2/11, ordinary handkerchiefs, with or without borders, shawls and mauds, and fabrics for making same 3/4, socks and other textiles, commonly called tricot materials, as undershirts, drawers and gloves, muslins, lawns, and other transparent fabrics, damasks, carpets, hammocks, and ready-made clothing, without embroidery, laces, or other ornaments of articles subject to higher duties 3/9, all kinds of embroidered fabrics, or meshed, and their imitations, inclusive, laces, insertions, and other similar and ready-made clothing, not otherwise men. tioned 5/, fringes, galloons, cords, braids, tassels and like objects 3/9, wicks for lamps and tinder boxes rod, wicks and twisted cotton for

bugies, candles, or matches 5d, cords for bridle reins rod, mixed Ven. fabrics pay same rate as highest materials contained ; Ven. 2nd

class, boat sails; 3rd class, cordage, blue hollands ; 4th class, heavy bands, bruzas, canvas, duck, twine, mats (1 metre long, 50 centi. metres wide), furniture cloths, sails for vessels, lamp wicks, chair bottoms; 5th class, arabias, white Britannia, brown cotton,unbleached osnaburgs, regatta stripes (brown), cotonia (sor cots), domestic (un. bleached), drill (unbleached), elephants, linings, white blankets, ginghams, embroidery or knitting white hollands, brown Irish cottons, unbleached drillings (white or coloured), coarse ginghams, bleached shirting, wide shirting, silesia (white or coloured) white shirting, savajo (croydons), simpatico (shirting); 6th class, German cloth (white or coloured), knit undershirts, knit bands, gowns, (made or cut), knit caps, bombazine (white or coloured), bordon (white or coloured), coloured brilliantine, hammock cords, socks, stockings, calicones (coloured), knit drawers and pants, calicones, table-covers, bed-spreads, coqui (white or coloured), regatta stripes (bleached or coloured), cretonas, hammocks, malvinas (coloured), cloaks coverings, damask (white or coloured), underskirts, estripe, fustians (made or cut), razete (white or coloured), bed quilts, parasols, knit work, cloth for underskirts (embroidered or not), chemisettes (made

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