Sivut kuvina


Woven Manufactures-continued.

tissues 1'91, other than plain 3/7), hosiery, haberdashery, and button-makers' wares 3/7), other pure or floss silk goods 4/61, half silk velvets and velvet ribbons 3/7!, other manufactures of half silk 23, very common tissues of coarse woven waste silk 24d,

oiled silk 3d, ready-made clothing as material of which made Ar. with 40% additional; Ar. Silk thread 5% a v, stuffs, braid, B. trimmings and cords 40% a v; B. Tissues of all kinds and

and hosiery, haberdashery and ribbons i per lb, or at option of im.

porter 10% av, net and lace made by hand free, ready-made clothing Br. 10"; Br. Tulle, barèges, broad stuffs 28'000

per kilo, 2*000 each, ribbons 5000 per kilo, scarves 24*000 to 30'000, gloves, stockings 24'000, black plush in combination with cotton 5000, others of silk only 24 000, in combination with cotton 13'000, laces in combination with other materials 16'000 and 30%, ready-made clothing 15.000 or 60% a v, velvet, satin 14'000, in combination with other materials 7.000 and

30%, silk velvets 6.000, silk gauzes 14*000, ribbons 5'000, C. coarse silk goods 2'250, silk ties 15/00; C.

Socks and stockings, ribbons, shawls, velvets, ready-made clothing, Ch. silk manufactures of all kinds 35% á v; Ćh. Clothing 100

catties 10'o'o'o, silk, raw and thrown 100 catties 10'0'o o, yellow, from Szechwan 7'o'o'o, reeled, from Dupions 5o'o'o, wild, raw, 2 5*o'o, velvets not exceeding 34yds long, per piece o't 8'o, silk ard cotton mixtures 100 catties, 5*5'o'o, refuse 1o'o'o, cocoons 3'o'o'o, refuse 5% a v, cocoon skins (shells) 5% a v, floss (Canton) 43*o*o, from other provinces ro'o'o'o, ribbons and thread 10'o'o'o, ditto interwoven with imitation gold or silver 18 o'o'o or 5%a v optional,

piece goods 12'o'o'o, ditto Szechwan and Shantung 4-5*o'o, tassels Cor. 10'000 ; Cor. a v, raw, waste, &c, 8%, fabrics, Japanese, white, D. haberta, damasks, gauze, &c, 10%, velvet 20%; Ó. Silk wares,

wholly of silk 4 of per Ib, of silk mixed with other material, if either warp or woof or face is of pure silk 28} per cwt, other kinds 1/67, haberdashery, trimmings and buttonmakers' wares 2 01, oiled silk and silk mixed with indiarubber 11, ready-made clothing, when not lined or trimmed or when the lining or trimming is not liable to a higher duty than the material of which made, as the material of which chiefly composed with an addition of 50%, when the lining or trimming is liable to a higher duty than the material of which made, as the material of which chiefly composed with an addition of 100%; E. Per kilo, gold and silk embroidered articles 4/2; F. Of pure silk, tissues, hosiery and haberdashery, lace, crape, net or tulle foulards free, tissues, hosiery and haberdashery, of pure floss silk or of silk and floss silk, unbleached, bleached, printed or dyed 8 d per lb, tissues of waste floss silk for furniture weighing more than 250 grammes to the square metre 64d, tissues, haberdashery and lace, of silk or of floss silk mixed with fine gold or silver 445 per Ib, ditto semi-fine or false gold or silver 1'31, tissue of silk or of floss silk mixed with other materials in which the silk or floss silk predominates in weight 1 1, ribbons of silk or floss silk, pare or mixed with other materials, velvet, 1,9%, other kinds 1/5, ready-made clothing and articles wholly or partly made up 10% above highest rate chargeable on material of which composed ; G. Haberdashery and buttonmakers' wares of silk or floss silk 2 87 per Ib, ditto of silk or half silk in combination with metal threads 37), hosiery of silk or floss silk 2/87, ditto in combination with metal threads 37), lace and blonde 2/81, if with metal threads 3/7), em. broidery 2 81, ribbons of silk 3/7), of half silk 2 o}, gauze and crape 4 64, tulle-figured 28], with metal threads 3:7), dyed or unbleached 11, very coarse tissues of unbleached silk waste, as grey packing cloth, press cloths, &c., combined or not with other materials or with a few dyed threads id per lb, other silk wares in combination with cotton, linen, wool or other spinning materials 2'o, ready-made clothing of silk or floss silk, pure or com.

bined with metal threads 5's), ditto of half silk 308, oiled silk Gr. 2+d; Gr. Of silk pure or mixed, lace and blonde, fichus, crape,

edgings with or without metallic or glass ornaments £2 68 rd per Ib, embroidery, tissues with metallic threads, ribbons, hosiery and shirtmakers' wares, cords and sewn articles not specially dis. tinguished 11 10) per 2.84 lbs, culle, gauze, and batiste 64 per 284 lbs, fringes, haberdashery and galloons of silk with OT without ornaments of glass or metal 6/10), haberdashery and




Woven Manufactures-continued.

galloons of silk mixed with other materials 2:3), velvet and plush 17/2, tissues of silk of all colours not specially mentioned 8/7, tissues of silk mixed with other materials not specially mentioned 2/10}, ready-made clothing for men and boys pays the duty on the description of article of which composed with an addition of 40%, ready:

made clothing for women and girls 11/10% per 2.84 lbs, oiled Hay. silk 231; Hay. Lace, wide, per ell, 5d, narrow ditto 3d, socks, per

dozen 2 1, ribbons, per piece of 12 ells, 4.d, of silk velvet, ditto, id, reticules ladies', each 8d, purses, each 6d, mantillas, ladies', per dozen El os jod, ditto, young girls', ditto 5/24 ; handkerchiefs, black and coloured, from 4/2 to 8/4 each, twist for shakos, with fine gold or silver, each 8,4, ditto with imitation gold and silver, each 4'2, for dresses, per rooyds 1o, for shakos, per doz 7/3), silk velvet twist for dresses, per ell ld, fringe, ditto id, plush ditto 6d, silk velvet, ditto 1/0}, cloth and other embroidered stuffs, ditto 1/1, gross of Naples, embroidered, plain or striped, satin, plain or without flowers, taffeta,

and other stuffs of worked silk, for dresses, per ell 10d, levantine, H. Florence, and light silks, striped, ditto, 71d, veils, each 8/4 ; H.

Manufactures of all kinds 5% a v;!. Velvets and plushes of silk and floss silk 32} per lb, figured 4 41, tissues of silk and floss silk, black, plain 2/65, figured 3/7), coloured, plain: 2103, figured 4', net tissues, plain 3/74, figured 49, velvets, mixed, containing from 12 to 50%, floss silk or silk, plain 2/64, figured 3.74, silk tissues, mixed, containing from 12 to 50% silk or Hoss silk, black, plain 1's, figured 269, coloured plain 1/97, figured 2'11, tissues embroidered in chainstitch 8 d per lb additional to duty on tissue of which composed in lockstitch 1/1 per lb additional, common tissues of waste and refuse silk exceeding 200 grammes per square metre and containing 12% and over silk waste, plain iod, figured 16), silks, ribbons, and galloons, 1'1 additional to duty on tissue of which composed, hosiery and knitted goods, plain, as tissue of which composed, shaped, 50% additional to duty on hosiery plain, braids as ribbons, lace, tulle, crape, and blonde containing not less than 12% silk 4/91, lace and tulle, plain 4/9), figured 6/67, tissues with metallic threads of gold and silver 1 'of additional to duty on tissue of which composed, of common metal 8 d additional; buttons covered with silk or floss silk or mixed with other materials 1'91, ready made articles as tissue of which composed with 50% additional ; M.

Silk and silk tissues, umbrellas, sunshades and parasols of silk, or of silk with an admixture of cotton, linen or wool of all kinds 1'75 each, raw silk of all kinds n w 2'00 per kilo, silk, with an admixture of other materials, rosettes of silk, or silk and cotton. or silk and wool, with metal ornaments other than gold and silver nw 5'00, silk nets with an admixture of indiarubber or of cotton and indiarubber n w 4 40, elastic web of silk and indiarubber, or of silk and

indiarubber mixed with cotton, linen or wool, more than 4 centimetres Nic. wide (gross) 1'10; Nic. Per Ib. Silk, thrown or raw in skeins 6:3,

ditto on bobbins 3/4, strips of burat, knitted issues, tulle or other tissues 6/3, ribbons or bands, plain, worked or embroidered 6/3, damask, brocade, and other similar tissues, plain, figured or embroidered 7/6, gauze, muslin, lawn, crape, lace, tulle and similar tissues 776, pocket handkerchiefs, scarves, shawls and similar articles 63, satin, satinade, taffetas, serge and any other similar articles, plain, worked or embroidered 7,6, velvet, plain or figured 8,4, ornaments of any kind, laces, fringes, plaits, &c. 76, tufts and galloons 6/3, women's wearing apparel, garibaldis, jackets, bodices, capes and any other kind of clothing for men and women, including nightcaps 8/4, nets, stockings, drawers, bonnets, gloves and any article of hosiery 7/6, neckerchiefs for men or women 6/3, garters, braces and waistbands 5/2, rebozos of half-silk 4/2, ditto of silk 6/3, vestments, sacerdotal, and ornaments for holy images and purposes of divine worship, such as stoles, chasubles, clocks, palls, &c, ornamented or not with trimmings, 8/4: (Note.-Articles

of silk mixed with wool, linen or cotton, pay duty as silk.) N. N. Manufactures of silk, pure or mixed with other materials,

blondes, bobbinet, lace or tulle 1/3 per lb, velvet and plush, other silk wares, pure or mixed, trimmings, fringes, &c. 1'2, oiled silk

1/4*, ready-made clothing as materials of whish made with an addition PR. of 10%; PR. Per kilo, silk and floss silk, spun and twisted 2 pesos,

textiles, smooth or twilled, in pieces, cortes or handkerchiess 4 pesos 60 сs, ditto, mixed with cotton in the woof 3 pesos 48 cs, trans


Woven Manufactures-continued.

parent, plain, or worked, with or without a mixture of cotton or wool gauze, pine-apple muslin, crêpe (nipe), and like goods 11 pesos 74 cs, velvets and felts 1 pesos 50 cs, vestings, floss silk (escardo de seda), and those of floss mixed with silk 2 pesos 30 cs, tulle, laces, and edgings, silk or floss silk 6 pesos 90 cs, knit in undershirts,

drawers, stockings, gloves, and other, with or without mixture P. of cotton or woo! 5 pesos 80 cs, trimming 2 pesos 90 cs.; P. Silk

plush pure or mixed z'o per lb, velvets and satins 12/2 per lb, ribbons 11/3, shawls 15/11, bandkerchiefs 7/14, laces, tulle 12/3, tissues not otherwise specified, plain or figured 12/3, if less than silk 5/11, all the above with an addition of 30%, knitted wares 10/25, and

haberdashery 5'1}, with addition of 20%, ready-made clothes pay on R. tissues of which made with addition of 50%; Á. Tissues and knitted

wares of silk, stuffs and ribbons of silk and velvets, plain, figured, brocaded even when mixed with real or imitation gold or silver, crêpe, plain, embroidered or figured, gauze of pure silk or of silk mixed with gold or silver, tulles and blondes, hosiery and coverlets and haber. dashery of pure silk £24 per cwt, tissues, knitted wares and haber. dashery of silk mixed with other materials (except realor imitation gold

or silver) £16, clothing made up or not, composed of certain tissues or Rus. mixed with certain tissues of linen £60; Rus. Double tissues,

having a surface of silk with iuside of wool, both connected by thread of warp 92 per Russian pound, stuffs, handkerchiefs, ribbons of silk or waste silk £r 3s 2d, foulards, plain or printed in the warp, velvet, plush, chenille of silk or half silk and ribbons of the same, also silk sieves £1 zs 2d, foulards printed in the cloth, in the piece and handkerchiefs 13/10, stuffs, ribbons, handkerchiefs of half silk (with warp or woof of any other material) as well as of waste silk with an admixture of cotton, wool, flax, hemp, &c. 10/2,7 haberdashery (galloons, braids, trimmings), hosiery and knitted wares of silk or half silk with or without an admixture of other materials or of beads and bugles 4/64,+ buttons 21), tulle (net) in the piece, plain and figured with patterns for ladies' dresses 7/9,+ blonde or lace £ 1 3s 2d,+ waxed or oilcloth of silk 4/67,+ ready-made clothing

fr os 6d, t gobelin tapestry, irrespective of date of production and S. degree of artistic merit 1211; 8. Tissues or ribbons of floss silk, of

waste silk or of raw silk, or of waste silk mixed with pure silk 1/10 per Ib, other tissues or ribbons, plain or twilled 3/71, velvets and plushes of pure silk 4'5, ditto of silk with warp or woof of cotton or linen 2/11, tissues of silk (except velvet and plush), mixed with linen or with cotton, the warp or woof of which is one of these materials 1/5), tissues of silk and wool, the warp and woof of which is of wool 1/10, tulle lace or edgings of silk or waste silk, 264, knitted wares of silk or waste silk 3'71, fringes, galloons, cordings, &c. 2/8), ready-made

clothing as materials of which made with an addition of 30%, Sn. embroidered articles ditto 30%; Sn. Tissues of pure silk plush 1/2 per

1b, other kinds, including velvet and those mixed with gold or silver and silk stuffs for embroidery work 1'5. (Note.--Velvet even with cotton back will pay as silk velvet.) Tissues of halfsilk, all kinds 1/2}, ribbons of pure silk and velvet ribbons I'5, ditto of half silk 1/2}, lace or blonde of silk or half silk 1/5, hosiery, gloves, stockings, &c., of silk or half silk 1/5, shoemakers' wares 1/2), galloons, fringes, cordings, cords, &c., of silk or half silk 1/5, ready-made clothing, scarves, handkerchiefs, hemmed or with needlework as material of which

made with an addition of 20%, embroidered articles as mateSz. rials upon which embroidered with an addition of 20%; Sz.

Tissues of silk or waste silk, unbleached, bleached, dyed or printed Ad per lb, hosiery, haberdashery and ribbons of sílk or floss silk fd, lace ifd, embroidery, also lace 4'35d, clothing, underclothing and other articles, with needlework of silk or half silk 81/4, per cwt,

tissues, haberdashery or lace of silk or floss silk with an admixture of T. USC. gold or silver id; T. All kinds 8% a v; USC. Per kilo in threads,

fabrics, &c. 5 mixed fabrics pay the same as the highest-class

material contained. Woven Manufactures (Woollen and Worsted), percwt.-A. Woollen and worsted

tissues, pure or in combination with other materials except silk (ar) shaggy coverlets "Kotzen," halina cloth, press cloth, sieve bottoms, network and knotted nets, undyed, list, coarse felts of animal hair, also tarred or varnished 12/2, (b) carpets and rugs not included above, unprinted felts and felt wares of wool or of wool mixed with other weaving materials, also girths 62 os 8d, B.

Woven Manufactures- continued.

(c) tissues not specially named, weighing per square metre (1) above 500 grammes £2 ios iod, (2) 500 grammes and less 44 IS 4d, (3) 200 grammes and less 45 nis rod. (NOTE,—The above tissues woven throughout with cotton warp of one colour, not figured (imitation cloth) weighing more than 300 grammes per square metre £2 ios rod.) (d) Velvet and velvet-like stutis, printed wares, including felts, haberdashery and hosiery. 64. Is 3d, (e) open-woven wares £5 is 8d, lace, lace cloths, embroidered stutis, lissues mixed with metal threads, also shawls and similar tissues 610 35 3d, (3) ready. made clothing, as materials of which chiefly composed and 40: additional, blankets 25% av; B. Woollen tissues, India cashmere

shawls and scarves 5% a v, all other manufactures of wool or hair 10%; BR. BR. Woollen braid 4% per kilo, woollen laces 14'000 per kilo, Ch. blankets *540 per kilo; Ch. Woollen and cotton mixtures,

viz., lustres plain and brocaded, not exceeding 31 yards long, per piece oʻz'o'o, woollen blankets per pair o'200, broad. cloth and Spanish stripes, habit and medium cloth siin to 64in wide per chang 0'1'20, long ells 3rin wide per chang o'o'4*5, camlets, English wide per chang o'o'5 o, ditto Dutch szin wide o'l'o'o, ditto imitation and bombazettes o'o'3'5, cassimeres, flannel and narrow cloth o'o'4'o, lastings, zrin wide o o 50, dit to imitations and Orleans 34in wide o o*35, bunting not exceeding

24in wide, and 40 yards long, piece o'2'o*o, Spanish stripes, inierior, Cor. D.

per chang o'r'o'o; Cor. 816 a v; D. Felt for sheathing ships and roofing felt i'a per cwt, undyed unprinted felts, wares of cloth list and carpets 61 & 3d, open transparent tissues, combined or not with metal threads or spun glass, crochet, lace, fringes, trimmings and buttonmakers' wares 65 125 ud, other tissues £3 155, 3d, ready-made clothing, when not lined or trimmed, or when the lining or trimming is not liable to a higher duty than the material of which made, as the material of which chiefly composed with an addition of 50%, ready-made clothing, when the lining or trimming

is liable to a higher duty than the material of which made, as the E.

material of which chiefly composed with an addition of 100%; E. F.

Per kilo 1/64; F. Manufactures of wool, pure, unmixed, cloths, casimirs and other milled tissues, and short napped tissues not milled, stuffs for furniture weighing more than

400 grammes to


square metre +2 os 80 per cwt, moiré os 4d, other kinds, weighing lb less

the square yard £2 165 ud, above lb to 1 lb inclusive to the square yard 6.2 10s, above 1 lb to the square yard 62 3s id, carpets, tapestry carpets (moquette bouclée) 18/3, velvet tapestry (moquette veloutée) 61 2s 4d, eastern [3'557d, from the Jacquard loom (Brussels, Wilton and Kidderminster) chenille (Axminster) and other C1 12s 6d, hosiery of pure wool, gloves and articles of clothing not fitted £10 13$, other kinds, cut out and without seams 62 85 cd, other kinds shaped or with the foot shaped out £4 185 4d, fringemakers' wares and ribbons 44 is zd, fez caps and “bonnets rouges." 3d cach, hangings (tapes. tries) 210 35 3d per cwt, shawls embroidered or figured, other than cashmere CE ios id, tartans, not embroidered, containing 25 to 50% of cotton EI 12s 6d, containing less than 25% of cotton or wholly of wool £2 65 od lace £6 is uid, worsted velvets for furniture £3 135 2d, bolting cloth, seamless 63 5s, blankets El 28 4d, list slippers and fur-lined shoes (called Strasburg shoes) 61 15$ 4d, cloth list, free, woollens mixed with other materials, cloths, casimirs and other milled tissues, with cotton warp, short napped tissues not miiled, wool predominating, weighing to the square metre o 37 lb or less to the square yard 42 168 ud, oʻ37 lb to o 55 lb inclusive to the square yard £2 63 od, o 55 lb to oʻ74 lb inclusive to the square yard El 16$ 70, 074 lb to i lb to the square yard Ex 6s 5d, 1 lb to it lb inclusive to the square yard bi os 4d, above, I lb to the square yard 14'3, mixed tissues, the warp of Hoss silk, wool predominating £4 173 6d, carpets of wool and other materials mixed, in whatever proportion, as carpets of pure wool, hosiery as hosiery of pure wool, other kinds, wool predominating as tissues of pure wool, tissues of alpaca, lama, vicuna and camels' hair, pure or mixed with other materials, alpaca, lama, vicuna or camels' hair predominating as tissues of pure wool, tissues of goats' hair manufactured in Europe as tissues of wool, other tissues of hair (poils), mixed or not with other materials, most hair (poil) 12/2, ready-made clothing and articles wholly or partly made up, 10% above highest rates charge.



Woven Manufactures- continued.

able on material of which composed. (Nore.- Woollen tissues

mixed with cotton or any other material will pay as tissues of wool, G. provided the wool predominates in weight.) G. Tissues of wool or

hair, pure or mixed with cotton or linen or metal threads(1) cloth list free, (2) coarse, unprinted, undyed felt 1 6), per cwt, (3) carpets containing dyed or undyed yarn of animal-hair 12 2, (4) unprinted felts except those specified under No. 2 and felt wares, unprinted hosiery, carpets, printed or not, of wool, plain or in combination with other materials 42 103 104, (5) unprinted cloths and stuffs (not included under Nos. 7,0 8) (a) weighing more than 200 grainmes per square metre +38870, (6) weighing 200 grammes or less per square metre £5 Ils rod, (6) (a)printed wares (except carpets) weighing more than 200 grammes per square metre, fringe and buttonmakers' wares, plush, tissues combined with metal threads 63 16 3d, (6) printed wares (except carpets) weighing 200 grammes or less per square metre £5 nis sod, (7) lace, tulle and embroidery, also woven shawls of three or four

colours 47 128 sd, (8) woven shawls of five or more colours Gr. En 8s 8d, (9) ready-made clothing 7 128 5d ; Gr. Woollen or hair

tissues, coarse cloths, scutis, serges, coarse quilts, sashes and girths, ready-made clothes for sailors and thick cloaks made of coarse woollen tissues £1 12s, carpets, &c., carpets of animal hair 12/10, printed or made of felt £1 185 5d, of dyed thread, woven or knit 1 7 per 2.84 lbs, Persian, Georgian and similar carpets 69 125, tablecloths, curtains and door coverings £16, flannel shirts of any colour, roughly knit or woven and sewn, stockings of very coarse make, shawls of wool or of wool mixed with cotton, travelling bags, sailors' caps, bed and table covers of wool and cotton mixed 22 us 2d, felt for hats and all felt, except for carpets and machinery and cloth list free, flannel shirts of every colour, finely knit or sewn, stockings finely knit or woven shawls and travelling caps, and bed and table covers of pure wool 48, velvet tissues, coverlets, ribbons, fringes and haberdashery, strings, edging cords, tassels, common shawls printed, small knitted shawls, sewn articles and felt tissues not included above £9. 128, shawls and cashmere shawls of merinos and similar tissues, lace, tulles, grenadines, fichus, embroideries and needlework mixed with metallic threads or not £1945, tissues of wool or other animal hair of any colour and make not specified (with the exception of fine tissues such as those included in the foregoing class) up to 150 grammes per square metre 419 4s, ditto 250 L12 16s, ditto 350 ditto 48, above 350 £4 iós, similar tissues having the warp or woof entirely or in great part of cotton up to 200 grammes per square metre 1'7 per 284 lbs, above 200 i' per 2 84 lbs, fine ready-made clothing entirely of wool for men and children (for summer wear) £12 165, ditto entirely of wool, thick, for winter £9 125, ditto of cotton and wool, mixed, for summer and winter 25. 45, dresses for women and girls entirely of wool or not £24 ; Hay. Stufts for trousers from d to 6d per ell, lace, narrow, per ell ad wide, ditto 2id, raw wool, per lb 2d, shawls, per doz 12,6, socks 2 1,

ribbons, for mattresses, per piece of 12 ells ifd, shoes from 10 to H. 6!3 per doz; H. Felt for paper manufacture free, all other woollen

manufactures 5% a v, ready-made clothing 5% ay; I. Per cwt, tissues of carded wool weighing 300 grammes or less per square metre, 64 is 31, 300 to 500 grammes £3u1s 1!d, above 500 grammes £3 is, tissues of carded wool with stamped threads 13 195 2d, tissues of combed wool, all such tissues as contain even a nonpredominating portion of that matcrial, and those which contain silk in a less quantity than 12 per cent, weighing 200 grammes or less per square metre £5 is 7d, 200 to 500 grammes 64gs sd, above 500 grammes £3 175 3d, tissues of combed wool with warp. composed entirely of cotton £2 165 10d, printed 20/32 additional to duty on tissue of which composed, brocaded 16/3 additional, embroidered in chain stitch 24 is 3d additional, in lock stitch 46 is ud additional, tissues of wool closely joined together with a strip of indiarubber £4 ios 74d, felts above 3 millimetres in thickness 8/2, under 3 millimetres as tissue of carded wool, tissues of hair, sieve cloth 12/25, all other £2 4s 8d, hosiery and knitted goods 64 95 5d plain, shaped £6 145 id, braids 64 gs 5d, galloons and ribbons £4 195 6d, buttons £4 175 7d, blankets, rugs &c. of ox, goat or sheep hair, undyed, with warp of flax or cotton 24/5, blankets &c. of wool or wool waste, undyed according to quality of tissue, including those in which other textiles, with the

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