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Woven Manufactures-continued.

on silk or varnished ground 280 r, garters and girdles 1'615 r, bags (alforges or coverlets) 320 r, knitted tissues and other wares 1'405 r, trimmings, ribbons, and galloons (including the tares, except boxes) 760 r ; R. Tissues of wool, coarse coverlets with long hair halina cloth, coarse cloth carpets of all kinds 12 2 per cwt, cloth and other tissues analogous to cloth not printed, also flannels of all kinds, white or

ed 61 35 7d, all other woollen tissues not included above, except shawls and lace, also haberdashery and fringemakers' wares, hosiery of all kinds, trimmed or not with other tissues kr 12s 6d, shawls, embroidered and figured, other than Indian shawls £10 35 3d, Indian shawls bror 125 8d per cwt, lace £24 75 1od, felt all kinds, also the following articles of felt, shoes and soles for shoes and coarse felt hats for peasants and soldiers 82, articles of felt other than those named above 10/2 carpets of wool of all kinds 12/3, felt, thick common, undyed or dyed of one colour 18/3, felt for carpets of all colours, printed or not A1 16s gd, felt of all colours, semi-fine or fine 63 is, articles of felt of all colours, semi-fine or fine 412 4s, clothing made up or not £3 55 to 624 according to sections under which from its composition it is charged, tissues or knitted wares of hair, tissues of all kinds 63 5s, knitted wares of hair, small wares, hats not made up £12 4s, mixed tissues, tissues of wool mixed with silk only or with silk and cotton, the silk forming

only a design or ornament £6 2s, small wares and ribbons of wool Rus. mixed with other materials £8 2s 8d; Rus. Flannel, blankets, and

horse cloths £8 138 5dt per cwt, tissues of wool or goat's hair, fulled or unfulled, pure or mixed with cotton, plain, figured or embroidered, not otherwise enumerated 617 145 8dt, (1) the same tis. sues printed pay 30% additional, (2) unmilled stuffs of wool or goat's hair having a warp or woof of silk, or of waste silk, pay as silk goods, but if the admixture of silk or of waste silk consist only of patterns or stripes, woven in or embroidered, such goods pay 20% in addition to the duties on unmilled stuffs, plain or printed, (3) handkerchiefs, scarves, &c., except those named below, pay duty as material of which made, bunting and white woollen stuffs for millers' sieves, sashes of wool without admixture of silk £4 18s 6dt, shawls, handkerchiefs, sashes and scarves, Turkish or Cashmere, and detached borders edgings and trimmings thereof, also French terno or half terno, or wool, pure or mixed with cotton, silk or waste silk 465 os 5dt, unmilled woollen stuffs for use in manufactories, bags for oil pressing, sugar-bakers, &c., cloth list and felt undyed, dyed or printed 62 38 40,+ fezes or Turkish caps of wool, embroidered or not with spangles 7'7 per dozen, t carpets 67 175 3d per cwt,+ hosiery and haberdashery (galloons, braid, &c.) and knitted wares also gloves, tapes and ribbons of wool, pure or mixed with cotton, flax or hemp 112 155 7d.+ (NOTE.-If embroidered or otherwise ornamented with silk 20% additional, ladies' and children's gloves trimmed with lace, & c., pay as articles of clothing trimmed.) Buttons 611 155 ud, t lace 468 iós ad, hand-made £129 155 id, ready-made clothing for men £30 99 6d, cloaks, &c., for ladies, trimmed or not £47 3s 8d,+ other

clothing for ladies untrimmed 653 is 8d, t trimmed with ribbons, S. feathers, fur, embroidery or lace 282 118 5d,+; 8. Carpets £2 os 6d

per cwt, felts of all kinds £1 45 5d, blankets and horsecloths 13 12s 4d, cloths and similar tissues of pure wool, waste wool, hair, or mixture of these materials £8 145 gd, such tissues when the warp is wholly of cotton or other vegetable fibre, and astrachans and plushes of the same materials £5 5s 8d, knitted sares of pure wool, or of wool mixed with cotton or other vegetable fibres 67 is, other tissues of pure wool, waste wool, hair or mixture of these materials 67 28 3d, such tissues when the warp is wholly of cotton or other vegetable fibre 44 8s ad, tissues of wool and silk (see silk tissues mixed), fringes, galloons, cordings, &c. 45 15 7d, ready-made clothing, embroidered articles, as materials of

which made with an addition of 30%, tissues of wool mixed with 8n. silk, the warp or wool being wholly of wool £10 35 30 ; Sn. Woollen

tissues, pure or mixed with linen or cotton, felts and carpets £1138 11d, filtering cloth, called press-duck 11'4, other kinds £4 188 iod, tapes and ribbons £3 as id, braces and belts £1 135 11d, lace and blonde £6 12s 8d, galloons, trimmings, cords, cordings, &c. £3 2s id, hosiery, gloves, stockings, &c. 43 6s 8d, ready-made clothing, as the material of which made with an addition of 20%, embroidered articles as the material upon which embroidered with an addition of

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