Sivut kuvina

Woven Manufactures-continued.

exception of silk, predominate in weight £2 2s 8d, tissues with metallic threads of gold and silver 1/91 per lb additional to duty on tissue of which composed, of common metals 8 d per lb additional, ready-made articles as tissue of which composed with 40% additional, jackets of

wool for men partly lined with tissue of mixed silk 3/2 and 3/415 per J.

kilo, and 50% for making up; J. Mattings, floor 75 cents per 10

yards, oilcloth, floor 70 cents per 10 yards, oilcloth, furniture 15 cents M. per 10 yards ; M. Woollen tissues, unenumerated, of all kinds, not

embroidered, I w 2'25 per kilo, ditto embroidered with any material other than gold or silver 3.50, woollen lace and netting, and all manufactures of these materials, even though ornamented with silk or metal other than gold or silver I w 8.00, ruching of mousseline de laine with or without woollen lace and small silk ornaments I w 5.50, shawl handkerchiefs or shawls, large and small, of wool, of all kinds, not netted, with or without woollen embroidery, and with or without fringe of wool silk and wool or silk and cotton n w 3'50, ditto with borders, squares, or silk embroidery and with fringe of any material n w 5'50, elastic web of wool of more than 4 centimetres in width (gross) o 80, woollen tissues of all kinds weighing up to 100 grammes per sq. m. n w 275, ditto from 100 to 250 grammes n w r 50, ditto

from 250 to 450 grammes n w 3'co, ditto from 450 to 600 grammes NI. n w 2-50, diito of more than 600 grammes n w 2'00; NI. Wearing Nic. apparel, made up, woven or knitted 10% a v; Nic. Per lb wool,

taw 5d, sewing and embroidery thread 2/1, alpacas, cabicas, lastings, and similar tissues 1/51, carpets large and small, mantles for children, and similar articles udd, cassimere, satin, drugget, and flannel 2/1, lace, ornaments, and small wares ?/84, fringes, cords, tufts, and borders for window and door curtains 2/6, thick stuffs (jergas) 1/54, merinos 2/1, muslin, gauze, and other stuffs for ladies' wear, plain, figured, or embroidered 2/1, pelisses and furs of sheepskins 1/8, lace, tulle, crape, in pieces or worked 3/1$, galloons and ribbons of all kinds 1/8, table mats, damask, brocade, and scarves alı, shirts of all kinds 1/8, blouses, counterpanes, carpet bags, and ponchos 9d, stockings, socks, waistcoats, drawers, gloves, and similar articles of hosiery 2/1, shawls 2, 6, ditto with embroideries or sringes of silk 42, trousers, jackets, overcoats, and ready-made clothing for men's wear 3/9, clothing, finished, for women's wear, or separate pieces of clothing, plain or ornamented 4/2. (NOTE:-Articles of cotton or linen, mixed with wool, pay as wool, and articles not distinguished of wool, mixed with silk, pay as silk.) N. Felt for machines, cloth list and cloths for paper machines free, felt other kinds £2 5s ad per cwt, carpets and blankets and girths £r 6s 6d, knitted wares, coarse stockings, jackets, mittens, &c. 15'3, other kinds 63 25 id, ribbons and tissues mixed with indiarubber or gutta percha, and waistbands of the same £3 2s id, other tissues, lace, tulle, bobbinet and blonde £7 is ad, other open or transparent tissues 64.198 4d, close-woven tissues embroidered with șilk or metal threads £6 95 1os all other kinds £2 5s 2d, trimmings, buttons, fringes, &c. 23 16s 3d, ready-made clothing as the material of which made, with an addition of 10%. (Note.-Tissues of wool

mixed with silk payas silk, and tissues of cotton mixed with wool payas Per. PR. above.) Per. Wool, unwashed, washed 40%; PR. Per kilo, felt carpet.

ings, horse blankets, and other uses, with or without handwork 14 cs, carpetings, Brussels, with or without handwork 39 cs, plain or twilled goods, of wool or mixed, with other materials, with hair on one or both sides, not cleaned, as coating, baize, blankets and similar goods 17 cs, cloths, cassimeres, ladies' cloth (elasticotines), lawns, and like goods (wool only) 1 peso 45 cs, ditto mixed with cotton 68 cs, goods, plain, smooth, pure wool, or mixed with cotton, as alpaca, Orleans, fine woollen stuffs, fetails, and like goods up to 14 threads 50 es, ditto 15 to 20 threads 78 cs, 21 threads and upwards i peso 29 cs, goods, worked, crossed, twilled, or damasked, wool

only, as merino, damask, rep, alpaca, serge, and like goods i peso P. 45 cs, ditto mixed with cotton 68 cs; P. Per kilo, wool

not manufactured, dyed 35 r, thread for embroidery, white 1'305 r, ditto coloured 2.120 r, thread not otherwise men. rioned, white 510 r, ditto coloured 810 r, merinos 1'ogo r, flannels pure or mixed 1 300 r, baizes 530 r, blankets 850 r, cloths 1'610r, shawls and handkerchiefs 2'160 r, carpets 270 r, stuffs not otherwise men. tioned 985 r, stuffs not otherwise mentioned, with the whole west or warp of cotton, linen, or any other similar tissues 654 r, felt tissues,


Woven Manufactures-continued.

on silk or varnished ground 280 r, garters and girdles 1'615 r, bags (alforges or coverlets) 320 r, knitted tissues and other wares 1.405 r,

trimmings, ribbons, and galloons (including the tares, except boxes) R. 760 r; R.Tissues of wool, coarse coverlets with long hair halina cloth,

coarse cloth carpets of all kinds 12/2 per cwt, cloth and other tissues analogous to cloth not printed, also flannels of all kinds, white or coloured 61 35 7d, all other woollen tissues not included above, except shawls and lace, also haberdashery and fringemakers' wares, hosiery of all kinds, trimmed or not with other tissues Lr 12s 6d, shawls, embroidered and figured, other than Indian shawls £10 3s 3d, Indian shawls £101 128 8d per cwt, lace 624,75 10d, felt all kinds, also the following articles of felt, shoes and soles for shoes and coarse felt hats for peasants and soldiers 8/2, articles of felt other than those named above 10/2 carpets of wool of all kinds 12/3, felt, thick common, undyed or dyed of one colour 18/3, felt for carpets of all colours, printed or not kr 165 gd, felt of all colours, semi-fine or fine 63 is, articles of felt of all colours, semi-fine or fine £12 4s, clothing made up or not. £3.5$ to £24, according to sections under which from its composition it is charged, tissues or knitted wares of hair, tissues of all kinds 63 5s, knitted wares of hair, small wares, hats not made up £12 4s, mixed tissues, tissues of wool mixed with silk only or with silk and cotton, the silk forming only a design or ornament £6 2s, small

wares and ribbons of wool Rus. mixed with other materials £8 2s 8d; Rus. Flannel, blankets, and

horse cloths 68 138 sdt per cwt, tissues of wool or goat's hair, fulled or unfulled, pure or mixed with cotton, plain, figured or em. broidered, not otherwise enumerated £17.148 8dt, (1) the same tissues printed pay 30% additional, (2) unmilled stuffs of wool or goat's hair having a warp or woof of silk, or of waste silk, pay as silk goods, but if the admixture of silk or of waste silk consist only of patterns or stripes, woven in or embroidered, such goods pay 20% in addition to the duties on unmilled stuffs, plain or printed, (3) handkerchiefs, scarves, &c., except those named below, pay duty as material of which made, bunting and white woollen stuffs for mislers' sieves, sashes of wool without admixture of silk £4 185 6dt, shawls, handkerchiefs, sashes and scarves, Turkish or Cashmere, and de. tached borders edgings and trimmings thereof, also French terno or half terno, or wool, pure or mixed with cotton, silk or waste silk £65 os 5dt, unmilled woollen stuffs for use in manufactories, bags for oil pressing, sugar-bakers, &c., cloth list and felt undyed, dyed or printed £z 38 40,7 fezes or Turkish caps of wool, embroidered or not with spangles 7/7 per dozen, t carpets £7.175 3d per cwt,+ hosiery and haberdashery (galloons, braid, &c.) and knitted wares also gloves, tapes and ribbons of wool, pure or mixed with cotton, flax or hemp L12155 7d.t. (Note:-If embroidered or otherwise ornamented with silk 20% additional, ladies' and children's gloves trimmed with lace, & c., pay as articles of clothing trimmed.) Buttons Liri5s 11d, t lacé 468 ios ad, hand-made £129 155 id, ready-made clothing for men 630 99 6d, cloaks, &c., for ladies, trimmed or not £47 3s 8d,+ other

clothing for ladies untrimmed 653 is 8d, t trimmed with ribbons, S.

feathers, fur, embroidery. or lace £82 11s 5d,t; 8. Carpets £2 os 6d per cut, felts of all kinds 61 4s sd, blankets and horsecloths 63 12$ 4d, cloths and similar tissues of pure wool, waste wool, hair, or mixture of these materials 68 145 gd, such tissues when the warp is wholly of cotton or other vegetable fibre, and astrachans and plushes of the same materials £5 55 8d, knitted wares of pure wool, or of wool mixed with cotton or other vegetable libres 67 is, other tissues of pure wool, waste wool, hair or mixture of these materials 67 2s 3d, such tissues when the warp is wholly of cotton or other vegetable fibre 64 8s 2d, tissues of wool and silk (see silk tissues mixed), fringes, galloons, cordings, &c. 45 15 7d, ready-made clothing, embroidered articles, as materials of

which made with an addition of 30%, tissues of wool mixed with Sn. silk, the warp or wool being wholly of wool £10 35 3d ; Sn. Woollen

tissues, pure or mixed with linen or cotton, felts and carpets £1135 11d, filtering cloth, called press-duck 114, other kinds 4,4 185 1od, tapes and ribbons £3 28 id, braces and belts £1 138 11d, lace and blonde £6 125 Bal, galloons, trimmings, cords, cordings, &c. £3 2s id, hosiery, gloves, stockings, &c. 43 6s 8d, ready-made clothing, as the material of which made with an addition of 20%, embroidered articles as the material upon which embroidered with an addition of Woven Manufactures-continued. 8z. 20%; Sz. Raw, washed, waste, flock, shoddy, 1'46d, cured, dyed,

combed 2*92d, stuffs of wool, common for blankets, in the piece, unbleached or with coloured stripes 4/9, yarn, dyed 375, tissues bleached, dyed, printed 10/2, blankets of all kinds, without needlework 6/6, ditto with needlework, also ribbons 12/21, haberdashery, also hosiery 10/2, embroidery and lace, shawls and scarves 10/2, carpets, common, without fringe or needle. work 5/9, ditto other 10/2, shoes of list, also felt in the piece 6/6, manufactures of felt without needlework 2/10, ditto dyed, printed 6/6, ditto as hats, not trimmed 12/2}, tissues of felt, common, for paper-making £1 8s 54d, felt covered with a layer of cloth 2/91, clothing, underclothing, and other articles ready-made

of wool or half wool, with needlework 16/3, mattresses, T. UR. pillows, filled, trimmed ki os 4d ; T.8% a v; UR. Cotton ticking

o'25 per kilo, chintzes o 28 per kilo, cotton tissues o'155 per kilo : USC. USC. Per kilo, not manufactured zhd, blankets 2/1, carpets for

floor or rugs a/11, base, heavy coarse cloth, serge, 3/9, transparent fabrics, all kinds of embroidered or meshed fabrics and its imita. tions, including laces, embroidery, and like articles, ready-made

clothing 5!, mixed fabrics pay the same as highest material conVen. tained; Ven. 4th class, wool manufactured, 5th class, blankets, och

class, counterpanes, umbrellas, 7th class, alpaca, braid, belts, aps, cravats, cassimere, casinet, cambrow, cord, damask, epaulettes, fancy trimmings, fringes, gloves, galloons, lace, nubias, ribbons, stocks, socks, saddlecloths, shawls, serge, tassels, tablecloths, under: shirts, 8th class, curtains, hangings, shirts, shawls and tablecloths with silk borders or trimmings, 9th class, adornments and clothing for women and children, cloaks, paletots, overcoats, ready-made

clothes. Writing Machines.--See Paper, &c. Wrought Iron.-See Iron and Sieel, Yarns and Thread (Cotton).-A. Yarns, single raw, per 100 kilos up to No.

12 English 6/1, No. 12 to No. 29 8,2, No. 29 to No. 50 14/3, above No. 50 16/3, double raw up to No. 12 8/2, No. 12 to No. 29 10/2, No. 29 to No. 60 16/3, above No. 60 12/2. single or double, bleached or dyed, up to No. 12 12/2, No. 12 to No. 29 14/3, No. 29. to No. 50 18/4, above No. 50 41 os 4d, with three or more threads, twisted, raw, bleached, or dyed i 45 5d, prepared for the retail trade, weavers' heddles made out of twisted yarns £1155 8d, cotton tissues, common, plain, raw {i 145 7d, bleached £2 5s 1od, dyed £2.155 11d, woven in various colours, printed £3.6s, common figured, raw £2 55 10d, bleached £2 158 ud, dyed 3.6s, woven, &c. 64 is 4d, common close, raw 42 153 rd, bleached £3 6s, dyed 63 16s 3d, woven, &c. 64 11s 5d, fine raw £4 18 4d, bleached, dyed, woven, &c. £6 es, superfine (tissues made of yarns above 100), 48 2s 8d, stiff nets 42 155 id, embroidered tissues, laces 415 5s, velvets and velvet-like tissues, ribbons, trimmings, buttons, and knitted goods 64 is sd, wicks, girths, engine straps, hoses, nets and ropes, coarse Li 4s 5d; B. Unbleached and' bleached, single or twisted, 20,000 metres or less to the half kilogramme, or i 1-10 lb avoirdupois 6/1 per cwt, 20,000 to 30,000 metres ditto 8/2, 30,000 to 40,000 metres ditto 12/2, 40,000 to 65,000 metres ditto 163, above 65,000 metres ditto 401, warped or dyed, single or twisted, 20,000 metres or less to the half kilogramme 10/2, 20,000 to 30,000 metres 122, 30,000 to 40,000 metres 16/3, 40,000 to 65,000 £1 Os 4d, above 65,000 4/04. (NOTE. -Cotton yarns mixed with other materials

pay as cotton yarns, provided the cotton predominates in weight.) Br. Br. Single, for weaving or warping, raw or

white *160, dyed -200, twisted or wicks for lamps *200, twisted or thread

of any, kinds, in bobbins, clews, or skeins, for sewing, C. crocheting 1'000 per kilo; c. Carpets, gloves, ready-made Ch. clothing 35% a v; Ch. Manufactures, viz., blankets per pair o'zo'o,

broadcloth and Spanish stripes, habit and medium cloth, srin by, 64in wide, per chang o'1'2'o, woollen, long ells, 31in wide o'o's, camlets, English, zrin wide o'o5*0, ditto Dutch, 3zin wide o too, ditto imitation and bourlagettes 0'0'3'5, ditto cassimeres, flannel and narrow cloth o'o 4*°, ditto lastings ziin wide o*o*5*0, ditto imitation Orleans, 34in wide o*o*3*5, ditto bunting, 24/40 per piece oʻz'o'o, woollen and cotton mixtures, viz., lustres, plain and brocaded,

u.e. 31 yards long, per chang 0'1'o'o, per 100 catties cotton thread D.

07'2'o yarn o'7'o'o D. Undyed 7/1, dyed and mixed with metal



Yarns and Thread-continued.

threads 18/10; E. Per kilo, threads for sewing bags and sails 5d ; F,
Single, unbleached, of 20,500 metres or less to the half kilogramme,
or i 1-10 lb avoirdupois 6/1, of 20,500 to 30,500 metres ditto 8/2, of
39,500 to 40,500, 122, of 40,500 to 50,500, 16/3, 50,500 to 60,500,
LIOS 40, 60,500 to 70,500, i 4s 50, 70,500 to 80,500, EI 8s 5d, 80,500
to 90,500, Lot 16s 7d, 90,500 to 100,500, 42 os 80, 100,500 to 110,500,
42 85 od, 110,500 to 120,500, £2 16$ uid, 120,500 to 130,500, £3 5s,
130,500 to 140,500, 64. Is 3d, 140,500 to 170,500, £5 is 7d, above
170,500, 66 is ud, bleached 15% above the duty on unbleached,
dyed or clouded 10/2 per cwt above the duty on unbleached,
twisted in two or three strands, unbleached 20% above the
duty on single unbleached, bleached 15% above twisted unbleached,
dyed or clouded 10/2 per cwt above twisted unbleached, warped
yarns unbleached 30% above the duty on yarns of which composed,
bleached 15% above the duty on warped unbleached, dyed, 10/2 per
cwt above the duty on warped unbleached, yarns of four or more
threads unbleached, bleached or dyed, single twist '13d, 1,000 yards
of single yarn, double or cable twist 18d ditto, thread in balls or on
reels, cards, &c., of all kinds unbleached, bleached or dyed, single
twist 18d ditto, double or cable twist .22d ditto. (Note.-Yarns
mixed with other materials pay as yarns of cotton, provided the
cotton predominates in weight.) G. Pure or mixed with flax, wool.
silk or hair, single unbleached up to No. 17 English 6/1 per cwt,
No. 17 to 45, 0/2, 45 to 60, 12/2, 60 to 79, 15/3, above No. 79, 18/3,
double unbleached up to No. 17 English 7/7, 17. to 45, 10/8, 45 to
60, 13/9, 60 to 79, 16/9, above 79, 19/10, single or double, bleached or
dyed, up to No. 17. English 1214, 17 to 45, 15/3, 45 to 60, 18/3,
60 to 79, ki is 4d, above No. 79, 45 5d, three or more

threads unbleached, bleached or dyed &r 4s 5d, cable twist and Gr. sewing thread &r 155 7d ; Gr. Cotton yarn and cotton thread, un

bleached yarn, up to English No. 24, 44d per 2.84 lbs, above 61 5s 7d,'bleached yarn, up to English No. 24, £r is ad, above, 60 per 284 lbs, cotton yarn, water dyed, up to English No. 24, [1 58 7d, above, 6 per 2-84 lbs, cotton yarn, oil dyed,

irrespective of number, 62 8s, threads for sewing, white or Hay, coloured £1 185 5d; Hay: Per dozen spools id, coloured 3d; H.

H. All kinds free; 1. Single unbleached of not more than 10,000 metres kilogramme, 7/4 per cwt, from 10,000 to 20,000 ditto, 9/9, 20,000 to 30,000 ditto, 1a/25, 30,000 to 40,000 ditto, 147, 40,000 to 50,000 ditto, 18/3, 50,000 to 60,000 ditto, 21/2, of more than 60,000, Li 4s 5d, single bleached, 20% above the duty on single unbleached, ditto dyed 10/2 per cwt above the duty on unbleached, twisted, unbleached, bleached or dyed as the single yarns unbleached, bleached or dyed of which composed and 1611 per cwt additional, warped yarns as the yarn of which composed and 15% additional, cotton, in bales or in mass, free, waddings 2/5ł per cwt, sewing thread wound on reels, in balls and the like, prepared for retail sale £2 8s 91d per cwt, Vienna yarns as cotton yarns with 4/03 per cwt additional,

cords, as yarn of which composed, nets, as yarn of which composed J. with 10% additional ; J. Shirtings, grey, white, and twilled, white,

spotted or figured, drills and jeans, white brocades, tea-cloths, cam brics, muslins, lawns, dimities, quiltings, cottonets, all the above dyed, printed cottons, chintzes, and furnitures (a) not exceeding 34in wide 7} cs per 10 yards, (6) 4oin 84cs, (c) 46in 10 cs, (d) ex. ceeding 4hin 11 cs, taffachelas not exceeding zrin 17cs, taffachelas exceeding 31 and not 4zin 25. cs, fustians, cotton velvets, velveteens, satinettes and cotton damask not exceeding 4oin 20 cs, ginghams zrin 6 cs, 4zin o9 cs, handkerchiefs per dozen 05 cs, singlets and drawers 25 cs, tablecloths each o6 cs, cotton thread, plain or dyed,

on reel or ball 7 boos 50 cs per 100 catties, cotton yarn, plain or dyed, Nic. 5 boos ditto, raw cotton 1 boo 25 cs ditto; Nic. Per 1b, for wicks or N. weaving 3d ; N. Undyed not twisted 3/113 per cwt, ditto twisted 7/11, PR. other kinds 11/4; PR. Per kilo, spun and twisted, from 1 to 3 threads P. 26 cs, over 3 threads 58 cs; P. Single unbleached £110s rod, bleached R. £.2 13$ od, dyed £3 is gd, twisted 64 45 7d; R. Unbleached or

bleached single 61, ditto twisted 8/2, dyed, single or twisted 18/11; Rus. Rus. No. 45 English and below, unbleached 11/4 per poud, bleached

and dyed except Turkey red) 14/10per poud, dyed Turkey red 15/10, above No.45, unbleached 15/10, bleached and dyed, also sewing thread 19/ per poud, No. 50 and upwards, unbleached £1 35 od per poud, bleached and dyed, ti 6s vid per poud, sewing cotton, on


Yarns and Thread-continued.

wooden bobbins, 61 55 4d per poud gross, twist yarn, ki uns Sd per poud gross, Autonomous Tariff: Cotton yarn, single corded,

unbleached or bleached 6/1, twisted, of two or more threads, bleached Sal. or unbleached 8/1; Sal. Thread, per Ib 1/64, on reels, 100 yards, per 8. gross 3'1', yarn, red or purple, per lb 4jd, other colours 3d ; S.

Single or double, unbleached, bleached or dyed, up to No. 35 (English) inclusive £1 ios gd, No. 36 (do) and above kz os 8d,

twisted, of three or more threads, unbleached, bleached or dyed Sn.* 63°uis id; Sn. Undyed 11/35, dyed or printed all kinds 1919, Sz. sewing thread 61 28 7d; Sz. Single unbleached 2/5), ditto bleached

3/3, twisted, bleached or unbleached 3/3, dyed 4/5), in spools, balls or T. USC. skeins 8!1d; T. All kinds 8% a v; UŠC. Per kilo, white thread 1/8,

coloured 2/6. Yarns and Thread (Linen, Hempen and Jute).-A. Of linen or hemp, single,

unbleached 161%, bleached or dyed 5/1, twisted 12/2, linen yarns

prepared for retail sale, single 18/3, twisted 15s 7d, of jute, single, B.

unbleached 16, twisted, bleached, or dyed 5'1; B. All kinds free ; Br. Br. Single, for weaving or warping, raw 10, ditto dyed '20, not

otherwise distinguished (same as hemp yarn), hemp, single for warping or weaving, raw or white '240, ditto dyed '280, twisted or yarn

of any kind, in bobbins, clews, or hanks, for sewing, crocheting, Ch. knitting, &c. 1'ooo, for shoemakers '280; Ch. Thread per 100 catties D. 0*7*20, yarn 07'0'0; D. Undyed 711 per cwt, dyed or mixed with F. metal threads 18/10; F. Of linen or hemp, single unbleached of 2,000

metres or less to the kilogramme, s/3, from 2,000 to 5,000 metres, 5/11, 5,000 to 10,000, 7/6, 10,000 to 20,000, 109, 20,000 to 30,000, 131, 30,000 to 40,000, 16/4, 40,000 to 60,000, £1 25, 40, 60,000 to 80,000, kitos 6d, above 80,000 metres, £2 os 8d, bleached or dyed 25% above the duty on single unbleached, according to class, twisted, unbleached 25% above the duty on single unbleached, according to class, bleached or dyed 25% above the duty on twisted un. bleached, according to class, glazed of 2,000 metres or less to the kilogramme 6/1, above 2,000 metres to the kilogramme same duties as on twisted linen yarns. (Note.-Linen and hemp yarns mixed with other materials pay as yarns of pure

flax and hemp, provided the flax or hemp predominates in weighi.) Of jute, unbleached less than 1,400 metres to the kilogramme, 2/0), from 1,400 to 3,700 ditto, 2/51, 3,700 to 4,200, 2103, 4,200 to 6,000, 401, above 6,000 metres same duties as on linen yarns bleached or dyed, less than 1,400 metres to the kilogramme, 2/10), from 1,400 to 3,700 ditto, 3/8, 3,700 to 4,200, 4/0%, 4,200 to 6,000 ditto, 5/8, above 6,000 metres to the kilogramme, same duties as on linen yarns. (Note.-Jute yarns mixed with other

materials pay as yarns of pure jute, provided that the jute preG. dominates in weight.) G. Single, undyed and unbleached to No. 8

English, 2/63, above 8 to 20, 303, above 20 to 35, 4/6), above 35, 6'1, single dyed, printed or bleached to No. 20 English, 6/1, above 20 to

35, 7/7, above 35, 10/2, sewing thread £i 155 7d, twisted, other kinds, Gr. and twine 183 ; Gr. Linen, hemp, or jute yarns for sewing or H. embroidery £2 8s, all other linen, hemp or jute yarns 12/10; H. 1. All kinds free ; l. Hemp, flax, and other vegetable fibres (excluding

cotton) raw and combed free, ropes and strings (cordicelle e spago), whether tarred not, above 2 millimetres in thickness, per cwt 4/9, of 2 millimetres in thickness or less 10/2 nets, as the yarn of which composed with 10% additional, yarns of linen or hemp, single, unbleached 41B, bleached or washed in lye 4/8, dyed 6/11, twisted, unbleached or bleached or washed in lye 915, yarns of jute, single, unbleached 4/01, bleached 25% additional, twisted 13'8 per cwt above the duty on single sewing thread of flax

or hemp, in balls or on reels prepared for retail sale same as on other Nic. N. yarns of same description ; Nic. Per lb, all kinds 67; N. undyed 1/8}, PR. dyed not twisted 15/3, ditto twisted £1 gs ud ; PR. Per 100 kilogs,

yarn, jute, 4 pesos 35 cs ditto, hemp or fax 23 pesos 20 cs thread, P. twisted of two or more threads 29 pesos ; P. Of linen or hemp,

single, unbleached and bleached 61 148 4d, ditto dyed 42 55 od,

twisted, unbleached, bleached or dyed [38s 7d, of jute or other R. vegetable fibres unbleached, bleached or dyed 1/2} ; R. Linen or hemp

yarn unbleached, bleached or dyed 18'3 per cwt, jute yarns un.

bleached, bleached or dyed 4'1, sewing thread of linen or hemp Conventional Tariff; the Non-Conventional figures are : 62 10s rod£3 11s id-65 is 7d.


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