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Yarns and Thread-continued.

Rus, bleached, dyed or not 1.45 5d; Rus. All kinds except sewing 8. thread £2 125 3dt, sewing thread £2 195 id ; S. Linen or hemp yarn


17/, twisted of two or more threads £2 58 sd, jute yarns single Sn.* 3/2; Sn. Linen yarns undyed and unbleached 11/4, dyed or bleached

Lr as 7d,, sewing thread unbleached 61 28 7d, bleached or dyed 21 13s 11d, jute undyed and unbleached 3/44, dyed or bleached 10/2,

double or twisted unbleached 11/3, bleached, dyed, or printed £1 2s7d; Sz. Sz. Of linen, hemp or jute unbleached up to No. 1o inclusive 3d, ditto above No. 10, single

1/7, bleached twisted 2/10), dyed 6/1}, in spools, T. USC. balls or skeins 9/9; T. All kinds 8% av; U8C. Per kilo, thread 18. Yarns and Thread (Silk, reeled).-A. Of silk, unbleached or undyed, also of

waste silk, undyed, not combined with other materials free, of silk

bleached or dyed, of waste silk dyed, of silk or waste silk combined B.

with other materials 61 15$ 7d per cwt, sewing silk £1 158 7d ; B. All Br. kinds free; Br. Raw, white or dyed for weaving 2.000, floss for

embroidering and twisting (silk twist) in hanks 6.500, in bobbins D. F. 2'000; D. Twisted or not twisted £8 gs 5d; F. Of waste silk

unbleached, bleached, blued or dyed, single of 80,000 metres to the 1b (avoirdupois) £1 ios 6d, of more than 80,000 metres to the lb 62 8s gd, twisted of 80,500 metres or less in single thread £t 155 id,

of more than 80,000 metres in single thread 62 163 id, of pure G. silk all kinds free; G. Silk or floss silk undyed and waste of dyed

silk free, silk or floss silk dyed 18/3 per cwt, sewing silk undyed and Gr. dyed £3 165 ad; Gr. Twisted or not, dyed or undyed, combined or not Hay. H.

with other materials £48; Hay. Embroidery id per'lb; H. All kinds I. free ; !. Pure silk, single reeled, twisted or thrown, undyed, free

pure silk, dyed, 4 d per lb, waste silk, combed, 4/0$ per cwt, ditto,

spun, bi os 310, sewing thread of silk or silk waste, wound on reels, Nic. in balls and the like, prepared for retail sale £5 is 7d ; Nic. Per lb, P. all kinds, 6/11; N. All kinds 62 125 60; P. Single or twisted R. of all kinds kur 8s 8d ; R. Silk of all colours, single or thrown, Rus. including sewing thread 4/1; Rus. Twist, tram and organzine,

also sewing silk and silk wound for woof or warp, yarn ot bourre

de soie,", of silk waste, plain or mixed with cotton or wool, 8. undyed' 67 175 8d, dyed and printed £15.155 3d; S. Of waste

silk, single 4/1, twisted 63 755 2d, of pure silk, single 10/2, twisted Sn. 47 148 50 ; Sn. Not separately specified, but if admitted as dyed silk Sz. the duty is £2 16s 6d; Sz. Of silk or waste silk unbleached, floss

silk combed 41d, raw not thrown 74d, all other 1/71, of silk or waste T. silk bleached or dyed 6/6, in spools, balls or skeins 16/3 ; T. All kinds

8% a v. Yarns and Thread (Woollen and Worsted).-A. Yarns of coarse hair (horned

cattle) 8/2 per cwt, mohair, alpaca, and genappe yarns 1/61, all other woollen yarns, single, unbleached up to No. 45 metrical 8/2, above No. 45 12/2, twisted yarn, two or more threads, unbleached, up to No. 45 12/2, above No. 45 14/3, single, bleached, dyed, or printed, up to No.45 12/2, above No.45 16/3, twisted, dyed, bleached, or printed, up to No. 45 16/3, above No.45 Ei os 4d, single or double

mixed yarns, dyed, pay 12/2, carpet warps, printed, with permits and B. under conditions of control prescribed by the Government 12/2; B. Not

twisted nor dyed 8/2, twisted or dyed 12. (Note.--Yarns of goat's hair, alpaca, slama, vicuna and camel's hair are assimilated to those of wool.) Woollen and assimilated yarns mixed with cotton or other

materials pay as woollen yarns provided the wool or like materials Ch. predominate in weight; Ch. Woollen yarn per 100 catties 3'o'o'o;, D. F. b. Undyed 9/5, dyed or mixed with metal theads 18/10; F. Single,

bleached or not, undyed, of pure wool, measuring to 2 1-5 lbs avoirdupois, combed 30,500 metres or less, 8/2, from 30,500 to 40,500 metres, 11/5, 40,500 to 50,500, 14/8, 50,500 to 60,500, 17/11, 60,500 to 70,500, LI is id, 70,500 to 80,500, 61 4s, 5d, 80,500 to 90,500, AI 75 8d, 90,500 to 100, 500, £1 ios nd, above 100,500 metres, £i 12s 6d, carded, 10,000 metres or less, 4/10), from 10,000 to 15,000 metres, 7/4, 15,000 to 20,000, 9/9, 20,000 to 30,500, 121, above 30,500 metres, 14/8, twisted for weaving, bleached or not, combed or carded, 20% above the duty on undyed single yarns, combed or carded, twisted for tapestry, bleached or not, combed, 50% above the duty on undyed single combed yarns, dyed, single or twisted, for weaving or tapestry, 10/2 per cwt above the duty on

undyed according to class. (Note 1.-The length of twisted yarns is. Conventional Tariff; the Non-Conventional figures are : 11/2-629s 10d-3/2"

Yarns and Thread-continued.

arrived at by multiplying the measurement by the number of single threads of which the yarn is composed. 2. Yarns of alpaca, llama, vicuna or camel's hair pay as woollen yarns, woollen yarns mixed with other materials as cotton, linen, &c., pay as woollen

yarns, provided the wool predominates in weight.) Yarn of goat's G. hair 9/9; G. Pure or mixed with other materials except cotton, single,

unbleached, 4/0], double ditto, 5/1, single, bleached or dyed,6/1, double bleached or dyed, also twisted three or more fold unbleached, bleached or dyed, 12/2, alpaca, genappe and mohair yarn, single,

undyed or dyed, double undyed, 1/6], double, dyed, twisted three or Gr. more fold, undyed or dyed, 12 2; Gr. Woollen yarns, unbleached,

single or twisted free, bleached, dyed, twisted or not with the excep

tion of yarn employed in the manufacture of fezes, 48 12s rod, yarn H. for fezes dyed in oil not twisted free; H. Pure or mixed with cotton,

twisted, of more than two threads, dyed or undyed, 3% a v, other I. kinds, free ; 1. Wool, natural and washed, free, shoddy dyed and

carded, plain, per cwt 4/0!, combed, plain 6/15, carded, dyed 8/13, combed, dyed 10/2, shoddy dyed 8/11, yarns carded single, unbleached up to 10,000 metres, per kilo 18/21, above 10,000, per kilo 22/4}, yarns carded, bleached 20% additional to duty on unbleached, ditto, dyed 102 per cwt additional to duty on unbleached, combed worsted, single, unbleached up to 50,000 metres, per kilo 24/4 per cwt, above 50,000 metres, per kilo 61 ios 6d, bleached 20% additional to duty on unbleached, dyed 10/2 per cwt additional to

duty on unbleached, twisted 6/11 per cwt additional to duty on Nic. single ; Nic. Per lb, thread for sewing and embroidering ladies' hats N. of all kinds 2/0%; N. Undyed 7/4 dyed or mixed with metal threads PR. 11/4; PR. Wools of all kind and refuse, per 100 kilogs 18 pesos 86 c>, P. yarn, all kinds 69 cs ; P. All kinds except for embroidery, bleached,

65 7s 6d, dyed, £8 11s 6d, for embroidery, bleached, 214,185 sd, R. ditto dyed, 624 45 gd ; R. Of all kinds, undyed, bt 16s 7d, ditto Rus. dyed of any colour, 63 is; Rus. Of wool or hair of all kinds

pure or mixed with cotton, flax or hemp, undyed 64 8s 8d, dyed 8. 25 38 sd ; S. Raw or in the grease {2 09 8d, cleaned or bleached Sn. 63 78 2d, dyed 63 19s 3d ; Sn. Undyed 11/4, dyed or bleached Sz. (including lustre yarn) 19/9; Sz. Unbleached single or double 2/0),

ditto twisted of three or more threads 3/3, bleached, 3/3, dyed

3:8, in spools, balls or skeins, unbleached, single or double, 204, T. bleached, twisted, three or more threads, 3/3, dyed, 3/8; T. All UR. USC. kinds 8% av; UR. Flannel oʻ75 per kilo; USC. Per kilo, for knitting,

&c. 216. Zinc and Zinc Wares, per cwt.-A. Zinc, raw and old broken refuse free, bars,

plates and sheets 1/6}, wire and pipes and coarse castings, plain or in combination with wood or sheet or bar iron, also hollowed or perforated sheets or plates 3/0), zinc wares, common, as kettles, cooking

utensils, &c., not lacquered or polished combined or not with wood B. or iron, 8/2, other kinds 15/3; B. Zinc unmanufactured all kinds free, Br. zincwares 10% a v; Br. Per kilo, zinc in bars or pigs, in lumps

or scrap, or any other raw state 70 r, in jewellery of any kind, plain, varnished, .gilded or silvered, or with imitation stones 4,000 r, in plates and in sheets, plain and prepared, for covering houses 120 r, coloured or varnished, for other uses 200 r, nails, tin-tacks, &c. 240 r, articles not otherwise distinguished, plain 800 r, silvered or bronzed, entirely or in part 1,600 r, gilded, wholly or in part 2,400 r. (NOTE-In jewellery are included ornaments, rings, bracelets,

buttons not specified, garters, combs, and other ornamental C. articles.) C. In bars free, in sheets plates 15% av,

manufactured in spouting, tubes reservoirs for building Ch. 25% a v; Ch. Saleable only under regulation o'z'5'0. per 100 Cor. D. catties ; Cor. 5% a v; D. Zinc unwrought free, in sheets, pipes, pans,

&c. 2/44, zinc wares varnished, lacquered or painted £1 175 8d, other F. kinds 18/10; F. Zinc in pigs, bars or slabs, old broken articles and

filings, free, rolled, 1/7), zinc wares all kinds 3'3; G. Zinc, pure or alloyed with lead or tin, raw and old broken free, rolled 1/61, zinc wares, common, not polished nor lacquered, plain or in combination with wood, iron, lead or tin, also wire, 3/05, fine or lacquered wares plain or combined with other materials, provided they cannot be

classified under the head of small ornamental wares, 12/2, small orna. Gr. mental wares, 65 15 7d; Gr. Zinc, raw, rolled or in sheets, also nails

3/2), zinc wares, common, 12/91, finer articles &r 125, nails and HI H. sheathing for ships free; Hl. 10%; H. Zinc, raw, in sheets or




Zinc and Zinc Wares-continued. 1. plates, wire, free, zinc wares, lacquered, painted or not, 5% a v; I.

Zinc in pigs and old broken articles free, rolled in plates and sheets, 17, zinc wares, gilt, £1 19s 7d, wares neither gilt nor silvered,

decorated or varnished 5/11), wares neither gilt nor varnished, but J.

with ornaments or varnish of any kind 19/97; J. Spelter and zinc M. 60 cents per 100 catties ; M. Per kilo, manufactures of zinc, of all NI. kinds g w o‘20, zinc sheeting g w o'07; NI. Zinc, rough and rolled,

including plates and sheets for roofing, bolts and nails free, zincwork, NIC. either lacquered or painted 10% av; NIC. Per lb, zinc in plates

and sheets, all articles sd; N. Zinc in plates, bolts, bars, and pipes, nails, wire free, zinc, wares, gilt, silvered or plated

Li 195 6d, bronzed, varnished, lacquered or painted 19/9, castings Per. weighing over 55 lbs each, free, other zinc wares, 8/6; Per. Ingot PR. or bar, sheets 20%, manufactures 45%; PR. The same rates as those P. upon tin and manufactures; P. Per kilo, zinc, manufactured in

sheets or perforated for building, &c.,' finished or unfinished

27 r, ditto, not elsewhere specified 60 r, in bars or ingots free; R. R. Unwrought in any form, filings, old broken articles, zinc in

sheets and hammered, free, articles of zinc painted, varnished or not with or without relief or other ornaments combined or not with common materials but neither gilt nor silvered, also articles of various alloys imitating bronze 2 os rod. (Note.--Articles

comprised in this paragraph if gilt or silvered pay a surtax of 50% in Rus. addition to the duty of L2 os 1od.) Rus. Zinc in blocks 3/111,* in

sheets 6'11,t zinc 'sheets, nickel-plated and polished, Ł6 75 6d

per poud; zinc wares not painted nor polished 10/10,6 painted or Sal. 8. polished £1 75 id;t Sal. in bars, sheets, gw id per 1b; 8. Zinc

bars, lumps or cakes 2/0), plates or sheets, wire and nails 5/63, zinc

wares plain or lacquered 971, ditto gilt silvered or nickelled 18/3 ; Sn.

Sn. Zinc and spelter unwrought and in plates, sheets or nails for sheathing ships, free, wares not painted nor lacquered, 3/11), ditto

painted or lacquered, 19/9, ditto gilt, silvered or plated Zi 195 60; Sz. Sz. Zinc cast in pigs or blocks, also filings and old broken articles 2d,

rolled or drawn, in sheets or wire, 74d, zinc ware, not polished nor T.

painted 2/101, polished, painted or varnished 6/6; T. All kinds 8% USC. a v; USC. Per kilo, not manufactured, in sheets, including zinc Ven. for covering roofs, and as tubes, 2d, manufactured 1/8; Ven. 3rd

class, unmanufactured and zinc white, 4th, wire and manufactured, not specified.

per lb.


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per lb.


IV.-TARIFF OF THE UNITED STATES. Under an Act to Reduce the Revenue and Equalise Duties on

Imports, and for other Purposes ; approved October 1, 1890. Note.--c, =cent; $=dollar ; p.C., a.v. = per centum, ad valorem.


Acetic or pyroligneous-
Not exceeding specific gravity of 1'047

idc. Exceeding specific gravity of 1'047

4C. Boracic .

5C. Chromic

бс. Citric... Sulphuric or oil of vitriol.

40 Tannic or tannin..

750 Tartaric....

Alcohols and Alkalis. Alcoholic perfumery

Including cologne and toilet waters .per gallon $2 & 50 p.C., a.v.

Alcoholic compounds not specially provided for $2 & 25 P.C., a.v Alumina, alum, alum cake, patent alum, sulphate of

alumina, and aluminous cake and alum in crystals or ground

6-10C. Ammonia-Carbonate

Muriate or sal-ammoniac.

Blacking of all kinds..

25 P.C., 2. v.
Blue vitriol or sulphate of copper
Bone charcoal for decolourising sugars

25 p.c., a.v. Borax--Crude or borate of soda or borate of lime.... per lb.

Refined borax..
Camphor, refined
Chalk-Prepared, precipitated, French, and red
All other chalk preparations

3. 5C. 40. 1C.

20 P.C., a.v Chloroform

25C. Coal Tar Preparations. All coal tar colours or dyes...

35 p.c., a.v. All preparations of coal tar, not colours or dyes

20 P.C., a.v. Cobalt oxide


30C. Collodion and all compounds of pyroxyline

5oc. Rolled or in sheets, but not made up into articles

бос. If in finished or partly finished articles

6oc. & 25 P.C., a. V Colouring for brandy, wine, beer, or other liquors

50 p.c., a. V Copperas or sulphate of iron

3.10C Drugs, such as barks, beans, berries, balsams, buds, bulbs,

and bulbous roots, and excrescences, such as nut-galls, fruits, flowers, dried fibres, grains, gums, and gum resins, herbs, leaves, lichens, mosses, nuts, roots and stems, spices, vegetables, seeds (aromatic, not garden seeds), and seeds of morbid growth, weeds, woods used expressly for dyeing, and dried insects, not edible, but advanced in value or condition by refining, grinding, or manufacture, and not specially provided for in this Act

10 P.C., a.v. Ethers-Sulphuric

40C. Spirits of nitrous ether.

25C. Fruit ethers, oils, or essences.

Extracts and decoctions of logwood other dye woods, sumac,
other barks, for dyeing or tanning

Of hemlock...
Gelatine, valued not above 70. per lb.
Above 7c. and not above 300...

25 p.c., a.v. Above 30c.

30 p.C., a.v.

....... per lb.

per lb.

· per lb.


... per lb.


- per lb.

1}c. 25 P.C., a.v. 30 p.c., a.v.

ifc. 25 pc., a.v. 30 p.c., a.v.


per lb.



1OC. 30 p.c., a.v.


per lb.

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8c. 3.10C.


per gall.


40C. 30 p.c., a.v.

8oc. 15c. IOC. 30C.

Per lb.

Glue, valued not above 7c. per lb.

Above 7c. and not above 3oC.

Above 30c:
Isinglass or fish glue, valued not above 7c. per Ib.

.. per

lb. Above 70. and not above 30c.

Above 30c.
Glycerine, crude, not purified

Indigo, extracts or pastes of

Ink and ink powders, printers' ink
Iodine, resublimed
Licorice extracts, in pastes, rolls, or other forms....
Magnesia, carbonate, medicinal


Sulphate, or Epsom salts.. Morphia or morphine and all salts thereof

.. per oz.

Oils. Alizarine assistant, or soluble oil or oleate of soda or Turkey red oil, containing 50 p. c. or more of castor oil.per gall.

Containing less than 50 p. c.

All other
Castor oil
Cod liver oil..
Cottonseed oil

..per gallon of 71 lbs. weight
Croton oil..
Flaxseed, or linseed and poppyseed oil, raw, boiled, or

per gallon of 73 lbs. weight Fusel oil, or amylic, alcohol Hempseed oil and rapeseed oil

per gall. Olive oil for salad purposes Peppermint oil.... Seal, herring, whale, and other fish oil Opium, aqueous extract, laudanum, liquid preparations ..., Opium containing less than 9 per cent of morpbia and opium prepared for smoking

Paints, Colours, and Varnishes. Baryta, sulphate, or barytes (including barytes earth, unmanufactured.

per ton Manufactured Blues, such as Berlin, Prussian, Chinese, containing ferr 3.

cyanide of iron, dry or ground, in or mixed with oil, or in pulp or mixed with water (on material ex water) per lb. Blanc-fixe, or satin white, or artificial sulphate of barytes ,, Black-Bone, ivory, or vegetable lampblack... Chrome yellow, green and all other chromium colours in

which lead and bichromate of potash or soda are component parts, dry or mixed with oil, per lb.

In pulpor mixed with water, then on material when dry
Ochre and ochery earths, sienna, umber, dry

Ground in oil
Ultramarine blue
Varnishes, gold size or japan

Other varnishes
In addition, on spirit varnishes, for the alcohol con.
tained therein

per gall.
Vermilion red and colours containing quicksilver
Wash blue, containing ultramarine
Whiting and Paris white, dry

Ground in oil or putty
Zinc, oxide, dry

Ground in oil
All other paints and colours, whether dry or mixed, or

ground in water or oil, including lakes, crayons, smalts,
and frostings, not specially provided for in this Act, and

artists' colours of all kinds, in tubes or otherwise ... All paints and colours, mixed or ground with water or solu.

tions other than oil, and commercially known as artists' water colour paints....

10 P.C., a.v.


40 p.c., a.v.

per lb. ..per gall.

.. per lb.


$1 12c.
$6 72c.


c. 25 p.c., a. y.

per 16.

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41c. 43c.

fc. I c.

41c. 35 p.c., a.v. 35 p.c., a.v.

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30 p.c., a.v.

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