Sivut kuvina

per lb.

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per lb.

Lead Products.
Acetate, white

Brown ..
Orange mineral
Red lead
White lead and white paint containing lead

Bichromate and chromate
Caustic or hydrate, refined in sticks or rolls
Hydriodate, iodide and iodate
Nitrate, salt petre, refined
Prussiate, red

Medicinal preparations of which alcohol is a component, or

in preparing which alcohol is used
of which alcohol is not a component
Proprietary preparations of which alcohol is not a


Calomel and other mercurial preparations.
Alkalies, distilled, essential and expressed oils and all

chemicals, compounds and salts not specially provided for
Toilet preparations for hair, mouth, teeth or skin
Santonine and salts containing 80 p.c. of
Soap-Castile ..

Fancy, perfumed and toilet
All others ..



IC. 50C.

IC. IOC. 5C.

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...... per lb.

25 p.c., a.v

25 p.c., a.v. 35 p.c., a.v.

25 p.c., a.v. 50 p.c., a.v.

per lb.

$2 50

ifc. 150. 20 p.c., a.v.

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per ton


Brick and Tile. Firebrick, plain....

$c 25 Glazed, enamelled or decorated.

45 p.c., a.v. Tiles and brick (not fire brick) plain

25 p.c., a.v. Ornamented....

45 p.c., a.v. Encaustic.

45 p.c., a.v. Cement, Lime and Plaster. Roman, Portland, hydraulic, in barrels or packages, including weight of package

.. per 100 lbs.

8c. In bulk

7c. Other cement

20 p.c., a.v. Lime, including weight of package.

6c. Plaster of Paris or gypsum, ground

.. per ton. Calcined..... Clays or earths, unmanufactured

$1 50 Wrought or manufactured

$300 China clay or kaolin

$3 oo

per too lbs.

$1 oo $1 75

25 p.c., a.v.

Earthenware and China.
Earthenware, stoneware, crucibles, plain
China. porcelain, parian, bisque, earthen, stone, and

crockeryware, including plaques, ornaments, toys,
charms, vases and statuettes, painted, tinted, stained,
enamelled, printed, gilded, or decorated..

If plain white, not decorated ....
All other china and earthenware, including lava gas

burner tips

If ornamented. Gas retorts


60 p.c., a.v. 55 P.C., a.v.

55 p.c., a.v.

60 p.c., a.v. $300

per lb.



per lb,




Glass and Glassware. Bottles, or demijohns, coloured or not, more than 1 pint, From £ pint to i pint

fc. Less than 1 pint...

per gross 50C. Flint, pressed, not decorated

60 p.c, a.v. Decorated.....

60 p.C., a.v. Chemical glassware

45 P.C., a.v. Blown glassware.

60 p.c., a.v. Porcelain or opal

60 p.c, a.v. Glass, cut, engraved, ornamented, hand and table mirrors..

45 p.c, a.v. Uppolished cylinder, crown and window glass not exceed. ing roin. by 15 in. square

Ijc. Not exceeding 16in. by 24in.

24in. by join.

24in. by 36in. Aiľabove 24in. by zóin.

3 c. Cylinder and crown, polished, not exceeding 16in. by 24in.

per sq. ft.

Ditto, not exceeding 24in. by join..

24in. by bin.
above that

Fluted, rolled, or rough plate glass, not including crown,
cylinder, or common window, not exceeding roin. by 15in.

per sq. ft. Not exceeding 16in. by 24in.

24in. by goin. All above". Plate glass, ground or smoothed, in addition to above

10 p.c., a.v. Cast, polished, plate glass, finished or unfinished, unsilvered, not exceeding roin. by 24in.

per sq. ft.

5C. Not exceeding 24in. by zoin.

8c. All above 24in. by boin.


50C. Ditto, silvered and looking-glass plates, not exceeding 16in. by 24in.

per sq. ft.

6c. Not exceeding 24in. by zoin. 24in. by boin.

35C. All above

60c. No looking glass plates, or plate glass silvered, when framed, shall pay a less rate than that imposed upon similar glass not framed, but shall pay in addition thereto upon such frames the rate of duty applicable when imported separate.

All articles enumerated in the preceding par, if filled, and not other. wise provided for in this Act, and contents are subject to a.v. duty, the value of such bottles, vials, or other vessels shall be added to the value of the contents for the ascertainment of the dutiable value of the latter.

If filled, and not otherwise provided for in this Act, and the contents are not subject to an a.v. rate of duty, or are free, such bottles or other vessels shall pay, in addition to the duty

on their contents, the rates of duty prescribed in the preceding par : Provided, That no article manufactured from glass described in the preceding par. shall pay a less rate of duty than 40 p.c., a.v. Glass, ground, frosted, enamelled or otherwise decorated, in addition to above

10 p.c., a.v. Spectacles and eyeglasses

бо р.с., а.v. Lenses costing $1 5oc per gross pairs, or less

60 p.C., a.v. Spectacles and eyeglass lenses, with edges ground, or bevelled to fit frames...

60 P.C., a.v. All other lenses or glasses

45 p.c., a.v.

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65с. .

Marble and Stone and Manufactures of Marble, rough or squared...

per cubic foot Veined marble, sawed or dressed (no slab computed less than rin. thick). .

per cubic foot
Other manufactures of
Burr stones
Freestone, granite, sandstone, limestone, building, stone

per cubic foot
Hewn, dressed or polished
Slate, mantels, slabs
Roofing slate

$1 10
50 p.c., a.v.
15 P.C., a.v.

40 P.C., a.v.

per ton

$1 75

30 P.C., a.v. 25 P.C., a.v.

.. per ton

per ton

... per lb.

rin. sq. .::

per lb.

I 1.IOC.

per ton
per lb.

1 I-IOC.


per lb.


Iron and Steel. Chromate of iron....

15 P.C., a.v. Iron ore

750. Iron sulphur ore containing not more than 31 p.c. of copper

75C. More than 2 p.c. of copper, in addition on the copper

$c. Iron in pigs and kentledge, scraps

3.10C. Bar iron iin. wide fin. thick

8-roc. Round iron fin. diameter, and sq. iron not less than of

Bar, round and flat, less than above
Round iron less than 7-16 in diameter..
Iron bars, blooms, billets made by charcoal fuel.

$22 Iron structural shapes..

9-TOC. Plate iron not thinner than No. 10 wire gauge, valued at ic. per lb.......

5.IOC. Not above 1 4•100. per lb.

65-100C. Not above 2c. per lb.

8-10C. Not above 3c. per lb. Not above 4c. per lb.

ic, Not above 7c. per lb. Not above ioc. per lb.

28-100. Not above 13c. per Ib.

3 c. Above 13c. per lb.

45 p.c., a.v. Forgings of iron or steel

2 3.10C. Hoop, band and scroll iron not thinner than No. 10 wire gauge..

......... per lb. Not thinner than No. 20 ...... Thinner than No. 20...

1 3-TOC. Provided, that hoop or band iron, or hoop or band steel, cut to length, or wholly or partially manufactured into hoops or ties for baling purposes, barrel hoops of iron or steel, and hoop or band iron or hoop or band steel flared, splayed, or punched, with or without buckles or fastenings, shall pay two-tenths (!) of one cent per pound more duty than that imposed on the hoop or band iron or steel from which they are made. Railway bars of iron, of steel, rails, punched iron or steel flat rails.....

:..per 1b)

Taggers' iron or steel between No. 10 and 20 wire gauge
Between No. 20 and No. 25

Thinner than No. 25.

1 4-IOC. Corrugated or crimped.

1 4-TOC. Sheets galvanized in addition)

c. Tin plates after July 1, 1891 All common or black sheet-iron or steel not thinner than No. 10 wire gauge shall pay duty, as plate-iron or steel.

Provided, that on and after July first, eighteen hundred and ninety-one, manufactures of which tin, tin plates, terne plates, taggers tin, or either of them, are component materials of chief value, and all articles, vessels or wares manufactured, stamped or drawn from sheet-iron or sheet-steel, such material being the component of chief value, and coated wholly or in part with tin or lead or a mixture of which these metals or either of them is a component part, shall pay a duty of fifty-five per centum a.v.

Provided further, that on and after October first, eighteen hundred and ninetyseven, tin plates and terne plates lighter in weight than sixty-three pounds per


per lb.

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2 2.IOC.

per lb.

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Per lb.

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hundred square feet shall be admitted free of duty, unless it shall be made to appear to the satisfaction of the President (who shall thereupon by proclama. tion make known the tact) that the aggregate quantity of such plates lighter than sixty-three pounds per hundred square feet produced in the United States during either of the six years next preceding June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ninety-seven, has equalled one-third the amount of such plates imported and entered for consumption during any fiscal year after the passage of this Act, and prior to said October first, eighteen hundred and ninety-seven.

Provided, that the amount of such plates manufactured into articles exported, and upon which a drawlack shall be paid, shall not be included in ascertaining the amount of such importations :

And provided further, that the amount or weight of sheet-iron or sheet-steel manufactured in the United States and applied or wrought in the manufacture of articles or wares tinned or terne-plated in the United States, with weight allowance as sold to manufacturers or others, shall be considered as tin and terne plates produced in the United States within the meaning of this Act. Sheet iron or steel, polished...

2fc Plates of iron or steel coated with tin or lead (until July 1,

1891) Ingots, blooms, slabs, shafting, castings valued at 4c. per Ib.

45 p.c. a.v. at ic. or less

4-TOC 1c. and not above i 4-IOC.

jc. 1 4.70C. and not above 1 8-100.

1 8-10c. and not above 2 2-10c.

2 2-10c. and not above 3c.
above 3c, and not above 4c.

I 6-IOC.
above 4c. and not above 7c.
above 7c. and not above roc.

2 8.10C,
above ioc. and not above 13c.

31c. above 13c. and not above 16c.

4 2.1oC. above 16c. Wire rods, not smaller than No. 6 wire gauge Wire not smaller than No. 10 wire gauge

1 c. Smaller than No. 10, not smaller than No. 16

c. Smaller than No. 16, not smaller than No. 26

Smaller than No. 26

Any of the above covered with cotton, silk, &c.,
corset wire (in addition)

Flat steel wire..

50 P.C., a.v.
Iron or steel wire coated with zinc or tin (except fence
wire), in addition to the wire

Iron wire rope, or wire strand, in addition to rate
on wire

.... per lb.
Steel wire rope, strand, or cloth, in addition to rate on

wire All iron or steel wire valued at more than 4c. per lb....

45 P.C., a.v. Card wire for clothing

35 p.c., a.v. Anchors, mill irons, engine forgings weighing 25 lbs. or

I 8-10c.
Axles and axle bars

Sledge hammers, wedges, and crowbars.
Boiler tubes..
Bolts and hinges..

2 c. Card clothing made of tempered steel wire, per square foot

50C. All others..

25C. Cast iron pipe

. per Ib.

9-IOC. Stove plates, sad irons, tailors' irons Castings of malleable iron

14c. Cast hollow ware

3C. Chains made of iron or steel not less than in. in diam. eter

1 6-10c. Less than 3, not less than $

1 8-10C. Less than

24c. No chain shall pay less than 45 p.c., a.v. Penknives, valued not more than 50c. per dozen, per dozen 50, a.v., & 120. 50c. to $1 50 per dozen

· per lb,

.. per lb.


· per lb.

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• Per lb.


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I 2.IOC.

per lb.

50 p.c., a.v., & 50C. $t 50 $3 per pozen

50 p.c., a.v., & $1 More than $3 per dozen

50 p.c., a.v.,

& $2


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$1 5oC.

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Razors, less than $4 per dozen

30 p.C., a.v., & $1 $4 or more per dozen

30 p.c., a.v., & Swords and side arms

$1 75 Table knives, forks, butchers', kitchen, and artists' knives,

35 P.C., a.v. not more than $1 per dozen

per dozen 30 p.c., a.v., & icc. $1 to $2, per dozen

30 p.c., a.v., & 35C. $2 to $3, per dozen

30 p.c., a.v., & 400. $3 to $8, per dozen More than $8 per dozen

30 p.c., a.v., & $1 Carving and cooks' knives and forks valued at not

30 P.C., a.v., & $2 more than $4 per dozen

..per dozen 30 P.C., a.v., & $1 $4 to $8, per dozen $8 to $12, per dozen

30 p.c., a.v., & $2 More than $12, per dozen..

30 P.C., a.v., & $3 Files, 4 inches long and under

30 p.c., a.v., & $5

4 to 9 inches, per dozen
9 to 14 inches, per dozen

$1 30C.
14 inches and over, per dozen.


Muskets and sporting rifles.....
Shot guns, double barrelled, value not more than $6 ..cach 35 p.c., a.v., &

25 p.c., a.v.
$6 to $12
More than $12..

35 p.c., a.v., & $4

35 p.c., a.v., & $6 Single barrel

35 P.C., a.v., & $1 Revolving pistols, worth not more than $1 soc...

35 P.C., a.v.,


40C. Valued at more than $1 500 Iron or steel sheets, plates or articles enamelled or glazed

35 P.C., a.v., & $1 with viti eous glasses .

45 p.c., a.v.
As above, with more than one colour or ornamented

50 p.c., a.v.
Nails, Spikes, Tacks, and Needles.
Cut nails and spikes, iron or steel...
Horseshoe, hob, wrought iron or steel

........ per lb.

4C. Wire nails, wrought iron or steel, 2 inches long, not lighter than No. 12 gauge.

1 inch to 2 inches, lighter than No. 12 and not lighter

than No. 16 wire gauge..
Shorter than 1 inch, lighter than No. 16 gauge...

40. Spikes, nuts, washers, horse, or ox shoes

18-TOC. Cut tacks, brads, sprigs, not exceeding 16 ounces to the 1,000 ..

per 1,000 21c. Exceeding 16 ounces. Needles for knitting or sewing machines, crochet "tape, bodkins

35 P.C., a.v. Knitting, and all not specially provided for

25 P.C., a.v.

Steel plates, stereotype, electrotype, engraved or lithographed

25 P.C., a.v. Railway fish plates or splice bars

...... per Ib.

IC. Rivets, iron or steel

etc. Saws, cross cut ...

:per lineal foot

Mill, pit and drag saws, not over 9 in. wide,
Over 9 in.....

Circular saws

30 p.c., a.v. Hand, back and all other saws

40 P.C., a.v Wood screws, over 2 in. long...

5C. I in. to 2 in...

7C. } in. to 1 in..

I in. and less
Wheels or parts thereof, for railway purposes, of iron or
steel, and steel tired, wholly or partially finished or

Axles and wheels dutiable as wheels.
Ingots, cogged ingots or blanks for same

c. Miscellaneous Metals and Manufactures. Aluminum, crude and alloys

.............. per lb. I5C. Antimony, regulus or metal

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... per lb.


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• per lb.

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.. per lb.


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