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The ALBERT EDWARD DOCK-opened by their Royal Highnesses the Prince and PRINCESS OF WALES, in August, 1884--is adapted for Vessels of the largest class, and affords the best facilities for dealing with IMPORT and Export Traffic of every description. It is nearer the Harbour Entrance, and has Sills five feet deeper than any other Dock on the Tyne.

The new WAREHOUSE, on the West Quay of the Dock, built for Grain and General Merchandise of all kinds, is 200 feet long by 100 feet broad, and contains six floors, each fitted with hydraulic machinery, and all necessary appliances; and spacious cellars suitable for the storage of provisions, oils, tallow, and other goods.

STEAM AND HYDRAULIC CRANES are provided for unloading and loading vessels direct to and from Truck or Warehouse with the greatest expedition.

Inside the Dock there is a large COAL SHIPPING STAITH at which vessels can bunker or load outward with Coal, after discharging their inward cargoes.

The Norwegian Royal Mail and Passenger Steamers sail every week day between this Dock and Norway, passengers being conveyed by special train between the Commissioners' station at the Dock and the Central station of the North-Eastern Railway Company, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Water area of Dock 24 acres ; Tidal Basin, 23 acres ;

Tidal Entrance, 80 feet wide; Lock, 350 feet long
and 60 feet wide; depth of Water on Sills at High
Water Spring Tides, 30 feet ; at High Water Neap
Tides, 26 feet. The Outer Lock Sill is 6 feet deeper than
Sill of Entrance, being 21 feet below Low Water
Spring Tides, so that Vessels drawing 20 feet can be

locked in at Low Water.
Length of Quays inside Dock, 2,600 feet; of River Wall or

Quay, 900 feet.

The NORTHUMBERLAND DOCK, 1,200 yards above the Albert Edward Dock Entrance, is the chief outlet for the Coalfields of Northumberland. It contains 16 Staiths at which upwards of 2,680,000 tons of Coal have been shipped in twelve months.

Powerful Steam Cranes, capable of landing and shipping general Cargoes with the utmost despatch, and spacious Brick Warehouses for the Storage of Esparto, Hemp, Grain, Guano, Oil Cake, Chemicals, and damageable Goods of all kinds are provided. Water Area of Dock, 55 acres ; Tidal Basin, 27, acres ;

Tidal Entrance, 70 feet wide ; Lock 250 feet long and 52 feet wide ; Depth of Water on Sills at High Water Spring Tides, 24 feet ; at High Water Neap Tides, 20

feet. Inside the Dock there are Jetties, with a Wharf behind

450 feet long by 100 feet broad. Outside the Dock there is a River-side Quay, 1,100 feet long

and 144 feet broad, having a depth of water alongside of 18 feet at Low Water Ordinary Spring Tides.

At the Commissioners' RIVER STAITHS (between Albert Edward and Northumberland Docks) the largest class of Steamers and Sailing Ships, requiring to load Coal and Coke without entering the Docks, can take in a full cargo and proceed direct to Sea at all times of tide.

The above Docks and Staiths have direct railway communication with the Coalfields of Northumberland and Durham, and with all parts of the Kingdom.

They are within twelve minutes' walk from Percy Main and North Shields Stations, on the Tynemouth Branch of the North Eastern Railway. The Tyne General Ferry Company's Steamers, running between Newcastle and Tynemouth, call every half hour at the Northumberland Duck Landing, close to the Dock Offices, and the Commissioners' Steam Ferry plies every quarter of-an-hour between South Shields and Whitehill Point Landing, situated between the two Docks,

Bordering on the Docks there are upwards of 270 acres of land which offers superior and exceptional advantages for the establishment of Timber Yards, Saw Mills, &c., and of Manufactories and Industrial Works in connection with the Shipping and Trade of the Port.

Bona-fide applications from Capitalists, Manufacturers, and others, to rent or lease portions of this land, addressed to the undersigned, will receive the favourable consideration of the Commissioners.

The Commissioners' TIMBER PONDS, at Jarrow Blake, opposite Northumberland Dock, having direct access from the river, cover an area of 89 acres.

The TYNE, as the Principal Coal Port in the Kingdom, affords unsurpassed advantages to vessels arriving with Inward Cargoes and requiring Outward Freights.

The yearly exports of Coal and Coke have reached upwards of 94 million tons.

Ballast is quickly discharged or loaded from or into Vessels by the Commissioners' S.S. Ballast Hopper Barges.

Excellent facilities exist in the Port for discharging and loading Vessels, and for warehousing and storing all descriptions of General Merchandise, Timber, Grain, &c. Vessels “calling" in the Tyne to “Bunker” at the

" Commissioners' Docks and Staiths, where they can obtain the best Northumberland Steam Coal on the most favourable terms, have the benefit of greatly modified Dues.

Information as to Rates and Charges may be obtained on application to the Commissioners' Traffic Manager, Northumberland Dock, Percy Main, or to



September, 1890,

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The Great Liberal Morning Paper of the North.



THE HE NEWCASTLE LEADER has the largest sale of any Liberal Morning Paper published between

Edinboro' and Leeds. THE HE NEWCASTLE LEADER has achieved a

success unequalled in provincial journalism. It is read by all classes, and recognised as the Chief Daily Paper in the populous and important counties of Northumberland,

Durham, and Cumberland. THE NEWCASTLE LEADER also circulates

in the North Riding of Yorkshire, and Southern districts

of Scotland. THE NEWCASTLE LEADER is the most im

portant Commercial Paper in the North. No other Newspaper offers so efficient a medium to Advertisers who wish to reach investors and the wealthy classes of the community.


PRICE ONE PENNY. Published every FRIDAY and SATURDAY (Five Editins).


Publishing Offices :Chief Office--High Bridge, NEWCASTLE-ON-TYNE.

London and Special Private Wire Office-

Publisher-W. T. MARTIN.

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