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Why do vaine men mean things fo much deface, And in their might repose their most afsu

rance, Sith nought on earth can chalenge long en

durance ?


When these fad fights were overpast and gone,
My spright was greatly moved in her rest, 156
With inward ruth and deare affection,
To see so great things by fo small distrest:
Thenceforth I


in my engrieved brest To fcorne all difference of great and small, 160 Sith that the greatest often are opprest, And unawares doe into daunger fall. And ye,

that read these Ruines Tragicall, Learne, by their lofse, to love the low degree; And, if that Fortune chaunce you up to call To Honours seat, forget not what you be:

For he, that of himselfe is moft secure,
Shall finde his state most fickle and unsure. 168

XII. 9. Learne, by their lofje, to love the low degree;] He makes the same modest remark, Shep. Cal. July, ver. 219.

“ But I am taught, by Algrinds ill,

• To love the low degree." TODD.








was the time, when Rest, soft sliding downe From heavens hight into mens heavy eyes, In the forgetfulnes of sleepe doth drowne The carefull thoughts of mortall miseries; Then did a Ghost before mine eyes appeare, s On that great rivers" banck, that runnes by

Rome; Which, calling me by name, bad me to reare My lookes to heaven whence all good gifts do

come, And crying lowd, lo! now beholde (quoth hee) What under this great temple placed is : Lo, all is nought but flying vanitee ! So I, that know this worlds inconftancies,


I. 1. It was the time, &c.] It is to be remarked, tbat moft of these Visions, and the Visions of Petrarch which follow, appeared, with some differences indeed from the present copies both in regard to the nature of the verse, to a few expressions, and to the arrangement of them, in “ A Theatre for Worldlinges, &c. 12mo. 1569," At the close of the Visions of Pe. trarch, I will subjoin the early Vifions, together with some remarks, for the reader's fatisfaction. Spenser's own edition notices, that the Visions of Petrarch were formerlie transated. He does not say by whom. The tranfator might be himself. lle was in 1569 entered a member of the University of Cam: bridge. TODD.

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