The Law of Fixtures: In the Principal Relation of Landlord and Tenant, and it All the Other General Relations : Shewing Also the Precise Effects of the Various Modern Statutes Upon the Subject, and Incorporating the Principal American Decisions

Stevens and Haynes, 1881 - 248 sivua

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Sivu 25 - Edition, in 8vo, price 6.*., cloth, AN EPITOME OF LEADING COMMON LAW CASES; WITH SOME SHORT NOTES THEREON. Chiefly intended as a Guide to
Sivu 35 - BROOKE'S (Sir Robert) New Cases in the time of Henry VIII., Edward VI., and Queen Mary, collected out of Brooke's Abridgment...
Sivu 20 - Gaius and Justinian, and is so arranged that the reader can at once see what are the opinions of either of these two writers on each point. From the very exact and accurate references to titles and sections given he can at once refer to the original writers. The concise manner in which Mr. Harris has arranged his digest will render it most useful, not only to the students for whom it was originally written, but also to those persons who. though they have not the time to wade through the larger treatises...
Sivu 92 - Kelly, that as fixtures denoted the " tenant's right to remove," a contract to forego that right was not an interest in land within the 4th section of the Statute of Frauds.
Sivu 29 - LORD CAIRNS'S DECISIONS. Reported by FRANCIS S. REILLY, of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister-at-Law. In 8vo., 1871, price 2is., cloth, A TREATISE ON THE STATUTES OF ELIZABETH AGAINST FRAUDULENT CONVEYANCES. The Bills of Sale Registration Acts, and the Law of Voluntary Dispositions of Property generally. BY HW MAY, BA (Ch.Ch.
Sivu 16 - Law Times. THE LAW OF CORPORATIONS. In one volume of One Thousand Pages, royal 8vo, price 42*. , cloth, A TREATISE ON THE DOCTRINE OF ULTRA VIRES: BEING An Investigation of the Principles which Limit the Capacities, Powers, and Liabilities of CORPORATIONS, AND MORE ESPECIALLY OF JOINT STOCK COMPANIES. SECOND EDITION. BY SEWARD BRICE, MA, LL.D. LONDON, OF THE INNER TEMPLE, BARRISTER-AT-LAW.
Sivu 27 - ... things so proposed to be removed, or any of them, and the right to remove the same shall thereby cease, and the same shall belong to the landlord ; and the value thereof shall...
Sivu 34 - Edition, containing several additional Cases never before printed, together with a TREATISE UPON THE LAW AND PROCEEDINGS IN CASES OF HIGH TREASON, first published in 1793. The whole carefully revised and edited by RICHARD LOVELAND LOVELAND, of the Inner Temple, Barrister-at-Law.
Sivu 27 - Principles of the Criminal Law. Intended as a Lucid Exposition of the subject for the use of Students and the Profession. By SEYMOUR F. HARRIS, BCL, MA (Oxon.), Author of "A Concise Digest of the Institutes of Gaius and Justinian.
Sivu 20 - INSTITUTES OF GAIUS AND JUSTINIAN. With copious References arranged in Parallel Columns, also Chronological and Analytical Tables, Lists of Laws, &c. &*c. Primarily designed for the Use of Students preparing for Examination at Oxford, Cambridge, and the Inns of Court. BY SEYMOUR F. HARRIS, BCL, MA, OF WORCESTER COLLEGE, OXFORD, AND THE INNER TEMPLE, BARRISTER-AT-LAW, AUTHOR OF " UNIVERSITIES AND LEGAL EDUCATION.

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