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LXXXHI. 6 The tabernacles of Edom, and the Ishmaelites ; of Moab, and the Hagarenes ; Those of the posterity of Esau and Ishmael, and of Lot and Hagar, which ought, in regard of nearness of blood, to favour and join with the other issue of Abraham and Jacob, they do yet conspire all together against them, &c.

LXXXIII. 7 Gebal, and Ammon, and Amalek; the Philistines with the inhabitants of Tyre; &c. And are in confederacy with the other neighbouring nations, which profess and exercise hostility against thy people Israel.

LXXXIII. 9 Do thou unto them as unto the Midianites; as to Sisera, as to Jabin, at the brook of Kison : Do thou utterly defeat and destroy them, as thou didst the Midianites and their five kings; as thou didst Sisera, the general of Jabin's host, and his strong army, at the brook and valley of Kison :

LXXXIII. 10 Which perished at Endor : they became as dung for the earth. Which perished in the plains of the city Endor, near to that famous river of Kison; and left their carcasses upon the earth, for a prey to the fowls, and compost to the soil.

LXXXIII. 11 Make their nobles like Oreb, and like Zeeb : yea, all their princes as Zebah, and as Zalmunna. Make their princes and nobles, like unto those princes of the Midianites, which Gideon pursued and slew,

LXXXIII. 13 O my God, make them like a wheel; as the stub. ble before the wind. Do thou whirl them away, and all their projects and attempts, and scatter them as stubble before the wind.

LXXXIV. 3 Yca, the sparrow hath found an house, and the swallow a nest for herself, where she may lay her young, even ihine al tars, 0 LORD of hosts. O God, how do I, in this my exile, envy those little familiar birds,

sparrow and the swallow, which are allowed to find out quiet nests for themselves and their young, in the houses of men; yea, near unto thy very altars, O Lord of Hosts; while I am driven away, and not suffered to enjoy the benefit and comfort of thy house!

LXXXIV. 6 Who passing through the valley of Baca make it a well; the rain also filleth the pools. Who cannot be discouraged in their journey towards the holy tabernacle, by all the difficulties of the way; for, though they pass through a dry and barren desert, yet there doth their comfortable resolution make a well of refreshing, and afford them sveet and pleasant showers; in that their heart is possessed with the expectation of that blessing, which they shall be partakers of in that holy mountain.

LXXXIV. 7 They go from strength to strength, every one of them in Zion appeareth before God. And therefore they go on, cheerfully gathering strength and courage, in the way, until they come into the presence of the Lord, in his temple, upon the hill of Zion.

LXXXIV. 10 I had rather be a door keeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness. I would rather choose to be in the lowest and basest room within thy holy tabernacle, than to be settled in whatsoever dignity, out of the bounds of thy Church.

LXXXIV. J. For the LORD God is a sun and shield, For the Lord God is the author and fountain of all good and comfort, that can befal his children ; and the protector and defender of them from all those evils, which they might be incident into.

LXXXV. 8 He will speak peace unto his people, and to his saints : but let them not turn again to folly. God will be exceeding gracious, no doubt, unto his people, both in his remission and blessings; but let them take heed, that they keep stedfast unto him; and that they be not foolishly miscarried again, into idolatry, and other such grievous offences, as whereby they may justly forfeit his favours.

LXXXV. 10 Mercy and truth are met together; righteousness and peace huve kissed each other. The kingdon of Christ, under the Gospel, shall be exceeding glorious and happy; for therein, the mercy and truth of God will approve themselves to be fully accorded : in that, both God will be found true, in the making good of bis decreeu threats of death to sinful man; and also merciful in saving mankind, lost by sin, through the blood of the Redeemer: and in men, answerably, shall righteousness and peace embrace each other ; for that, upon this imputed righteousness of Christ, joined with true inward sanctification, shall follow a happy peace both with God and with our owu consciences.

LXXXV. 11. Truth shall spring out of the earth ; and righteousness shall look down from heaven. By the effects wrought upon men here on earth, shall God make good the truth of his promises; and righteousness, which is the free gift of God to men, şhall descend from above.

LXXXV. 13 Righteousness shall go before him ; and shall set us in the way of his steps. His servants shall walk before him, in holiness and righteousness; and shall, by these graces, be directed in all the ways of his commandments.

LXXXVI. S Among the gods there is none like unto thee, 0 LORD. Amongst those, that are falsely called gods, () Lord, there is none that is like unto thee; there is no less difference, than between that which is nothing and infinite.

LXXXVI. 17 Shew me a token for good; that they which hate me may see it, and be ashamed. O Lord, do thou give some good and sensible proof of thy mer

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ciful respect to me; such, as whereby mine enemies may be convinced, and may with shame confess their error, while they spitefully said, There is no help for him in his God.

LXXXVII. 1 His foundation is in the holy mountains. God hath founded his citv Jerusalem, and his holy temple, upon the mountains, which he hath chosen.

LXXXVII. 2 The Lord loveth the gates of Zion more than all the dwellings of Jacob. The Lord taketh more pleasure to dwell in bis tabernacle, and his temple, on Zion hill, than in all the rest of the land of Judah or Israel.

LXXXVII. 4 I will make mention of Rahab and Babylon to them that know me : behold Philistia, and Tyre, with Ethiopia; this man was born there. I rejoice to see that the Church of God shall not always be confined to these narrow bounds of Judea ; but that it shall extenditself to all nations: insomuch as I make account of the most inlikely nations of Egypt and Babylon to be admitted into the bosom thereof; and even amongst the most spiteful Philistines, and the Tyrians, and Ethiopians, there shall be sons born unto God.

LXXXVII. 5 And of Sion it shall be said, This and that man was born in her : and the highest himself shall establish her. And Zion, the true spiritual Zion, shall beso enlarged, that it shall be said of every professed Christian, that he was born in her; and God shall so establish her, that the gates of hell shall not prevail against her.

LXXXVII. 7 Al my springs are in thee. All the living waters of true comfort, all graces, and all salvation, are to be found in thee only, (viz. the Church of God.)

LXXXVIII. 5 Free among the dead. I am as a man already admitted into the society of dead men, free and perfectlv acquitted from all the cares and affairs of this life.

LXXXVIII. 10 Shall the dead arise and praise thee? Shall the dead arise out of their graves, and live here among men, and celebrate thy praises?

LXXXVIII. 12 Shall thy wonders be known in the dark? and thy righteousness in the land of forgetfulness ? Shall notice be taken of thy wonderful works, in the grave ? and shall the dead carcasses, in that estate of death where all these earthly things are forgotten, be sensible of thy righteous dealings with the living?

LXXXVII. 15 I am afflicted and ready to die from my youth up : while I suffer thy terrors I am distracted. My trials and sufferings, as they have been grievous, and such as have brought me to the very brink of the grave, so they have been also long and tedionis; for even from my youth up, bitiierto, hare I been exercised with them; and, besides the sense of evils, the fear and expectation of them hath been, and is, no small torment and distraction to me.

LXXXIX. 2 For I said, Mercy shall be built up for ever : thy faithfulness shalt thou establish in the very heavens. After all my troubles, I came to this resolution ; Thy mercy, O Lord, is as some goodly structure, which thou wilt never leave to build up (till thou have finished it) so firmly, that it shall stand for ever: thy faithfulness in making good all thy promises, is as sure. ly established, as the very beavens themselves.

LXXXIX. 10 Thou hast broken Rahab in pieces.
Thou hast overthrown the proud Egyptian in the Red Sea.

LXXXIX. 12 The north and the south thou hast created them : Tabor and Hermon shall rejoice in thy name. Thou hast made all the coasts of heaven : the north and the south are created by thee: Tabor that is in the west, and Hermon towards the east, do rejoice in thee, and acknowledge thy power.

LXXXIX. 15 Blessed are the people that know the joyful sound. Blessed are the people, whose ears are enured unto the cheerful sound of the sacred trumpets of God, in their solemn feasts and sacrifices.

LXXXIX. 19 Then thou spakest in vision to thy Holy One, and saidst, I have laid help upon one that is mighty, &c. Thou spakest by way of vision to thy holy prophet Samuel, and after him to Nathan thy prophet; and saidst, I have ordained to give help and victory unto my people, by my strong and mighty champion, David.

LXXXIX. 25 I will set his hand also in the sea, and his right hand in the rivers. I will establish his rule over those which dwell on the sea coast, and from the river Euphrates to the land of the Philistines ; so as both the Red Sea, and the Mediterranean, together with the rivers of Euphrates, Jordan, and the rest within that compass, shall be swayed by his sceptre.

LXXXIX. 27 Also I will make him my firstborn, higher than the kings of the earth. As he, whom thou, O David, and Solomon, dost represent, as types of him to come, is the firstborn of every creature, and in all things hath the preeminence; so thou, in figure of him, shalt be advanced to the honour of the highest prince upon earth, having therein the true priviledge of primogeniture.

LXXXIX. 33 Nevertheless my loving kindness will I not utterly take from him, &c. See 2 Sam. vii. 15.

LXXXIX. 36, 37. His throne shall be as the sun before me. It shall be established for ever as the moon, and as a faithful witness in heaven. The spiritual government of Christ, the Son of David, shall continue as firm and stedfast, as the sun and moon, and those other heavenly bodies, which are the faithful witnesses of God's unfail. able power and providence.

LXXXIX. 39 Thou hast made void the covenant of thy servant : thou hast profaned his crown by casting it to the ground. But now, as if thou meantest to reverse and recant that word of thine, and to frustrate the covenant with thine Anointed, thou hast, for the time, suffered his crown to be pulled off his head and to be cast upon the ground, and his government to be openly despised.

XC. 11 Who knoweth the power of thine anger ? even according to thy fear, so is thy wrath. O Lord, who is able to conceive how fearful a thing thine anger is? and yet, it is fit to tremble at the conceit thereof; for, according as men do more or less tremble at thy judgments, so dost thou more or less execute them.

XC. 13 Let it repent thee concerning thy servants. Call back those evils, which are threatened, and, as it were, gone out against thy servants; and do, as we men are wont, when we repent of our actions, forbear to punish us thy servants any more.

XCI. 1 He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. He, that puts himself under the protection of the Almighty, shall be sure to be safely preserved under the shadow of his wings.

XCI. 3 Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisom pestilence. He shall deliver thee from those secret dangers, which the craft of devils or men has devised to entangle thee in; and from the fearful and noisome contagion of the pestilence.

XCI. 5 Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night ; nor for the arrow that fieth by day; Thou shalt be freed from the fear of either secret or open evils ; whether by day, or by night; inward, or outward: from all the violent machinations of enemies; and from the immediate judgments of God, that strike swiftly and insensibly :

XCI. 6 Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday. Thou shalt not be afraid of that plague of pestilence, that infecteth secretly, and spreadeth insensibly, and yet destroyeth openly; and, where it rageth, leaves the footsteps of death to be lamentably viewed at midday.

XCI. 7 A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee. In a common mortality, God shall make a difference betwixt his own and others : for his own, save where and when he sees it best for them to suffer and hath decreed their advantage by the stroke, he shall save, and preserve them; so as, while many thousands fají on each hand of them, yet they shall be free.

XCI. 11 For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee so great is his care of the good of his children, that, besides his own immediate protection, he shall give charge to his most glo

in all thy ways.



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