Sivut kuvina

2 Why throb, my heart? why sink, 4 Ride on in state, and still protect my sadd'ning soul?

Why droop to earth, with various [roll, woes oppress'd? My years shall yet in blissful circles And peace be yet an inmate of this



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The meek, the just, and true;

Whilst thy right haud, with swift re


And, clad in rich array,
With glorious ornaments of pow'r,
Majestic pomp display.


Does all thy foes pursue.

How sharp thy weapons are to them
That dare thy pow'r despise!
Down, down they fall, while through
their heart

The piercing arrow flies.


But thy firm throne, O God, is fix'd,
For ever to endure;

Thy sceptre's sway shall always last,
By righteous laws secure.

7 Because thy heart, by justice led,
Did upright ways approve,
And hated still the crooked paths,
Where wand'ring sinners rove:

8 Therefore did GoD, thy God, on thee
The oil of gladness shed;
And has, above thy fellows round,
Advanc'd thy lofty head.

PSALM 40. (II. 2.)
From the xlvi. Psalm of David.

GOD is our refuge in distress,

THILE I the King's loud praise
Indited by my heart,

My tongue is like the pen of him
That writes with ready art.

2 How matchless is thy form, O king!
Thy mouth with grace o'erflows;
Because fresh blessings GoD on thee

Eternally bestows.

A present help when dangers

In him, undaunted, we'll confide;
Though earth were from her centre

And mountains in the ocean lost,
Torn piece-meal by the roaring tide.
2 A gentler stream with gladness still
The city of our LORD shall fill,

The royal seat of GoD most high:
God dwells in Sion, whose fair low'rs
Shall mock th' assaults of earthly

While his Almighty aid is nigh.
3 Submit to GOD's almighty sway,,
For him the heathen shall obey,

And earth her sov'reign LORD CON

The GoD of hosts conducts our arms,
Our tow'r of refuge in alarms,
As to our fathers in distress.

PSALM 41. (L. M.)
From the xlvii. Psalm of David.

And with triumphant voices sing:
ALL ye people, clap your hands,
No force the mighty pow'r withstands
Of God, the universal King.

3 Gird on thy sword, most mighty 2 He shall assaulting foes repel,

And with success our battles fight; Shall fix the place where we must


The pride of Jacob his delight

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GOD is gone up, our LORD and King, 13 Assemble all my saints to me,
With shouts of joy, and trumpet's (Thus runs the great divine decree,)
That in my lasting cov'nant live,
And off'rings bring with constant

To him repeated praises sing,

And let the cheerful song rebound. Your utmost skill in praise be shown, For him who all the world com. mands,

Who sits upon his righteous throne, And spreads his sway o'er heathen lands.

(C. M.)
From the xlviii. Psalm of David.

THE LORD, the only God, is great,
And greatly to be

In Sion, on whose happy mount
His sacred throne is rais'd.
2 In Sion we have seen perform'd
A work that was foretold,
In pledge that GOD, for times to come,
His city will uphold.

Let Sion's mount with joy resound; Her daughters all be taught In songs his judgments to extol, Who this deliv'rance wrought.. 4 Compass her walls in solemn pomp, Your eyes quite round aer cast; Count all her tow'rs, and see if there You find one stone displac'd. 5 Her forts and palaces survey, Observe their order well; That to the ages yet to come His wonders you may tell.`


3 This GOD is ours, and will be ours,
Whilst we in him confide;
Who, as he has preserv'd us now,
Till death will be our guide.


From the 1. Psalm of David.
PART I. (II. 2.)


HE LORD hath spoke, the mighty Hath sent his summons all abroad, From dawning light till day de clines: [heard, The list'ning earth his voice hath And he from Sion hath appear'd,

Where beauty in perfection shines. 2 Our God shall come, and keep no


Misconstru'd silence as before,

But wasting flames before him send; Around shall tempests fiercely rage, Whilst he does heav'n and earth engage

His just tribunal to attend.



The beav'ns his justice shall declare, For God himself shall sentence give

PART 11. (II. 2.)

1 ATTEND, my people; Israel, hear; Thy strong accuser I'll appear;

Thy GoD, thine only God am I: "Tis not of off'rings I complain, Which, daily in my temple slain,

My sacred altar did supply. 2 The sacrifices I require Are hearts which love and zeal inspire And vows with strictest care made good:

In time of trouble call on me,
And I will set thee safe and free,
And thou shalt praise thy gracious

3 Consider this, ye thoughtless men! My vengeance shall not fall in vain, And none will dare your cause to


Who praises me due honour gives,
And to the man that justly lives
My strong salvation shall be shown



(S. M.) From the li. Psalm of David. AVE mercy, LORD, on me, As thou wert ever kind; Let me, oppress'd with loads of guilt, Thy wonted mercy find. 2 Wash off my foul offence,

And cleanse me from my sin; For I confess my crime, and see How great my guilt has been. 3 Against thee, Lord, alone, Have 1 transgress'd; and, though con And only in thy sight, demn'd,


Must own thy judgment right.
4 In guilt each part was form'd'
Of all this sinful frame;
In guilt I was conceiv'd, and born
The heir of sin and shame.
5 Yet, LORD, thy searching eye
Does inward truth require;
And secretly with wisdom's laws
My soul thou wilt inspire.

6 With hyssop purge me, LORD,
And so I clean shall be:
I shall with snow in whiteness vie,
When purified by thee.

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6 "I'd wing my everlasting flight,
Bidding the world farewell,
From sin and strife, to realms of light,
Where peace and quiet dweil."

6 Thus will I call on God, who still Shall in my aid appear;

At morn, at noon, at night I'll pray, And he my voice shall hear.


'(C. M.) From the lvi. Psalm of David.

LORD though at times surpris'd by


Horrors o'erwhelm my head.

3 And thus I breathe my heavy sigh To Him who hears above: "O that my soul on wings could fly, And emulate the dove!

And listen when I pray;
Nor from thy humble suppliant turn
Thy glorious face away.
My heart is pain'd; the shades of



On danger's first alarm, Yet still for succour I depend On thy almighty arm.

2 GOD's faithful promise I shall praise,
On which I now rely;
In GOD I trust, and, trusting him,
The arm of flesh defy.

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Their terrors round me spread; While fearful tremblings seize mys breast,

3'I'll trust God's word, and so despise
The force that man can raise;
To thee, O GOD, my vows are due,
To thee I'll render praise.

4"Swift I'd' escape, and flee afar,

Some secret place to find,
Hide from the world's distracting care,
And rest my weary mind.

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To thee Fil render pres 4 Thou hast retrier's 1 And thou wilt still set The life thou hast se

And make my fost 5 That thus, protected


I may this hght enjoy

And in the service of
My lengthen'd days expi


From the Ivii. Pengi
GOD, my heart is fr
Its thankful trib


And, with my heart.

To thee, my God, in

2 Awake, my glory: her
No longer let your str
And I, my tuneful p
Will with the early dams
3 Thy praises, Lean In
To all the list nung na
Thy mercy highest beart
Thy truth beyond the

4 Be thou, O God, exaltas And as thy glory fills So let it be on earth "Till thou art here, as

From the Ixii. Packe

MY soul, for help on Gas

him alone th My rock and health ris

supply, To bear the hook of t

And flowing blessings daily send:
He is my fortress and defence,

God does his saving health dispense, 3 Our sins, though numberless, in vain
To stop thy flowing mercy try;
Whilst thou o'erlook'st the guilty

On him my soul shall still depend.
B In him, ye people, always trust;
Before his throne pour out your

And washest out the crimson dye.

4 Blest is the man, who, near thee plac'd,


For GOD, the merciful and just,
His timely aid to us imparts.
4 The LORD has oft his will express'd,
And I this truth have fully known;
To be of boundless pow'r possess'd,
Belongs of right to God alone,
Though mercy in his darling grace,
In which he chiefly takes delight;
Yet he will all the human race
According to their works requité.

PSALM 49. (II.2.)
From the Ixiii. Psalm of David.
GOD, my gracious to thee
My morning prayers shall offer'd


For thee my thirsty soul does pant:
My fainting flesh implores my grace,
As in a dry and barren place,

Where I refreshing waters want.
2 O! to my longing eyes, once more,
That view of glorious power restore,

Which thy majestic house displays;
Because to me thy wondrous love
Than life itself does dearer prove.
My lips shall always speak thy

3. My life, while I that life enjoy,
In blessing GoD I will employ,

With lifted hands adore his name,
As with the choicest food supplied,
My soul shall be full satisfied,

While I with joy his praise proclaim.

Within thy sacred dwelling lives! 'Tis there abundantly we taste The vast delights thy temple gives.

From the lxv. Psalm of David.
PART I. (L. M.)

OR thee, O GOD, our constant praise
Fin Sion waits, thy chosen seat;

Our promis'd altars there we'll raise,.
And all our zealous vows complete.
2 Thou! who to every humble pray'r,
Dost always bend thy list'ning ear,
To thee shall all mankind repair,^
And at thy gracious throne appear.

PART II. (L. M.)

1 LORD! from thy unexhausted store, Thy rain relieves the thirsty ground Makes lands, that barren were before,

With corn and useful fruits abound 2 On rising ridges down it pours,

And ev'ry furrow'd valley fills: Thou mak'st them soft with gentle show'rs,

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From the lxvi. Psalm of Dapid.
PART 1. (C. M.)


4 When down Ilie, sweet sleep to find,ET all the lands, with shouts of
Thou, LORD, art present to my mind;
And when I wake in dead of night,
Because thou still dost succour bring,
Beneath the shadow of thy wing

I rest with safety and delight.

To GOD their voices raise;
Sing psalms in honour of his name
And spread his glorious praise.

2 And let them say, How dreadful

In all thy works, art thou!
To thy great pow'r thy stubborn foes
Shall all be forc'd to bow.

3 Through all the earth, the nations

Shall thee, their GoD, confess;
And, with glad hymns, their awful
Of thy great Name express. [dread


O come! behold the works of God, And then with me you'll own That he to all the sons of men'

Has wondrous judgment shown.

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