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From the lxvii. Pa
HE servants of age
His favours t
Their upright hearts
And cheerful songs in

3 His chariots number

Are heav'nly hosts

2 To him your voice in ante
JEHOVAH's awful Name
In him rejoice, exte

Who rides upon hI My soul, howe'er distress'd and


His presence now file Serr
Ponce it honour (Sai
4 Ascending high, in trang
Captivity hast captive t
And on thy people diest be
Thy gifts and graces in
5 Ev'n rebels shall part

And humble proselyte
To worship at thy dwelings
And all the world pay
6 For benefits each day be
Be daily his great Nine
Who is our Saviour and
Of life and death thes

PSALM From the Ixix. Psalm f) PART L (LE AT AVE me, O God, fren roll And press to o'erwhelm With painful steps in And deluges o'erflow 2 O LORD, to thee I wil For help, with humble. Relieve me from thy me Display thy truth's presen 3 From threat ning dang And from the mire my fee From all my foes in safety And snatch me from the 4 LORD, hear the hume make,

For thy transcending goods Relieve thy supplicant an From thy abounding me 5 Beproach and grief han, heart,

I look'd for some to take To pity, or relieve my But look'd, alas! for bot

6 With hunger pin'd, for food I call,
Instead of food they give me gall;
And when with thirst my spirits sink,
They give me vinegar to drink.
7 For new afflictions they procur'd
For him who had thy stripes endur'd;
And made the wounds thy scourge had
To bleed afresh, with sharper scorn.
PART II. (L. M.)



Thy strong salvation shall restore;
Thy pow'r with songs I'll then pro-

And celebrate with thanks thy Name.
Our God shall this more highly prize
Than herds or flocks in sacrifice;
Which humble saints with joy shall
And hope for like redress with me.
3 For God regards the poor's com-


And frees the captive from restraint;
Let heav'n, earth, sea, their voices
And all the world resound his praise.

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PSALM 55. (C. M.)

From the lxxi. Psalm of David.
N thee I put my steadfast trust,
Incline thine ear, and save my soul,
· For righteous is thy Name.

me, from shame:

Be thou my strong abiding-place,
To which I may resort:-
Thy promise, LORD, is my defence,
Thou art my rock and fort.


|7 Therefore, with psaltery and harp,
Thy truth, O LORD, I'll praise;
To thee, the Gon of Jacob's race,
My voice in anthems raise.

Thou, LORD, hast taught me from
my youth

To praise thy glorious Name;
And ever since, thy wondrous works
Have been my constant theme.-

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6 His uncontroll'd dominion shall From sea to sea extend;

3 My steadfast and unchanging hope Begin at proud Euphrates' stream,

At nature's limits end.

Shall on thy pow'r depend;
And I in grateful songs of praise
My time to come will spend.
Thy righteous acts and saving

My mouth shall still declare;
Unable yet to count them all,

Though summ'd with utmost care.
While God vouchsafes me his sup-

I'll in his strength go on;
All other righteousness disclaim,
And mention his alone.

7 To him the savage nations round
Shall bow their servile heads;
His vanquish'd foes shall lick the dust,
Where he his conquests spreads.

8 The kings of Tarshish and the isles
Shall costly presents bring;
From spicy Sheba gifts shall come,
And wealthy Saba's king.

9 To him shall ev'ry king on earth
His humble homage pay;
And diff'ring nations iadly join
To own his righteous sway.

10 For he shall set the needy free,
When they for succour cry;
Shall save the helpless and the poor
And all their wants supply.

11 For him shall constant pray'r be12 By thee the borders of the earth


In perfect order stand;

The summer's warmth, and winter cold,

Attend on thy command.

Through all his prosp'rous days:
His just dominion shall afford
A lasting theme of praise.

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4 For Jacob he his law ordain'd,
His league with Israel made;
With charge to be from age to age
From race to race, convey'd.

PSALM 58.. (C. M.)
From the lxxiv. Psalm of David.

THINE is the cheerful day, O LORD; 5 That generations yet to come

the return of night; Thou hast prepar'd the glorious sun; And ev'ry feebler light.

Should to their unborn heirs
Religiously transmit the sama
And they again to theirs.

12 By thee the borde

In perfect order stat
The summer's warudd
Attend on thy GNTAL


From the lxxvi Pin &

HE Name of our Gut
In Israel is

His mansion bewort
Is Sion alone
There broke he the a
The enemy burit
And honour'd his
Above all the word
2 The pride of thy for

Is turn'd to thy prae Their fierceness d'em

Thy providence sze
Their sin overfewing

Thy pow'r will resti
Thy arm on the wicked
New glory will gain.
3 Ye nations, to Go

Vow homage sincere
Devote to him gifts,

Love, worship, and fe Before him, ve mighty,

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Your spirits repress Ye high, and ye Labe His wonders confess


C From the lxxviii. Pat?


EAR, O my people Devout attenti Let the instruction Deep in your hearts

2 My tongue shall order
Which ancient time
The truths which our
To us has handed dow

3 We will not hide them Our offspring shail be The praises of the La strength

Has works of wonder

4 For Jacob he his law His league with Israel With charge to be from

From race to race, c
5 That generations ret
Should to their upb
Religiously transmit the
And they again to the


14 For this a statute was of old,
Which Jacob's GoD decreed
To he with pious care observ'd
By Israel's chosen seed.

PSALM 63. (C. M.)

From the lxxxiv. Psalm of David.
GOD of hosts, the mighty LORD,
How lovely is place
Where thou, enthron'd in glory
The brightness of thy face! [show'st
2 My longing soul faints with desire
To view thy blest abode;

My panting heart and flesh cry out
For thee, the living God.

6 To teach them that in GoD alone
Their hope securely stands;
That they should ne'er his works for-
But keep his just commands. [get,
(L. M.)
From the lxxx. Psalm of David.
THOU whom heav'nly hosts obey,
How long thy fierce anger


How long thy suff'ring people pray,
And to their prayers have no return?
2 Thou brought'st a vine from Egypt's


And casting out the heathen race,
Didst plant it with thine own right

And firmly fix it in their place.
3 Before it thou prepar'dst the way,

And mad'st it take a lasting root,
Which, bless'd with thy indulgent ray,
O'er all the land did widely shoot.
4 The hills were cover'd with its shade,
Its goodly boughs did cedars seem;
Its branches to the sea were spread,
And reach'd to proud Euphrates'


To thee, O GOD of hosts, we pray,
Thy wonted goodness, LORD, renew;
From heav'n, thy throne, this vine

And her sad state with pity view.
6 Behold the vineyard made by thee,
Which thy right hand did guard so

And keep that branch from danger free,
Which for thyself thou mad'st so

7 Do thou convert us, LORD, do thou
The lustre of thy face display;
And all the ills we suffer now,
Like scatter'd clouds, shall pass


PSALM 62. (C. M.)
From the lxxxi. Psalm of David.

GOD, our never-failing strength,
And jointly make a cheerful noise
To-Jacob's awful King.

2 Compose a hymn of praise, and touch
Your instruments of joy;
Let psalteries and tuneful harps
Your grateful skill employ.
3 Let trumpets at the festival
Their joyful voices raise,
To celebrate th' appointed time,
The solemn day of praise.


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9 Much rather in God's house will I
The meanest office take,
Than in the wealthy tents of sin
My pompous dwelling make.

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That, quench'd with our repenting | 6 Among the gods there's none like


Thy wrath no more may burn.

2 For why should'st thou be angry still,
And wrath so long retain ?
Revive us, LORD, and let thy, saints
Thy wonted comfort gain.

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3 Thy gracious favour, LORD, display,
Which we have long implor'd:
And, for thy wondrous mercy's sake,
Thy wonted aid afford.

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O LORD, alone divine!
To thee as much inferior they,
As are their works to thine.

3 To me, who daily thee invoke,
Thy mercy, LORD, extend;
Refresh thy servant's soul, whose

On thee alone depend.

4 Thou, LORD, art good, nor only good,
But prompt to pardon too;
Of plenteous mercy to all those
Who for thy mercy sue.

5 To my repeated humble pray'r,
O LORD, attentive be;
When troubled, I on thee will call,
For then vik szerine.


7 Therefore their great Creator, thee,
The nations shall adore;
Their long-misguided pray'rs



To thy bless'd Name restore.

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og 6 Among the gods an




O LORD, alone t

7 Therefore their great

The nations

y, Their long-egnet i

To thy bless & Nare's


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To thee as much in OD of my life, O LORD most high, His fear through all their hearts should


As are their web

To thee by day and night I cry;
Vouchsafe my mournful voice to hear,
Το my distress incline thine ear.

2 Like those whose strength and hopes
are fled,>

8 All shall contes
! The wonders the h
Confess thee Gop.

Confess thee Gope

9 Teach me thy way
From truth share
In rev'rence to thy s
Devoutly fix my her
10 Thee will I praise
Praise thee with heats

11 The boundless merry


Transcends my peth
For thou hast oft red

From lowest deeps

15 And thou the coast

To my assistance

Of patience, mercy, AME
Thou everlasting

Nor once vouchsaf'd a gracious look?
5 Companions dear, and friends be-
Far from my sight thou hast remov'd:


And to the everlasting GOD of my life, O LORD most high,

Vouchsafe to hear my mournful cry!

Eternal trophies IL

PSALM 68. (L. M.)


From the Ixxxix: Psalm of David.
HY mercies, LORD, shall be my
My song on them shall ever dwell;
To ages yet unborn, my tongue
Thy never-failing truth thall tell.
2 I have affirm'd, and still maintain,
Thy mercy shall for ever last;
Thy truth, that does the heav'ns sus-

Like them shall stand for ever fast.
3 Thus spak'st thou by thy prophet's


From the lxxxvi. P
NOD'S temple a
T mount,
The LORD there
His Sion's gates, ins
Our Israel's fairexte
Yea, glorious things d
O city of th' almighty #
2 Or honour'd Sion we
Illustrious throngs fr
Th' Almighty shall esta
And shall eurol berba
Yea, for his people be sit
The children of his ti
3 He'll Sion find with
Who celebrate his
Who, here in balletas
In heav'n their b
shall raise:
O Sion, seat of Israel's Is
Be mine to drink th


(L. M.) From the lxxxviii. Psalm of David.

They number me among the dead;

Like those who, shrouded in the grave,

From thee no more remembrance have.
3 Wilt thon by miracle revive
The dead whom thou forsook'st alive?
Shall the mute grave thy love confess,
A mould'ring tomb thy faithfulness?
4 To thee, O LORD, I cry forlorn,
My pray'r prevents the early morn.
Why hast thou, LORD, my soul for-

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7 With rev'rence and religious dread, His saints should to his temple



By choirs of angels sung above,
And by assembled saints below.
6 What seraph of celestial birth
To vie with Israel's GoD shall dare?
Or who among the gods of earth

With our almighty LORD compare?!

કર્મ ફુગ


Who his almighty Name confess. 8 LORD GOD of armies, who can boast Of strength or pow'r like thine re. nown'd?

Of such a num'rous, faithful host,
As that which does thy throne sur


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"With David I a league have made; To him, my servant, and my choice,

By solemn oath this grant convey'd: 14 For in thy strength they shall ad


4" While earth, and seas, and skies.

Whose conquests from thy favour
The LORD of hosts is our defence,
And Israel's GoD our Israel's King

Thy seed shall in my sight remain;
To them thy throne I will ensure,
They shall to endless ages reign."
5 For such stupendous truth and love,
Both heav'n and earth just praises

13 Thy saints shall always be o'er joy'd,

Who on thy sacred name rely; And, in thy righteousness employ'd, Above their foes be rais'd on high.



From the xc. Psalm of David.

PART I. (C. M.)

LORD, the Saviour and defence
Of us thy chosen race,

From age to age thou still hast beer,
Our sure abiding-place.

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